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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Pokemon. It was early enough for a reboot, right?

After a rocky start with Ruby and Sapphire not connecting with previous games and FireRed and LeafGreen remaking old games into slightly less old games (but still old) with new mechanics, Emerald is the enhanced version, following Crystal and Yellow before it. As far as third versions go, it's the third worst, after Yellow and Crystal, so it's fine as things go, but by itself it's a pretty nice game.

Hoenn is a beautiful region, the Pokemon are weird and interesting and the villain teams are dumb, so it's definitely a crazy mix. There's a lot packed into this one game and while some of it is... hrm, varied, it makes a super good package. Like with previous games, I'll be covering it in its entirety, god help me, and diving into all the super cool mechanics and related stuff I can find.

I'll assume you've read my Yellow and Crystal LPs, but it's not a huge deal if not, Emerald is separate enough from them that you shouldn't get lost, though I will not be covering anything that's appeared in those games and that includes Pokemon and moves. Also you should read my Pokemon Conquest LP, but only cause I'm really happy how it turned out.

SPOILERS ARE A-OK! We know how these games go, let's travel through a tropical paradise and stop some dumb eco-terrorists before facing the Champion Steven, er, Wally, no, WALLACE.

01: Welcome to the World of Advancements!
02: Catch-a-thon 2004
03: Rocking Up To Rustboro
04: Matching Up
05: Dewford Island
06: Seeing Slateport
07: Moving on to Mauville
08: Training to Wahahahah!
10: Ash Me Outside
11: Meteoring Team Magma
12: Hot Battles With Desert
13: Washing Over Daddy
14: Glittering Waves
15: Forward to Fortree
16: Tree Flight
17: Sights of Lilycove City
18: Something Strange in this Mountain Place
19: Eight Floors of Evil Hideouts
F1: Unprecedented Island Adventure (FRLG)
20: Fuelling Failure
21: That's a Lotta Water
22: "As if nothing had happened..."
F2: Hot and Cold (FRLG)
23: Currently Eight
24: To Be A Master
25: Awaken My Masters
F3: Access All Areas (FRLG)
26: Victory Times the Charm
27: End of the Elite
28: Hopefully the Final Frontier...
29: The Battle Factory
30: Going Post
F4: Rocketing Through Six (FRLG)
RX: Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs
31: The Battle Pike and Battle Palace
32: Trainer Tower and Trainer Hill
33: The Battle Dome and Battle Pyramid
F5: That's a Wrap (FRLG)
34: The Battle Arena and Battle Tower
35: Final Unprecedented Island Adventure

Side Notes
01: Release Overview (From Part 1)
02: Catching Stuff Maybe Less Glitchy This Time? (From Part 2)
03: How Overhauled Pokemon Tick (Part 1) (From Part 3)
04: How Overhauled Pokemon Tick (Part 2 - PID) (From Part 4)
05: Mauville's Sights: Old guys and Gambling (From Part 7)
06: Holding Out for Held Items (From Part 14)
07: Lilycove's Sights: Young women and Decorations (From Part 17)
08: Wireless Communication (From Part 20)
09: The Ridiculous Rabbit Hole of the e-Reader (Part 1: Overview) (From Part 21)
10: Pokeblocked (From Part 24)
11: Competent Contest Challenger (By Explopyro)
12: The Ridiculous Rabbit Hole of the e-Reader (Part 2: Endless Battles) (From Part 32)
13: Holding Out for Other Held Items (From FRLG Part 5)
14: Glitzer Popping (From Part 35)

Mini Notes
01: Pickup (From Part 1)
02: Berry Crush (From Part 6)
03: Ash Collecting (From Part 10)
04: Shedinja (From Part 14)
05: Evolution Event 1 (From Part 14)
06: Castform (From Part 15)
07: Evolution Event 2 (From Part 17)
08: Escape Factor 0 (From Part 18)
09: Evolution Event 3 (From Part 19)
10: Evolution Event 4 (From Part 21)
11: Evolution Event 5 (From Part 26)
12: Look at Altering Cave and Laugh (From Part 30)
13: Evolution Event 6 (From Part 30)
14: Evolution Event Final (From Part 32)

Onmi's Adventures Asides
Ruby and Sapphire
Team Aqua and Team Magma
Winona and Wallace
Wally and Emerald
Dumb Ruby and Sapphire

rannum's Frontier Brain Anime Asides
Factory Head Noland
Pike Queen Lucy and Palace Maven Spenser
Arena Tycoon Greta, Dome Ace Tucker and Salon Maiden Anabel
Pyramid King Brandon

Opening and Intro (From Part 1)
VS Leader Roxanne (From Part 3)
VS Leader Brawly (From Part 5)
VS Leader Wattson (From Part 8)
VS Leader Flannery (From Part 12)
VS Leader Norman (From Part 13)
VS Leader Winona (From Part 16)
VS Leaders Tate & Liza (From Part 20)
Rayquaza Fixes Everything (From Part 22)
VS Leader Juan (From Part 23)
VS Elite Four Sidney (From Part 27)
VS Elite Four Phoebe (From Part 27)
VS Elite Four Glacia (From Part 27)
VS Elite Four Drake (From Part 27)
VS Champion Wallace and Credits (From Part 27)

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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 1: Welcome to the World of Advancements!

Opening and Intro

Middle-aged Man Lecture probably wasn't the best travel entertainment, but at least it gave me light to see. I need some sunlight.

Littleroot Town

Well, this is LITTLEROOT TOWN. How do you like it? This is our new home? It has a quaint feel, but it seems to be an easy place to live, don't you think? And you get your own room, YUKI! Let's go inside.

Going from no bedrooms to one, that's quite the upgrade.

This is so convenient! YUKI, your room is upstairs. Go check it out, dear! DAD bought you a new clock to mark our move here. Don't forget to set it!


So it's a bit of a different start than we're used to, but welcome to Pokemon Emerald! This game is great, I'm super excited to LP this, so let's get time rolling and start our adventure.

Late night recordings are best recordings.

Good! Everything's put away neatly! They finished moving everything in downstairs, too. POKEMON movers are so convenient! Oh, you should make sure that everything's all there on your desk.

Definitely can't forget this. Where were you in Crystal?

Man, someone's rich.

Oh... it's over. I think DAD was on, but we missed him. Too bad. Oh, yes. One of DAD's friends lives in town. PROF.BIRCH is his name. He lives right next door, so you should go over and introduce yourself.

Littleroot Town/Mishiro Town: A town that can't be shaded any hue.
From little and root, where the beginnings of plants grow, and mi (not yet) or mi (three) and shiro (white). Since the town's slogans are more similar this gen, I'll be rolling it into one line unless there's a big difference.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Been here five minutes and I already have property. Right, what've we got?

Got a Bag with lots of pockets and a nice empty Trainer Card that needs filling. Should be a good time.

Oh, you're YUKI, our new next-door neighbor! Hi! We have a daughter about the same age as you. Our daughter was excited about making a new friend. Our daughter is upstairs, I think.

Gonna break into your room and read your email. It better be saucy.

Aww. Well, at least there's an item on the floor to cheer me up.

May Encounter Brendan Encounter

Oh, you're YUKI. So your move was today. Um... I'm MAY. Glad to meet you! I... I have this dream of becoming friends with POKEMON all over the world. I... I heard about you, YUKI, from my dad, PROF.BIRCH. I was hoping that you would be nice, YUKI, and that we could be friends.

Oh, no! I forgot! I was supposed to go help Dad catch some wild POKEMON! YUKI, I'll catch you later!

Littleroot Town

Well she seemed nice. There's a few differences between Brendan and May, I just wanted to do something different and choose the guy, no real preference otherwise. Though May's encounter theme is better than Brendan's, so I'll just be linking hers in future.

Sup, Max.

Yet again we're playing hunt the professor.

Still good, circa 2004.

The PROF's away on fieldwork. Ergo, he isn't here. Oh, let me explain what fieldwork is. It is to study things in the natural environment, like fields and mountains, instead of a laboratory. The PROF isn't one for doing desk work. He's the type of person who would rather go outside and experience thing than read about them here.

Alright, I guess I'll go walk around the grass, I guess. So you might have noticed I'm using overworld sprites for some characters and battle sprites for others. I wanted to do something different and I'll only use the overworld sprites when there's no corresponding battle sprite, or it's an important character with no artwork. Saves me having to crop a sprite and make it larger. There will be times I'll need the battle sprite though, later down the line.

I want to go see what's going on, but I don't have any POKEMON... Can you go see what's happening for me?


Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Nah.

I was kidding! Take a joke!

So instead of linking to the analysis and halting the update in its tracks while I write about 251 Pokemon in misery, I'm just gonna cover the new Hoenn Pokemon and only give a small summary just below the big info graphic, since they're easy enough to figure out. Also any Side Notes I'll be doing will only be about mechanics, since I don't feel like I have too much to talk about regarding the anime and whatever.

Right, so, Treecko. It's really good for this game and Sapphire, where there's a lot of Water types around. But it doesn't get too many moves to work with. Still, Grass STAB is pretty nice for most of the game, only struggling in the middle somewhat. It's a cool gecko friend and there's never a wrong choice for starters, especially in this gen.

Torchic has a bit of a rough start due to the Rock Gym start, but when it evolves, hoo boy it starts to wreck pretty easily. Fire and Fighting, while the start of a horrible trend, are pretty great and it works especially well in Ruby, where you can smash those Fire and, uh, Steel types, at the end. Shame no one really chose it in the remake cause they used it in their first playthrough of XY.

No matter which you choose, the starters' Ability of Overgrow, Blaze or Torrent do the same thing. At 33% health, all Grass/Fire/Water moves will be boosted by 50%, meaning they hit super hard combined with STAB. It's a risky idea to stay at that amount, but it's a super good way of getting out of a jam.

So we've gone with Venusaur and Typhlosion. Guess who's turn it is? Not that it's a real arm twister, Mudkip is bloody lovely and I liek very much. Right, let's never reference that meme again. Useful in whatever game you're playing, Water and Ground and a beautiful combo and it'll become a great HM slave, if nothing else. But still, I would've happily taken anyone, all good choices, but my heart belongs to this mud fish.

Wild Pokemon Battle

God the colours, the advances from the last gen, THE MUSIC. I love these games. I'll go over new Pokemon when we can actually catch them. For now, let's just beat it up.

I'll also only be covering new moves introduces in Gen 3, since I've gone over previous moves twice already in previous LPs. What can I say, if I'm gonna keep these main game LPs up, I gotta streamline, while keeping it fresh.

First battle goes like you'd expect. Though I do hope I'm not going too fast for some people. I am assuming you've read my and Yellow and Crystal LPs. So don't get left behind! (It's not a huge deal if you haven't, I just think they're cool)

You saved me. Thanks a lot! Oh? Hi, you're YUKI! This is not the place to chat, so come by my POKEMON LAB later, okay?

Professor Birch's Lab

I've heard that you don't have your own POKEMON yet. But the way you battled earlier, you pulled it off with aplomb! I guess you have your father's blood in your veins after all! Oh, yes. As thanks for rescuing me, I'd like you to have the POKEMON you used earlier.

Oh we have the perfect nickname for you, chosen by the people at the end of the Conquest thread (oh yeah, you should definitely read my Conquest LP, I'm super happy with it), though originally suggested by asymmetrical.

A new region to conquer? Hehehehe... mwahahahahahaha!


"an extremely good TRAINER."

My kid, MAY, is also studying POKEMON while helping me out. YUKI, don't you think it might be a good idea to go see MAY?

Oh go on then, she is my only friend in this region right now.

MAY? Gone home, I think. Or maybe that kid's scrabbling around in tall grass again somewhere... If you or your POKEMON get tired, you should get some rest at home.

Littleroot Town

Let us see how Nobunaga fares.

Modest nature??? Also wow that Speed There's a fair amount to unpack here, but I'll properly go into it over the next few updates. The two biggest things are Natures, which usually raise one stat by 10% and lower another by 10%. In this instance, my Special Attack is higher, while my Attack is lower. Bit annoying, but hey, I'll happily take it. Abilties, meanwhile, is a power every Pokemon has depending on its species. There's a lot of them and I'll go over them as we see them.

Half of the family just doesn't stay still.

Route 101

Time for adventure! And wild encounters!

Just walking through the grass...

...and then not encounter anything? I feel cheated.

I need some experience for my babby warlord!

Alright, let's move on to the next town.

Oldale Town/Kotoki Town: Where things start off scarce.
A combination of old and dale, and a combination of ko (old) and toki time. Or literally means koto ki (unusual tree).

Pokemon Center

First stop should always be the Pokemon Center.

Surprise, surprise, they haven't changed.

Oldale Town

Sure, I'm incredibly trusting.

We sell a variety of goods including POKE BALLS for catching POKEMON. Here, I'd like you to have this as a promotional item.

"in certain situations."

Ah, gimme that free poo poo. I could definitely use some Pokeballs.

That guy outside is lyyyyyyyiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg

I just discovered the footprints of a rare POKEMON! Wait until I finish sketching them, okay?

Route 103

Ah here's where we need to go.

Ugh, water.

Ooh, it's a cute doggy.

The doggo didn't do much, but hey, first level. It's nice to have all it there in one image in the end like that. Makes my life easier.

It's gonna be a bit until we get some STAB, but this is an alright move for the moment.

May Encounter

Oh, hi, YUKI! ...oh, I see, my dad gave you a Pokemon as a gift. Since we're here, let's have a quick battle! I'll give you a taste of what being a TRAINER is like.

Rival Battle

Peep that tune, hot drat. Oh yeah, this game also has animated sprites, though not as complex as the ones in Crystal. I ain't giffing them, so enjoy that brief glance. As per usual, our rival has the starter that's strong against ours. This is totally not a problem later. *shudder*

Early battles really aren't that entertaining to cover in an LP. Save me. Well I might as well talk about their names, or something. Anything, really. Brendan's name is from brave, as that's what yūki means. Shame I couldn't use ū in my name, but oh well. May is a spring month, as haruka means spring flower.

Nice nice nice, we'll need Nobunaga nice and strong for the future.

You might be able to befriend any kind of POKEMON easily. Well, it's time to head back to the LAB.

Nice straight shot, uh, straight down.

Phew, that was a journey, but we made it back.

Professor Birch's Lab

MAY's been helping with my research for a long time. MAY has an extensive history as a TRAINER already. Here, YUKI, I ordered this for my research, but I think you should have this POKEDEX.

"of any POKEMON you meet or catch."

My kid, MAY, goes everywhere with it. Whenever my kid catches a rare POKEMON and records its data in the POKEDEX, why, MAY looks for me while I'm out doing fieldwork, and show me.

Oh, wow, YUKI! You got a POKEDEX, too! That's great! Just like me! I've got something for you, too!

I'm going to look all over the place because I want different POKEMON. If I find any cute POKEMON, I'll catch them with POKE BALLS! I wonder where I should look for POKEMON next?

Countless POKEMON await you! Argh, I'm getting the itch to get out and do fieldwork again!

Littleroot Town

Oh hi MOM

You're your father's child, all right. You look good together with POKEMON! Here, honey! If you're going out on an adventure, wear these RUNNING SHOES. They'll put a zip in your step!

"Press the B Button while wearing these RUNNING SHOES to run extra-fast! Slip on these RUNNING SHOES and race in the great outdoors!" think that you have your very own POKEMON now... your father will be overjoyed. But please be careful. If anything happens, you can come home. Go on, go get them, honey!

I think Gen 3 MOM has more lines than Gen 1 and 2 MOMS combined. Anyway...

The Pokedex is pretty neat, everything's on one image, which is much easier for me. It also has a few more features.

The area tab can be helpful, as well as being able to jump to the top and bottom as the game goes on.

There's even searching! Yeah I never use it either.

Since we haven't healed since the May fight, might as well while we're here. Who knows when we'll be back home again?

WOWZA, look at this running speed. I have missed this so much.

Route 101

OKAY, with Pokeballs and a healed Nobunaga, let's catch some Pokemon!

Huh, didn't expect to find the rarest thing so quickly. Well it's good cause Zigzagoon is a great utility mon, able to learn all kinds of field moves and has a cool ability in Pickup. I'll talk about abilities after the Pokemon, since quite a few of them have something cool to them. Anyway, Zigzagoon is trash, just use it for items and we'll be keeping it in the party for a while. I advise you do the same.

Now a lot of abilities were actually changed in Emerald, either given little tweaks, or having a field effect. After every battle, a Pokemon with Pickup has a 10% chance of getting an item from a pool that's determined by its level, even if it didn't participate or if it's fainted. Here is a more detailed look into Pickup and how good it is for the various Gen 3 games. Don't worry, I won't have so much to talk about in regards to other abilities.

Oh good, the crits are starting. Catching stuff is easy enough, get their health low and throw some balls.

The good ol' 1, 2, 3. Wurmple, surprise surprise, is good to begin with (well, Beautifly anyway) and then falls behind as the game goes on. It'll teach you the wonders of evolution, but one of its final forms that you've got your heart set on might not happen, since its evolution is basically random, but something I'll go over later.

Shield Dust prevents additional effects from attacks from occurring, like Sheer Force for the enemy, but no power boost. It has no effect on status moves, but it makes a Pokemon basically immune to Freeze, since that's only an additional effect.

Nice going there guy. We can head out onto Route 102, but let's go back to Route 103 and catch a couple more Pokemon.

The last of the first Pokemon you can encounter. It's bad. Pure Dark is pretty neat, but that's still a special type, so the Poochy line doesn't really gain anything from it. Also its moveset is rubbish, but it wouldn't really help it anyway. Oh well, still cute as hell!

Run Away lets the Pokemon escape from wild battles no matter what. It doesn't do anything in trainer battles, or with switching to another Pokemon. So, uh, it's pretty bad. I guess it's good to have when you've ran out of Repels.

One last Pokemon to find.

This one ain't too bad, even if it's everywhere. If you need a Water type, a Flying type, or both, then it'll do that just fine. Though you will be relying on its Water attacks more. Still, it has some good matchups coming up and it'll be just fine, if not amazing.

Keen Eye prevents accuracy drops, but abilties that reduce accuracy ignore Keen Eye. While at the front of the party, it has a 50% chance of stopping wild Pokemon that are 5 or more levels below the user from appearing. It's not too amazing, but it'll come up a few times, so I guess it can't be that bad. Accuracy drops fuckin suck.

Oldale Town

Not a bad haul for the very start. If you're wondering if I'm going to complete the Hoenn Pokedex... what do you think? I won't be doing the National Pokedex legit though, gently caress that.

Oh hey, what's this feature?

Ahhhhhhhh, I've missed this so so much. The storage system overhaul was desperately needed and it's pretty great.

Quick stop by the Mart to restock on Balls. Gonna need plenty for the next few areas.

With the Apricorn Balls being practically non-existent in these games, we've got some more Pokeballs that don't really replace them.

When you buy basic Pokeballs ten at a time, you'll get a Premier Ball. What does it do? Nothing. It's a Pokeball, but it looks pretty. I'll need it for next update.

Speaking of which, next time, we'll be going on a little catching spree as we head to Route 102 and beyond.

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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Side Notes #01: Release Overview

After the absolutely ridiculous success of the first two generations, money and fan expectations were expecting a new entry in the series. While Pokemon gave the Gameboy life, it was succeeded by the GBA, so Pokemon moved onto the new system and all the technological advancements that came with it. There's a lot here that's improved from previous games, but a huge amount of it was behind the scenes, so it made the games completely incompatible with previous ones.

So when Ruby and Sapphire came out in November 2002, only 200 Pokemon out of 386 could be obtained and those you've obtained in previous games can't be moved forward. It sucked and coupled with the lack of the day/night changes and real distance from the previous regions and characters, the new generation didn't start on the right foot. What was there was super good, but it wasn't perfect.

Thankfully, this was alleviated somewhat on January 2004 when FireRed and LeafGreen, remakes of the original Red and Green, were released, with updates to Kanto, making loads of Pokemon available again, including a chunk of Johto mons, and sticking to the original games pretty closely, for better or for worse. It also introduced the Wireless Adapter, which was a pretty neat device. There was also the e-Reader, in 2002, but it didn't sell well, so by the remakes it had been discontinued in America.

