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Jan 19, 2015

Pity the Physicker Imp popped into existence with a stethoscope around its neck and immediately smeared its face against a window. So many filthy humans out there. So many potential threats, each of which could spread their disease into either their summoner, the shoemaker, or the landlord before their duties could be accomplished in full. The villagers needed to be stopped.

Pity approached the edge of the town well burping and wobbling, a mix of Gottfrieds powders stirring together in its belly with the key ingredient, activated imp bile. The imp barely managed to pull its head over the well before the retching took hold, digging claws into the stonework as its feet were lifted off of the ground from the force of the expulsion.


As consciousness retook the imp it glanced over the well's brim. Strange, the water wasn't supposed to be pink. Or glowing. But clearly glowing is better than nonglowing. Pity trusted the villagers would abase themselves with gratitude when they found its gift the next morning.

Contaminate the well with imp medicine.: 1d10+3 5

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Prince of Space
Apr 17, 2016

Winky the Cleaning Imp flitted about the shoemaker's shop like a cacodemon with its head cut off. The night prior, some absolute jokester had gone and coated most everything in the storefront in solid hell-gold and forgot to polish it all into a sparkly, gleaming luster! It would tarnish this way...

Good thing Winky was here to wipe that hellmarked gold clean of it infernal residue. When Winky was through with it, the gold would shine like the very heavens themselves!

Polishing the Storefront and the Hellmarked Gold: 1d10+3 7

Oh, but this gold coating has gotten everywhere! If only Winky had some Teeny Bat Wings then this work would be so much easier!

Feb 22, 2013

Oh no, not these guys again... it is all upstanding imp based contracting help! No skullduggery or manipulation here! Slick decided with his newfound restrictions, he should perhaps try something a little more on the up and up than his usual fare. Now, he wasn't very good at actually helping, but he could probably get some other people to do so! Now, classic technique for advertising and politics isn't to make your product look good, but to make your opposition look worse! And so, he rounded up the destitute and the homeless and payed anyone who agreed to move from Rodrick's area to instead loiter around any competing stores. You aren't going to want to go in a storefont with ne'er do wells hanging about!

Improve the Shopfront by comparison: 1d10+3 11 1d10 4

Man, all this legwork is hard! If only we had some tiny bat wings, we could get a lot more done!

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Molly peered at the grimoire with distaste. These summoning spells were downers. Had these assholes ever met a bile demon? Grinning like an inside-out food processor, the stimulant imp Stimp made a few...modifications to the spell diagrams...

Forge Spells: 1d10+3 7
Voting HORMS.

Mar 28, 2016

Pyros howled with glee as he slipped the summoner's bindings. Time for more fun!. His golden scepter appeared in his hand.

What to do...the shoemaker obviously had enough money to pay the rent. The rent was lowered...customers were coming in...good. Now Pyros was free to do whatever he wanted as long as he could justify it by ensuring the shoemaker had no issues paying the rent.

Of course...this didn't mean we couldn't cause more trouble for the shoemaker. Perhaps a wealthy yet attractive widow becoming a regular customer would cause some interesting things to happen. Surely an attractive widow would help a poor shoemaker with his rent if she was infatuated with him, right?

Time for Pyros' writing skills to shine!

Write steamy letters setting up nighttime rendezvous between rich widow and Roderick: 1d10-3 6

Voting WINGS for more mischief!.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Ahh thieving! It truly was the greatest joy in life. But what to steal next? Cheese rubbed his chin with his giant hands, looking at the other imps for ideas. Hmm? What was Molly doing? Looking at a Grimoire? Spell stuff? Ooohhh, Cheese loved spell stuff, it always required such a variety of things that he could take from others!

Spell ingredients it is!

Thieving magical doo-dads to help Forge Spells: 1d10+3 9

Voting Horns

Feb 25, 2016

Do You Remember Love?

V'Por looked at the growing pile of shoes (inventory!) in disbelief. He shook his head and fists in frustrations, "Just look at this product! That’s dead gold, right there, sitting in a corner!! No wonder Roderick can’t make his rent, gold is being spent, and we’re not making any of it back!!! Its borderline Criminal!!!!"

Well, V'Por would take care of that the best way he knew how, Salesimpship!!!

