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Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

So the last two ooc threads got locked so here is a new (new) one!!

IC thread with links to previous ooc threads.


Dec 17, 2008

Let's christen the thread by talking about all the goodies we got for hitting level 11!

For D9 I got a new Vestige with Onyx Queen, which starts off with an AoE petrify and continues the trend of adding damage onto my Eyes at-will. Pact Boon isn't so great, but you can't win 'em all. My U10 is Destiny Inversion, which turns a big hit against me into ammo for Fortune Binding. I took Astral Ascendant for my Paragon Path, adding radiant damage to my curses and an AP benefit which affects the party as well as the Overwhelming Radiance encounter power, not super great but not nearly bad enough to justify Reserve Maneuvering it out for something else. The Twofold Pact feat added Sorcerer-King Pact for some added leader-ness and qualification for the Mindbite Scorn feat, which I retrained whatever I took at level 8 to get. Combined with the Killing Curse feat I took at L10, this turns my curse damage from 1d6 to 3d8 radiant and psychic.

For a level 10 item I got Shadow Warlock Armor +2, giving me combat advantage against all enemies I've cursed as long as I maintain Shadow Walk. My item bonus to defenses against cursed enemies is maintained by Warlock's Bracers as my L11, and an L12 Amulet of Elegy +3 pairs nicely with my shiny new AoE Save or Suck daily. All my money turned into a Shoulderbow Hand Crossbow +2, because :iamafag:. Selling my old stuff got me just enough money to buy a Final Messenger. Update my gold count to 58 GP total, please.

HP: 83/83 (THP:-)	AC:   24    Passive Insight: 14
Surges: 11/11 (V: 20)	For:  25    Passive Perception: 14
Initiative: +12		Ref:  26    Action Points: 1
Speed: 6		Will: 24    Vision: Normal
Languages: Common
Save Bonuses: +2 vs. ongoing damage	
Status: Normal
Defense Bonuses: +1 all vs. cursed enemies, +2 all vs. opportunity attacks

Melee Basic: +16 vs. AC, 1d8+9 damage (+3d8 vs. cursed enemies) and slide target 1 square

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Eldritch Strike		[ ] Warforged Resolve		[ ] V. Mt. Vaelis
Eyes of the Vestige	[ ] Second Wind                 [ ] V. Xandor  
Warlock's Curse		[ ] Action Point 		[ ] V. Onyx Queen
Hand of Blight		[ ] My Body, Myself! 		[ ] Dark One's Luck
			[ ] Alter Time			[ ] Augury
			[ ] Overwhelming Radiance	[ ] Trained from Birth
			[ ] Fell Might
                    	[ ] Fortune Binding
			[ ] Hero's Arrow
			[ ] Clarion Call
Active Vestige: Zutwa
Vestige - Zutwa: When you hit with Eyes of the Vestige, get Prime Shot bonus on target UEoYNT.
Zutwa Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, your Prime Shot bonus becomes +3 UEoYNT.

Item Powers
[-] Delver's Light (A) - Shed bright, dim, or no light to 20 squares.
[-] Final Messenger (A) - Program a message to be sent in case of your death.
[ ] Amulet of Elegy +3 (D) - (NA) When you inflict a SE effect, all targets get -3 to first saving throw.
[ ] Warsoul Dagger +1 (D) - (II) Get melee basic attack when adjacent enemy shifts.
[ ] Belt of Sacrifice (D) - (Mi) Lose two healing surges, ally within 5 regains one.
[ ] Resplendent Boots (D) - (Mo) Become invisible and move your speed, becoming visible after this action.

Passive Bonuses:
Warlock's Bracers: +1 item bonus to all defenses vs. cursed enemies.
Shadow Warlock Armor: While you have concealment from Shadow Walk, cursed enemies grant CA to you.
Resplendent Boots: Get a bonus vs. opportunity attacks equal to items in Resplendent set. (+2)
Staff Expertise: Don't take OAs from making ranged/area attacks in melee.
Belt of Sacrifice: Allies within 5 squares get a +1 bonus to healing surge value.
Preparing Action: When you spend an action point, allies within 5 get Int mod temp HP (5) and can
	shift 1 square as a free action.
Cursed Shot: When determining Prime Shot, ignore adjacent, helpless, stunned, dominated, 
	unconscious, or petrified allies.
Warlock's Curse: Deal an additional 3d8 psychic and radiant damage to cursed targets 1/turn, gain 
	Pact Boon when cursed target dies.
Radiant Curse: 1/round can add curse damage to ally's damage if you did not deal curse damage this
Bloodied Boon: When a cursed target is bloodied, you may remove your Warlock's Curse to get Pact Boon.
S.K. Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, regain your fell might. (Only one boon!)

