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Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

You know your mother would talk about you
Your own sisters and your brothers too
They just don't care how you're tryin' to live
They'll talk about you still

Yes, but bear, ooh, this in mind, a true friend is hard to find
Don't you mind people grinnin' in your face
Don't you mind people grinnin' in your face

Or, for the traditionalists.

I love Hi-Point. No trolling. No irony. No comedy option. I genuinely love Hi-Point.

While the handguns leave a lot to be desired, they are all many can afford. The .40 and .45 models even run alright. The compensated .380 is a hilariously bubbly fistful of cheer and no one has disliked the drat thing:

The carbines, on the other hand, run like tops. I've got over 2k without cleaning or lube in each a 40 caliber and 380 ACP. The only failures being directly attributable to ammunition (handloads, often stupid ones) and the mousegun breaking in its mags for a couple range trips. Rain, snow, ice, left out to freeze, thrown around, JHP, FMJ, cast, random bullet profiles, they've eaten most everything. A friend is well over 2k in a 45 carbine (several hundred at my hands), around 1k in another, the 40 caliber carbine he gave one of his kids is nearing 2k, and his 380 carbine is also over 2k with zero issues and hundreds of those being at the hands of my kids. The sight picture is good and quality of the irons adequate. Perfectly rugged once you dimple the barrel for the FSB. The underbarrel rail is well placed for pistol lights. That silly recoil absorbing sprung buttplate? Works and works well. While sadly not ambi, the safety is also well placed and functions easily. The butt stock mounted mag clips are genuinely great. $300 can get a person out the door with a 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, or 380 ACP carbine plus extra magazine. That set-up plus a full case of ammo will clock in cheaper than initial purchase price of a CX4 Storm or many comparably reliable factory pistol caliber ARs. And comes with a no-questions-asked warranty. One which covers the gun, not owners. Buy a used puddle of Hi-Point from someone after a house fire? Send it in, they'll replace it.

Nevermind that the fool things are just fun. Or so cheap/supported that you are willing to subject them to any number of horrors*:

In closing, gently caress you all. A lot of firearms do a lot of things better than Hi-Points. But none on the same trailer park budget. Nor do many companies come close to the comprehensive and often generous warranty. I can't help but love a company founded on the principle that the lower class deserve serviceable firearms, too.

* I'm sure enough of you are familiar with the handloads I've run through these pigs that I don't need to rehash that reckless disregard for personal safety. Still gonna break 2,000 FPS in the .380 carbine. Somehow.

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Sperglord Actual
Nov 27, 2011

Stop making me want to buy terrible guns you jerk

Sep 17, 2009

At some point, when I have space, I will break down and buy a brace of hi-points.

Probably that silly .380 comped thing and a companion carbine.

Failed Nihilist
Apr 10, 2015

Every day I come closer to wanting to do whack-rear end things to my 995 carbine. Keep on keeping on, Butch, you're like my crazy internet gun-uncle.

Proper Kerni ng
Nov 14, 2011

Have you considered contacting Hi-Point about advertising? You're a hell of a pitch man.

Herr Tog
Jun 18, 2011

Proper Kerni ng posted:

Have you considered contacting Hi-Point about advertising? You're a hell of a pitch man.

I agree. Also yes I am thinking of the carbine but that will be down the road.

The Hambulance
Apr 19, 2011


Love the harlequin carbine!

I was just talking about getting a Hi-Point pistol and carbine and taking them to 3-gun shoots.


Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

I'll admit that I had always turned my nose up at Hi-Point and looked down on owners of as foolish. Then a buddy pulled out a .45 carbine and I agreed to shoot it to be polite. Also because he'd mounted a friggin Eotech on the thing. And it was wicked fun while popping clays on the 50 yard berm. But I wouldn't own one.

Then news of the 380 ACP carbine dropped and I went nuts. Bought the first one my FFL's main distributer sent to the state. Had it ordered, actually. And it was even more stupid fun than the 45 because it shoots biggish, slow, dumb bullets but with rimfire grade recoil and mild report.

Then development of a bullpup chassis was made public. Can't give up the harlequin stock so ordered a 40 S&W carbine. Still waiting on the chassis but it runs like a champ. Will likely see about a custom barrel in 357 Sig once the bullpup chassis is in hand to confirm dimensions. Because they'll replace it if I gently caress everything up so why not go hog wild?

But I wouldn't own one of their handguns on a bet.

And then learned that a compensated .380 pistol is 1) a thing and 2) current production. You can't not buy that for under $200 new. It's the easiest centerfire gun in the house with which to clear a Bill Drill. Yes, the 10-round pistol mags suck and mine need to be mailed back for repair/replacement. Yes, it once in a while fails to eject with weak ammo which their tech attributes a bad firing pin spring. A replacement of which is currently on its way to me for free. If that's my biggest problem with a handgun costing less than a ski day for two, I'll live. Especially when their 380 ACP handguns are admittedly their most problematic products.

My username on Pistol-Forum was a joke when I registered. Now the loving thing is an accurate desription.

And I'm not alone:

KY Gun Co. talks about the 10mm carbine. TL/DR, they sold between 20 and 30 in three (3) minutes!

Hickok45 fails to hate the 995TS carbine after making GBS threads on the C9 pistol. One dud of a magazine.

Nutnfancy so don't click. I subjected myself to it for you all. He and another guy treat a 995TS like poo poo in a run and gun ending in both digging it.

Can you think of any other gun you'd be willing to shoot out of a kayak? This guy bought his after being lent it by a friend for a review.

Range Hot has its issues. But Elliot gets credit for handing all guns to an assortment of people. In this case, all liked the 3895TS. He wound up buying the T&E gun then his girlfriend comandeered it as a bedside gun.

TFB tries to hate the CF380 and fails.

Sumdood running a 995TS in a match. One stoppage and with an aftermarket magazine. Didn't stop him running another match with it.

Inrange mud tested a C9. It faired a bit better than a G19 and the comments section was a hilarious dumpster fire before getting carpet bombed.

Some idiots try to 'splode a C9. Notice that they use the safety as an administrative slide lock as designed. Then forget and try to slingshot while locked. Then pound the back of the slide hard enough to shear the safety lever. And it kept running.

I'll talk about my honest findings of shotcomings later but:

- The mags are more tolerant of dirt than the S&W Shield.

- The CF380COMP tolerates being ground into dirt shooting rifles prone better than a Glock or even my LEMed USP compact.

- A buddy keeps saying that Hi-Points have a high "entertainment value" and I have found that to be absolutely true. A genrally reliable gun for next to nothing that you won't hesitate to run into the ground doing abusive poo poo and then get repaired with an apology and free mag from the manufacturer.

- The 4095TS is my least ammo sensitive firearm. It'll eat lead semi-wadcutters like candy. No magazine failures even when fairly sandy. Surprisingly minimal POI shift with various loads. Dump pig just keeps running despite my best efforts to choke it. It is seriously the single most reliable firearm in my house with the possible exception of my Daniel Defense barreled AR.

Butch Cassidy fucked around with this message at Feb 15, 2018 around 16:42

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