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Aug 7, 2010

[in Russian] Oof.

Drowned Tikorn

It's not tough to find something to tie the hag with--magical powers or no, she evidently still has need for ropes and has a few lying in a corner of the room. You wouldn't want to use any of them on a boat, but you find one you deem strong enough and tie her up. She's still out cold for right now, but there's no telling when that will change.

You take a quick moment to assess your situation. You still have no idea where this cabin is located or how isolated it may or may not be. You look over your body and find that that woman did in fact do something to try to heal you. There's no telling how long you were out for, nor how potent her herbs and poultices truly were, but nevertheless the wounds the golem gave you have begun to close. You're not totally healed yet, but you're on the mend. The iron poker is heavy and awkward in your hand: it'll do in a pinch, but it's no true weapon. Outside, you hear the screams again.

What do you do?

The witch has healed you for injuries of 2-harm.

The poker can be used as a weapon, but it does not have a deadly range. As a result it will inflict 2-harm if used successfully in combat.

Pentaviso and Xie

Katarin nods, and whips the horse to pull the cart to the front gate of Broken Tooth. The gate is guarded, of course, and Katarin jumps down from the cart to talk to them. Neither of you can quite make out the words being said, but you see Katarin reach into her pocket and reveal a small piece of folded leather, which she opens and shows to the guard. The guard salutes her, although not with the speed and rigidity of most military salutes. Instead, he takes his right hand and gently taps on his heart, then lowers the hand again--strange, neither of you have ever seen this particular salute before. Katarin thanks the guard and returns to the cart, then pulls it into the city.

Broken Tooth is not large, but it is large enough. The common folk bustle about going about their business, and you can't help but notice what appears to be a delegation of soldiers from House Entremar in the main plaza. A few people take notice of the cart and the strangers in the center of town, but no one seems to care too much. Overhead looms the ruined tower that all three of you recognize as the makeshift palace of Lord Albrecht Donnerfeldt.

"There's a warehouse about two streets from here where this cargo is to be delivered," Katarin explains. "Xie, I would love if you'd be willing to help me escort the cargo there, although I have nothing left to give you. If you wish to leave here and search for the answers to the questions you have, I wish you luck. May our paths meet again."

Katarin reaches into her pocket again, and this time retrieves a small folded piece of parchment. She walks to Pentaviso and unfurls it, revealing a crude map of the city's snaking streets. Katarin points to one intersection in particular.

"There's multiple healers in this town, but I know one of them personally. They call themselves 'The Sky Illuminated With Stars', and you'll recognize the place by, well, the painting of a sky illuminated with stars on a sign outside! Let them know I sent you and you might even get a discount. I'd offer to take you myself, but I need to get these goods to the warehouse and there's no telling how long I'll be." She leans forward and plants a single kiss on your cheek, and drops a bag of coins into your hands. "Hope to see you again some time, Pentaviso."

Without waiting for answers from either of you, Katarin climbs back onto the cart and begins driving the horse towards a side street. What do each of you do?

When you have time to check, Penatviso, that bag of coins is your payment for the trip, worth 1-keep.


Ena's face immediately drops when she hears your question. "Am... am I really so obvious, my Lady?" In that instant, her entire demeanor changes. Where before she had seemed an innocent and comely woman full of warmth (whether truly or by acting), you suddenly see the hardness behind her expression, and the fear as well. Her eyes begin to well up with tears, and before you know how to respond, Ena sits upright against the headboard, pulls her knees in towards her chest, and begins loudly crying.

"I, I am so sorry, my Lady," she sniffles as best she can through her tears. "I do not wish to sleep with you. I do not wish to sleep with anyone! Lord Entremar, he, he, he makes me do this to please his guests, but it is not what I desire! He p-p-promised me that I could join the house, that I was soon to be a noble like him, but that was three years ago!"

She takes a deep breath and for a moment stops crying. "It is not right for me to burden you with these troubles, my Lady. When the morning comes, leave this place and don't look back. This bed is yours and yours alone for tonight. Please tell no one what I have said here tonight." Ena stands from the bed, grabs a single pillow, and sits on the floor against the wall with the pillow to rest her head against. She's still crying some, but the worst seems to have passed.

What do you do?

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Oct 6, 2010

The Sorrow of Poets

1 Harm | 1 armor | Cool+1 Hard+2 Hot=0 Sharp+1 Weird-1 | 1 keep | XP ○○○○○» (1 Adv.)

The screams echoing outside keep me from relaxing, despite having dispatched the obvious threat for the time being. I decide that before I can take the time to fully search the cabin for my weapons and any clues as to the true intents of this hag, I must first establish where I am. Moving to what I believe to be the entrance, I slowly peer outside with the iron poker gripped in my hand. What hell have I been brought to?

Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

devil on your shoulder

Clever Betty

3-Wound | 0-Armor | 3-Keep | x o o o o >
Cool-1, Hard=0, Hot+2, Sharp+2, Weird-1

"It's been ah, a..." and I look down at my injured shoulder and back to Katarin's dagger, "a pleasure? traveling with you." I thank her for the map, and tell her to see me before she leaves town again, if she likes. It's me, I explain, she'll be able to find me. There's no telling how long I'll be here, but if she's got a route back to Greycrag, that might just be the right move.

As she goes, I orient myself in Broken Tooth - it's not that hard to do, the map is decent and the tower is the very definition of unmissable. Then, I head towards The Sky Illuminated with Stars. I hurt.

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