Surrounding the release of Gen 3, Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness for the Gamecube were released on November 2003 and August 2005, respectively, allowing people to obtain the missing Johto Pokemon much easier and focusing on sweet rear end Double Battles. It could connect to the Gen 3 games and made getting certain rare mons a breeze, as well as letting you play on the big screen.

Finally, Emerald was released in September 2004, an enhanced version of Ruby and Sapphire, having more changes to the original story than Crystal and Yellow before it, but still not a huge amount to justify it. Still, at least it was a 3 year gap compared to 1. So yeah, those are the dates, on with the show!

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Hey now, I didn't have a choice in starter, you want me to break a pattern? I'm glad everyone's looking forward to the LP, I'm only to Petalburg Woods and I'm having a blast right now. The music, the Pokemon, the graphics, ah it's all so good. Also cheers for being a better proofreader then I will ever be.

Bring on the trumpets!

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Tooting my horn to the next page.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 2: Catch-a-thon 2004

Route 102

Man the music is still so good and we've only listened to five tracks! Uh, anyway, hi, let's head towards the next city. But since it's a new route, there's some cool Pokemon to find, one in particular is very important.

Lotad is like having all three starters at once if you chose Torchic, but it has a rough start, as its best move for a while will be Bullet Seed. But once you save its rear end with TMs, evolve it all the way (which won't happen for a long time, big warning), then it's pretty good. Until then, it's poo poo, wait until later.

Swift Swim doubles your Speed when it's raining, which is amazing, if inconsistent. Rain Dish will recover a Pokemon's HP by 1/16th each turn if it's raining. Also inconsistent, if not all that great. Why recover HP when you can just outspeed them? Better used on a stalling Pokemon, like Tentacruel.

Our first Gen 3 move! It's poo poo. Astonish is a Ghost move with 30BP, 15PP and 100% accuracy that has a 30% chance to flinch. Aw yeah, another really bad Ghost move (whyyyyy???). In Gen 3 only, Astonish's damage is doubled if the opponent used Minimize last. Note that you still need to hit the drat thing and they keep switching how this works between gens. Last gen it was the base power doubling, this gen it's the damage being doubled, next gen it's back to base power being doubled and then Gen 5 is when it finally settled on damage being doubled.

Neat. What's next?

The only place you can find these things and it starts with Growl. It learns Confusion quickly enough, but that'll have to do you for 20 levels until you learn Psychic. At least it's early, but the only other special move you can learn is... Shock Wave, if you want something else getting Thunderbolt (which I do), so it'll hit hard with Psychic and, uh, that's about it.

Trace is a tricky ability, copying the opponent's ability when you send it out. Could be good, could be useless, could be detrimental. Synchronize will inflict the opponent with Burn, Paralysis or Poison when the user is inflicted with that status. This will pop up a few times, but it might not affect the opponent depending on what it is. When a Pokemon with Synchronize is in the lead, there is a 50% chance wild Pokemon will have the same Nature. This does not apply to stationary Pokemon or roamers or Fossils.

We'll be using our Premier Ball since this Ralts is gonna be our second team member. It's gonna need a bit of babying, but Mudkip has no problems with the early game, so it can take a few hits until Ralts can stand on its feet. Its nickname will be given inbetween this part and the next.

Hmm, Careful... that's +Sp Def and -Sp Atk... poo poo. Oh well, it'll be fine, Trace should be pretty entertaining if nothing else and I wouldn't want to pass this nature onto anything else.

We'll be using Pokemon Centers a lot while we train Ralts up, but Mudkip is pretty defensive, so we can switch Ralts out so it gets exp.

You can't say no to my challenge!

Trainer Battle

Oh god this music. Alright Ralts, cheers for the useful info, time to get out of there.

Ooh, another new move. Howl is a Normal status move with 40PP that raises Attack by 1 stage. Could get out of control if we let it.

It didn't. On to the next trainer! One down... hundreds to go...

Like before, I'll only be showing battles if something interesting happens in them.

Like that! Wait... how did Nobunaga level up before Ralts? Oh boy, this'll be annoying.

Looking at people's eyes are just good manners, cause they're usually very pretty.

Free items, let's go. I am going to forget about this many times throughout the LP. Zigzagoon will be sticking around for a while, so hey, let's nickname... *squints* him.

A good battle, but Ralts ain't useful just yet!

Taillow is a good birb, if nothing special. It gets early Wing Attack, which will be very useful and... that's it. That's the strongest Flying move it gets. No, Fly doesn't count. You can then get Return and Steel Wing and there we go, that's your bird. Yeah, just cause we're over 10 years into this franchise doesn't mean Pokemon will have good movepools!

Guts boosts a Pokemon's Attack by 50% when it's afflicted with a status condition, except for Freeze (even if it uses a thawing move), so that's pretty cool, makes it a status absorber that relies on the enemy being nice and triggering it for you. It's a nasty surprise if nothing else.

Aw yeah, I love Tackle.

drat, I feel super bad for you, if there's anything I could do- ooh what's that up there?

Berries, gently caress yeah! Like a lot of things, Berries were improved and standardized in this gen, so the original 10 berries from last gen are still around, but have cool names and are part of a much bigger bunch of different Berries. You can also plant them again and grow them! I won't be bothering with that, but I will be showing all the cool Berries in this game, cause there's a lot. The Oran Berry restores 10HP in battle when a Pokemon's HP goes under 50%, while the Pecha Berry recovers Poison. Use in the field or hold in battle for when you need it. Very, very useful.

A good shroom that won't really be using its Grass moves as time goes on. There aren't that many good Grass moves in this game, so thankfully when it evolves, it gets some other good STAB. You still don't get that many strong moves until you level it more, or get TMs much later down the line. So watch out, the best you get is Headbutt for a while and it won't become a special attacker like you expect.

Effect Spore is awful and I hate fighting against it. When you have it, it hardly activates, but anyway, it has a 9% chance for Poison, a 10% chance for Paralysis and an 11% chance for Sleep when you're hit by a contact move, totalling a 30% chance, which is kinda nasty. If you're lucky, it'll be Poison, if you're not, it'll be the other two much worse ones. Ugh.

I was super lucky to not have it activate there, but I didn't have much of a choice. Wish Ralts would level up more.

Route 102

Can't wait to catch all the poo poo in this game.

Quick stop in Petalburg City to heal, we're not done with Route 102 just yet. Also, it's cool the routes are back to 1 again, really gets that distance across.

Sheesh, now Ralts is able to contribute in battles. See you next update, Nobunaga, we've got a shy boy to level. Let's see what's in the grass.

Another rubbish mon, but it's fine cause it's stupidly rare. It doesn't learn any consistent moves until level 31 since Nature Power is, uh, interesting. Obviously it gets saved by the Bullet Seed TM, but still, it's only common in Ruby, you can get it much easier slightly further down the road (catch a Ralts, btw). You do get its stone a lot earlier than Lotad, but it'll be a rough journey until then. Unfortunately its best STAB moves are 60BP.

Early Bird wakes a Pokemon from Sleep quicker. The amount of turns will always be preset, so 6 turns become 3, 3 becomes 1 and 1 becomes 0, instantly waking the Pokemon up on the same turn it fell asleep. It also applies to Rest, waking up after 1 turn. Chlorophyll, meanwhile, doubles a Pokemon's Speed if it's sunny. Pretty cool, but again, not particularly consistent right now.

The trick with Bide is to attack before it, or never attack. Anyway, this Pokemon has a 1% chance of appearing and is a version exclusive in Ruby, with Lotad in Sapphire. There aren't too many Pokemon that don't appear in Emerald, thankfully, but Seedot might as well be exclusive cause of how rare it is.

Easy enough. Well, don't actually try and find one. You can just trade for one later, but I forgot!

Considering how stupidly, ridiculously rare this Pokemon is, it's a shame it's rubbish, especially with that neat typing. Low stats all around, using the worse Attack stat when you evolve into a STAB physical attacker and not getting any good moves. It's tough being so bad. So if you somehow stumble upon one, congrats, it's 1% no matter where you look.

You might be surprised to hear, but since Surskit cannot be found in Emerald at all (with one exception that I can't make use of), I'm hacking it in to make my life easier. I know, perish the thought. This is why Seedot is 1% no matter what, since it replaced Surskit, which was 1% no matter what. It's dumb, I dunno how I found it when I was younger, but it definitely wasn't through a swarm. Anyway, into the box it goes.

Oh yeah, if you press Select, your hand turns yellow. This lets you pick up Pokemon without confirmation boxes, letting you move stuff about really quickly. If you hold A while your hand is yellow, you can scroll over and select multiple Pokemon at a time, letting you move entire boxes in one go. Why yes that is amazing.

Neat. Alright, let's explore Petalburg.

Petalburg City

Petalburg City: Where people mingle with nature.
Touka City: The city where people mingle with nature.
From petal and the placename suffix burg, and touka, orange blossom, or flower head.

I have a hobby--collecting the profiles of POKEMON TRAINERS. So, how about it? May I see your profile? Yes! Thank you! So, let's see it, then.

Aah, the easy chat system, make together a bunch of preset phrases and you can say and do all kinds of things. This is for what other trainers will see on your Trainer Card.

You can sort by categories or alphabetically. I prefer the latter, but I always do random poo poo anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Your profile, it's wonderful! It really says what you're about. Why, anyone hearing this profile would be captivated by you! Thank you!

There's a lot of dumb stuff you can do with the easy chat system and I love all of it. Now what's upstairs?

First, the room on the left. It's the UNION ROOM. Second, the room on the right is the DIRECT CORNER. I hope you enjoy the Wireless Communication System.

Before this LP I thought Teala was only in Gen 4. Anyway, the Wireless Adapter! Is something I used to have, but no more. It was pretty cool and it did a fair few things and it works today (it's the Gen 4 and 5 GTS that no longer works), but I'll talk about it later, sometime. Basically, the Union Room let's you see many people at once near you that are using the Wireless Adapter. The Direct Corner is when you want to specifically go and battle and trade with someone and how you communicate with Ruby and Sapphire, since they don't have Union Rooms.

Oho, what's this?

Early Repels are super nice, so there goes my cash. It'll be fine.

Good customer service.

That means you must know about the MYSTERY GIFT. From now on, you should be receiving MYSTERY GIFTS! Once you save your game, you can access the MYSTERY GIFT.

Something else I'll go into later is using the Wireless Adapter to receive event related stuff. In Ruby and Sapphire, you had Mystery Events, which were basically the same thing, but required you saying MYSTERY GIFT IS EXCITING to the guy who we showed our profile to. This then lets you get cool stuff from an e-Reader and OH BOY ARE THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS TO TALK ABOUT REGARDING THE E-READER THAT I'LL GET TO LATER.

"A man in pursuit of power!"

Anyway, enough going over old poo poo that I'll never show off legitimately, let's go to the only interesting thing in Petalburg: the Gym.

Pokemon Gym

Took long enough, but I finally have a DAD. I look forward to this not being a freakish one time occurence.

I'm surprised that you managed to get here by yourself. Oh, I see. You're with your POKEMON. Hm... then I guess you're going to become a TRAINER like me, YUKI. That's great news! I'll be looking forward to it!

Hm? You're... uh... oh, right. You're WALLY, right?

I'm going to go stay with my relatives in VERDANTURF TOWN. I thought I would be lonely by myself, so I wanted to take a POKEMON along. But I've never caught a POKEMON before. I don't know how...

Hm. I see. YUKI, you heard that, right? Go with WALLY and make sure that he safely catches a POKEMON. WALLY, here, I'll loan you my POKEMON.

Oh, wow! A POKEMON!

Hm, I'll give you a POKEBALL, too. Go for it!

Alright, another friend! I suppose I could learn how to do this capture business. I've just gotta make loads of circles, right?

"don't they?"

Please watch me and see if I can catch one properly... whoa!

Hax, hax! I call hax!

Hilariously, this battle can end super differently.

Uh, not quite how you do it, but an A for effort.

YUKI, thank you! Let's go back to the GYM!

YUKI, thank you for coming along with me. You two are why I was able to catch my POKEMON. I promise I'll take really good care of it. Oh! My mom's waiting for me, so I have to go! Bye, YUKI!

YUKI, if you want to become a strong TRAINER, here's my advice. Head for RUSTBORO CITY beyond this town. There, you should challenge the GYM LEADER, ROXANNE. After her, go on to other POKEMON GYMS and defeat their LEADERS. Collect BADGES from them, understood? Of course, I'm a GYM LEADER, too. We'll battle one day, YUKI. But that's only after you become stronger.

Hm? Aren't you going to the POKEMON GYM in RUSTBORO CITY? There's no challenge for me to battle a greenhorn TRAINER. YUKI, I want you to challenge me when you become a lot stronger. I'll battle you, YUKI, when you can show me four GYM BADGES, okay?

Petalburg City

We're done in this city for now, but how's Wally doing?

He's been frail and sickly ever since he was a baby. We've sent him to stay with my relatives in VERDANTURF TOWN for a while. The air is a lot cleaner there than it is here. What's that? Where's WALLY? He's already left, our WALLY. I wonder where he could have gotten by now?

I can't wait to beat him up later and take his money.

Let me guess, from the way you're dressed, are you a POKEMON TRAINER? ... Well, maybe not. Your clothes aren't all that dirty. You're either a rookie TRAINER, or maybe you're just an ordinary kid. I'm roaming the land in search of talented TRAINERS. I'm sorry to have taken your time.

What a mysterious guy.

Route 104

Mmm, this is the good stuff. Just before we head onto this route though...

Alright, cool. Guess I'll have to get Mystery Gifts another way.

Uh, what? That's the first time that's happened. Oh well, it's not a big deal.

It's fun making footprints in the sand!

I'm glad Ralts can handle himself now, so get used to seeing a lot of him for the rest of the update!

"disappear quickly..."

Ooh, what cool new Hoenn Pokemon does this guy have?

Ah. Hm.

It's definitely not a king.

Hidden items will be everywhere and the Itemfinder is still poo poo, so it'll be no help when we get it.

Empty unlocked house. Sure.

More Berries. I shall endeavour to never replace them.

Ralts is doing fine, but is getting a bit beat up.

There's still more to Berries that we haven't seen yet, but at the moment they're pretty useful healing items.

Nice and easy.

Marill can be found here in Emerald and it's pretty cool cause of its ability. Huge Power doubles the Pokemon's Attack stat. Note, it doesn't double the Pokemon's base Attack stat, but the final number, which is even better. A shame that Marill doesn't get to use it with STAB, but it makes the line much more interesting.

That's it for Route 104 (South), so let's go into the woods today.

Petalburg Woods

Petalburg Woods is pretty cool and there's a few new Pokemon to find, so we won't be breaking out the Repels just yet.

I was not expecting to go over the 5% encounter first, but Slakoth is really tough to use cause of its ability. When it evolves it becomes much better, but since it can only attack every other turn... yeahhhhhh. It's not gonna die immediately, but it is a hassle using it in battle, especially since it evolves pretty late compared to other 3 stage lines. All you'll have is Scratch for a while, but you get Slack Off pretty early, which ain't too bad.

Truant is the reason why Slakoth is so tough to evolve. Every second turn, you're unable to attack, meaning you can only attack every other turn, which is pretty rough. Still, if you can survive the spare turns then I guess you'll be alright, it's just frustrating and wastes time.

Trace has ruined me for the first time. Yawn is a Normal status move with 10PP that makes the opponent drowsy. At the end of the next turn, the Pokemon will fall asleep, though it'll be unaffected if it gets statused during that time, or it switches out.

Alright, now I don't have to hunt for that rare Pokemon.

Well that was a fun dungeon, back to Route 104.

Ah just kidding, back to the woods we go.

Pretty easy for Ralts. Once it starts attacking, it's pretty drat reliable and will only get better from here.

I can't wait to run out of balls one day from catching too many things.

You'll have it for 3 levels at most. It's poo poo, just evolve it.

Shed Skin has a 30% chance of healing a status condition at the end of the turn, even before you would take Burn or Poison damage. Very nice, but not particularly dependable. Just use an item.

I don't need to catch this.

I really love that POKEMON.

Team Aqua

"forever, didn't you?"

I got sick of waiting, so here I am! You! DEVON RESEARCHER! Hand over those papers!

Hunh? What do you think you're doing? What, you're going to protect him? No one who crosses TEAM AQUA gets any mercy, not even a kid! Come on and battle me!

VS Team Aqua Grunt

Since Poochyena is a Dark type, Ralts would be useless against it, so Nobunaga is here for his only battle in the woods.

I hate this Poochyena, it's super dangerous if you get unlucky.

I missed so much I went down to -6 accuracy. Good thing the AI barely attacked me!

I like how Nobunaga is in battle for five minutes and immediately levels up. Maybe one day Ralts will catch up. Nice to get some STAB at least.

Petalburg Woods

Come on and battle me again! I wish I could say that, but I'm out of POKEMON... and, hey, we of TEAM AQUA are also after something in RUSTBORO. I'll let you go today!

Thanks to you, he didn't rob me of these important papers. I know, I'll give you a GREAT BALL as my thanks!

Didn't that TEAM AQUA thug say they were after something in RUSTBORO, too? Uh-oh! It's a crisis! I can't be wasting time!

Farewell friend, hopefully I'll see him again in better circumstances.

Uh, okay. Not what I'm looking for.

3 of my 4 encounters in these woods have been 5% ones...

Nincada is interesting since it keeps the bad STAB type throughout evolution, instead of something it could use. The best Bug move it learns is Leech Life and the best Ground move it learns is Dig at level 45. Wow. So yeah, it'll evolve and still be poo poo, but it can eventually learn Aerial Ace, so that's a bit better. Aside from its gimmicky other evolution, the line isn't very impressive, especially with this movepool, yikes.

Compoundeyes raises a move's accuracy by 30% of its original value, which is pretty amazing. Any move higher than 80% accuracy will always hit and other, less accurate moves, like Hypnosis, become much more reliable. Also, if it's first in the party, Pokemon that can appear holding items are boosted by 50% from the original. So a Pokemon with a 50% chance of holding an item is now 100%, while 5% becomes 55%. This makes obtaining these items actually possible and not a ridiculous headache and absolutely something we will be making use of in future. This ability is just so great.

I don't think that's how school works.

Well that's all we can explore in here for the moment. So let's get the last two Pokemon in this place.


There we go, only a 15% encounter, I could understand why it took so long to find one.

Please. No more.

Silcoon is like Cascoon, except it's white. Seriously though, they have the same stats and typing and everything, it's kinda cool, I guess. Anyway, Beautifly is better since it has 90 Special Attack instead of 90 Special Defense like Dustox, even though Dustox has a much better movepool to start with. Such is life.

See, I'm being smart here and catching what the Wurmple we obtained won't evolve into. How do I know what Wurmple will evolve into? Uhhhhhhhhh...

Oh hey, we're out of the woods and back on Route 104. We'll continue our journey next time.

Though before we end, since I headed back to Petalburg to heal (getting a bit low on PP), let's hack in loads of Rare Candies and evolve Pokemon when we can to complete the Pokedex.

There we go, since I can see what Wurmple will evolve into by looking at its PID, I had no reason to catch a Cascoon. Like with previous LPs, I won't evolve Pokemon unless we'll never encounter them otherwise, or to a level past our team. Also maybe I'll space it out a bit more so I'm not doing 50 at the end of the LP.

Also a level up on the way back. Now we're done!

Aug 9, 2013

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Side Notes #02: Catching Stuff Maybe Less Glitchy This Time?

