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Sep 25, 2014

Hello, Creature!

Do You Despise Goat Hating Fascists? So Do We!

Join Us at Paradise Lost!

Cannon_Fodder posted:

Let's not pretend we have home-field advantage.

D. Suck my dick, lady. I'm leading this, I'm in charge of safety, and I'm saying we find somewhere else to camp. Not looking like a fun place to stop.

Magnusth What is this area like? what are some of the features? What stands out as a red goddamn flag?

The area is hilly and stony, comprised mostly of canyons and crags that you've been walking through, but with a thick layer of dirt and sand on top. The very immediate area, where you found this kid, is more open, ringed by cliffs and outcroppings, and with two canyons leading onwards.

And, uh, i have already started writing, so Voting is closed.


Sep 25, 2014

Hello, Creature!

Do You Despise Goat Hating Fascists? So Do We!

Join Us at Paradise Lost!

Concidering the danger, and that whoever did this to the child might still be out there, you decide to secure the camp extra well with the time you have, and, along with Ashe, you set out to make a few traps. Mostly, you dig shallow ditches in hard-to-spot places, though your lack of equipment and the at-paces hard rock ground prevents you from doing much else, but anything on legs should have a good chance of being at least tripped up.

The mood is tense as you set up camp, and little can be done to allieviate it. The child - you still don’t know his name - sobs quietly in his sleep and Adara tends to him with small spells and songs, soft touches and a motherly voice. Ashe tries to lift the mood with camp-songs, and later, Bjørn with grim humor, but in each case, a quiet, pained cry from the sleeping child brings the mood down. You and Ahaz in particular are trained warriors with hardened hearts, but noone here is callous or cruel enough to be happy while pained sobs eccho in the background.

Eventually, evening comes, and Ashe cooks for you all, the child sleeping through it all. His food is delicious, as always, but everyone is tense, on the watch for whatever attacked the child. The night is in stark contrast to the loose, enjoyable mood of the night before. People mostly just sit around and eat in silence. With a few words, you coordinate watches, you taking the second, and then you go to sleep one by one.

You sit out for half an hour longer and enjoy the stars, a short and welcome respite from the tension that’s been weighing on you. You repeat to yourself the maxims of the BOOK OF CIRCLES, and they soote you, clear your mind, the familiar words reminding you of who you are and retelling you the truths of being a warrior. One child cannot weigh on you, and being distracted if battle should come would help neither you nor the child.
And, of course, the words are familliar, routine. A little piece of home you carry with you. Perhaps that helps, too.
Eventually, you creep into your tent and go to sleep.

Your dreams are violent. Violent and bloody. You remember squirts of blood, swords flashing, your muscle aching, and children screaming, and -

You jolt awake. A nightmare, it seems. You take a few breaths, and notice that your thoat is parched. You reach for a waterskin and quench your thirst, and soothe your throat, then lie back.
Something is off, but you can’t put your finger on it, and it does not take long before you find that you cannot sleep. Annoyed, you crawl out the tent to go replace Ashe and take your shift.

The moment you emerge from your tent, however, you discover what was ‘off’ before. You are alone. Entirely abandoned; you see a burnt-out fireplace, but no other trace of your friends.
It’s… Just you.
Alone, in the desert, in the middle of the night.

You look around, concidering your course of action, when you discover something else. The terrain has.. Changed, shifted, somehow. There is now only a single opening in the cliffs around you, and as you consider it, you find that you hear a quiet, oh-so-quiet, sobbing sound from there, like a child in distress; the paths you came from have simply vanished, as have the paths to your destination, closed up by smooth cliff.
But there is another way out, as well. Cut into the rocks where the child was, and still stained with his blood, are… stairs, narrow but sturdy-looking, and otherwise plain, leading up over the outcropping he hid under. From behind that outcropping, you see a pale light.

What do you do?

I cut! This is clearly some foul illusion or other trick, and if so, i can cut right through its magic with my sword. The lie-cutter does not care how you use your magic; all falls before it.

B: I walk up the stairs. Something about it tells me it is the ‘intended’ path. I was turned that way when i left my tent; and my feet are almost drawn to it. I should see where it leads.

C: I turn towards the canyon where i can hear sobbing from, and hurry towards it. It seems a child is in danger, and i am, if nothing else, a sword-singer, a hero. I cannot, and will not, leave it.

D: I close my eyes, and focus, trying to locate Phyna, who i should be able to feel easily. With her, i would be much better able to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

E: I call out, and anounce myself, demand that whatever, or whomever, is the architect behind all this show themselves and explain themselves.

F: E, but with a barely-concealed threat as well.

G: Something else! What?

Nov 29, 2004



Mar 16, 2009

Why, yes,
I will poke your Gushing Spring Point!


All magic falls before our blade!

Feb 13, 2011

Rolling Thunder: War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt

Why? , that's why.


Jun 28, 2006

C. This is a trap. But it might be a trap using an innocent child as bait. I don't want to take that chance.

The Lone Badger
Sep 24, 2007

Sit and wait, with our sword across our knees.. This is a trap. They are trying to manipulate how we act. If we do nothing then we have not done whatever it is they're trying to get us to do. This is success.

Jul 17, 2007

"Hey, where did Steve go?"
Design by Kamoc

Kristopher posted:

C. This is a trap. But it might be a trap using an innocent child as bait. I don't want to take that chance.

Dec 25, 2012

Maybe she has no parents and was raised by dogs?

A doesn't seem to have any notable downsides to me.


Dec 31, 2002


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