Some of the other Imps had the right idea, time to spruce up the storefront, get foot traffic up, hang some advertising, and generate some excitement!!

V'Por took out his quick reference salesguide Nine Easy Steps to Unleash Your Inner Demonic Salesimp!! and scanned through some pages.

“Ah Ha!!! Here’s what we’re going to do; Going out of Business Sale! Everything must go!! Buy one shoe at twice the price, get the other one free!!!”


> > Improve the store front by hanging up some banner ads!: 1d10+3 9 [1d10=6]

Imp-provement Vote: Bigger Horns!!

Feb 21, 2013

Midas considered his work goldifying the shop and was pleased by his success so far. Sure, some of the other imps were already trying to lay fire to it, but it would hopefully hold up for another night without his direct intervention. Thus freed up, he cast his gaze around to see what else needed a touch of transmutation magic.
While for the novice transmutation was mostly about turning things into gold, Midas was an experienced transmuter, and he knew that it encompassed all manners of spells that were concerned with changing things and concepts. As he skulked around the shop, Midas noticed that Lotti had latent magical abilities. Those could be put to good use he wagered, and so he decided to transmute some useless parts of her memories into much more useful knowledge about demonic transmutation magic. This would surely help her in her craft.

Transmute some of Lottis memories into knowledge of demonic transmutation magic: 1d10+3 4

Having finished his task he rubbed his growing horns dissatisfied, this would likely take more than one night to finish.

Apr 28, 2017

Joe Melvin, PI
HP: 20/20
Mana: 0/0

A broad walks into my office. She has looks to kill, and a left hook to match if the goon she laid out in my hallway was anything to go by.

"We're closed" I tell her.

"Not any more."

She walks over and sits on my desk. Used to getting what she wants, I know the type. The guy in the hallway tries to get up, but slumps back over.

"A friend of yours?"

She reaches into her bag and drops something onto my desk. Solid Gold. She knows how to get a guy's attention.

"The gentleman in the hallway tried to sell this to me, no questions asked. But I've got questions. And I heard you were a man I could rely on for answers."

Something didn't add up.

"Look here doll, I don't appreciate trouble brought to my door. And that looks like trouble to me."

"Look closer."

She hands me a cylinder, a jewellers spyglass.

"I'll take the case."


I slap the goon across the face, but he's out cold.

Followed her here from the west side of town, looking for an easy score, grab the gold, sell it on again. But his mark wasn't as easy as she looked. Erika was her name, and she was paying a pretty penny to find out who was diluting the market with infernal gold.

"Fella, wake up."


He wasn't from the west side. I lift his hat, a shumaker special like mine. New. That places him here on the south side.

I prop him up in the doorway. My doorway. Nothing much on him. Some cash, I pocket it.

I pull my hat tight, tug my collar up, and step out into the rain. "You'd better not be here when I get back".

I know exactly where scum like this bubbles up. The meanest dive bar this side of the Gehr. The Three Angels.


The heavies throw me out onto the street and I hit it hard. Asked the wrong man the wrong question. Wasn't the first time. Won't be the last. I taste blood, sharp, metallic. All I have is a name. But that's all I need.

Adhelm. Some big shot landlord, came into an "inheritance" recently, he's been flashing the cash uptown. I pay him a visit.


"I don't know what you're talking about".

He's lying. Some people need a little encouragement to open up to strangers, I help him out with punch to the gut. He drops, and I let him.

"The gold, spill."


So here it was. The source.

"Thuh-thu-they paid me. Tuh-tuh-to drop the rent. Du-du-done nothing wrong."

He's panting, winded. But I've not got time. I pick him up and slam him against the wall. He knows.

"Whose rent?"

He's squirming, but I've got a hold of him.




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Cloud Potato
Jan 8, 2011

"I'm... happy!"

Sure, Hat could spend the night making more hats. But the appearance of the apprentice changed things. Skilled enough to be able to work on her own, but not so set in her ways to be devoted to shoes. Yes, she'd make a fine milliner. Hat grabbed an inkwell and some paper and started writing down the basics of hat manufacture. Everything Lotti would need to rebel against her father's wishes and go into business on her own. An independent hat-maker, just like Hat!

Writing "Millinery 101": 1d10+3 12 Voting for Horns.