Alright, Gen 3 is when a lot of stuff got overhauled and improved, so let's see what they did to the capture formula. It was pretty easy to game in Gen 1, it was annoyingly broken in a few places in Gen 2, and in Gen 3? Well it works just fine and is used in Gen 4 too, so I can just copy this over if I do those games, haha! Anyway, what's the formula?

a is the modified catch rate, which is used after we've gone over the individual components. HP max is the number of hit points the Pokemon has at full health, while HP current is the current hit points the Pokemon has. Aren't you glad I detailed that for you?

rate is the catch rate of the Pokemon, between 3 and 255 and can only be modified in the Safari Zone, since the Apricorn Balls (or more specifically the Heavy Ball) don't exist in Gen 3. bonus ball is the Pokeball modifier, while bonus status is multiplier for status conditions, which work and are x1.5 for paralyze, poison and burn, and x2 for sleep and freeze.

Once that number is obtained, a is then put into a small formula to determine b, the shake probability.

b = 1048560 / sqrt(sqrt(16711680/a))

All divisions and square roots are rounded down to the nearest whole number. From there, the game generates a number between 0 and 65535 and compare it to b. If that number is greater than or equal to b, then the Pokemon will break out of the Pokeball. Four numbers are made and if all of them are lower than b, the Pokemon is caught. If not, it'll shake for however many checks were made. Also, if a is 255, the Pokemon is automatically caught and no checks are made.

Seems simple enough, so let's talk Pokeballs, since HP reduction and status are simple enough. All the OG Pokeballs are the same, so Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball and Safari Ball have a x1, x1.5, x2, x255 and x1.5 modifier as per usual. Since this modifies the catch rate, any Pokemon with a catch rate of 255 are unaffected by Pokeball modifiers.

Now we skip the Gen 2 balls and move straight to the Gen 3 ones. The Premier Ball is x1, the same as a Pokeball and only obtained after buying 10 standard Pokeballs at once. That's it. The Repeat Ball is x3 if the Pokemon has already been registered in the Pokedex, x1 otherwise. The Timer Ball is calculated at ((number of turns passed in battle + 10) ÷ 10), with a maximum of x4, at 30 turns. It's the best Pokeball in the game, but it takes SO LONG to reach 30 turns. You might catch it before then with other, stronger Pokeballs and if you get to that turn number, then the Pokemon could start running out of PP. Still, it's the strongest Pokeball aside from the Master Ball, so I guess it's worth it if you remember to turn count, though it is equal or better than the Dive Ball past 25 turns and equal or better to the Nest Ball on a level 2 Pokemon past 28 turns.

The Nest Ball is calculated at ((40 - Pokémon's level) ÷ 10), with a minimum of x1. For a level 2 Pokemon, it gives a x3.8 rate, but a lot of those Pokemon have high catch rates anyway and are thus unaffected by this ball. Still, for low levelled Pokemon with low catch rates, this is pretty drat helpful. The Net Ball has a x3 catch rate on Water or Bug type Pokemon, x1 otherwise, which is pretty handy, but doesn't stack for Surskit, sorry. The Dive Ball has a x3.5 catch rate when used underwater, x1 otherwise. There are some tricky underwater catches, so these are pretty nice. Finally, the Luxury Ball has a x1 rate, but every action that raises happiness raises it by an extra point as well, making it nice for the... ONE line you can use this on to fast-track evolution (Zubat or Golbat). It does make Return stronger that much quicker, though, so it's a nice ball to use for that if nothing else.

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We're gonna need a nickname for Ralts, as well as Zigzagoon... as well as any other nicknames for the other things we've caught if I remember to change it.

Aug 9, 2013

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I thought we might continue the Conquest theme and you guys would suggest Ranmaru. After this, you can't do any more Conquest names, or the whole party would be like that, you swines. Feel free to choose a different name and have another Conquest name down the line, but I've gotta draw the line somewhere.

Carbon dioxide posted:



It's alright, I only found out last year.

Aug 9, 2013

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Okay, I think we've got our winners. Voting closed!

Kikas posted:

Yeah cause who even USES select ever? Aside from "dedicated bike button". It's a shame we're not gonna see Lotad for a while, cause Ludicolo is great and he really saved my rear end more then once in my X playthrough, where you can get him fairly early. Gets great coverage, can pick up Ice Beam and stuff like Focus Blast or Giga Impact. Love my dancing sombrero pineapple duck.

Ranmaru and Freesample let's go.

Thankfully evolution stones for Pokedex filling is actually pretty good in this game (unlike the past two games I've LPed...), but some are a wee bit late.

Aug 9, 2013

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Excellent stuff! Added to the OP.

I do love me the manga and it is something everyone should read at one point or another. My favourite is the DP arc, though the SM arc is shaping up pretty nicely.

Also if you feel like writing about the GSC arcs, I can have baldurk add it to the Crystal LP.

Aug 9, 2013

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Reading manga is always quick, until you get sucked in and read an entire arc over a few hours and oh hey is that a sunrise?

Aug 9, 2013

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Anyway, my updates come in 3 posts (main meat, side notes, additional voting thing whatever), so I need to bump, or it'll be an unintentional page snipe for me (since 40 posts per page are what I assume most people still use)

Aug 9, 2013

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Should be some good poo poo, I'm liking how this is all turning out

Aug 9, 2013

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I'm also looking forward to what you guys create this time around, should be some quick fun.

Aug 9, 2013

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Part 3: Rocking Up To Rustboro

Route 104

Welcome back, as you can see, we've got our nicknames for Ralts and Zigzagoon. Oh yeah, a Mild nature is +Sp Atk and -Def, so Freesample's sole duty of taking hits for the team will be even less effective. Great!

You can have this, so you try it out! Use it on a POKEMON, and it wil learn a move for firing seeds rapidly.

A TM, TECHNICAL MACHINE, is good only for one-time use. Once you use it, it's gone. Think twice before using it!

Bullet Seed is pretty great, giving the early Grass types something better than Absorb to work with (since it does, at minimum, as much damage as Absorb). Though like all multihit moves that there are a weird amount of, they're crap as we get further into the game. It has 10BP, 30PP and 100% accuracy and a 37.5% chance of hitting 3-4 times or a 12.5% of hitting 4-5 times, so 3 times on average.

So because I reached this area and then stopped for a bit, the Cheri tree died and started to sprout again. Whoops! Oh well, it's not a huge deal, they only start doing it when you first enter the area, so you're not under pressure to get through the game as fast as you can before all the plants die.

This is the PRETTY PETAL flower shop. Spreading flowers all over the world! Your name is? YUKI. That's a nice name. YUKI, would you like to learn about BERRIES? BERRIES grow on trees that thrive only in soft, loamy soil. If you take some BERRIES, be sure to plant one in the loamy soil again. A planted BERRY will soon sprout, grow into a plant, flower beautifully and then grow BERRIES again. I want to see the whole wide world filled with beautiful flowers. That's my dream. Please help me, YUKI. Plant BERRIES and bring more flowers into the world.

You'll like tending flowers. I'm sure of it. You can have this.

Oh, another thing. If you don't pick BERRIES for a while, they'll drop off onto the ground. But they'll sprout again. Isn't that awesome? It's like they have the will to live.

You can plant a BERRY and grow it big, or you can make a POKEMON hold it. But now they have a machine that mixes up different BERRIES and makes candies for POKEMON. I want some candy, too.

Flowers, yo. I'll go over the specifics later, but you can tend to berries and water them on each of their growth stages to reach their max yields. The youngest sister will give you a random Berry out of the first 9. The Persim Berry heals confusion.

Huh, I wonder why I didn't screenshot that item ball. Well whatever, it was a Potion.

There are some things money can't buy. That's POKEMON...

For everything else... there's a reference you might get?

Hey I'm glad you did.

But you just made your own decision and regretted that too. I don't get girls.

A+ nickname right there. We need Cut, these barriers are getting annoying.

(GINA) Okay, let's battle with our POKEMON!

Oh yeah, Double Battles are a thing, they're pretty cool.

(GINA) Losing upsets me!

You can walk right past double battle trainers if you only have one Pokemon in your party conscious.

I got too into fishing. I forgot I had to raise my POKEMON...

Finally got some Cheri Berries, which heal paralysis, as well as Leppa Berries, which restore 10PP to a move that drops to 0 in battle, or to any move you fancy in the field, very helpful.

But make sure you plant a BERRY in the same spot. That's common courtesy. Here, I'll share this with you.

TRAINERS often make POKEMON hold BERRIES. It's up to you whether to grow BERRIES or use them.

Rustboro City

I pick this up every time I play this game even though I never use it and always throw it away. Like I'll do in this LP!

Rustboro City/Kanazumi City: The city probing the integration of nature and science.
From rust and borough, and kanazoku (metal) and sumi (charcoal).

"and your well-trained POKEMON...

You're obviously a skilled TRAINER! No, wait, don't say a word. I can tell just by looking at you. I'm sure that you can put this HIDDEN MACHINE to good use. No need to be modest or shy. Go on, take it!

A HM move is one that can be used by POKEMON outside of battle. Any POKEMON that's learned CUT can chop down thin trees if the TRAINER has earned the STONE BADGE. And, unlike a TM, a HM can be used more than once.

None of our team can learn Cut, which isn't a bad move at the moment, so we'll dish out some FREEJUSTICE to those small trees.

My daddy's working at the CORPORATION. When I grow up, I'm going to work for DEVON, too.

Unlike literally every place we've been to so far, there's a fair few things to do in Rustboro, it's pretty great. Let's go to school!

Trainer School

I've been traveling everywhere in search of outstanding TRAINERS. More specifically, I'm looking for POKEMON battle experts. So, what brings you to this SCHOOL? Are you a TRAINER, too? The first thing you should do is to have a POKEMON learn the move CUT. If I remember correctly, someone in this town has CUT.

Hmm... the talent levels of the students here are unknown. The potential's there.

Way ahead of you there. We'll see Scott in a few places throughout our journey, but he can be easy to miss in some cases.

Whether or not you are a good student will be evident from the way you use this item.

"before its opponent."

There are many other items that are meant to be held by POKEMON. Just those alone will give you many topics to study!

The Quick Claw is alright, though it only activates 10% of the time. We don't have anyone that's hugely slow, so I'll stick it on Nobunaga.

Rustboro City

I have a question for you. Have you ever baby-sat? You see, I'm a new father, so raising a child is all new to me. And I have a problem. My daughter WANDA doesn't laugh enough. I think she'd laugh for me if I told her something funny. Do you know of a funny word or phrase you can tell me?

Please, you should know from my LPs that I'm a comedy genius.

Oh, that's wonderful. So, let's hear it, your suggestion. Ah, I see. Well, let's give it a try, shall we?

drat, I was sure that would work. Oh well, we'll come back to this in a bit.

Finally, the first Gym. We'll check it out in a minute.

But if you really want, I'm willing to trade it to you. I'll trade you my SEEDOT for a RALTS if you want.

Well I'm not giving you Ranmaru, so how about this other Ralts I totally caught and didn't clone after realising catching Seedot on Route 102 was completely pointless. No sir.

There we go, no need to run around finding a 1% encounter! In RS this was a Slakoth for a Makuhita, which is a much better deal, since Slakoth is 1% more common than Ralts, found closer, Makuhita won't be found for a little bit yet and will be more useful to you coming up than Seedot would be.

Cheers for the berry, now get in the box. Later, since you might be useful in a moment.

There are some more areas we can go to, but we'll save it for later.

Least we've got a nice little item at this dead end here.

Alright, it's Gym time!

Pokemon Gym

I'm no TRAINER, not me, but I can sure give you winning advice. That's settled, then! We'll aim for the POKEMON CHAMPIONSHIP together! It's your job as a TRAINER to collect GYM BADGES, am I right? But GYM LEADERS aren't pushovers! And that's where I come in! I'm here to provide expert advice! ROXANNE, the GYM LEADER, is a user of ROCK-type POKEMON. The ROCK type is very durable, but it can't stand WATER-type and GRASS-type moves. Come see me afterwards, if you beat the GYM LEADER. Well, go for it!

Jim Gui returns and you can't help but like him. So it's only the third update and we could go off and train some more. But I'm not worried.

For one reason. Mudkip and Treecko slaughter this Gym. Torchic will have some trouble, but if you've picked up Wingull, Shroomish, Lotad, Seedot, hell, even Beautifly, then you'll slaughter this Gym too. Or evolve Torchic and slaughter.

Gyms have changed slightly between RS and Emerald, but in all but 1 case the puzzle is similar, but shifted around slightly.

Here's one cool new feature of Emerald: Multi Battles. While there are dedicated double battle trainers (mostly with the Twins), if you get into the sight of two trainers you could fight individually, they'll join together in a double battle. This is super cool and lets you battle more trainers faster. Emerald added a lot more trainers into areas to make use of this feature and more battles are always good.

C'mon Ranmaru, work with me here, you're getting left in the dust.

Oh yeah, since you might be used to more modern double battles, in Gen 3, sending out a Pokemon to replace one that fainted happens DURING the turn, not at the end. This means you could potentially knock out FOUR Pokemon in one turn, which is nuts.

It took smarts and sense for her to pick the ROCK type at her young age.

ROXANNE is stronger than me by several times. You'd better be on your guard!

This battle could go south if I don't keep on top of things, so it's always good to save and heal and prep for the big fight.

I became a GYM LEADER so I might apply what I learned at the POKEMON TRAINER'S SCHOOL in battle. Would you kindly demonstrate how you battle, and with which POKEMON?

VS Gym Leader VS Leader Roxanne

Roxanne/Tsutsuji: The Rock-Loving Honors Student
From rock and anne, and from tsutsuji (rhododendron) and tsushi (earth).

Alright, maybe Ranmaru won't be contributing in this battle much. Also, Geodude has Sturdy, which prevents it from being affected by OHKO moves, or Rock Head, which prevents recoil damage from moves, except for Struggle, or (High) Jump Kick.

Well I'm getting wrecked. Rock Tomb has 50BP, 10PP and 80% accuracy and lowers the opponent's Speed by one stage. Good thing I have that Quick Claw, since being outsped is never nice.

Ah, finally! Now for Ranmaru to learn a new move!

Yeah, Ralts doesn't have the strongest start...

Shame you don't have Compoundeyes, makes my life a lot easier. So every single Gym Leader got a team change in Emerald. More or less they got 1 or 2 new Pokemon added to their roster and moves slightly tweaked, so I'll be showing both teams to compare. For whatever dumb reason the RS teams were used for the remakes, since GF really likes sticking to the original games as much as possible.

Well having a second Geodude didn't really change anything, but onto the main event!

What the hell is with that sprite? Uh, anyway, Nosepass has Onix syndrome, which means it was completely gimped so it could be the first boss of the game. Those defensive stats are impressive, but it's to the detriment of everything else, holy crap. Though the defenses are slightly less impressive when you look at its HP stat. Can't let it be too tough since it doesn't have a 4x weakness after all! It gets Rock Slide early, which is a weirdly rare Rock move to have, and then Zap Cannon, because gently caress you. It can be a mixed attacker with Thunderbolt and Earthquake and that, but its stats let it neither attack, nor defend that well. I dunno what they were going for, other than the first boss.

Magnet Pull prevents Steel types from fleeing or switching out of battle. That could be cool, except Nosepass is weak to Steel. Hmm. Steel types can still switch with Baton Pass, or when holding a Smoke Ball (though they can't switch with that). When at the front of the party, there is a 50% chance of encountering a Steel type, if possible. It's not bad since Mawile and Skarmory are 5% encounters in this game and it could let you snap up a 1% Magneton, so it has its uses.

Take damage, peasants, so the real stars can prepare!

Keep it up, Dots! Block is a Normal status move with 5PP and prevents the target from fleeing so long as the user remains in battle. They can be switched out with Baton Pass, but the new Pokemon will still be affected. They can still be switched out if Roar or Whirlwind is used on them, or if they have Run Away, or are holding a Smoke Ball.

You, uh, need to kill me before I do the same to you.

Alright, I think I can make it so the Oran Berry is the only healing Nosepass will get. The accuracy drop could be helpful (it wasn't).

Still, since it doesn't have a 4x weakness, Nosepass can take some hits.

Hrm. Well since it's using Tackle, I'm not that worried.

Why do you have two?

It only did 14 damage with Rock Tomb last time, so I wasn't worried. That's that!

Gym Leader Victory

It seems that I still have much more to learn... I understand. The POKEMON LEAGUE's rules state that TRAINERS are to be given this if they defeat a GYM LEADER. Please accept the official POKEMON LEAGUE STONE BADGE.

Pokemon Gym

It also enables them to use the HM move CUT outside of battle. Please take this with you, too.

It not only inflicts damage by dropping rocks, it also lowers SPEED. If you use a TM, it instantly teaches the move to a POKEMON. Remember, a TM can be used only once, so think before you use it.

Since you are so strong, you should challenge other GYM LEADERS. By battling many TRAINERS, you should learn many things.

The STONE BADGE you got should be properly recorded on it. In other words... you've climbed the first step on the stairs to the CHAMPIONSHIP! That's got to feel awesome!

Neat, one badge down! Let the good times roll. Nothing could bring down my mood.


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Aug 9, 2013

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Side Notes #03: How Overhauled Pokemon Tick (Part 1)

Alright everyone, let's talk about everything new about Pokemon in Gen 3, from personality values, to secret IDs, to IVs, EVs and Natures, there is a lot to cover. Let's start with a general overview, or at least the first tab we see when we open up a save editing tool.

So we have the Pokemon and its nickname, then something new called Fateful encounter. This doesn't let you activate certain events like in Gen 4 and 5, it's a check for 2 event Pokemon and if they don't have that check, they won't obey you no matter what. Nasty. All Pokemon from XD have this flag, though it doesn't do anything.

We'll go over the Personality Value (PID) in another Side Notes, but this is the main reason Gen 2 and 3 are incompatible, since this determines everything about a Pokemon, generated in binary when you first encounter a Pokemon in the wild (or when you receive the Egg from the Day Care Man (or when the Egg is generated in RSFRLG)), ranging from 0 to 4,294,967,295. So it makes Pokemon a bit more unique than before. Depending on what the numbers are at certain parts of the value determines various attributes of the Pokemon, from gender, to nature, to Unown's letter and Wurmple's evolution.

Abilities are new and species of Pokemon have either 1 or 2 abilities, with a 50% chance if 2. These are in slots that do not change, even through evolution, though there isn't a Pokemon in this Gen that has an ability that changes through evoltion, while having a second ability that doesn't. So a Wingull with Keen Eye will always evolve into a Pelipper with Keen Eye, while a Wingull with Hydration always evolves into a Pelipper with Drizzle. Friendship at least remains the same, though has a few more uses in this game. Friendship evolutions occur at 220.

Pokerus is still in the game and is still rare as poo poo. It doubles EV yields (which we'll get to in a moment) and a Pokemon slowly becomes cured of it over time, unless it's in the PC box. There are also contest stats, which we'll talk about at a later time.

The PID determines a lot of things and will get its own Side Notes at the end of the next update (seriously it's that long, also has some weird mathematical calculations and notation that you've probably not seen before, or for a while, so don't worry if you don't get it, I barely do).

So next up with have IVs and EVs. These are similar to DVs and Stat Exp, though it's been changed for the better. While DVs were 0-15, IVs are now 0-31. They're basically the same thing, but now HP and Special Defense are their own values and overall IVs have half the influence on what a Pokemon's stats are, with the addition of Natures and EVs creating a different calculation to get the final numbers. They're stored on the same 32-bit string and take 5 bits apiece, with the last two determining a Pokemon's Ability and whether or not the Pokemon is a unhatched Egg.

EVs are similar to Stat Exp, but not exactly. Instead of getting experience based on the base stats of the defeated Pokemon, with no limitations on stat caps until literally 65535, now every Pokemon species has a set EV yield that they give when defeated. A Pokemon can only have 510 EVs overall and only a max of 255 in each stat. However, since at level 100 4 EVs equates to 1 stat point, the real cap for a stat is 252, so you can max out 2 stats, put 4 EVs into one more stat and have 2 EVs left over. Oh well. Stats increased by EVs are recalculated at each level up, except for Deoxys, whose stats are calculated after every battl instead. This does mean for nearly every Pokemon, you cannot EV train at level 100, though the Vitamins that give 10 EVs in a certain stat up to 100 are automatically applied. EVs can be boosted to double by the Macho Brace hold item, as well as Pokerus, giving a 4x multiplier together. Pokemon holding the Exp Share will also gain EVs even if they didn't battle.

