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Sep 15, 2017


It was once a beautiful, properous world, a world of peace and tranquility. The people inhabiting this world lived in harmony and togetherness. Then came the Horde. Brutal in their attack and savage in their destruction, they enslaved Etheria to the point of ruin, eventually halted by a collective group known as the Great Rebellion.

Lead by the legendary warrior, She-Ra, the Great Rebellion nearly ended the Etherian civil war. Emphasis on 'nearly'.

Something went wrong.

Terribly wrong.

And while Hordak perished in the final battles... the Great Rebellion lost the war. And with it...


Lead by a new champion, the Horde became more organized and even more savage, taking the Crystal Palace and using the portal to blindside and occupy the next step of conquest: Eternia.

Eternia's champion, He-Man, fell and with him, Castle Greyskull...

But in his defeat, he allowed the Sorceress time to escape Eternia, with the knowledge of knowing where they were headed next. The travel costed the powerful mage her life... but she hope that it would allow the last bastion of resistance a chance gather a group of warriors to stand against the Horde who was rapidly approaching their new target:



What is this?

This is the pbta game, Fellowship. And I, SKINer will be your MC of this wonderful venture!

Cool. So what is this about?

In fellowship, you are a part of a collective group of peoples, who are fighting for survival against a seemingly overwhelming force. Your character is a Representitive/champion of your race/community, their contribution into the collective effort to turn back the tide, sort to speak.

Think Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for the most famous example. Most Final Fantasy games follow this type of story as well, though in unique ways.

I can't help but notice something that stood out... 'She-Ra'? 'He-Man'? Do I have to know about those cartoons? Because honestly they were before my time and...

Calm down. It's backstory. There is a reason this is happening on Earth and not on Eternia and Etheria: And that is so you as a player won't get penalized for being so uncool from not seeing those cartoons.

So... is this Medieval Earth? Modern Earth? Fantasy Earth?

The only hard rule I'm setting is that this will be default Fellowship (Fantasy Medieval), this way NON of the playbooks will feel out of place.

One of the themes of this game, however, will be the advanced technology the Horde wields and how they will definitely win IF the Fellowship engage in direct warfare. Yes, they use sword and sorcery, but they have robots and guns and vehicles as well.

How earth is in danger, key locations, etc will be up to the back stories of the characters you make, however.

Will this be on Discord?


When is the App Deadline?

After a grace period of a week (so that people are able to see this and gauge if they are interested or not), the App deadline will be a week afterwards. Not set in stone, as I'm going to play it by ear, but work as if you have roughly two weeks from the date of this posting. When I decide to close recruitment, I will give a warning.

How many people?

The traditional five.
Questions can be asked here or the discord server. Feel free to ask away. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you all come up with.


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Expect a Spider soon!

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