If I roll a 7 or less for initiative, I will use the Trained from Birth for a Specific Prophecy
	background benefit to reroll initiative.
If I am struck with the stun or dominate condition, I will use My Body, Myself! to remove that condition
	and gain dazed (save ends) instead at the cost of 1 healing surge.
If I am critically hit or take more than 30 damage in one hit, I will use Destiny Inversion to reduce
	damage to 0 and instead gain ongoing half the original damage (SE).
If I miss or do not attack on my turn, I will deal 3d8 psychic and radiant damage to a cursed 
	enemy the next time an ally hits them.

Other Vestiges:
Vestige - King Elidyr: When you hit with Eyes of the Vestige, one ally which hits the target before EoYNT
	can make a saving throw.
King Elidyr Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, one adjacent ally gets +2 to all defense UEoYNT.

Vestige - Mt. Vaelis: Eyes of the Vestige deals an additional 1d6 thunder damage.
Mt. Vaelis Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, one other cursed enemy within 5 squares gains
	vulnerable 5 thunder UEoYNT.

Vestige - Xandor: Eyes of the Vestige deals an additional 1d8 psychic damage.
Xandor Pact Boon: When cursed target dies, make a saving throw or gain Con mod (4) temp HP.

Vestige - Onyx Queen: Eyes of the Vestige deals an additional 1d10 poison damage.
Onyx Queen Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, one creature within 5 squares gets -2 Fort UEoYNT.

May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

Meriele has picked up the only thing that matters: more teleports! Notably, she's multiclassed into warlock for both Ethereal Sidestep at L10 and Evermeet Warlock paragon path. This means she:

- has access to an at-will teleport 3.
- has all her slides have turned into teleports
- because of the aforementioned, can use Majestic Word to teleport the target 5 squares, and then Meri gets to teleport 3 squares.
- can fey step as a minor action for 9 squares, taking an ally with her.
- can use her L10 daily, Thunderblade, to teleport any enemy hit with an at-will attack by her up to 6 squares, as long as they end adjacent to an ally
- can teleport a target 8 squares with Meri with a teleport 3 for Meri.
- is invisible to any enemy adjacent to her as she teleports away.

Also she's picked up a few rituals; to either teleport us back to the ship, set a boobytrap, or redistribute the wealth of the masses healing surges.

HP: 73/73 (THP: )        AC:   24    Passive Insight: 23
Surges: 7/7 (V: 18)      For:  21    Passive Perception: 21
Initiative: +7   	 Ref:  26    Action Points: 0
Speed: 6     	         Will: 27    Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Elven

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Staggering Note         [ ] Blinding Beacon                 [ ] Stirring Shout
Ethereal Sidestep       [ ] Cunning Ferocity                [ ] Swordmage Warding                 
Guiding Strike          [ ] Eyebite                         [ ] Thunder Blade
                        [ ] Fey Step                        [ ] Timeless Trek in Mithrendain
                        [ ] Lesser Dimensional Step 
                        [ ][ ] Majestic Word
                        [ ] Moment of Escape 
                        [ ] Prescient Warning
                        [ ] Revitalizing Incantation
                        [ ] Second Wind
                        [ ] Words of Friendship

Item Powers
[ ] Couters of Second Chances (Daily)
[ ] Drow House Insignia (Daily)
[ ] Eyes of Charming (Daily)
[ ] Feystride Boots (Encounter)
[ ] Mithrendain Steel Longsword (Daily)
[ ] Power Jewel (Daily)
[ ] Strikebacks (Encounter)

Advantage of Cunning: Slide an adjacent enemy into a square vacated by the ally when using Virtue.
Amulet of Mental Resolve: +2 to saves against charm, illusion, sleep keywords.
Attract Attendants: Receive up to 3 people to do mundane tasks when in a place where you have fans.
Bardic Training: Perform one bardic ritual a day without expending components.
Bardic Wayfarer: Whenever I teleport an ally I can teleport as well. Majestic Word teleports instead of slides. 
Eladrin Swordmage Advance: Make a free MBA when you Fey Step.
Eladrin Will: +5 to save against charm effects.
Feywild Wake: Whenever teleporting away, become invisible to adjacent enemies USONT.
Escape Tattoo: Whenever a non-minion deals damage with a crit, teleport 3 as a free action. 
Iliyanbruen Guardian: Whenever using fey step, take an adjacent ally. They teleport to a square adjacent to the destination.
Also, fey step as a minor action.
Mercurial Action: When using an AP, gain an additional free move action and +1 to speed UEOT.
Shoes of Waterwalking: Move on water as if it were solid ground (rough water is difficult terrain). 
Break through surface as a free action. 
Song of Rest: At the end of a short rest, you and allies add +5 to the hp of every healing surge spent.
Trance: Meditate aware for 4 hours instead of sleeping for a long rest.
Virtue of Cunning: When an enemy misses an ally within 9 squares, slide that ally as a free action 1/round.
Walk Among the Fey: Teleport targets instead of sliding them. 
Welcome Guest: Obtain room and board for yourself and up to 7 allies when in a place where you have fans.

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