So how are the final stats calculated? Well, I'm glad you asked, here is the formula for both the HP stat and all the other stats:

Simple enough, which Nature giving a x1.1, x1.0 or 0.9 boost at the end. Finally, Hidden Power has both its type and power calculated by IVs, with a different formula to account for the changes to IVs:

Each letter of a, b, c, d, e, and f are determined by the least significant bit of their respective IV. If the IV value is odd, the bit if 1, if its even then it's 0. a is the HP IV, b is Attack, c is Defense, d is Speed, e is Special Attack and f is Special Defense. The number from this formula will be between 0 and 15 and that number corresponds to the different types, from Fighting at 0 to Dark at 15. Now calculating the damage requires a different, but similar, formula:

Like before, the letters correspond to a different stat and represent the second least significant bit in each IV. If the IV value has a remainder of 2 or 3 when divided by 4, then the bit is 1, otherwise it is 0. u is HP, v is Attack, w is Defense, x is Speed, y is Special Attack and z is Special Defense. The final number is then increased by 30 and rounded down, making the overall range 30-70.

We might as well go over the two new experience curves introduced in Gen 3, erratic and fluctuating. Now when I went over experience last time, the formula used were pretty tame:

Where n is the current level, simple right? Here's the formula for erratic:

What in the ever loving christ is this? Pokemon in this experience group have different formulae depending on their level and require a wide range of experience from level to level, so much so it takes less exp to get from 99 to 100 then it does 69 to 70. Finally, we have the Fluctuating group:

It's also pretty wacky, especially because of the big spike you need to level past 36, requiring the most amount of experience to reach level 100 out of all of the groups. Thankfully, only a few Pokemon are in this group, otherwise it would take forever to actually do anything. The experience gain formula has not changed and nothing new was introduced, so I won't go over it again.

Finally, we have this nice and small tab. The OT is still the same, but the Secret ID is a second number so the chance of two trainers with the same OT and Gender are much, much smaller. However, if two trainers did get all of these numbers to perfectly match, then the game would recognise them as the same trainer.

The game will also no longer break if Japanese and English games connect, so a Pokemon's region will be listed, though it doesn't do anything. Gen 3 is also when the Pokeball used to catch a Pokemon was tracked and it will retain this info to future games, as well as its met location, though future games will simply state the region, or generation it came from, depending on the transport method.

And there we have it, aside from the PID stuff, that's all the cool things Pokemon now have in their data and man is it a lot. Still, it's some super good stuff, especially what'll be in the next Side Notes.

Aug 9, 2013

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So I wanna do something small and (hopefully) fun and coming up with the phrase to say to Walda to make her laugh.

Now this is not something you can actually guess, there's no set phrase, or actual word that makes sense, this is a way of putting in a code and getting a cool PC box skin that you can design yourself!

That's right, by heading over to this link you can design a PC box background, if you input my Trainer ID (which is literally right above you... okay 40776 you lazy git) and then choosing a colour and then two patterns. I want you guys who are much more creative and handsomer then I ever will be, to come up with a cool design that people will vote on and then use for the rest of the LP!

When you finish your design, you'll get a string of letters and numbers that I can put in to make Walda laugh. Help a small girl laugh today, cause your post history wasn't enough. You monster.


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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Uh, guys, I need the image of what you've made.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Alright, I've seen some pretty good designs, so now it's time to vote on which one you want me to use! The nominations are:

By Onmi

By Hobgoblin2099

By The Ayshkerbundy

By The Blaze Dragon

By Leraika

By FractalSandwich

By limeicebreakers

By Haifisch

By Jade Rider

By FoolyCharged

By QuantumToast

By beru04

Just state which number you're voting for!

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Alright, I think we have a winner. Congrats Onmi, your background will be used starting in Part 5! Now for Part 4...

Aug 9, 2013

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Part 4: Matching Up

Rustboro City

We're healed and stocked up, so let's see just what that was.

Help me! I was robbed by TEAM AQUA! I have to get the DEVON GOODS back! If I don't... I'm going to be in serious trouble. That shady character, I think he took off towards the tunnel over there.

Route 116

Ooh, handy. Let's go catch a criminal.

BUG POKEMON evolve quickly. So they get strong quickly, too.

For some reason, sometimes the level up text disappears before you get the stat update. Bit annoying, but whatever.

Oh hey, he's followed us to this game as well!

Though since Rattata isn't in the Hoenn Dex he has a Machop instead. This also isn't a reference, since he has a different name in Japanese to Johto Joey and I don't think the meme had caught on by this point. However, Youngster Joey in the Dreamyard in BW is a reference to OG Joey, as he has the same Japanese name in Gorō.

We could've come here before fighting the Gym, but as you know, we didn't need to. Might be useful if you're a Torchic user.

Another example of a Multi Battle, though the trainers are set up so we could have either Hiker. To make sure the trainers all face towards you, you should run into their line of sight.

See, this time the level text showed up.

Want to stay here and keep me company?

It's no big deal if there's no tunnel. To a HIKER, mountains are roads!

I can hear that guy up there grinding his teeth. Wonder what's up?

I was digging the tunnel without any tools when some goon ordered me out! That tunnel's filled with POKEMON that react badly to loud noises. They could cause an uproar. That's why we stopped using heavy equipment for tunneling... I'm worried that the goon will do something stupid and startle the POKEMON into an uproar.

The scoundrel made off with my darling PEEKO! Wrrooooooaaaar! PEEKO!

Rusturf Tunnel

This guy seems to be making a lot of mess. We should do something about it.

Oh hey, it's a new Pokemon! Let's catch it.

Goddammit Ranmaru.

Aww it's so small and timid and so huggable and lovable and, uh, ahem, Whismur isn't too amazing, but being a mixed attacker helps and hinders it. Its special movepool is ridiculously impressive and is able to make use of it throughout the entire game, but a lot of these moves are TMs and would it be the best recipient of those? It also won't get STAB. It will get a great Normal move in Hyper Voice, but it'll be super late, though Return will always be an option. It's mediocre defensive stats are boosted by its pretty great HP stat, though it is super super slow. Still, for an early option, it ain't half bad.

Soundproof prevents the user from being damaged by sound-based moves, of which there are a few, including Growl, Roar, Snore and (until Gen 5) Heal Bell. It's mostly useful in blocking Uproar or Hyper Voice and even Sing and Supersonic. Due to being unaffected by Uproar, it can still fall asleep during an uproar.

Nice. Uproar has 50BP, 10PP and 100% accuracy and deals damage over 2-5 turns. During this time, no other move can be chosen and all Pokemon, except for those with Soundproof, cannot be put to Sleep. If a Pokemon is put to sleep, they are woken up before they make their move and any Pokemon that were asleep will wake up at the end of the turn. Uproar will still continue even if used against a Ghost-type, or is blocked by a move, but will not initially start if that happens.

That hostage POKEMON turned out to be worthless! And to think I made a getaway... in this tunnel to nowhere! Hey! You! So you want to battle me!

VS Team Aqua Grunt

Ooh that's some nice fog. Anyway, this won't be a tough a battle as it was in Petalburg Woods.

It's called STAB, baby!

Rusturf Tunnel

The BOSS told me this would be a slick-and-easy job to pull. All I had to do was steal some package from DEVON. Tch! You want it back that badly, take it!

PEEKO owes her life to you! They call me MR. BRINEY. And, you are? ... Ah, so you are YUKI! I sincerely thank you! Now, if there's anything that troubles you, don't hesitate to tell me! You can usually find me in my cottage by the sea near PETALBURG WOODS. Come, PEEKO, we should make our way home.


It's definitely a dead end, so let's head back to Rustboro.

Route 116

If you do come here before beating Roxanne, then you won't be able to go to the top of this route. So let's see what there is, I'm thinking it's a couple of Double Battles.

"you helpless!"

Ah shoot, in these cases I just have to hope I remember who levelled up. Though it wouldn't surprise you to learn it was Nobunaga.

poo poo move, poo poo AI.

Battling both at once does mean a lot of money at the end.

You're ruined my hairdo, too! I'll have to call my stylist now!

My life of luxury affords me all that I could possibly desire. However, when it comes to POKEMON, my wealth has no meaning.

You still tried to cheat the system with a Full Restore. Sorry, but, guillotine.

I should reiterate that having all these random Multi Battles is cool as hell and their absence in the remakes is disappointing.

POKEMON that possess cuteness and power, that's ideal, I think.

I'll have to redo some courses at the TRAINER'S SCHOOL. If I don't, ROXANNE will be steamed.

Good haul at the end of this. Chesto Berries restores Sleep and is one half of the RestoChesto set. Pinap Berries do, uh, nothing. There are unfortunately a fair few berries like that.

Rustboro City

You really are a great TRAINER! I know! As my thanks, I'll give you another GREAT BALL!

Our PRESIDENT's OFFICE is on this floor. Anyway, I can't tell you how much I'm grateful for what you've done. Um... by the way, the parcel you got back for us... could I get you to deliver that to the SHIPYARD in SLATEPORT? It would be awful if those robbers tried to take it again. Uh... hehehe, so, uh, could I count on you to do that for me? Oh, that's right. Could you wait here a second?

Our PRESIDENT would like to have a word with you. Please come with me.

You saved our staff not just once, but twice! I have a favor to ask of an amazing person like you. I understand that you're delivering a package to SLATEPORT's SHIPYARD. Well, on the way, could you stop off in DEWFORD TOWN? I was hoping that you'd deliver a LETTER to STEVEN in DEWFORD.

So, I'd never be so cheap as to ask a favor for nothing in return. That's why I want you to have this!

It's a POKEMON NAVIGATOR, or POKENAV for short. It's an indispensable tool for any TRAINER on an adventure. It has a map of the HOENN region. You can check the locations of DEWFORD and SLATEPORT easily! By the way, I've heard that sinister criminals--MAGMA and AQUA, I believe--have been making trouble far and wide. I think it would be best if you rested up before you go on your way.

Do do do do dooooooooo

If you visit the SHIPYARD in SLATEPORT, you should go see CAPT.STERN.

The Pokenav is a cool tool, but you don't really have to use it for anything.

The map is neat, letting you zoom in and see important buildings, though I already know every detail about Hoenn, so I don't need it.

We also have the ability to check a Pokemon's Condition, something that won't become necessary to do for like 30 updates. You can search all your Pokemon for their Condition.

This floor smells of nerd.


But it's not going well.

Hey, your idea will bear fruit for a bit. But now it's fuckin dead.

Good to remember for later.

And that was Devon Corp., a cool place, but nothing too interesting for now.

And it turned out great! YUKI, may I see that POKENAV? The one our PRESIDENT gave you? ... There you go, YUKI! I added a new feature named MATCH CALL to your POKENAV. Using the MATCH CALL feature, you can chat with people who have been registered in your POKENAV. YUKI, our PRESIDENT STONE should be registered in your POKENAV. Test it out. Please give our PRESIDENT a call.

The Match Call is a pretty neat feature that's basically the Pokegear's phone numbers, if not particularly special. Compared to the Trainer Eyes in RS that registered 69 (heh) trainers that you could rematch whenever, there are now 84 people you can register, with some just being regular people, like President Stone.

Other people will be registered, so try calling them up, too! Good! Good! You seem to be quite happy! Hm... how could I know that? It's because I'm looking down at you from my office window! Wahahaha! See you again!

So you can call anyone that you've registered and then can even call you. Though since it's the same as the HGSS system where you can keep as many numbers you want, it does mean as we go through our journey we'll be called up by all kinds of randos.

May Encounter

You had a MATCH CALL feature put in your POKENAV! Let's register each other so we can contact one another anytime!

I guess he's on his way home to his cottage by the sea. How's your POKEDEX coming along, YUKI? Mine's looking pretty decent! So... how about a little battle? You just became a TRAINER, YUKI. I'm not going to lose!

VS Rival May

We have this nice little optional battle only in Emerald, so let's get some more experience!

Ranmaru is able to hold himself pretty well, even if he is pretty one note.

Now you might think I'm crazy here, but we should be fine.

See, nothing to worry about. If it were any other starter then yeah I'd be in trouble since they wouldn't have fuckin Absorb. But we'll be able to outdamage it no problem.

Especially when it decides to just Leer endlessly. Good job team.

Rustboro City

YUKI, you just moved here so you might not know this, but MR.BRINEY was once a revered seafarer.

So that optional battle can be a bit weird. See, May has a second Pokemon that's the same type as your starter, since she had Wingull as we chose Mudkip, and then later add the other one that's not the type of their starter. In RS they had a Wailer, Numel or Shroomish depending, but in Emerald they can have Wingull, Lotad or Slugma. See this is strange because in this battle, May with have a Torkoal for... some reason, while Brendan will correctly have a Slugma. May will even swap out the Torkoal for a Slugma in later battles and she will always have a Slugma if you didn't choose Torchic. It's also weird cause in ORAS, they will have a Slugma instead of a Numel for whatever reason, not sure why they decided that would be something they'd keep from Emerald.

Route 116

Now, unlike the Trainer Eyes in RS, we have to manually go back and talk to all the trainers we've beaten so far so we can register them in the Pokenav. This works out since there's a few Pokemon on Route 116 we need to catch. I tried to find them when we were here the first time, but only Poochyena showed up until I went to Rusturf Tunnel, then Poochyena and Whismur only appear. Yeah it was weird.

Will we be able to catch this Abra???

No we don't. As annoying as always, I see.

Well poo poo. Let's have better luck catching other Pokemon, we'll get Abra at another time. Inner Focus prevents the Pokemon from flinching. It's cool, though nothing impressive, since flinching is pretty uncommon.

Alright, we'll be using this Nincada to find some hold items later down the line.

Mud Slap is pretty useful move to catch stuff with. So Skitty is pretty bad, even though it's absolutely adorable. It has a large special movepool but no stats to make use of them and its level up movepool is barren at best. None of its stats will ever go above 70 and it really can't do anything with the tools its given. Your TMs are better used on something else and it's even hard justifying using the one Moon Stone that you get in this game on it. Maybe just pass, even if it's super adorable.

Cute Charm has a 30% chance of infatuating the opponent when hit with a contact move, so long as it's the opposite gender of the Pokemon. It will never activate on genderless Pokemon. When first in the party, there is a 66.7% chance the encountered Pokemon will be forced to be the opposite gender of the Pokemon, if it can be that gender. This makes it much easier to find Pokemon of a certain gender ratio, though gender based evolution doesn't exist yet. It does make pairing for breeding easier, at least.

If you find a Skitty legit, congrats, it's a 2% encounter, so it's still ridiculously rare. Now there are Swarms in this game, but they're a pretty rare occurrence and it only applies to Skitty, Seedot and Nuzleaf, which isn't a huge deal since you can trade for one of them. In RS, only Surskit and Skitty swarm, however by record mixing (something I'll talk about later, probably), you can make any swarm you've seen occur in the other person's game, even if the swarm wouldn't occur in that game, such as Surskit in Emerald and Seedot in Sapphire. It's not particularly useful, but it's something!

Rusturf Tunnel

If RUSTBORO and VERDANTURF were joined by this tunnel, I could visit her every day... but this... what am I to do?

Man, that sounds pretty rough, if there's anything I could do, then I would be happy to he-

HEY THERE, you're a bit lost.

Since I can't obtain all the starters like in Yellow, or clone them like in Crystal, I've just gotta hack them in and catch them in this game. A bit annoying since they have low catch rates, but it's something that must be done.

Alright, that's everyone registered here, so off we go back to Petalburg Woods.

Now we chop the trees and tear out their delicious item filled insides.

Maybe I shouldn't... okay, sure, I will register you!

Trainers we've fought before will only have the register Pokenav dialogue, nothing more.


Petalburg Woods

With the only trainer in Petalburg Woods registered, let's go to the right side and see what cool stuff is there.

Oh hey, what are the chances???

Alright, we'll evolve them when May gets to that stage. Hah.

You must be a TRAINER. You should try using this item.

"GRASS-type moves become stronger."

Besides MIRACLE SEED, I think there are other convenient items for POKEMON to hold.

A 10% boost to Grass is alright... if we had any Grass types, or even Grass moves. Oh well.

Well that was fun, let's continue on.

Having a DAD is super cool, so let's go see him.

Pokemon Gym

Across the sea in DEWFORD TOWN is a GYM LEADER named BRAWLY. You should challenge him.

That's every trainer we've fought that we can register. Bar one. But don't worry about it.

Well, I should register, too! That way, I'd be able to examine your POKEDEX even while you're out in the field.

Birch can be found on Route 101, Route 103, or in his lab. He definitely moves around a lot.

There we go, we've registered everyone we can. Now it seems like the next step is to head across the sea.

Hm? You're YUKI! You saved my darling PEEKO! We owe so much to you! What's that? You want to sail with me? Hmhm... you have a LETTER bound for DEWFORD and a package for SLATEPORT, then? Quite the busy life you must lead! But, certainly, what you're asking is no problem at all. You've come to the right man! We'll set sail for DEWFORD. DEWFORD it is, then! Anchors aweigh! PEEKO, we're setting sail, my darling!

Across the Sea

Smell ya later land!

Where are you now? It sounds windy wherever you are. I just heard from DEVON's MR. STONE about your POKENAV, so I decided to give you a call. It sounds like you're doing fine, so that's fine with me. You take care now.


We've reached Dewford, which we will be exploring next time.

Aug 9, 2013

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Side Notes #04: How Overhauled Pokemon Tick (Part 2 - PID)

So the PID is a 32-bit integer that determines a lot of thing. Gender is determined by the last eight digits and ranges from Genderless (11111111) to always Female (1111110), to always Male (0000000). If the Pokemon has a chance of being either gender, the number generated is compared against the gender threshold, a number generated between 1 and 253. If the PID number is greater than or equal to the threshold, the Pokemon is male, otherwise it is female. Because of this, ratios are still slightly skewed until Gen 6.

Ability is determined by the lowest bit, in the gender string, but only if it can have more than one ability, since the game forces that value to be 0 for single Ability Pokemon. If it's odd, the Pokemon has their first slot Ability and then even for the second slot. Because of this, Pokemon that gained an ability in Gen 4 will switch abilities as 0 is even, so the first ability will always become the second, as the PID is rechecked.

Nature is determined by PID mod 25 (so what whole remainder is left over when dividing by 25), from 0 to 24. Each nature has a corresponding number which I don't fancy listing.

Now shininess is the big one. This depends on the Trainer ID, the Secret ID (which you'll never know about unless you cheat) and on both halves of the PID, split down the middle as P1 and P2. This is determined by the formula S = IDTrainer ⊕ IDSecret ⊕ p1 ⊕ p2. If you have no idea what the ⊕ is, I didn't until this very sentence. Basically, A ⊕ B = C, outputs C such that, if Ai (bit i of A) and Bi are different, then Ci is 1; otherwise it is 0. Mathematics, man. After that is worked out, if the resulting number at the end if less than 8 then it is shiny. Obviously with so many variations in numbers, this makes it a very rare occurance, though having your Trainer ID and Secret ID match more helps for this.

Unown's letter is determined by the collection of the last two bits in each four bytes and then calculated by Pletter mod 28, with 0 being A, to ? and ! being 26 and 27. Wurmple's evolution, meanwhile, is determined by the upper half of its personality value, so if that value is divided by 10 and the remainder is less than or equal to 4, Wurmple will evolve into Silcoon, if it's greater than 4, Cascoon. So since it's 0-4, or 5-9... then it's 50/50.

Spinda has four spots on its body, two on its face, two on its ears. Where the x and y co-ordinates cross is where the top left corner of the spot is placed. Each of the four bytes in the PID correspond to a spot and the x coordinate is determined by the lower four bits of that byte, with the y coordinate determined by the upper four bits. So does this mean Spinda actually has 4,294,967,296 different combinations, sine it draws from the whole PID? Well, no, some values will have Spinda's spots either overlapping each other, or not on Spinda's body at all, so ones that we actually notice as being different are in fact fewer.