Barbed Tongues
Mar 16, 2012

Set lighthearted traps throughout the Shoemaker's place in case it's burglarized or broken into.

Traps!: 1d10+3 4

I mean, if a few all of them triggered on customers... *grin* That's fun too.

Vote: Horns

The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010

Please... Don't read this post where other people can see...

That should be a good enough supply of materials for a while, Stallone decided. And besides, just supplying cows, while important, was boring. He wanted to go for a real ride, but he didn't want to break the terms of the binding while he was at it. He considered taking Gottfried out for a spin, but Jade told him quite firmly that the sorcerer wasn't meant for that kind of riding. As he was making his way back from Gottfried's dorm, though, he saw it--a competing shoe shop! Oh, this was a wonderful excuse for some mayhem.

Sneaking inside, he conjured up a bull, mounted up, and gave it a swat, gripping its horns for dear life as it began to thrash about, smashing the storefront to pieces.


Bull in a Shoe Shop: 1d10+3 10

Apr 28, 2017

Updated the Results Spreadsheet with expected info, let me know if any disagreements or anything.

Update expected Friday.

Feb 25, 2016

Do You Remember Love?

WereGoat posted:

Erika was her name, and she was paying a pretty penny to find out who was diluting the market with infernal gold.

Welp, looks like its blood for the Blood God from here on out.

Apr 28, 2017

Night 4/7

The succubus imp – Jade she said she was called? She kept Gottfried occupied over the next day. Not like that, mind out the gutter! No, she had been summoned to keep him alive. Make sure he was fed and watered, and so on. He looked worried. When would it end?

Not tonight, that’s for sure!

Imp summons continue 17 imps summoned!
Gottfried's mana drops from 20/20 to 3/20

Gottfried opens his eyes, surprised to be feeling… not too bad?

Well, we’ll see about that! Torb wasted no time in throwing threats in his face, backed up by little zaps! A sorceror’s magical energies would contribute a lot to energising the imp population more. Erator had an idea to help, and took his pocketwatch… waved… it… slowl… y… “More power, yeah, I’ve got magic… powerful sorcerer… watch…”

Gottfried’s mana drops from 3/20 to 0/20
Imp-provements advanced by 3!

Nice. Molly looked up from the spellbook. Tick! First section sorted. There were other imp adjacent spells that could be modified too, but they were all in fancy inks and stuff, rats! Oh, thanks Cheese! These valuable inks and accoutrements are perfect to detail this diagram, heh heh heh, the next person to set up this portal viewer would be in for a nasty surprise. And there was plenty left over!

A plan was forming. Brug and Midas took a little of the excess mana leaking out of Torb’s magic and wove it into a demonic spell. Perfect! With this they could power up the shoemaker’s apprentice (in their own special ways)!

Hat looked up from where she was using some of Cheese’s ink to write out a special little tome of millinery. Perhaps they could collaborate? Yeah, a delivery mechanism was needed, and they had a book right here, the power would flow right in as she read the words! Grimoire manufacture began in earnest. Hey Snikt, could you cut- yeah thanks. It just needed a little boost – oh hey, wasn’t there some of that Sorceror’s blood lying about?

Sorceror's blood: 1d10 1

Huh. That was disappointing. The little group look over to Gottfried. Disappointing, but expected. More blood!

Sorceror's blood: 1d10 4

All this magic flying around. Flux liked the teaching idea but it is just too little too late. No, the shoemaker needed to be better yesterday. Or earlier. Well why not? The time imp gated away, appearing back at the shoe shop.

But it looked different. For one, it was daytime (a technicality, local time was still night). The shop sign looked newly painted. And there was the shoemaker. He looked pretty young. No matter- Zap! That! Knowledge! Straight! Into! His! Brain!

Far in the future
“Zeb, we’re getting some chronological anomalies showing up.”

“Cascading retro-causality leading to critical failu-wait it’s gone. I’ll continue to monitor, prep for field work just in case.”
“Aw crif, I hate field work, can’t you send Xedol?”

Back in the present

Pity had joined the imps setting out for a night on the town, but broke away when they spotted a well. *Hork* The water glowed faintly.

