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Jan 1, 2006

Slippery Tilde

So as far as I am concerned after watching it, Black Panther is a good film, not so much because of its casting choices or aesthetics, but because Marvel has gotten making these films down to a science and almost everything they put out now sits somewhere between decent or amazing. Its good, great even but its only a 8/10 film, especially when compared to something like Thor or C.America Winter Soldier.

I have to say though, there were aspects of it that really disappointed me. For a film that is primarily set in Africa, it sure as hell did its best to ignore the problems that Africa itself actually has. They could have explored loads of topics and issues that affect Africa, from political issues such as dictatorships or gang violence, to disease and poverty that continually blights the continent. These would have been entirely new ground for a film such as this to explore and it could have been really interesting. Instead, the film chooses to devote its focus to the struggle of black Americans and how horrible life is for them. While there is room for such a film to be made, I just don't see why it had to be this one. As garycoleisgod said, its loving weird and felt like a real wasted opportunity.

It is even weirder in context, when you consider that Killmonger (what a name) actually seemed to have thrived in the Los Angeles ghetto. To say that he had a rough start, he sure seems to have done pretty drat well for himself afterwards. PhD in Engineering and an MBA at M.I.T, and went on to be one of the most lethal and proven soldiers that the american army had ever produced. I understand why he hates Wakanda and the path it took him down but he sure as hell seems like he could have lived a fairly easy and fruitful life had he chosen to.

All of this too, lead to one of the most abrupt changes of opinion I have seen in film as of late. T'Challa was pretty drat adamant about not wanting Wakanda to be involved with outside affairs, but one fight with Killmonger had him change his entire outlook on the subject. It felt a bit forced all things considered but I guess the marvel cinematic universe needed this issue to be resolved as quickly as possible for Infinity war.

Anyway, all that stuff said, I enjoyed the film a lot and I am looking forward to giving it a second watch when I have some more free time.


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