Finally, there are some NPCs who wish to see a Pokemon of a large size. Yep, this is determined by the PID and not simply either, cause why wouldn't it? Overall height is determined by the lowest two bytes of the PID, split into P1 and P2, again, as well as IVs (only the four least significant bits of each stat, so one bit is usused), as well as the Pokemon's height, though those numbers are predetermined. So, the calculation starts off easy with s = ( ( (Atk' ⊕ Def') * HP' ) ⊕ p1 ) * 256 + ( ( (SpAtk' ⊕ SpDef') * Spd' ) ⊕ p2 ). Don't worry if you didn't get that, this is only for nerdy weirdos who think they understand it.

From there, height is the species height in tenths of a metre and three more values, x, y and z are determined by what s results to, using this table:

FROM THERE, h, x, y, z and s are put into this formula: ( (s-z) / y + x ) * h / 10, which is then rounded down, then converted to inches, THEN rounded down to the nearest tenth of an inch. Simple, right? All for two bumfucks in each game to measure it.

Last, but not least, the PID determines when Mirage Island appears, if the lower half of a Pokemon's PID in the party matches a random number generated at the start of each day. If it matches, the island appears.

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Aug 9, 2013

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Alright, we're now ready for our next team member, so let's get a nickname! I know I've been asking for a lot of votes so far, but there's been a lot to decide. After this, I'll be easing up for a while.

What do you call a baby metal dinosaur?

Aug 9, 2013

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No no no, you've had two Conquest names already, stop it!

Aug 9, 2013

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Epicmissingno posted:

Wait, does this mean shininess isn't a constant 1/8192? It changes between playthroughs depending on the two ID numbers? I assume the average is 1/8192, then. Did the relatively recent change of the rate to 1/4096 get rid of the variance in that case?

The end result is, out of 63356 possibilities, only 8 result in a Shiny. So 8/63356, which is 1/8192. Starting from Gen 6, there are 16 results that create a Shiny, so 16/63356, which is 1/4096. Having matching ID numbers means the only variation is the PID, as that part of the equation will always be 00000, though the base chance is always the same. It just gives you more leeway in finding the right PID combination.

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Aug 9, 2013

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Cythereal posted:

Eh, was hoping this LP would use some of the lesser used critters.

Lairon is one of my favourite Pokemon, so that was completely tied up before I even started planning my team. I had a bit of trouble figuring out exactly what I wanted team-wise, since I need to space them out properly and needed them to be different types, so it got a bit rough around the mid-game where the Pokemon choice becomes real bad, since you need specific types by a certain point for HM moves, so there's actually not a huge amount of choice available, but hopefully everyone will like what I've chosen.

Anyway, voting closed! Wargreymon is the nickname!

Aug 9, 2013

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Aug 9, 2013

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Part 5: Dewford Island

Dewford Town

Dewford Town/Muro Town: A tiny island in the blue sea.
From dew and ford, and muro (Temple juniper) or mu (martial arts) and ro (dew).

It's Dewford time, there's a fair amount to explore on this island, so let's get started with the various denizens.

Fishing? Sounds like a great use of my time!

I hear you, and I like what you're saying! I'll give you one of my fishing RODS.

First, you want to face the water, then use the ROD. Focus your mind... if you get a bite, pull on the ROD. Sometimes you can snag something immediately, but with bigger catches, you need to time the pulls on your ROD to haul them in.

We'll do a bit of fishing later, but for now, I smell items inside this house.

Oh, I can see your eyes twinkling! You appreciate my dazzling style! Oh, you're a delight! Here you go, I want you to have it!

It's a marvelous SCARF that will go with almost all POKEMON!

Replacing both the Pink Bow and the Polkadot Bow, the Silk Scarf boosts Normal moves by 10%. It's alright. There are other scarves in this game, which we'll see later.

Listen, have you heard about this new "MISTAKE NAP"? That's right! Of course you know! I mean, sheesh,"MISTAKE NAP"... it's the hottest thing in cool! Wherever you're from, "MISTAKE NAP" is the biggest happening thing, right?


While not the most hilarious Trendy Saying (tm) I've seen, it's still pretty good. The trendy phrase can be changed every now and then and will appear in other people's games when you mix records. It effects exactly one thing in the game and it's something I'm not looking forward to in the slightest.

I had a Mistake Nap last night, it was pretty great, but I did leave my lamp on. When was the last time you had a Mistake Nap?

The results... terrible, like you needed to ask. But I was delighted that ROXANNE would even let me challenge her! You wouldn't believe how much more I admire her! I'm going to really focus and work! I'd better go!

Like in Gen 2, you'll get randomly called by those you've registered in the Pokenav about all kinds of, uh, interesting stuff about them by people I totally remember who they are. Anyway, it's just fluff in this game since registering people doesn't actually do anything in this game aside from rematches, there aren't special items, or swarms to be notified about, which is a missed opportunity.

Alright, fishing. Siiiiiiigh. Instead of just getting a bite and that's that, now you play a little minigame where you press A when you get a bite. If you fail, the Pokemon gets away, if you succeed, you either hook it, or have to do it multiple more times. It's annoying and I don't like it.

As always, you can catch Magikarp with the Old Rod. It's as useless as ever.

You can also catch Tentacool with the Old Rod, though unlike Gen 2 there aren't a variety of Pokemon you can catch with the Old Rod, it's just Magikarp and Tentacool, with one exception later down the road.

All that's left in this town is the Gym, which we'll go to in just a moment, might as well explore what's to the north at least.

Route 106

What if my ROD hooks a big one while I'm in the washroom? I just can't go...

Cool Pickup.

There's only a couple Fishermen out here, but might as well get as much training as we can before the Gym, it's gonna be a tricky one.

You agree with me, right?

Obviously there's more to do on the route when we can Surf, but at least there's a cave.

Granite Cave

It'll be tough trying to explore. That guy who came by earlier... STEVEN, I think it was. He knew how to use FLASH, so he ought to be all right, but... well, for us HIKERS, helping out those that we meet is our motto. Here you go, I'll pass this on to you.

It lights up even the inky darkness of caves. But, to use it, you need the GYM BADGE from DEWFORD's POKEMON GYM.

While Flash is a garbage HM that really doesn't deserve the moveslot, Ranmaru won't be running out of space any time soon, so he can have it. Anyway, now it's Gym time.

Pokemon Gym


DEWFORD's GYM LEADER BRAWLY commands FIGHTING-type POKEMON. Going against him with NORMAL-type POKEMON is asking for trouble. FIGHTING POKEMON will lay a serious smack down on NORMAL POKEMON, so be careful! What's worse, the GYM is as dark as the ocean floor. But it will get brighter after defeating the TRAINERS in your way. Hey, okay, go for it!

I still don't know who this is. Is Jim Gui challenging me to a battle?

Meditite would usually be a throwaway Pokemon if not for its ability, like Marill. Also like Marill, its Pure Power ability means its Psychic STAB isn't affected, though it has its Fighting STAB to fall back on, which it can use very effectively. That is what I would like to say if it learned a single Fighting move until level 32. However, it can use any physical move very effectively until then and when it does learn Hi Jump Kick, it absolutely annihilates anything in its way. Unless it misses. It will never use its Psychic STAB particularly well, alas.

Pure Power is like Huge Power except it's called Pure Power. The Meditite line can make much much better use of this ability due to have a physical STAB, which the Marill line (except Azurill lol) lacks. Medicham also has 10 more Attack than Azumarill, so it can get to a pretty staggering 480 Attack. That's pretty impressive considering Deoxys-Attack has a max of 504. So yeah, these abilities are pretty nuts. If you're curious, Mega Mawile has 678 max Attack.

Every time we beat a trainer our vision circle gets slightly larger. It's difficult to notice in Emerald since there's quite a few trainers in this Gym, compared to the 3 in RS. Another reason why Emerald is better, more trainers!

There's not much reason to screenshot where I'm going like this, just gotta find some trainers.

Oh this is gonna be good.

Detect can gently caress off.

As far as evolution moves go, Grovyle gets the short stick with Fury Cutter, though it's not a bad option considering you have Absorb and Bullet Seed as your other moves. Things will become fantastic when Leaf Blade is obtained at level 29, but it is a rough road until then. Also by evolving you've missed out on Mega Drain. Oh... no? Still, until it gets stronger, it needs TMs, or lots of Fury Cutter hits, whichever works.

Oh cock. Now a kicking chicken, Combusken starts with the pretty neat Double Kick, giving it an 66BP move from the get go, which ain't too bad. It then also gets Peck immediately after. Then... nothing until it evolves again, which is a bit rubbish, let's be honest. A lot of the Fighting and Fire TMs are a bit far off, but maybe you can try your luck with Focus Punch? Like Grovyle, Combusken has a rough start, but when it evolves and learns the good stuff, then it's a force. Until then it kinda sucks.

This big fishy is also alright, starting with Mud Shot, which is a fine Ground move, though you will be waiting a while for Earthquake. Like with the others, it really doesn't get much, but Take Down will give that extra boost of power. Still, it's a Water type, so Surf and Ice Beam are the main draws that the others really don't get, but that's still a little while. Also being really weak to Grass can be a problem, but this fish is prime to wreck the next few Gym Leaders. Overall, there's still no bad choice, they're all as meh as each other until they reach their final forms.

Mud Shot is a pretty nice Ground move with 55BP, 15PP and 95% accuracy that lowers the opponent's Speed by one stage, which is always appreciated. This is gonna be the best move Marshtomp will get for a while, which shows just how good it'll be. It's gonna be rough.

I'm getting mixed signals here.

Alright, I can kinda see where I'm going now, let's head left.

Slowly but surely the circle is getting bigger.

A big ol' punching bag, Makuhita doesn't have the raw power of Meditite... or the Speed... or the typing... it does at least have a lot of HP, which is good cause you'll be using Vital Throw at lot, which requires you to go last. Aside from that though, it really doesn't learn much aside from, uh, Smellingsalt? Well that's not good. It needs some TM help and a lot of HP recovery, cause you don't want to rely on Arm Thrust. It will have a massive HP stat, but its defenses kinda let it down. I think that's the point though.

Thick Fat reduces Fire and Ice damage by 50%, or more specifically the opponent's Special Attack stat is reduced by 50% during calculation. How interesting. It basically results in the same thing.

We've faced a lot of punchmans, but not the punchman, wonder where he's at?

Well he's definitely not here. With this new level, what will Ranmaru learn?

Hrm. Actually kinda useful, as you'll see later.

One day I'll become a GYM LEADER... no, I'll become the POKEMON LEAGUE CHAMPION!

Ah, there he is. Alright, hopefully I'm ready for this.

I've been churned in the rough waves of these parts, and I've grown tough in the pitch-black cave! So you wanted to challenge me? Let me see what you're made of!

VS Gym Leader VS Gym Leader Brawly

Brawly/Touki: A big wave in fighting
From brawl (big surprise there), and tōki (Japanese herb) or tōki (fighting spirit).

This battle is super tough if you don't have something to deal a lot of damage, but thankfully Ranmaru is gonna be super helpful in this battle.

Getting Brawly to waste his Super Potions is great, since it's a full heal for all of his Pokemon.

Now this Meditite might look pretty intimidating, but a flawless strategy against it is to always attack it, every single turn. It never goes for its other attacks... aside from just then, which is the first time I've ever seen it do that.

If Focus Punch lands, you're getting knocked out. It's a 150BP move with 20PP and 100% accuracy that requires a tightening focus at the start of the turn.

If you're not damaged by an attack then the move will go off, otherwise you do nothing. It doesn't matter what you need to do against this Meditite, since its only attacking move is Focus Punch, never ever stop attacking, because HOLY poo poo, Pure Power, STAB Focus Punch and potential Bulk Up boosts are just ever so slightly mental together.

I also wasn't bothered by Light Screen, since it would fade before Brawly's final Pokemon.

This is also good. We need all we can get for the endgame.

But yeah, you can imagine what happens.

Okay, this Makuhita is super deadly compared to RS. If you got unlucky with Arm Thrust hits, then that would suck, but you could get lucky with that too. But in Emerald?

Vital Throw has 70BP, 10PP and will always hit, but has -1 priority. Holy poo poo this does a lot of damage. Arm Thrust, meanwhile has 15BP, 20PP and 100% accuracy that hits between 2-5 times, with an average of 3 times, so 45BP. Obviously not as deadly as Vital Throw.

Now you might think that the negative priority means it'll take a load of damage and you can get it low to take it out. Reversal says gently caress you to that. The lower Makuhita's HP, the more damage it'll do. Going from 20% health to 1% health boosts its power from 80 to 200, so it's a pretty crazy.

It also has a Sitrus Berry, which restores 30HP when you go below 50% health. That's a lot of health in the early game, but later on it's pretty naff.

I think I was just barely above the 10% health threshold, otherwise Nobunaga is a monster for taking a 150BP STAB attack with more than half health. So yeah, this fight is pretty easy, honestly. Well, if you can just blast Makuhita with strong attacks. If you can't win (cause this battle is super nasty for how early it is), then you can just skip this Gym battle and come back later, you don't need it for anything all that important. HOWEVER, there is one Pokemon nearby that you can find that will absolutely make this Gym a walk in the park. Trust me.

Whoah, wow! You made a much bigger splash than I expected! You swamped me! Okay, you've got me. Take this GYM BADGE!

Pokemon Gym

"trades, obey without question."

And, you'll be able to use the HM move FLASH outside of battle. If you'd like, use this TECHNICAL MACHINE, too.

It's a move that raises both ATTACK and DEFENSE stats.

I can see your talent becoming a giant wave to cause a storm of astonishment among TRAINERS one day!

Oh yeah, just in case Makuhita wasn't terrifying already, it can use Bulk Up, which has 20PP and raises the user's Attack and Defense by one stage. If you're using mostly physical attackers (very likely), then it becomes stronger and harder to kill. Super terrifying.

A potentially harrowing battle, but Ranmaru made things a LOT easier.

Granite Cave

Freesamples always cheers me up. Let's go find this Steven guy already.

There's a lot of cool Pokemon to find in this cave. Makuhita is one of them, but there are other super neat mons.

Is the game trying to tell me something? Well we don't need this.

Zubat is a super good answer against Brawly, resisting all of his attacks, though it can't do all that much in return.

Now in dark caves, this is your vision. It's pretty rough, but it's not the complete blackness of Gen 2. If you're patient (since this cave is super linear), then you could get through this area without Flash and not have to bother fighting Brawly.

Not using Flash in a screenshot LP seems a bit silly, so let's makes things a bit easier to see.

There's not much to this cave, this was the only side path, so it's real easy to find your way.

Further down we go.

This little gem goblin is a hard catch. It's typing means it has no weaknesses and it completely and utterly walls Brawly to make him a complete joke. But, uh, that's about it. Its stats are low and it doesn't learn any good moves until later, so for a while the best STAB move you'll have is Astonish. It still takes a lot of damage despite its typing due to having low HP, defenses and Speed. Just low everything, really, so it's not something to really bother with, unless you want to be annoying to Meditite.

Okay, relatively painless, which is good cause we've still got a lot left to catch.

Ah, just what I'm looking for!

poo poo. Turns out Mud Slap still kills it.


GODDAMMIT. Also we'll come back to these rocks later. Ugh.

Yeah, there's not much to this cave if you're not looking for Pokemon. Anyway, we need to chill on this floor for a minute.

FINALLY! Eventually we got the 27% chance.

This ironclad cutie laughs in your face when it comes to physical moves... aside from Fighting and Ground, obviously. Aside from that it is a terrifying wall with a good enough Attack to back itself up. While it learns no Rock moves through level up (ugh), Rock Tomb will have to do for, uh, the entire game. At least with Steel moves it has more of a choice. Unfortunately that choice is Iron Tail, but hey, we'll take what we get. It's obtained in a super bad place though, all trainers for a while are super bad for it to fight against and it cannot contribute against Brawly. Still, past that it's (mostly) alright, but for the love of god keep it away from Water. It also evolves super late and that sucks.

It's our third team member. Lairon is my 3rd favourite Pokemon so it and Mudkip were the two Pokemon that were locked in before I even started planning.

It's good to reference Pokemon's slightly-dead-but-not-really spinoff every now and then, but I didn't catch this before Brawly because it would've died instantly against everything. Sure, Meditite doesn't know any Fighting moves, but it would've just been a hassle coming down here to get an Aron at the level I want and then go back to the Gym.

If you thought that Sabeleye was bad then ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, Mawile just has no chance against Aron, especially since the only Steel type move it learns is... Hidden Power Steel. Holy guacamole. Its movepool isn't that bad, getting Crunch (which it can't use effectively), Sludge Bomb, Brick Break and, uh, Astonish? Well it's not brilliant, but it has some options if you want to use it for... some reason. Hey, if you need a Pokemon to pass Iron Defense boosts, then this is the one for you. God Iron Head cannot come soon enough for this poor thing.

Its abilities are great though. Hyper Cutter prevents its Attack from being lowered, aside from self inflicted drops AND removes grass in a 2-tile radius when using Cut in the overworld, instead of a 1-tile radius. Though Mawile (and Trapinch) cannot learn Cut. Anyway, Intimidate lowers the opponent's Attack by one stage when the user is sent out. It has the same overworld effect as Keen Eye, a 50% chance of preventing encounters if the Pokemon would be 5 levels or lower than the user. So yeah, Intimidate is probably the best ability, ever. Makes Mawile a bit more tanky so it can do... something.

Mawile is a Ruby exclusive while Sableye is Sapphire exclusive. Both of them are in this game, but Mawile is only obtainable at Victory Road. Uh, gently caress that, let's just get it now, who cares man. I can understand why Sableye was allowed to stay at before Brawly's Gym.

Alright, we've got every Pokemon here, so let's get the heck outta here.

I'm interested in rare stones, so I travel here and there. Oh? A LETTER for me?

You went through all this trouble to deliver that. I need to thank you. Let me see... I'll give you this TM. It contains my favorite move, STEEL WING.

If you keep training, you could even become the CHAMPION of the POKEMON LEAGUE one day. That's what I think. I know, since we've gotten to know each other, let's register one another in our POKENAVS.

He seemed like a real ironclad guy, know what I mean? Anyway, let's head back and see what our new team member is like.

Dewford Town

Well... it could be worse. I would've preferred Rock Head, but Sturdy could be handy. Also its nature is neutral, or more specifically, it boosts and lowers Defense. Not a huge deal, I'll use the first one I come across at the level I want, I'm not picky.

Now we can head to Slateport, but we'll be doing that next update. There's a few things I want to backtrack for, so back to Petalburg. Well, Rustboro.

Ooh, the Cheri tree is grown. Convenient.

I heard from BRAWLY that you're moving up through the ranks of TRAINERS at an incredible clip. Well, I'd rather not think that I can't beat you. I promise, I will shape up my GYM so that you may challenge us again. I hope you'll be looking forward to that occasion as much as me!

Neat. After like, I dunno, 200 steps after Brawly, Roxanne will call and register. Oh yeah, Gym Leader rematches are in this game later on down the line. It's pretty bad, but GF has never done a convenient easy way of rematching all the Gym Leaders. Both systems in Platinum and HGSS have their problems, but they're nothing compared to Emerald.

Rustboro City

"EXP Points from battle."

It will get EXP Points even if it didn't actually battle. I would say EXP.SHARE is quite useful for raising weak POKEMON.

Since my youth, I've immersed myself in work. Consequently, I'm not familiar with trends and that sort of thing. But do young people all want to be TRAINERS in the POKEMON LEAGUE?

Holy poo poo we get the Exp Share real early compared to Gen 2 where it was just before the 7th Gym. It's gonna be super helpful in getting Wargreymon up to speed with the rest of the team while we're fighting trainers that he wouldn't be huge fans of.

I've got a cool peep with the perfect phrase for ya.