Stallone and Slick watched the physic administer their treatment to the towns water source. Well, there was better ways to wreck the town! Well, more direct at least. Certainly more focussed. The competing shoe shops wouldn’t know what hit them. *Smash!* *Bang!* *Wallop!* *Moo!*

The workshop was lit with an unearthly glow. Dalton wiped his forehead. Phew! Back to work, he grabbed the shining, magical implements Snikt had been conjuring, and chipped away more hellgold. This place wasn’t burning until they chipped this all off! Winky turned round after polishing another gold plated- hey! That took AGES to buff out! The ever-cleaning imp sighed, and collected the chipped off gold, neatly polishing it. AGAIN.

V’Por looked up at the banner ads all over the front of the shop. A job well done. The shoe shop stood out from all the other buildings on the street with the bright, exciting messages promising great things for those who would step inside. They were so good, V’Por felt like stepping inside themselves! *Snonk*. The sales imp looked at the beartrap that was wedged onto his newly extended horns. Oh for- Sparx! What’re you playing at!

Pyros giggled. The letter was ready, the widow wouldn’t be able to resist Rodrick with this prose! Why, it was enough to make an imp blush! Well, a widow. He thought for a moment. Hmm, he would need to pick one carefully. Someone who wouldn’t get the shoemaker locked up for indecency, or discard the letter without acting on it. This needed some careful consideration.


The rain continued, and the family woke to the sound rattling on the roof. Not the nicest of days. Rodrick sighed. It drove away customers, stopped visitors. Which meant it was the perfect day for shopping. Which meant going out in the rain. Well, he needed to stop by and check up on Gottfried anyway. He opened the front door. Wet! He was going to get soaked. He claimed the last hat as his own, said his goodbyes and left for the market, headed off to the high-street. (He didn’t even notice the shopfront, how rude!)

With Tilda out gathering herbs, Lotti was left to her own devices for a precious few hours. Free time to… what’s this? A gift from her parents! A book on hatmaking? She flipped it open, and understood. The leatherworking here could make her better at shoes. Plus people liked the hats they were selling recently. She flipped through, admiring the intricate diagrams. It seemed to spe̎̃̎͂a̓̊̀̚̚k to her. She understood. So muͣ̾̾̚ch.

Tilda returned and hung up her hood to dry. “Lotti, come help me. Lotti!” She steps up the stairs, irritated. “Lotti, what are you-Oh!”
Lotti lay where she had collapsed on the floor, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Leather in hand, groceries in his covered basket, some gifts from the market for Lotti and Tilda. And some nice writing materials for Gottfried’s studies. A productive day. Rodrick approaches the Wizard’s tower, the sorcerous school Gottfried attended. He knocked on the door and waited in the rain. After a short wait (the sound of bolts being drawn back, metal on metal, a strange whine), the door was opened by the doorman.

“Af’ernoon Rodrick, ere t’ see Gottfried again?”

“Harald! Good to see you! Yes, he didn’t make it to diner again.”

“Kick im t’ the curb, e’s a wee shite”

“Harald, he tries. Come on now, he’s my brother.”

“In-law. Y’ give im too much. E’s a troublemaker an-”

Escorted up Gottfried’s room, the doorman bangs on the door loudly.

“Gottfried! Yer brother’s ere!”

Silence. Scraping.

“Oi Gottfried! Don’t keep us waitin’ ere!”

Grunting. Scratching.

“Somethin’s up ere, stand back”.

Sorceror casts Scry
Sorceror detects….
Demonic intrusion detected!

“Ach the dirty bastard’s summoned a Succubus. Gottfried! The Dean’s gonnae hear uv this! Sorry Rodrick, come back tomorrow or summat.”

“What’s a succubus? Is he alright?”

“Don’t ask. E’ll be fine. Probably.”

Returning home, Rodrick was summoned upstairs. Lotti was sick. She seemed to have some kind of fever or something? What was wrong?
Nothing was wrong! She blinked, awake. Smiled. Sat upright.

“No, Lotti, you need to rest. Lie back.”

