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Jul 5, 2007

Dreaming of Shock Diamonds

I've hinted and alluded to a recent purchase but never actually posted pictures.

I do not believe that the latest expansion to the stables is worthy of its own thread. However, this is too large of a post for the "your ride" thread.
Therefore: What happens when your wives daily is an RX-8 and you now have a 6-month-old 30+kg puppy, who insists on helping you shift gears from the back seat?
You go test drive every loving hatchback currently on the market (Because you hate wagons). I am not kidding, EVERY single mfg's sedan large hatchback/small SUV was driven over the course of 4+ months. (The only vehicle to come close was a GLA45 AMG and only because it had the optional dual-mode AMG exhaust.)

Except there's a problem. They all handle like poo poo compared to what you're driving now.

Except for one: A certain Ferdinand's Magic Jellybean.

SA goon DoritoPower's FD as a size reference.

Why yes, this is the weeee little 2L. That's not very AI. Except: Slow car fast, we can use the first three gears of the PDK's 7 instead of just the first. It's also excellent on fuel and ridiculously cheap to maintain. There's also an insane amount of space in the engine bay since it was designed for a twin turbo 6. Oil isn't unicorn blood, spark plugs (while due every 60k km) are $50 and there's already bolt on EFR turbo upgrades and tunes that push power to over 300hp.

Apart from the bonnet being ridiculous, it has functional ram air / legit cold air intake built in. Who can figure out how it works?

It is a fantastic road trip vehicle. An alleged average speed of 128km/h, outside temps of -18C and fuel consumption never broke 8L/100km.

It also has red seat belts.

Oh and has the sport chrono package which means: LAUNCH CONTROL.
Engage sport+, foot all the way on the brake, bury the loud pedal and it holds 5k rpm for 15 seconds or until you release the brakes.
In the winter, on snow, it does a tiny cat-like but wiggle then (to borrow from JC) "Fucks Off".

Full specs:
2017 Porsche Macan
2.0L inline 4 (longitudinal)
7 speed PDK
RWD bias (90%) AWD
Sport Chrono
Red seatbelts
Xenon headlights (These are the best headlights I have ever witnessed in my life. They're insane.)

I need to get video of what the clock on the dash does when you engage / dis-engage sport chrono. While a little gimmick-ey, it's still cool.

Right, the Martini striping is not factory. It was not an option when we ordered it. That has since changed, however, we do not like the 2018+ option from Porsche due to where the side stripe ends up.
I know I'm forgetting something...

Edit: PASM! That's what I forgot.

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Seminal Flu
May 15, 2004

Beware, BEWARE!

Parachute, or paranoid?
We'll not rest 'til this thread's

I don't know whether I like the car or the dog better, but they're both awesome!

Jan 10, 2007

Dog. 10 times out of 10.

Neat car.

Jun 26, 2000

Grimey Drawer

Sup Macan crew. I honestly don't know why there aren't more out there because they're surprisingly better than just about every CUV available in comfort and dynamics. We tried just about everything from EX37s to Q7s and nothing else was a better package. In the past 2 years we've put about 45k miles on it and every time we take it on a long trip I'm impressed on how just plain good it is. My wife specced it out as white on red with the 18way seats, PASM, and air suspension so it's almost cheating when you consider how good the base suspension already is.

I really like your side blades because the stock ones border on looking cheap but the body color ones take away character and the other upgrades are stupid expensive for what you're getting.

Jun 14, 2007

I want to believe

I'm just here for the dog.


Jul 5, 2007

Dreaming of Shock Diamonds

InitialDave posted:

I'm just here for the dog.

It is his car.

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