Oh, yes! She's laughing! Oh, I am as delighted as she! Thank you! Thanks to you, my darling WALDA laughed for me! Actually, I may not look all that special, but I'm one of DEVON CORPORATION's top researchers. So, how about I do something in return for you? I know, I'll add some new wallpaper patterns for the BOXES in the PC POKEMON Storage System. In the wallpaper pattern menu, select "FRIENDS." That will give you access to the new wallpaper patterns.

Ah, it's beautiful. This is the design Onmi created, which was voted for and what I'll be using for the rest of the LP. So getting Walda to laugh is just a way of inputting a code to get some sweet self designed wallpaper. So how the hell are you supposed to know about this? Well, there's the Japanese fansite Daisuki Club that has a few of these weird online code generators that unlock some cool stuff in Emerald and the Gen 4 games, it's where I got the various Eggs in HGSS, though since Daisuki Club is Japanese (and was closed for a while), is where you go for your code needs. There's a long rear end algorithm to determine how the code is made from what you designed, but even I'm uninterested in listing it out in a Side Notes. All to get some new wallpaper, from Walda Pepper's father! Eh? Ehhhhh? EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?


Alright, let's head off to Slateport, we've spent long enough on this island.

We'll be seeing all of this poo poo in like 10 updates or so.

And next time, it's Slateport City.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

If I had 3DS capture I would be LPing ORAS instead of Emerald, but this does work out a lot better, since I wouldn't be LPing the GBA games otherwise. I don't know if I'll have the disposable income for a 3DS capture for a real long time, though since I have an Elgato any Switch games would be simple enough.

Rip my XY and Gen 7 LPs.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Hey now, Flareon in Gen 1 had 110 Sp.Atk and still had its 130 Attack, so it could use Hyper Beam pretty well.

Not that any of us actually knew about that stuff when we were younger.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 6: Seeing Slateport

Route 109

It's beach combing time. There's a lot of stuff hidden in the sands and there's also a fair few trainers around, this game is packed with them!

We're going to get all the sand from the beach and make a big castle! And then we're going to be a king and queen. We'll let you be a servant.

I should've given Nobunaga the Soft Sand, but I completely forgot and shoved it in the PC. OH WELL.

A flower and a drunk challenge me to a battle.

Man, he's had too many shots shots shots shots.

What in the heck

When I learn how to swim, I think my POKEMON will become tougher.

I'm usually stronger than this! I'm just seasick as a dog! I'm a SAILOR, but...

In the best port was the best TRAINER...

We da best items

See, it's never that easy.

Did... did Marill need a previous form? Well it's here, it's cute as gently caress and it doesn't really, uh, do anything. I wonder why they decided to make it Normal instead of Water and screwed up its gender ratios, but anyway, baby Pokemon are always garbage and they're there for Egg moves and such. Well it gives Marill the exclusive moves of Splash and Charm. Er, it can get Refresh or Sing from Egg moves... at least it can actually use STAB Normal moves with Huge Power, but its movepool is so geared towards its eventual Water typing that I don't really know why they bothered.

Also why is its official artwork so sad? Sugimori why???

Neat. I could probably use Wargreymon super easily right now, since all of the Pokemon we're fighting against are pretty weak, but hey, why not use the Exp Share.

If you look at the beach from the sky, it looks like a big flower garden!

After I showed you my round inner tube too...

Alright, that's the beach cleaned up. I need a frickin drink.

I'm pretty hot.

Uh, maybe not that hot.

I'm all for hot battles though.

If one of my POKEMON knew the move for carrying me across water on its back, I could get rid of this inner tube.

Nobunaga getting levels while our other members don't. Goldeen can have the Water Veil ability, which prevents the user from being Burned, unless the Ability is replaced or removed. When it switches back in, it will be cured of Burn after its turn.

I prefer Lemonade myself, but I'm not too fussy.

"hotter TRAINER than me, matey!"

This buff sailor is pretty hot, not gonna lie.

Introducing the Gen 8 games Pokemon Hot and Cold.

I'm more than just satisfied! As thanks for showing me your hot streak, I want you to take these. It's half a dozen bottles of SODA POP!

Healing 60HP is pretty nice at this point in the game, but they'll become meh soon after the Super Potions, so you'll be shifting to Moomoo Milk like always. What's that? Moomoo Milk is postgame on wild Miltank in the Safari Zone? Well poo poo. Hyper Potions it is.

Slateport City

Slateport/Kaina City: The port where people and Pokemon cross paths with nature.
From slate and port, and kai (grey or sea) and kaina (arm).

Well that's never a good sign, but who cares about those guys. Let's go shopping.

Good stuff, some Great Balls, Super Potions, as well as Harbor Mail, which we will definitely get one of.

The Market has some cool wares, such as these Dolls. We'll get into this stuff later.

The Energy Guru, however, we won't bother with. The various drinks are still the same, giving 10EVs in their stat, until you get to 100.

You have to go for it a little harder. If you do, I'll give your POKEMON something nice.

This woman gives out a Ribbon when you show her a Pokemon that has 510EVs. Maybe if we were doing a solo run, but I'm not sure if Nobunaga will actually max out. Oh, Ribbons? We'll get to those.

One of our members will give it to you. Come back and show me if you get it. We'll accept you as a member and sell you good stuff in secrecy.

Excellent, finding the Black Market wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be.

To turn BERRIES into medicine, they must be crushed into powder. Did you know that? You seem to have an interest in BERRIES! I've got something good for someone like you.

The BERRY CRUSH machines are at the DIRECT CORNER upstairs. Did you know that? Could you make BERRY POWDER for me using those machines? I can make you all sorts of medicine if you bring me lots of BERRY POWDER.

Alright, Berry Crush. Hands up who actually played this with your friends. Put your hands down you liars, you didn't have friends who played Pokemon. Well, I didn't. Anyway, I'll talk about Berry Powder and Berry Crush and poo poo over here since I can barely be enthused to talk about it in a Side Notes.

Being the CHAIRMAN, I am naturally the most important! No one can best me when it comes to raising POKEMON. No one! Well, let me tell you about POKEMON CONTESTS. They're events where one can show off POKEMON for the world to see! However, they're held off in far-off towns, so I cannot participate often enough, That is why we gather here to show off our POKEMON, and have others show us theirs.

The POKEMON of a TRAINER who has entered a POKEMON CONTEST... that, I would like to see.

When we (eventually) go over Pokemon Contests, this guy will be pretty important. For now, what else is there?

If you treat your POKEMON with love and care, they'll love you back. When your POKEMON grow to love you, please come show me. ... Your POKEMON really adores you. For you, a most compassionate TRAINER, a gift from the FAN CLUB!

Neat. The Soothe Bell boosts happiness increases by 50%, but only the original value, not when boosted by the Luxury Ball. It's not too important, since there's only 1 friendship evolution to complete the Pokedex (Crobat), though Azurill is only Gen 3 Pokemon to evolve through happiness.

There are a few NPCs that interview you and will show up on tv later. It's fun, but nothing particularly interesting, so we'll be skipping these for the most part.

Since I can change nicknames through save editing, the Name Rater will not be appearing in this LP. Sorry Name Rater fans.

Let's see... um... I think it says something like "the life in the sea is endless." Yup, I'm pretty sure that's what it says.

Let's hope they find one by the time we reach the end of this LP, hoo boy. Right, let's deliver these goods.

Aaargh! I can't make heads or tails of this! Hm? Hi, I'm DOCK. CAPT.STERN commissioned me to design a ferry. Oh! That there... are they DEVON GOODS? But, hmm... this won't do... CAPT.STERN went off somewhere. He said he had some work to do. Could I get you to go find CAPT.STERN and deliver that to him?

He better be in here, I'm running out of patience with these goods.

Oceanic Museum

What a ripoff!

Me? I'm the TEAM AQUA member you thumped before, remember? Back in RUSTURF TUNNEL? Here, take this! You have to forgive me!

Hope I never see you again! Wahahaha!

Hmm, we could actually use Thief later, since we keep the items we steal. GF knows about this, so there are some weird items we can only get by stealing.

Ah! Those must be the parts I ordered from MR.STONE of DEVON. Thank you! That's great! We can prepare for our expedition now.

Wh-what? Who are you people?

We're TEAM AQUA! Our BOSS wants those parts! Shut your yap and fork them over!

Team Aqua's main Pokemon, shame it's a bit rubbish. A physical Water/Dark type makes me wonder why the hell the physical/special split took so long to happen, but it does learn an early Crunch and Water TMs are never a problem, but it'll be using its real bad Sp.Atk instead and that's not fun. Still, when it evolves, it'll become a meh 95 Sp.Atk instead and it will know a few physical attacks for coverage. It's won't be a bad mixed attacker, but that's not really what you're using it for. Oh well, could be worse.

Rough Skin is always something to keep in mind, as any contact move will reduce the attacker's health by 1/16th. Not as bad as Gen 4 on, but still annoying, so try and use a non-contact move if you can. Thankfully there are a few good moves that do just that, including most special moves.

Good job guys.

Now what? If we don't get the parts, we're in for it! Arrgh, I didn't count on being meddled with by some meddling kid!

"simps are held up by a mere child?"

We are TEAM AQUA, and we love the sea! And I am TEAM AQUA's leader, ARCHIE! What makes you interfere with us?! You can't be! You're not one of TEAM MAGMA? Wait, that can't be right. You're not dressed for the part.

POKEMON, people... all life depends on the sea. So, TEAM AQUA is dedicated to the expansion of the sea. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking. Ah fine... you're still too young to understand our noble objective. But, I warn you, don't even consider interfering with our plans again. The consequences will cost you dearly! And don't you forget it!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot that you even brought the parts from DEVON!

We have to set out on our ocean-floor expedition really soon. Thanks again, but now I've got to go! Feel free to wander around and check out our facilities, though.

Slateport City

Have I not introduced myself to you? If not, my name's SCOTT. I just saw TEAM AQUA run away from here like they were stung. Let me guess... you drove them away? Hmm... maybe, just maybe, this TRAINER... all right! I think you're going to become a good friend. So, let's register each other in our POKENAVS.

What I'd like to do is tag along with you, but I do want to keep an eye on the talents of other people, too. So, I'll be off to roam other towns a bit more. Be seeing you, YUKI!

Until the day we meet again, Scott Person.

Yeah! That's a good idea! That's a really great idea! After all, a tough TRAINER is the perfect fit for the BATTLE TENT! Give it your best effort!

U-until the day we meet again, weird guy.

Battle Tent

So, Battle Tents, with all the Pokemon Contests moving to Lilycove City, there are now 3 vacant plots in Slateport, Verdanturf and Fallarbor which now have these Battle Tents. These are cool little things to do on the side, but they're definitely not a smaller part of a bigger, horrendous facility looming in the distance. Let's get to it!

And he wouldn't hear me out, like, hey! So, like, total bummer, man! Hey, like, you! Zip it, you know? Just, you know, take this!

Like, it won't let the other guy use the same move twice in a row, see? Hey, now, you listen here, like, I'm not laying a torment on you!

While the Contest Halls have moved, any non-Contest related items are still around to grab.

I am your guide to the Battle Swap Tournament. Would you like to take the Battle Swap challenge? Please step this way.

So these Battle Tents are all different and the Slateport site has you rent Pokemon instead of using your own. We will need to use our own in the other two though. Let's see what we got.

Well... so long as we have at least 3 Pokemon that aren't poo poo, we can make it work. I won't be going over any new Pokemon we see in these areas, since we could go through this place endlessly finding new stuff to use each time.

Let's fight some rational, normal trainers.

Trainer Battle

In these battle facilities, no one's normal. Not even us.

Fuckin murdered. All the Pokemon we fight are pretty random, with various sets and the like you'd expect in battle facilities. Shouldn't be too tough.

Though if things go south, we have our OH poo poo button.

awooooo to you too, or whatever.

Before starting the battle, would you like to swap a POKEMON? Right this way, please!

Uhhhhhh, maybe not. After finishing a battle you can swap one Pokemon for one that your opponent used, if you liked the look of it. I think my team is gonna be just fine for what we're gonna be facing.

Easy enough.

Holy poo poo why does that do so much? Oh yeah, I'm a fragile seagull.

Well let's nip that in the fuckin bud eh?

And that's fight 2.

So the trainers you'll fight have various phrases set by those you'd find in the easy chat system. Why yes, that could be hilarious, let's hope we see some good ones.

Haha, can't you see how good I am at this franchise in this facility? My years of playing these games were all for this!

Numel is having a party over here.

And there we go, hopefully all tough battles go thiis smoothly and easily. Hahahahahahaha...

I must also save your event results. In recognition of your 3-win streak, we award you this prize.

For beating 3 battles we get a prize. Nothing too crazy, but hey, it's neat, if nothing particularly out there.

Next time, it's on to the next city!

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

So I was going to move to my usual once a week update schedule, but I didn't have anything to really do today, so I'M HERE with a new update.

Also, submit 3 Pokemon we could obtain by level 30 to use in the other two Battle Tents, I'm not fussed what they are.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Alright, I'll use Trapinch, Shedinja and Swellow. Cheers guys.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 7: Moving up to Mauville

Route 110

It's quite the road to the next city and we can't take the shortcut, so let's go running around in the grass and find some Pokemon.

So this sparky dog does two things: go real fast and hit hard with Electric attacks. Unfortunately, that's all it does. The only non-Electric special move it'll learn is Bite and then it's just physical moves the rest of the way. It's not the worst thing, its Attack isn't that awful, but it still sucks. It'll also have to rely on Spark for a little while, but thankfully the Thunderbolt TM isn't too late. Might be worth picking it up later when there's a lot of Water and Flying types around.

Static gives the user a 30% chance of paralysing the opponent if they use a contact move that affects all types. It's a super annoying ability, I hate it. It also gives a 50% chance of forcing an encounter with an Electric type. This is useful immediately to get the 2% electric rodent encounter of your version and is another way to quickly get a Magneton later, as well as guaranteeing a Pikachu in the Safari Zone. That's about it though, so only a couple uses.

There's also Lightningrod, which forces all Electric moves to redirect to the user and fail, though it does not redirect Electric Hidden Power and moves will not be redirected if another Pokemon is the center of attention. When first in the party, it causes more people registered in the Pokenav's Match Call to call more often. This doesn't increase the chances of a rematch, it just interrupts you more often and is super annoying.

Good boy.

Eh, it's alright. The cheerleading mice are best used together, obviously, but right now they work out just fine if you want to hit things hard with Electric moves. But like with Electrike, it doesn't do anything aside from that. Plusle is slightly stronger, while Minin is more specially defensive. Not that it matters since they fall over easily anyway, so I guess Plusle is the one to use? I dunno, I've never used these fuckin things. Seem alright, if completely outclassed by the endgame.

Minus and Plus are the same ability, so we'll go over them both. When they both enter battle (obviously in a Double Battle), the user's Special Attack is boosted by 50%. Pretty nice since there are a lot of double battles in this game, but that requires you using both Plusle and Minin. Ehhhhhhhhhh, maybe not. Even using one is pushing it.

We'll catch more of them later, but Plusle (like in Sapphire) is only a 2% encounter, so instead of running around for the next 30 minutes, let's explore the route!

So, uh, Plusle is slightly stronger than Minun, while being slightly more fragile. Does a lot of damage in a double battle, but it'll rely on Spark for quite some time until you use your only Thunderbolt TM on it. Wait that doesn't sound right, why would you do that? Ah whatever, it's cute, that's all I care about in regards to garbage competitive Pokemon.

Alright maybe I should start using Wargreymon.

That wasn't close to what I could do to show off my POKEMON. I'll have you as my captive audience as often as possible!

Rather than battling, perhaps I should show off my POKEMON at the FAN CLUB.

Okay, okay, you've done the best you could, my pretties.

Now what's this?

Trick House that a bald guy under the table?

They call me... the TRICK MASTER! Wahahaha! Glad to meet you! You, you've come to challenge my TRICK HOUSE, haven't you? That's why you're here, isn't it? Yes, it is! Consider your challenge accepted! Enter through the scroll there, and let your challenge commence! I shall be waiting in the back!

Go into the basement of a crazy man's house? What could possibly go wrong?

Well there's other trapped children down here, so let's beat them up.

I think Wargreymon is gonna be fine.

I'm immediately tired of hacking and slashing. The Trick House's rooms are fun enough, only one got changed a fair bit from RS, which was also based on the only Gym that got properly changed from RS. We'll get to that later.

There's a few trainers dotted around that are usually unavoidable and the goal is to get to the scroll and then to the door.

You're strong! Just who are you?

It won't take very long for Wargreymon to catch up.

Alright, let's head to the exit.

There's usually an item or two in here, often mail, so into the trash it goes.

Normal types will do 1 damage against me until the end of time.

The lock clicked open!

It took me all night to plant all those trees... you’re almost my equal in greatness by one, two, three, four, five, six places! Fine! You have earned this reward!

I'll make new tricks to stump you, I will. You may mock me only when you're done. Come back for the next exciting installment!

Oh we'll be back.

It's cool we go around the back room and the main room, but I dunno if it's really necessary.

Mufufufu... If I may say so, it's brilliantly difficult, even for me! Hah? What?! Oh, it's you! I'm in the midst of devising new tricky challenges! It's not too much to ask for a bit more time for me to think, is it now? You wouldn't begrudge me that? Come back in a little while!

Route 103

Before we head up Route 110, we can head west onto Route 103, since there's a lot more to this route than the little dead end we've been on before.

Man gently caress Effect Spore.

You weren't led astray by our aroma... Aromatherapy is a form of mental healing that works with fragrances.

Not learning Iron Defense made me realise Wargreymon needs a Rock move. Unfortunately it's Rock Tomb and that's the only one it'll learn for the whole game. Man gently caress lovely movepools.

I will absolutely get a double battle if given the option. Doesn't mean I'll be able to get all the trainers to line up though.

Uh, okay, since Wargreymon just levelled up, it's Ranmaru going to 18. See, I got this.

Do you like cramped quarters like this?

I was playing my guitar where few people were around, but a lot of fans have gathered. Heh, maybe I should turn pro.

Some good booty, well, aside from the last item. Anyway, Charge has 20PP and doubles the user's next Electric move's damage. Hey, you'll get the same result by using that Electric attack twice, so, uh, never use this move. Sure damage variation might affect that, but better get a second chance for crits, or paralysis or what have you.

(AMY) I'm AMY. And this is my little sister LIV. We battle together!

Helping Hand has 20PP and +5 priority and boosts the base power of an ally's move by 50%. It's pretty nifty to get that important KO, but only has that one use.

(LIV) We work perfectly together, me and my big sister... but we still lost...

(AMY) Uh-oh, we lost. You have to think about all kinds of things when you're battling against two TRAINERS.

I think my Pokemon was more adorable.

My delightful POKEMON looks darling even when it's fainted!

"That's it! Battle me!"

With Wargreymon all caught up, we can start using everyone else now.

Alright let's just leave him to that and, uh, stare at this completely normal cliff wall.

Yep, completely normal.

The only use of Teleport in the entire LP. Now with all those distractions out of the way, let's finally head up Route 110.

Route 110

Ooh, another distraction.

Alright, what else can I distract myself with?

Hey, that's pretty good.

poo poo. I'm out of distractions. Here we go then.

So... how about a little battle?

Rival Battle

The third rival battle is kinda rude, since it's a bit of a level bump compared to everyone else nearby.

That's also rude, but we're fine. It's fine. I'm fine. We're fine.

The starter will gently caress you up though if you've just been using your starter. ESPECIALLY Marshtomp. However, if you use any other Pokemon against them, then their weak STAB moves really don't do a lot.

God guys, I dunno why you think this battle is so hard. Durrrrrrrrr (do not sleep on this rival fight holy poo poo).

The Slugma is not tough, but the Lombre or Wingull can be pretty nasty.

I think you deserve a reward! This is from me!

Try it out. If there is an item that's not visible, it emits a sound. Okay, YUKI, let's meet again! I know it's a little silly coming from me, but I think you should train a lot harder for the next time.

The rest of the rival battles are super fuckin easy, May/Brendan is talking poo poo.

Route 110

The Itemfinder is slightly better than before, it actually points you in the direction the item is, but it's limited to the compass points, so it's not hugely helpful. I'll just stick to using online lists.