She understood. Everything.

shoemaker goes shopping!
Shoemaked buys gifts! 2 silver spent on Lotti! 2 silver spent on Tilda! 2 silver spent on Gottfried!
Shoemaker buys leather! 5 silver spent!
Shoemaker is worried…
Shoemaker's apprentice is ill!
Herb gatherer tends to Shoemaker’s apprentice…
Shoemaker’s apprentice hallucinates!
Shoemaker's apprentice learns a lot
Shoemakers apprentice makes a lot of progress…
Shoemakers apprentice becomes Journeyman Shoemaker!
Shoemaker’s apprentice becomes apprentice Diabolist!
PI tries door. It’s locked!
PI bangs on door. No one answers!
PI watches from the shadows.
PI leaves.

Customers - No one is manning the shop!

Angelic interference - None! 0 Halos awarded.

Slick may dismiss halo! Or he could keep it, might come in handy.


13, unlucky for some- Triggered! - 1 imps gets lucky!

Slick can choose to EITHER get an additional distinguishing feature, OR take two actions in the second night.

Currently active:

Current night 4/7
Kill Gottfried 8/20
Move Gottfried’s death day 3/10
Look for Loopholes 0/20
Forge spells 13/5
Complete, and more! Spillover to forge more spells!
Forge more spells 8/5
Complete, and more! Spillover to Write, like, a whole grimoire of imp magic or something!

Write, like, a whole grimoire of imp magic or something! 3/10
You have secreted key spells in existing books, but a whole tome of impy spells to lure and trap sorcerers could be good. You’ve done the groundwork already.

Damage town 10/20
Collateral damage! If the locals are too busy cleaning up, repairing, vomiting, and so on, they can’t look for imps!

Widowmaker 1/20
Like, what if a wealthy widow fell for Rodrick? He’d be rolling in cash, right? You’ve got the saucy letter ready, now you just need to select a suitable widow. And get it to her in a way that doesn’t appear really creepy.

Sorceror’s blood 0
Cash 24/15.
Hats 0
Shoes 11
Materials 0/12 (prepared/total).
Hellmarked Gold 5
Push back deadline 14/20
Burn it to the ground -3/10

Improve something! All improvements can also go into negatives.

Cashflow 12/20
Productivity 19/20
Shopfront 30/20
Complete, and more! Spillover to Even better Shopfront!
Even better Rent 11/20
Even better Imps! 16/20

Shoemaker’s apprentice 23/20
Little Lotti has so much potential! Shoemaking, demonic power, she just need a hand from all you imps. Wait, no, power up activated!
Complete, and more! Spillover to Even better Shoemaker’s apprentice!

Even better Shoemaker’s apprentice! 3/20
P-P-P-Power up!

Even better Shopfront 10/20
Yeah, it’s looking great! Customers will be swarming here in no time! But you could make it better. You know you can.

Completed tasks!
Capture Gottfiried
Locate landlord
Set up insurance scam
Tattoo Gottfried
Cover up impvolvement
Improve Rent
Improve Imps!

Shoemaker Dropbox
Shoemaker results spreadsheet

Let me know if you notice any mistakes, Thanks SuperBestPal and CloudPotato :-)

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Successful Businessmanga
Mar 28, 2010

Dalton lets out a raspy half sigh half cough as it pops back into being and notices the Cobbler's store is still standing. Typical imp behaviour; plans upon plans would be laid only for them to fail to follow through on the important details.

With a shake of it's head, distinctly weighty feeling tonight it noticed, Dalton set back off into the city in search of more material to work with.

Unfamiliar with the actual purpose of stores, outside of their tendency to produce the highly prized garbage Dalton craved, the Rubbish imp discarded several perfectly good options that would lead to what it sought after.

Dalton's final stop wasn't the camping store or yhe fire starting emporium, no, Dalton was out back of the shadiest tavern in town. The Three Angels had just finished their annual fry-o-thon and Dalton could smell discarded cooking grease a mile off.

Newly recovered accelerant in grubby grubby hands, Dalton set off intent on adding fuel to a fire just waiting to happen.

Looting trashed cooking grease to help Burn It Down =10

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Prince of Space
Apr 17, 2016

Winky the Cleaning Imp hadn't known Lotti the Shoemaker's apprentice for very long, but he could tell that the growing human girl had a lot of potential as an infernal sorceress.

