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Jun 9, 2013

It looks like the thread for Telling 7 of A Tale in the Desert has long since passed. Here's my shot at making a new one.

What the crap are you trying to sell me?
A Tale in the Desert is a fairly small non-combat MMO that focuses on social and crafting elements. The game resets every couple of years and the goal of the players is to pass tests and build huge monuments to the Pharaoh before the world ends and it starts all over again. These monuments affect future Tellings by offering up new and different types of tests within the eight seven disciplines of man.

Why should I play it?
This game caters mostly to people that like to socialize, build camps, and don't mind a heavy grind. It also has a ton of fiddly mechanics to get into such as the crossbreeding and genetics of different species of plant (including roses, grapes for wine, and flax for almost everything). The community tends to be super supportive and awesome and there are some tools that do cut down on the grind a bit (or at least cut down on the clicking.

Yup. Sorta-kinda housing with some minor exterior decoration options but in the end they are there as work and storage spaces.

Tell me the bad news.
As was mentioned the game is very grindy in most aspects. Fast travel is also extremely limited and Egypt can take several hours to run across. In the early days this makes each region a bit like an island which does have some perks. The population also tends to dwindle if tests are being released too slowly.

Wait... didn't I hear about this game a long time ago?
Probably. In addition to a couple of infamous events run by the first dev who enjoyed shaking his ant farm A Tale in the Desert also has been used to show the pros and cons of a player run legal system. This system allowed fundamental laws to be created for everything from salvaging equipment of departed players to banning more unscrupulous characters. Oh, and you may also have heard of it in regards to one of the test rewards giving players the power to ban up to seven other characters (the player may return).

Wait, some rear end in a top hat can just ban me?
Don't be too huge of a dick and they won't. Seriously though the test in question ensures that reasonably sane and well-liked members of the community are the ones that get the power and it is entirely possible for them to be banned in return for misuse of their power. On the whole it has worked out reasonably well.

How long do Tellings last?
In theory Tellings are supposed to last a year to a year and a half. Quite often the developers (all two of them) miss this mark wildly. When they miss the mark and there is little incoming content the population can nosedive until the next Telling.

Will this Telling be like the last one?
Malard said that the theme of the new Telling is to be 'discovery'. Whether things have actually changed we'll find out in beta but with new owners we can hope that they've freshened it up a bit.
There appear to be three factions now - Meshwesh, Kush, and Hyksos. This will somehow impact at least tech development.

Who are the developers?
Some guy named Malard with Desert Nomad Studios is taking over for Telling 8. On the bright side they already have a newer, more modern looking website prepped for Telling 8 at

When does it release?
Telling 7 is free to play right now but Telling 8 will be entering beta Friday, February 16th I believe. Telling 8 launch is currently planned for March 2nd.

I'm interested for some reason but don't want to grind alone!
Depending upon where the chariot stops are I'll probably be setting up a guild somewhere in the area currently known as River Plains. You can join as many guilds as you want so feel free to drop in and at least take advantage of the public workshops I plan to build. I'll update this with my game name once I've got that settled.

I've got other questions or comments!
Great, post them. I'll answer them when I can.

Random T7 Screenshots
Egypt... well known for its aqueducts and dirigibles.

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Jul 4, 2013


Welp, if pluribus couldn't handle it (and from what I hear he ended up being as resistant to change as teppy was) maybe this game should have gracefully entered the mmo dustbin of history a while ago.

I'll probably fart around in the beta like I've always done.

Jun 9, 2013

Freakazoid_ posted:

Welp, if pluribus couldn't handle it (and from what I hear he ended up being as resistant to change as teppy was) maybe this game should have gracefully entered the mmo dustbin of history a while ago.

I'll probably fart around in the beta like I've always done.

It probably should have died off around the 3rd or 4th Telling. The new Telling has some interesting changes though. There's now a faction system which Malard plans to have turn into a three-way bribing spree to see what faction can get the most universities. More universities, the cheaper the tech (but also the more expensive it is to bribe additional universities). If you unlock a tech it opens at all universities of that type you control. If another faction steals one of those universities that one university will retain that unlocked knowledge. Public works and the like also seem as if they are faction based but we'll see how that goes. Factions also get 'Elders' which is basically replacing Demi-Pharaohs it seems.

Jul 4, 2013


Great start to the beta: They hosed up my account and so far don't seem interested in fixing it.

Edit: Don't make an account through the website! Do it through the game. In as FreakAlZoid.

Freakazoid_ fucked around with this message at Feb 16, 2018 around 02:33

Jun 9, 2013

That sucks. I did mine through the website and it seemed functional. It might need a package or subscription (because of course it does and I'm a sucker that would buy one).

I'm in as Erev. Working on newbie island right now. I'll probably go either Hykos (middle egypt) or Meshwesh (northern egypt).

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