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Jul 5, 2007

Dreaming of Shock Diamonds

Living in Canada has a lot of downsides, especially for 6 months of the year. There is, however, one silver lining: Every body of water turns into a racetrack!

The fine folks at CPDA (Canadian Performance Driving Academy) host winter drifting schools every year. They groom a lake into many different courses and then contract out the "facility" to the fun automotive manufacturer's dealerships. Those being Jaguar, Mercedes, and Porsche.

I can't think of a way for this so not sound like bragging, so I would like to apologize. $400 get's you 8 hours behind the wheel of every model of Jaguar, Mercedes or Porsche! On ice! With the sole purpose of learning how to drift!

Porsche ownership has its perks, and we get access to early sign-up. Each event sells out instantly. I'll be focussing, therefore, more on the Stuttgart crew.

This is what the track looks like. This image was taken from CPDA's Instagram account.

1) Auto-X Track
2) Roadcourse #1
3) Two high-speed donuts & 1 high-speed oval (I hit the top of 2nd gear along the back straight in a Panamera 4S)
4) Roadcourse #2
5) Figure 8's
6) Low-speed donuts

The local Porsche dealership had every single model they make available to drive. Every vehicle was at least a 2017 model year example. Except for the second Panamera. That was a 2012 4S.

I was smiling all day and basically never left sensory overload, so there is very little photo evidence. Half of which was taken by my wife (This was all her idea and she was driving as well.) [Have I run this into the ground yet?]

There were three run groups. 10 drivers each. One instructor. No instructors rode right seat. Instead, you were paired up with another driver. Each vehicle has a radio with which the instructor would communicate with.

Our run group started out on the Auto-X course in a 718 Boxster S. Each driver drove the Boxster dedicated for the Auto-X.

This deviated from every other course in that everyone drove the exact same car and the goal was not to slide around.

Next was the low-speed donuts. This was to teach everyone the fundamentals of initiating a slide and holding it. We completed this course in two vehicles. a 2017 Base Macan and a 2017 Boxster S.

No pictures of sliding around the Boxster.

At this point, it was very very apparent that I absolutely suck at drifting AWD vehicles. My wife started the trend of kicking my rear end in every single AWD car and held it until the end.

Next up was the figure 8's. This was to practice transitions and weight shifting. Again no pictures only slide.
Instead, here's a 911 4S on studded winters.

This thing was a loving BEAST. We had a chance to drive this around the second road course and it was absolutely incredible. drat near to good, really. Completely drama free, it just did exactly what you told it to.
You can also see one of the organizers attacking the wheels on the Panamera with a wooden spoon. EVERYONE slid into a snowbank at least once on each course.

Following the figure 8's was the high-speed donuts and oval. This was my favorite part of the day. I absolutely fell in love with the base RWD 911 since everything "clicked" and I could keep doing donuts in second gear forever while looking out the passenger window.

We also got a crack at the donuts in a Macan Turbo (with winters supplied by Pirelli).

My second favorite part of the day was flogging the OG Panamera 4S around the high-speed oval. I can neither confirm nor deny that I was chanting Lightning McQueen's mantra while sliding the white whale at 80km/h. The extra wheelbase helps so much at higher speeds. Sadly there is no pictures or video of it.

The next few are all the other shots were were able to get while waiting out turn.

My personal favorite vehicle driven that day is this one though:

2018 Cayman S. It has 250km on it. Zero options except for sport chrono, PASM, and PSE.
I would buy one of these immediately if I could.
Wife's favorite was the Boxster S (same options as the Cayman). It's also the same car really.

So why the Cayman over the 911? The new 911's are huuuuuge and have much softer body lines. I prefer the size and shape of the 718's over the 911's.

A list of all vehicles driven:
-718 Boster S
-718 Cayman S
-911 Carrera
-911 4S
-Macan Turbo
-Cayanne GTS
-2012 Panamera 4S
-2018 Panamera 4S

This event is 100% a marketing tool to sell you a car and I don't loving care. My rear end was in the seat sliding around on the ice for 6+ hours.
We also found out that the last day, after all the dealerships have had their turn, is bring your own car day. So next year, expect a thread on our Macan and RX-8 battling it out on the ice.

Jaguar had two days and had an F-Type, an XE and an F-Pace out. Then Porsche for two days followed by Mercedes. I do not know the full Mercedes lineup, however, I can confirm they had an AMG GT and a G-wagen.


builds character
Jan 16, 2008

Keep at it.

So next year you're going to the jag and mercedes events as well?

Nov 6, 2005

Good egg

That's pretty cool

Jul 5, 2007

Dreaming of Shock Diamonds

builds character posted:

So next year you're going to the jag and mercedes events as well?

Next year, I would like to get as many AB:AI goons together for whichever of the three manufacturers everyone wants. In addition, I am planning on also going to the bring your own vehicle day at the end.

Personally, I am leaning towards the Benzes since I really really want to drive an AMG GT. The F-Type love is strong though, especially after the recent chat about them in the post your ride thread.

Slidebite, you absolutely should come up next year. You can stay at my place. You should also get early access through the Polar Region PCA, should you want to take part in the Porsche event.

autism ZX spectrum
Feb 7, 2007

Fun Shoe

Is this in Alberta? Also, did you guys get insulated portajohns or what?

Apr 1, 2011


Insulated portajohns? What are you guys, royalty? Depraved from experiencing the warm steam drifting upwards from your piping hot stream. It's a northern tradition.

Seat Safety Switch
May 27, 2008



How would you even insulate a portajohn? I feel like one tipover and the insulation would be ruined.

Oct 24, 2010


There's those heated ATCO washroom portables with the running water and flush toilets but I feel like they probably wouldn't approve those for use on a lake.

May 24, 2005

"can they get rid of any humans who are fans of shitheads like Kanye West, 50 Cent, or any other piece of crap "artist" who thinks they're all that?

And also get rid of anyone who has posted retarded shit on the internet."

Seat Safety Switch posted:

How would you even insulate a portajohn? I feel like one tipover and the insulation would be ruined.

I've seen them in MB - external foamboard insulation. I got my sweat on dropping a hangover-fueled deuce.


Slung Blade
Jul 10, 2002


drat this looks rad, def want to try to next year if I can get the time for it.

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