The problem was, human magic school was expensive. If Lotti was ever going to learn to summon bigger, proper demons she'd need to be classically trained by the masters first. Maybe if the shoemaker could afford to send her off to school that'd be a different story, but as it stood Rodrick the shoemaker couldn't part with the girl apprentice - she was far too important to the family business. Lotti was crucial for freeing up the tasks of her parents, it seemed, and a lot of the chores she had to do for involved cleaning. Sweeping up the shop, cleaning up the shoemaker's materials, organizing the shoemaker's tools, scouring pots and pans, polishing the finished shoes - all of these tasks fell under Lotti's purview.

What if Lotti was free to do as she pleased tomorrow?

Cleaning Out Lotti's List of Chores: 1d10+5 14

Winky decided to clean out the young apprentice's to-do list by doing Lotti's chores for the upcoming week.

Mar 28, 2016

How to not be creepy. This was a problem for Pyros as he was, quite literally, a lying demon from hell. Made it a lot harder to just walk up to ladies and introduce yourself - hi, my name is Pyros, I'm a demon from hell who deceives mortals with illusion, yeah wanna catch a drink later almost never worked.

Well he could try to find a widow, at least.

Human men talked a lot when provided with free booze, and a lot of bartenders would take hellmarked gold as payment...

Buying people drinks with illusionary money to get info about local rich widows: 1d10+5 8

super sweet best pal
Nov 18, 2009

erhecktile disfunction

Lipstick Apathy

Brug was worried, it sensed that someone at the school had detected their demonic activity. If the Dean banished them before the rent was paid, they'd be unable to make sure Rodrick didn't spend all his earnings before the rent came due. Time for some damage control.

Brug was frequently summoned by kids who were looking to get out of school and had stolen their aunts' and uncles' spellbooks looking for a way to fake a doctor's note. One of those would take some of the heat off. Time to break out The Worst Handwriting.


Patient: Gottfried

Diagnosis: Fatigue and weakness from overuse of magic, constant mana burning.

Px: Several days of bed rest and care until recovered. Regenerative medicines: <unintelligible list of things>

-Dr Dick

Forged doctor's note: 1d10+5 10

Nailed it. Technically all true, so it'd be harder to detect; Brug was known by many names that just happened to be spelled the same as official titles. Now Jade had proof she was summoned to tend to Gottfried for legitimate reasons and if any imps wanted to use it to procure controlled substances they could.

Brug wandered over to Gottfried. "Hey, I helped cover your rear end, but you might want to use your magic to cover hers," Brug said, gesturing at Jade, "unless you want to explain to the Dean why your nurse is naked."

Discussion Quorum
Dec 5, 2002
Armchair Philistine

Torky the Mechanical imp coalesced into existence from a pile of Dalton's rubbish and spare parts with a cheerful clank. He was holding a wrench, and his bronze metallic body was articulated and just a little creaky.

These complicated schemes were all well and good, but Torky was fixated on the most glaring inefficiency in the shop: materials processing. All this work on sales and stitching, but with this huge backlog of raw materials, and a new cow appearing practically every day? Torky knew just the solution: Automation! Mass production! Standardization! He set about building a simple device to die-cut leather for shoes and hats. He repurposed a few things from around the room - an empty table, some things from the rubbish pile, and maybe a few floorboards from the corner, which surely won't be missed by anyone.

Build a leather cutting machine: 1d10+5 15

Torky stepped back to to admire his handiwork. Yes, machines will rule the world one day.

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super sweet best pal
Nov 18, 2009

erhecktile disfunction

Lipstick Apathy

Just noticed you forgot his tattoos.

Feb 22, 2013

(I'm deciding to keep the halo, it might be fun!)

Slick, sighing and shaking his head, summons himself a Stylish Walking Stick, patrols the exterior of the shoe shop. Surprisingly hard to burn one of these down! He sets himself to his task, hoping his newfound wardens friends up high weren't watching to closely, and perhaps hoping that there wouldn't be too much collateral damage. Bad for business, that!

Attempt to burn it down, part 2: 1d10-3 7, Angel Roll 1d10 10

Hey, what is that strange glowing?

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Jun 17, 2007

Toilet Rascal

Erator turned his attention to the Apprentice and her untapped mana pool. If she could just say these words and perform these mudras, that'd be great.

Get the Apprentice to empty her mana pool to make Imp-rovements: 1d10+5 14

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