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Apr 3, 2009

Jon Arbuckle: Master of pleasuring women

Hey fellow goons, I'm hoping some of you can help me out with trying to find a solution for this issue:

I am currently involved with my states Disability Caucus. As part of our work, we have been asked to provide a proposal to the statewide Democratic Party on a solution for allowing remote participation in caucus events, conventions, and elections by those who are unable to attend in person due to their disability. Unfortunately, we aren't the most tech savvy bunch, and since there are security requirements that would prevent just using something like Periscope for this, I was hoping someone here could give some advice.

Ideally what we need is some kind of software solution that allows for livestreaming of a meeting or event to a large number of individuals, while allowing for instantly updated voting on things such as motions, candidates, etc. But we would require some kind of security settings that would only allow registered members of the state party or the caucus to participate, in order to prevent outside groups from attempting to bum rush the vote fraudulently.

Thanks for any help you can give!


Jun 26, 2004

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Lipstick Apathy

Just throwing this out there, but Id use YouTube or twitch for the streaming portion then embed that in a custom made website with voting controls.

Oct 23, 2004


Perplx posted:

Just throwing this out there, but Id use YouTube or twitch for the streaming portion then embed that in a custom made website with voting controls.

Issue is these people are at best REALLY bad at computers. Your best bet may be a combination of mailed out PIN CODE coupon cards, and a call in line, where you get a nice generic phone tree that asks for your ID NUMBER and PIN CODE and then gives you a Press 1 for Dave McJerkface and Press 2 for Sally McMeanface and press 3 for Other person wherein they're given the opportunity to say the name of the candidate, and some poor intern gets to transcribe them to valid candidates.

Bonus points, as a Disability Caucus thingy, you can have your 1-800 number be teletype certified with extra operators to handle the few people who can't hear and/or speak and who need the extra support.

Edit: I do election stuff for work often enough, PM me of you wanna bounce ideas.

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