What a rough Pokemon to use, Kappa. It should be fine, it learns all the important moves it should, it has a pretty nifty typing and it looks dopey as hell. Well, you need to give it all the TMs in the world, since it learns nothing good in its movepool until level 49. Mental. Also the Water Stone is just before the 7th Gym, so you'll be carrying its low stats around for a while. It is all worth it, but holy heck is it a pain. Catch it later if you must.

On the flipside, Nuzleaf is slightly more usable since it can evolve before the 6th Gym. However its typing ain't that great and it also needs TMs to be fixed since it doesn't learn a STAB move until level 31. Its attacking stats are nearly equal, so it's not too screwed in using its STAB, but the only options it will get are Shadow Ball and Brick Break. Still perfectly usable, but man it needs some work. Again, catch it later for less of a headache.

I like collecting MATCH CALL registrations, too... When I see a POKEMON that I don't know, my passion as a COLLECTOR is ignited!

This isn't going to bring me down! Losing has made me a better man!

Very nice. There are very few Revives at the moment, so if one of your Pokemon faints, you're kinda just screwed.

Man there are a lot of double battles in this area. Good! I love em.

Hope you like Magnemite, there's a lot around these parts.

Falling... losing... this is so humiliating for me!

I see your future... hmm... I see a shining light...

Lots of trainers guarding items too. Still, least we got everything.

Hey, not my fault I couldn't talk to you on the side.

Look at this big sack of HP. There's a lot of Water types in Hoenn and since that's a good type with good TM availability, most of them are pretty alright, if not remarkable. And that's Wailmer alright, super fine. It's unique in that it has a monstrous HP stat, but those super low defenses balance it out. You'll get Surf when it should learn Water Pulse, so that's not a big deal, but it does learn Water Spout if you hold off evolution by 1 level, which is pretty amazing. Since its Attack stat is fine it can use Earthquake and Return just fine, since it doesn't have any other option.

Oblivious makes the user immune to infatuation. It's a super annoying, if rare, status effect, so it's alright, I guess. Water Veil is more useful though.

Freaking finally.

Why did Ralts take so long to evolve? Well anyway, it's a nice power boost, but there's not much different from Ralts, it hits fairly hard with Psychic attacks and does nothing else, aside from a couple of Electric attacks. For whatever reason, it can learn Magical Leaf through the move relearner in FRLG. Not in RSE, just FRLG. I don't get it. It's something cool, but it's not something I'll be using. Anyway, it's cool, but not particularly interesting.

I forgot to show Marhstomp's Pokedex entry, so here it is. Nanab Berries do, uh, nothing. Cool. Let's find some more Pokemon!

This cute little stomach is alright, its slow and tanky, but its perfectly usable. It starts off with Sludge very quickly and you'll pick up the Sludge Bomb TM before too long. Thankfully it learns loads of TMs, so it can easily be a mixed attacker. However, it's probably gonna take damage before it can do damage and with all the TMs it learns... is it really the best recipient for it? Well, it evolves early, so it might become pretty meh by the endgame, but it's nothing too special.

Liquid Ooze causes HP draining moves to damage the opponent with the amount they would've healed with. Pretty nasty, but that requires them using a HP draining move, which aren't too amazing at the moment. Sticky Hold, meanwhile, prevents your hold item from being removed by Thief, Covet, Trick or Knock Off. Pretty nice, but wild Pokemon can't steal your items permanently anyway. Still, out in the field, it makes bites occur more often while fishing, though it doesn't help with the tugging minigame.

What will they come up with next?

Here's a walking weed. It will eat up my precious evolution stones.

Alright, now to never think of these pom pom mice again. Onwards to Mauville!

Mauville City

Mauville City/Kinsetsu City: The bright and shiny city of fun!
From mauve, a light purple, and ville, and kin (violet), kinsetsu (nearby) and setsu (shine).

There's a fair amount to do in Mauville and we'll start with this funny looking chap in the corner.


Will you hear my tale? But, I know of no legendary TRAINERS. Hence, I know no tales. Where does one find a TRAINER worthy of a legendary tale? Are you a TRAINER?

Used CUT 18 time(s)? That is indeed magnificent! It's the birth of a new legend!

"legends awaiting discovery?"

Alright, depending on what number your Trainer ID ends on depends on which old man you'll see in Mauville Pokemon Center. They all do stuff involving mixing records and I'll go into more detail about them at the end of the update.


My soul needs shaking, so let's go.

Your RUNNING SHOES... they're awfully filthy. Did you come from far away? Hm, hm... you're saying you came all this way from LITTLEROOT? My goodness! That's ridiculously far! If you had one of my BIKES, you could go anywhere easily while feeling the gentle caress of the wind! I'll tell you what! I'll give you a BIKE! Oh, wait a second! I forgot to tell you that there are two kinds of BIKES! They are the MACH BIKE and the ACRO BIKE! The MACH BIKE is for cyclists who want to feel the wind with their bodies! And an ACRO BIKE is for those who prefer technical rides! I'm a real sweetheart, so you can have whichever one you like!

Pretty simple choice, the faster, better Mach Bike will be our choice the whole game, unless we need to use the Acro Bike to get to somewhere temporarily. That's it, there's no other reason to choose the Acro Bike, unless you like going slower for some reason?



I hear people call me the ROCK SMASH GUY, but I find that sort of degrading. I think I deserve a bit more respect, like maybe the ROCK SMASH DUDE. Woohoo! Anyways, your POKEMON look pretty strong. I like that! Here, take this HIDDEN MACHINE!

If you come across large boulders that block your path... well, use that HM move and smash them right out of your way! Yes, sir! Smash rocks aside, I say! Woohoo!

After getting interviewed, it'll appear on TV, which is why it'll be flashing between screenshots. Again, it's fun, but I don't feel like transcribing the whole drat thing.

Nothing all that interesting, but always good to check!

I'd be able to buy HARBOR MAIL at the POKEMON MART in SLATEPORT... Oh! You have HARBOR MAIL? Will you trade it for a COIN CASE? Oh, I'm so happy! Okay, I'll trade you a COIN CASE!

Aww yeah, let's go gambling!

Hmm... Gym... or... Game Corner?

Game Corner

The choice was obvious.

Here, take some COINS! MAUVILLE has something for everyone. For me, it's the GAME CORNER.

Would you like one of them? Here you go!

We get a doll of our starter, very nice.

As always, we can buy coins, but we don't have the money for that, or ever will, since I'm gonna hack in the TM moves anyway without going through the whole buying them from here.

There is some real good stuff here. Well, there's no more Pokemon for sale, but those are some nice TMs. In order, we have Double Team, Psychic, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. Only Flamethrower cannot be found anywhere else, which is a shame cause it's so expensive. Oh well. We don't need to get a Mudkip Doll, but the other two we will need to buy from here.

Slots time! It's pretty similar to previous games, insert coins, try to line stuff up and get annoyed when it literally stops just short. However, the number of coins determine which rows actually count. You should put all 3 in, cause you know what'll happen if you don't.

I've never gotten much at the slots, in the series, or in real life. Still, there's a bit more to do, which will be in the Side Notes.

There's also the Roulette table, which is exactly what you expect, either a 3 coin wager table, or a 1 coin.

Like the card game from Gen 2, you select either a row or column, or a single Pokemon to increase or decrease your odds and payout. Then the roulette spins aaaaaaaaand...

Yeah, nothing happens. Well that was fun.

Mauville City

"But he's become a bit too peppy..."

We can't be having that, let's fix this.

I want to challenge this GYM and see how much better I've become. Please? May I, please?

Now hold on, WALLY. Since you started living with POKEMON, you have grown quite a lot stronger. But don't you think you're pushing it to suddenly challenge a GYM?

I'm not pushing it. If I combine forces with RALTS, we can beat anyone! Oh! Hi, YUKI! I've gotten a lot stronger since we met. YUKI, I want you and my UNCLE to understand that. YUKI, please, will you have a battle with me? ... YUKI, thank you. Okay... here I come!

That's not gonna fly here, matey.

Get outta here.

It's not enough just to have POKEMON and make them battle. That isn't what being a real TRAINER is about.

WALLY, there's no need to be so down on yourself. Why, what's keeping you from becoming stronger and stronger? Come on, let's go home. Everyone's waiting for you.

YUKI, it just dawned on me that you must be the TRAINER who kept an eye out for WALLY when he caught his POKEMON. Why don't you visit us in VERDANTURF sometime? I'm sure WALLY would enjoy it.

But you didn't hold anything back and beat him impressively. Yeah! That's what a real POKEMON battle is all about! I idolize TRAINERS like that! ... I'll be cheering for you!

Well we need to get ready for the Gym that Wally would in no way have beaten like that.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Side Notes #05: Mauville's Sights: Old guys and gambling

Old guys

You ever wondered what these guys deal was? Well now you can find out and, spoilers, there's not much. There are five old guys that can appear in Mauville's Pokemon Center depending on the final digit of your Trainer ID. If it's 0-1 you get the Bard, 2-3 gets the Hipster, 4-5 gets the Trader, 6-7 gets the Storyteller and 8-9 gets Giddy. When you meet them you can have one interaction with them and can't do anything else until you mix records. From there, you get the guy that was in your friends' game, as well as getting another interaction with your guy. So yeah, one interaction is all we're gonna get then. Let's go over them.

The Bard will sing you a song consisting of six phrases from the easy chat system. He'll be dissatisfied with one of the phrases and let you change it. The noises he makes sound kinda like the words in his song. This song will be transferred to your friends' game. But yeah, he does nothing for you.

The Hipster will tell you a new "trendy word" that gets added to your easy chat list. There are 33 words he can give you, but you only get the one unless you mix records, where he'll give you another one. There's some fun phrases in it, but it's still whatever.

The Trader is maybe the best old guy, as he will give you one of four decorations (Duskull Doll, Ball Cushion, Tire, or Pretty Flowers) for one of your decorations. All of them can be obtained normally throughout the game by buying them, though the Tire is the rarest of them, being part of the Lilycove sale. Hey, at least you get something from it. When he goes to someone else's game, the item you traded that you traded him will be part of his offer.

The Storyteller will give random statistics of the player in all kinds of tasks, from number of battles, to number of ledge jumps, to how many times you've used the Cable Car. Seriously, the list is long and dumb. He will also list what your friends have done in that same story when you mix with them, as well as give you another of your statistics, up to four in total. Yup, also useless, if neat, I guess.

Giddy will tell you a "scintillating story" that consists of a bunch of yes or no questions that are about all kinds of random crap from the easy chat system. And that's it. So as you can see, you're really not missing much when it comes to these guys, thank god. However, Emerald introduced another group of people like this where you are missing a fair few things depending on who you get.

We'll get to them later.


It won't be too long until PEGI shuts down all the Game Corners or turns all the Pokemon games into 12+ hellscapes, so let's see what crazy stuff can happen in this Game Corner. Well, we've got the Slots, as well as the Roulette. Let's start with the slots.

Oh hey, compared to previous ones, now there's twice the chance of getting a jackpot, with the both the blue and red 7s. You even get something if you line up a 7 but the last one is the wrong colour, as well as some guaranteed payouts if you get some ball cherry things. There are also replays, which give you a free spin, as well as the Power icon, which increases your chances of Reel Time.

Reel Time

When you get enough lightning bolts to go on the top of the machine, there's a chance Reel Time will happen, giving you a certain amount of spins where when you press A is the symbol it'll land on. It won't slip, or stop just before, you're able to actually time getting the big bonuses. Though no matter what, Reel Time will end when you get the big 300 bonus. So since you can get a max of 5 spins under Reel Time, the most you can get is 660 coins, which, uh, isn't a lot. It's faster to just buy coins at the end game instead of bothering with the slots, as always.

Now for the Roulette table, though there's not much to talk about here. Just select a row for 3x the payout, a column for 4x the payout or an individual Pokemon for 12x the payout. As more balls get dropped, the odds will change for the rows and columns depending on where things landed and balls stay on the roulette until 6 have been dropped, where it then resets. If a ball gets trapped between two others, then a Shroomish or Taillow will come get it out.

There is also a Game Corner Service Day, where payouts are doubled, so the 3 bet table for Roulette becomes a 6 bet table. The Service Day does not apply to the slots.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

I really hate the lack of the Phsyical/Special split in Gen 1-3 and I'm so happy this will be my last time dealing with this bullshit.

...wait, there's still the Gamecube games. Shiiiiiiiiit.

It'll also be a lot of fun going into the various multiplayers aspects of Gen 3 since I've done NONE of them, ever. It's so weird that despite playing this series for over 15 years, I've never known someone who actually played it to my extent. Which, uh, considering I do LPs for the internet, probably isn't surprising. Maybe when I do the Switch game you guys might be able to actually participate in the multiplayer aspects. Wouldn't that be craaaaaaaazy?

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 8: Training to Wahahahah!

Route 118

Greetings friends, today we'll be exploring the routes around Mauville so we're perfectly prepared for the Gym. There's gonna be a lot of battling.

Ummmmm... hmmmmm... it's not that good. This is solely because of its movepool, since its stats are alright, but Grass types just have so little to work with, as the best move it'll have for a while is Magical Leaf or Giga Drain. Then it'll get Petal Dance at 49. Woo. It'll also need the Sludge Bomb TM since it'll know Poison Sting otherwise. Aside from Shadow Ball and Return, it doesn't learn anything else good, so, uh, its high Special Attack ain't gonna help it much. Otherwise, yeah, it really needed that evolution next gen.

Natural Cure heals the user of status conditions when they're swapped out of battle, even if it's been copied, but not if its been suppressed. In this gen, ending a battle does not trigger it. Poison Point is another frustrating contact ability that has a 30% chance of Poisoning the opponent. So yeah, try not to use too many contact moves against some Grass types.

Now, admittedly, with Nobunaga we could very easily smash through Mauville's Gym, but hey, we've got all these trainers around and it would be nice to use our other team members too.

Sniff... that odor--it's a POKENAV! We must register each other! Flowers, POKEMON... I love whatever smells nice. Stinky things... I'll pass.

Isn't it cool that I have a POKEMON battle team? You can copy me--I don't mind!

Lot of trainers on this small beach. I mean, that applies to the entire game, but whatever.

Ranmaru can now hit even harder! Though it is still just Confusion...

When I compose better melodies, you have to come listen, okay? An electric guitar doesn't always have to be noisy... it can be strummed to squeeze out this heart-stirring melody...

But for TRAINERS, the key ingredients are POKEMON and heart, of course!

Come to think of it, fishing is a battle between a FISHERMAN and a POKEMON.

Well that was fun, but there's still another dead end we can head to. North to Route 111!

Route 111

Spoilers, lots of trainers.

Ugh. Lots of status.

My pulse is still racing. You're one fabulous TRAINER.

When having a battle, I get a kick out of showing off my POKEMON. I bet everyone feels that way when they enter a battle!

Man, they're really pushing these Multi Battles.

Sup, you're a bit slow and a bit weak to Water and Ground, which is never nice. But since it has high mixed attacking stats, it can use both of its STABs pretty well. Ugh, if it actually got moves to use. For a while, you'll be stuck with Ember and Magnitude, which is definitely meh. Thankfully that changes when you evolve, getting Rock Slide immediately and then Earthquake shortly after. However, unless you get the Flamethrower TM, you'll be using Overheat, which isn't too bad, or waiting a while for Eruption. Otherwise, yeah, you're not doing much and being super weak to Water is a real bad idea in this game.

My stomach is grumbling! Maybe I can grill some BERRIES...

This road here... you have quite a ways to travel.

Okay that was kinda worth it.

Now we're gonna see what this house is about in a minute, but first...

What the heck is this place?

Trainer Hill

Has a Center and a Mart which is pretty neat, if not particularly useful right now.


But yeah, there's not much here until later. Much later.

Route 111

I just wanted to tell you that my uncle bought me a POKENAV! Now I can get in touch with you anytime, YUKI!


How's this? What do you say to taking on our family of four in a series of POKEMON battles?

Oh go on then.

It's gonna be a Winstrate royale.

All of them will have Oran Berries and hey, Ranmaru can become a set up sweeper! Eh, I don't use those moves often in single player.

You must be quite the TRAINER to beat my husband, though. It's my turn to battle now!

But I'm strong, too! Really! Honestly!

This stinks... ...snivel... Grandma!

Jesus, that's some power behind it. Pure, you would say.

It does come with consequences however.

Not too bad, but good practise for later.

But, I should tell you--my son is stronger than you. He even took the POKEMON LEAGUE challenge, I'll have you know.

Mommy is stronger than Daddy. I'm stronger than Mommy. And Grandma's stronger than me! But my big brother is even stronger than Grandma.

We use this MACHO BRACE to more effectively strengthen our POKEMON in training. Since you've beaten all of us here, I don't know if you need it, but we would like you to have our MACHO BRACE.

It's no question that you're strong. But, if you were battle to grandson, you'd end up crying in frustration. He's much stronger than any TRAINER our family know. He must be challenging the POKEMON LEAGUE CHAMPION by now. Knowing my grandson, he could be the CHAMPION already!

Man, wouldn't a Winstrate being the Champion be pretty crazy? I think the Champion is more fabulous than that though. Oh yeah, the Macho Brace doubles the EVs you get from battle, which also stacks with Pokerus, letting you get 4x the normal EVs, letting you get competitive Pokemon pretty quick if you know what you're doing. It does however halve your Speed, but is pretty nice.

Route 110

Our final destination before the Gym is the Cycling Road. It's gonna suck though.

I'll collide with as many people as I want if it means I can take their money.

Levitating would mean not having a bike and would be a lot more fun!

How about learning Rock Slide? No? Okay then...

You managed to win only because it was a wonder! Yes, a wonder! Don't think you can win all the time!


You know, I like you! Let's have a rematch on CYCLING ROAD. I'm exhausted, so I need a break. It's important to get proper rest.

So here's a little reason why the Cycling Road sucks: in this game, the only Pokemon you'll fight are Level 16 Magnemite, Level 14 Magnemite and Level 6 Voltorb. Yeah, I don't get it, but it gets pretty boring pretty quick. Still, good practise for the Gym.

Even Steel types fall if you hit them with Confusion enough times.


I'll keep chugging on without stressing. Give me a shout if you're up to it. There's no need to panic or stress. Take it easy. There's plenty of time.

Pretty cool that GF just put me into a game.

Hopefully we're getting to the end here.

Flat tires and brake problems can cause serious injury! Inspect your BIKE for problems!

Phew, made it. Took a while, but at least we're not being graded on it.

My word... your cycling skills border on terrifying. Most certainly, you need much more practise riding.

Well poo poo. When you ride the Cycling Road on the Mach Bike from Mauville to Slateport, you get graded on how many times you bumped into someone and how long you took. If you go flawlessly from one side to the other... well you can't, you need to slow down before the first moving trainer since you'll get right in his way if you go full speed. So either wait a few seconds before you go, or slow down. You don't get anything for it, but getting under ten seconds with no collisions can be a lot of fun. Anyway, Gym time!

Pokemon Gym

WATTSON, the LEADER of MAUVILLE GYM, uses ELECTRIC-type POKEMON. If you challenge him with WATER-type POKEMON, he'll zap them! Bzzt! And, he's put in switch-controlled doors all over his GYM! Eccentric! Hey, go for it!

Thankfully this Gym is not like the first Electric Gym in the series, it's actually ruthlessly simple.

POKEMON and rock, it's all about heart, woah-yeah!

I've heard that MAUVILLE was founded by WATTSON. He was a TRAINER long before we became TRAINERS. He must know all sorts of things!

Pressing the switches, uh, switches the electricity from blue to purple and to get through this Gym, you only need to press a single switch.

Alright, we can have Nobunaga take the back seat for the moment.

Well I know what's gonna happen next.

Drat. Oh well, I see another switch just ahead. But you can see the path you can take through the middle to reach this switch and head straight to the leader.

Another duo that's pretty rubbish, but it can at least do more than the cute mice things. While it only learns a Bug move through breeding (surprise, surprise) and will have to use Quick Attack forever, it has a stupidly big special movepool that has basically every move you can think of. So is it the best recipient of these TMs? Haha, no. But it's still fun to discover. Anyway, it's bad, don't use it, but you knew that already.

There's a Zigzagoon and Meditite in this Gym that know Electric moves and we really need more of that in the series. Just makes the Gyms more interesting, ESPECIALLY when the region doesn't offer much in that type. So yeah, Shock Wave has 60BP, 20PP and always bypasses accuracy checks.

Ah yet another Pokemon that doesn't even learn its STAB though level u- WHAAAAAAAA, it learns Signal Beam at level 25??? And what's that move it learns just before that, Tail Glow? Oh, it apparently boosts its Special Attack by 2 stages. That's, uh, really good. Well now it can use its alright special movepool... after a boost or two, you still need to take hits while you do that. So Thunderbolt, Water Pulse, Signal Beam and Tail Glow? Well it's something alright.

Illuminate does, uh, nothing in battle, but when first in the party, it increases the encounter rate by 100%, which is a lot. Swarm boosts Bug moves' base power by 50% when the Pokemon goes under 33% health. It also boosts the encounter rate by 100% as well as the frequency of Pokemon cries in the field.

WATTSON, our GYM LEADER, has been around for a long, long time. He was battling even before your daddy was born, that tough coot.

MAUVILLE GYM's WATTSON has a shiny forehead. It makes me happy!

We need to find that out for ourselves.

Oh? Now, what are you doing here? What's that? You say you've gotten past all my rigged doors? Wahahahah! Now, that is amusing! Then, I, WATTSON, the LEADER of MAUVILLE GYM, shall electrify you!

VS Gym Leader VS Leader Wattson

Wattson/Tessen: The cheerfully electrifying man!
From watt, a unit of power. How elementary. Also from tessen, the clematis flower, which also means steel wire.

So Wattson's party is so much better in Emerald, being the only leader to have their ace Pokemon changed between the versions. And, you know, actually give him Pokemon from Hoenn. Why ORAS used the first team, I'll never know. Anyway, I think it'll be close, But Wargreymon will pull this out.


Ow. But also not a huge deal?

This is a bit annoying, but Ranmaru can clean up easily enough.

We will be using Nobunaga to get rid of Magneton, otherwise we'll have to plink away at it with Rock Smash and that's not fun.

Alright, final Pokemon!

Super sparky dog really just goes fast, hits hard and, uh, gets hit by an Earthquake and falls over. Ah well, it's gonna outspeed a huge amount of the game and Electric STAB will be super, super helpful past the midpoint. It will need the Thunderbolt TM, since it's gonna have Spark for quite a while and, uh, its only other special move will be Bite. So not too amazing, but its Attack isn't so completely dreadful that you can't use it. But come on, whenever you can't use your best stats to their greatest potential, then it really sucks. Looking at you, Carvanha. Anyway, it's a good boy that will do you well, if completely limited in what it does.

I think there's a bit of a power disparity here.

Thankfully the only thing Manectric can do against Ground types is boost its Attack and use Quick Attack, so get those Geodude primed.

I wasn't worried about this Gym in the slightest. No, the worries are still to come.

Pokemon Gym

And, it will make your POKEMON a little bit faster, too. Hmm... you should take this, too!

It's a trustworthy move that never misses! You can count on it! I swell with optimism, seeing a promising young TRAINER like you!

Alright, very nice, finally Ranmaru has a second move to use. How crazy. Anyway, we've still got one more route left to explore and there's only one direction left.

Route 117

Oh hey, it's the thing.

We've got some things to breed in this playthrough, but since Ditto isn't in the Hoenn Dex, we'll have to get a bit creative. However, we don't have anything to breed just yet, but we will soon.

POKEMON have to be strong, too? I'd like you to train me! I may have blown it... I might have dropped to last during that battle...

Wepear Berries! They do nothing...

(ANNA) I'm with my pretty junior student partner. I have to do good!

(ANNA) I'm with my pretty junior student partner! Let me win!

Oh yeah, for double battle trainers, only one of them will offer the Pokenav register, so I'm not missing dialogue! Perish the thought.

(ANNA) I'd say you're second only to us!

Ugh, breeders.

I'm going to redouble my training. Would you come look in on us? POKEMON isn't all about power. Polishing a unique aspect of one's character is another way of enjoying POKEMON.

Battling a 6 Pokemon trainer is boring and I'm glad there are less of them as the games go on, so let's do something exciting by finding Pokemon!

Annoyingly only have one page for the Pokedex does mean it's no longer a neat four image square and instead three images that gets moved down. It's just too small a space to work with, gah! Or maybe I should just get a wider screen...

Volbeat is a 2% encounter on this route for whatever reason. I wish instead of copying one game's percentages, they instead mixed it and made it more even.

Neat, that's everything! Roselia cannot be found in Emerald, so I had to hack it in, what a surprise.

Training is meaningful only if you keep it up regularly. Okay! I'll resume my training! Tomorrow!

Man, so many trainers. However, unlike Gen 1's level curve inflation of stuffing 20 trainers in a small space, Emerald does try and make it more natural. It kinda works.

We'll pick these two.

It feels wonderful to go for a jog while looking at flowers.

I think if you worry about losing, you're more likely to lose.

Oh yeah?

I think I've got a pretty good Psychic type.

Good, we still need more of these since they refuse to be sold in shops for some reason. Seriously, fainting is such an inconvenience before Revives.

Usable movepool! Awful attacking stats! poo poo. With Confusion when it evolves, Psybeam later, then Silver Wind(!) at level 34, you could actually say it's something good. It even learns Sludge Bomb through TM, hot drat! With mixed attacking stats, it can get Shadow Ball and Psychic and actually be a threat... if they were above 50. However, they're not, so it can take some special moves (not Fire or Psychic) and that's about it. What a shame. Now gently caress off.

A pretty cool Special Attack with, uh, no special STAB. And the strongest special move it learns is Mega Drain until level 38... then it's Giga Drain. poo poo. Thankfully, it has a usable Attack (ugh) and still learns Silver Wind, as well as similar TMs to Dustox, so Psychic and Shadow Ball are usable. It can at least learn Aerial Ace, which is a nice surprise for the early bug. But yeaaaaaaaaah, it's got a lot of weaknesses and is pretty fragile, so it'll hit hard... eventually, but boy is it a time getting it there.

Still, I am an expert of BUG POKEMON, so it's only natural that they call me a BUG MANIAC.

Ah geez another one.

Well it's experience I suppose, but no new Pokemon. Sheesh!

Okay, is that every trainer in this update? I think so. Alright, good job team.

Let's get some booty.

And next time, where's Wally?

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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

rannum posted:

I love the entire mauville->verdanturf area. It's really good color palletes and spriteset and i like how full the route in particular is. One of my standout routes of the region.
I used a volbeat once and it was...surprisingly usable. Signal Beam running off its good attacking stat helped...I think I ran some weird Sub-Punc/Signal Beam/Moonlight set. You should probably mention its other big claim to fame: Tail Glow. It was the only attack that raised special attack 2 stages and even in gen 7 only 2 other pokemon get it AND it got a buff to raise 3 stages. Even Volbeat can use its special movepool with that.

...huh, I completely overlooked that. I do have the movepools open when I'm writing it, but I somehow noticed Signal Beam without seeing the move right next to it. I'll edit it in, but it's a shame Volbeat got it instead of Illumise, since he completely outclasses her in both physical and special, though he only has Thunderbolt and Water Pulse to really abuse.

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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 9: Rock SMASHING

Verdanturf Town

Verdanturf Town: The windswept highlands with the sweet fragrance of grass.
Shidake Town: The highlands where the grass-scented wind blows.

From verdant and turf, and shi (lawn) and take (peak).

It's Verdanturf Town time and right away here's some Nest Balls. They're pretty good, increasing a Pokemon's catch rate by ((40 - Pokémon's level) ÷ 10), so a max of x3.8 for a level 2 Pokemon, but they don't affect Pokemon at level 30 and on. Sure, we'll get a few. Fluffy Tails are also sold, which are basically Poke Dolls, but called Fluffy Tails.

Not too much in Verdanturf, there is a woman next to Wanda's house that tells you have much your Pokemon like you, but I can find that out easily enough otherwise.

This natural environment is doing wonders for WALLY's health. Maybe it's not just the environment. It could be POKEMON that are giving the boy hope.

Because I have a new purpose in life. Together with my RALTS, I'm going to challenge POKEMON GYMS and become a great TRAINER. Please watch me, YUKI. I'm going to be stronger than you. When I do, I'm going to challenge you to another battle.

Sure, Wally, sure. There's another Battle Tent here, instead of where you would go to actually participate in Contests for the first time. Hey, means I don't need to cover that until later!

It doesn't matter what the rules are, or how battles are waged, either. YUKI, I expect you to do the best you can! I visit here regularly in hopes of seeing tough TRAINERS in action in whatever the situation.

Oh, hi, you didn't see that, did you? Well, it doesn't matter. How would you like this TM for your POKEMON?

They battle exactly the way I want them to!

Alright, let's pretend we never saw that and head into Rusturf Tunnel from the other side. And then back out again!

Route 117

These the ones?

Hmm... there are BLACKGLASSES. They're not what I'm looking for... Maybe my glasses aren't around here...

Well sucks to be him I guess. Back to the tunnel!

Rusturf Tunnel they not?

They halted development here to protect POKEMON, right? There's a feel-good story!

Oh hey, he's still digging.

He... he's not just digging the tunnel to come see me. He works his hands raw and rough for the benefit of everyone.

That HM contains STRENGTH. If a muscular POKEMON were to learn that, it would be able to move even large boulders.

That's... wonderful. Please, take some rest at my home.

I feel that was way too easy, but hey, now we've got a connection back to Rustboro!

Route 117

You're that person who not only helped me in PETALBURG WOODS, but also got back my stolen package and then even graciously delivered it to SLATEPORT! CAPT.STERN informed us that the package arrived, too! I thank you very, very much! Why, if I were a rain cloud, I would shower you with gratitude and hail you as a hero! For you, the most wonderful TRAINER, I bear good news! Recently, our company developed a new kind of POKEBALL. As a token of appreciation, this is our gift to our wonderful TRAINER!

Please do try it out! Thank you and bye-bye!

New balls are always good, now we're gonna start rolling in them.

Shame they're both a bit naff. The Repeat Ball is x3 on Pokemon you've already registered in your Pokedex, x1 otherwise. It's alright if you need to obtain more than one of a Pokemon for whatever reason. The Timer Ball can be great, being ((number of turns passed in battle + 10) ÷ 10), maxing out at x4 at 30 turns. It's the best Pokeball, but it can take a hell of a time getting to that point, the opponent might start struggling by turn 30, depending on their PP. However, past turn 5, they're better than Ultra Balls (barely) and beat out the second best ball, the Dive Ball, past turn 25.

Now we can move boulders! Once we have the badge... Also since we'll be evolving a Nincada sooner or later, we need to get another one for Compoundeyes related stuff, it'll be very important. I also got another Skitty.

I'm WALLY's cousin. Glad to meet you! I think WALLY's become a lot more lively and healthy since he came here.

Happy? You bet I am!

What a feel-good story. Let's ruin the good vibes by going to the Battle Tent.

Battle Tent

I asked for 3 random Pokemon to use in the tents and we have Trapinch, suggested by Radio Free Kobold. Its Attack is really high and that's dumb and amazing. Since I want to get these Battle Tents out of the way, I'll be going ridiculously overboard with items and movesets.

Then we have Swellow, by Soup du Jour, which will hit hard, but not as hard as Trapinch. You might think I'm crazy choosing Sky Attack, but it's the strongest Flying move Swellow learns, beating out two Wing Attacks by 10BP.

Finally we have a Shedinja, which is always a great choice, by BlackPersona. Sorry Leraika, maybe Seviper can be a Contest star. It can be a deadly setup sweeper, or it'll fall over immediately. Who knows? I wish I could've changed the OTs, but I need to import from a save to do that and I cba with that.

Here, the TRAINER's trust toward POKEMON is tested. Do you wish to take the VERDANTURF BATTLE TENT challenge? Good. Now, you must select your three POKEMON.

Alright, like the Slateport site, it's 3 on 3 battles, though this time we're using our own Pokemon. HOWEVER, there's quite the catch.

In this facility, you have no choice in what move your Pokemon uses. Why yes that sounds absolutely terrible and it's a good thing this is the only place this mechanic appears ahahahahahahahahahaha gently caress me.

So yeah, a Silver Wind would've obliterated this thing, but instead, depending on the Pokemon's nature, it has a chance of going for either an Attack, Defense (setup) or Support (status) move. Swords Dance is a Defense move, so Shedinja, with an Adamant nature, has a 38% chance of using an attacking move, or a 31% chance of a Defense or Support move. Now how would you know this? You don't, the game will never tell you the numbers, which is terrible.

So you might wonder what happens if the Pokemon rolls a move in a category it doesn't know. Well it doesn't do anything. Ain't it great? Thankfully the opponent is also under the same rules, but they don't seem hugely affected by it. With a Jolly nature, Swellow has a 35% chance of attacking, with a 5% chance of using a Defense move and a 60% chance of using a Support. I didn't bother looking at these charts beforehand, so this isn't the best team to bring in, but I don't care that much.

Thankfully for continuous moves, if you commit, you commit, you don't break something midway.

Now comes the fun stuff. When your Pokemon gets below half health, the percentages change! Now it has a 60% chance to use Defense moves and a 5% chance for Support moves. Usually two of the categories just switch percentages or one gets lowered and another gets boosted. It sucks if you don't have the right ability!

Standard battle facility bullshit applies, so it's up to you Trapinch!

Oh thank god. Using a Choice Band when you can't pick what move you'll lock yourself into is, uh, interesting. Thankfully, the Attack category encompasses all attacking moves, so if Trapinch hits the roll, she'll hit something really hard.

I'm so glad there's only 3 of these fuckin battles.

Agreed, let's get this over with and back to normalcy.

Annoying, but Goldeen has nothing to touch Shedinja. It's a super tricky Pokemon to use, but it can wall so many Pokemon it's kinda silly.

I think we're on a roll!

Mmm, beautiful. A weird move to be sure, but Barboach gets it as an egg move from Chinchou.

And I think we've got a sweep here folks.

Especially since we got to +6 inbetween all the knockouts. This system is dumb and I really hate it.

Truth, my brothers.

Alright good start.

Oh. poo poo. Wonder Guard is such a fickle guardian.

...are you loving kidding me? Literally anything else would've been better.

No that does not mean you can piss around, jesus.

Okay good, knock me out before Rollout gets out of control.

Nice one! Swellow knows what he's doing!

Oh good, that lasted five seconds.


Alright, I think we've got this! C'mon Swellow...

Stop. Enough. PLEASE.

Oh thank god, let's get the hell out of here.

The bonds that bind your heart with your POKEMON seem firm and true. For the feat of your 3-win streak, we present you with this prize.

Well that wasn't really worth it, but there's only 1 more Battle Tent to go and then we're all done with battle facilities this game. Haha, yep. Totally. 100%.

"without changing direction?"

I might even be able to roll that way. Do you think your POKEMON will want to roll, too? I can teach one the move ROLLOUT if you'd like.

Oh yeah, I completely forgot that there are single use move tutors in this game scattered around the region. Thankfully they're mostly poo poo, so I don't feel bad about forgetting them. There was Swagger in Slateport and Fury Cutter in Verdanturf. Big fuckin woop. Maybe I'll cover them later if I remember.

Trick House

We will be moving onto the next town in a moment, but since we've got a new badge, we can go for the second Trick House challenge.

And you know how this conversation goes. Through the scroll!

We've got to find switches to cover holes, so a regular Monday for me.

The trainers aren't at the levels of post-Maville Gym though.

I only needed Harbor Mail once, so into the trash it goes.

Well isn't this fun?

Please don't use this puzzle base.

None, they're all closed. Let me go!


Hmm... you're sharp! It took me all night to make the maze... You're almost equal in greatness by one, two, three, four, five places! Fine! You have earned this reward!

Alright, we'll be back after the next, uh, two badges.

Last thing is getting a few evolutions. Nothing too crazy, I want to see a good chunk of mons before we get them and there's not a huge amount we need to evolve so we can see them.

Okay, I'll keep on top of it this time, honest.

Route 111

In the sea we can find Tentacool, but in the lakes we can find Goldeen.

Nest Balls make it a snap.

Away with you, dreaded rocks!

(TY) Hey, lookie here! A tough-looking TRAINER here, of all places! Camera's rolling!

(TY) You're a natural! Got me some prime footage right here!

I knew we were onto something wild when we spotted you! Oh, please let me explain. We travel around everywhere interviewing all sorts of TRAINERS. So, would you give us a bit of your time for an interview? You will? Thank you! Okay, I need you to describe your feelings about our battle, but it has to be short and sweet. Go!

I get the feeling that this will make a great TV show. There's a chance that they'll air this on TV, so make sure to look for us! Okay! We'll be seeing you!

I will get interviewed by these two since it's something fun for later.

"here is very nice, too."

Back to the regular trainers.

Pep pep pep

Alright, guess we're heading onto Route 112.

Nature Power has 20PP and deals a move depending on the battle's terrain. I haven't really talked about different terrains since they don't effect much, but the list of what Nature Power turns into can be found here. Overall, too unreliable to actually make use of, but it can be cool on occasion.

S-Same. Ah, we'll see her again soon enough.

"Come on, sing with me!"

It doesn't matter if you're good or bad at singing or POKEMON. If you have the most fun, you win!

In the grass we can find a new Pokemon. We could've found Machop in RS but they replaced it with Marill for... some reason.

Neat. Cures Burn.

Nobunaga do you know this man?

We already have Strength, so I'll pass. We don't have Rock Head anyway, so it doesn't matter.

God the mental image of a Hiker violently sneezing. How horrifying.

Oh, I get it now. That's why the rest of the crew went out to FALLARBOR.

You got it. And until they come back, we're not to let anyone pass, right.

Ow, my legs have cramped up. Can you grab me some bandages from my backpack? No, that's my POKENAV! Oh, fine, I'll register you. Try hiking, and I mean really pounding, on those mountain trails with a heavy pack weighing dozens of pounds. That, my friend, will get your body in serious shape.

Looks like to progress we need to go into the heart of the volcano itself.

Fiery Path

There's not much to do here, but there's quite a few new Pokemon we can get!

So if you want to be a physical wall, maybe don't be weak to Ground and Rock, but what's here is alright, if incredibly slow. With two alright attacking stats, you can make use of the OK moves you get, such as Body Slam and Flamethrower, though you will have to wait a little before replacing Ember. Aside from that, well, you don't learn any other special moves, but you do get Iron Tail and Sludge Bomb. And, uh, that's it, so Curse up and then maybe do some damage... after taking loads of damage.

White Smoke prevents stat reductions by moves and Abilties, but not self inflicted reductions, or items and status. When first in the party, the encounter rate is reduced by 50%. Just, uh, just use a repel.

Turtle obtained. Yes I know it's a tortoise, but it was easier to say turtle, but now I've mentioned it and now it wasn't easier to say turtle, so oh well.

Alright, what else is there?

It's a floating ball of gas! Levitate gives the user an immunity to Ground moves (bar Sand Attack), as well as Arena Trap, Spikes and Toxic Spikes.

Here's a buff boy and a sludge boy, though the latter is a 2% encounter because Ruby. Stench does nothing in battle, but reduces the encounter rate by 50%.

Slugma is a super important Pokemon you need to get if you want to do any breeding. Magma Armor prevents the Pokemon from being frozen, while Flame Body has a 30% chance of burning the opponent when they use a contact move. Both these abilities will halve the number of cycles Eggs require to hatch, basically halving step requirements. This is absolutely huge, but remember, this is only in Emerald, not in the other Gen 3 games, so do your breeding in this game, it'll be so much faster than anything you'll do in FRLG or RS.

Now that we have our slug gurl, next time we'll be exploring north-west Hoenn.

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