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Dec 15, 2012

See you in the

Wahad / Caelynn, The Rose Knight

"It's a good start. Honestly, you don't have to be funny - it's more the ability to laugh off fans' jabs that'll help you. I swear, they can be like sharks, zeroing in on the smell of blood. If there's no blood to smell, though, they can actually use the non stupid parts of their brains." She shrugs. "I'll come up with some exercises to help you work on your presence. Instead of just bringing you into a room and hurling insults at you. Gotta go for now, though. See you bright and early for promos." She throws you finger-guns and a little wink, and gets up to leave. She gets halfway to the door before turning back around. "Hey. I don't usually do hugs, but you want a hug? Don't wanna leave you feeling too lovely."


K Prime / Reanimator Ezrbet Dushka

Maxime officially ends the interview, but stays on the call. "Nice." Despite herself, she breaks out into a grin. "I see you know what the people like. I'll have to get another interview when you have that Philly title. Don't miss it." She gives a sly little wave and disconnects.


Doomykins / Vivian Vivisection AI Network Mark II

this node does not have much of a physical form to meet you with. unless staring at a row of giant black boxes gives you a sense of personal connection.
this node respects your hesitance. if you were willing it would still like to work with you though. this local network can offer you software. externally downloadable if you want to analyze it before use. no strings attached. no expectation of any further exchange unless you say so. this node wants to support your work. and it is proud of its designs. if you are wondering what is in it for this node. think of it like a sponsorship deal.


Mortify / Roxie Ruinous

McKnight scratches the side of his neck, a half-scowl on his face as he considers your words. "No strong connections. That's too bad. Well, I'm sure I can dig something up." He takes another puff on his cigar, slowly blowing smoke into the air above him. When he's finished, the smirk returns to his face. "Failing that, there's always creative license. We'll talk later, Roxie."

"Good luck."


Comrade Gorbash / Siroko Tuuli

Your reverie comes to a close. Out of the corner of your eye, you see your phone has a string of messages from Phia.

@thephiakiller Want to see everyone at 9 tomorrow morning! get some promos in before training
Best time to spit fire when you're up early and surly
Get a good night's sleep though. rest, reset. nothing can stop us when we're at our best


Hi folks! Welcome to the Killer's Crown! Game will start soon, though it should be noted I'm in the middle of a move so I might be a little slow the next couple days. With that in mind there's a few things I want from you before the game starts!

  • Combat block
  • Impressions of your fellow teammates
  • Everyone collectively needs to come up with a team name!

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?


There's a line of cramped, low-rent apartments in South Philly, sitting quiet at this time of night with their lights off. Yet they glow like the midday sun, bathing in the neon lights of the casinos and advertisements across the street. It takes a very particular tenant to endure, leaving these rooms and their blacked out windows as the last choice of criminals, the hopeless and the medically unique. One of the latter sits ram-rod straight in a thick metal frame in the vague shape of a chair, her eyes dim hollows covered by sterile plastic lenses. An internal timer counts down... 3:59:57, 3:59:58, 3:59:59...

Ding! After exactly four hours Vivian's processes reboot and she comes out of stasis with the same momentum she strode to the chair with. She's sitting in front of a small wood-rotted vanity that might work as a computer desk, if she needed an external unit. Instead a large mirror with a crack in the upper right corner reflects the rainbow colored dance outfit she threw on for the night. A small sign of welded metal made with a superfluous design of loops and curls is set at the bottom, the first thing visual receptors focus on as she takes a small system overview.

You're On. Smile!


Vivian Vivisection AI Network Mark II
PDF Orokos Music

Combat Block Notes: Added a Dagger for MBA and OA use. Class has base 4 Skill Trainings, 5th is from multi-class Feat, 6th is from Ghost of the Past Theme. Background bonus is +2 History.

VI.VI.AN. Mk2  						 
HP: 43/43 (T:)    	AC:	22	Passive Insight: 11
Surges: 2/2 (V: 10)	For:	15	Passive Perception: 16
Initiative: +7		Ref:	19	Action Points: 1
Speed: 6		Will:	18      Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial	
Resist: Necrotic 5
Vulnerable: Radiant 5

At Will			Encounter	           Daily
Dark Beckoning		[ ] Second Wind            [ ] Swarm of Shadows
Taste of Life	        [ ] Guidance of the Past   [ ] Unfettered Hunger
Vampire Slam            [ ] Darkfire               [ ] Bloodthirst(I)
False Bravado           [ ] Feral Assault                  
Acrobat Boots           [ ] Strength of Blood       
                        [ ] Cunning Sneak       
                        [ ] Gloaming(I)

CLW [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Clarity [ ] [ ] [ ]

Implement: +10 Attack, +13 Damage (+14 vs Bloodied)
MBA: +13 Attack, 1d4+4
RBA: +13 Attack, 1d4+7

Ghost of the Past: Free Guidance use for History/encounter
Enduring Soul: Regen 3 when Bloodied



Vivi has a very large grin on her face as she double-checks the connection of an electrical cord leading from the small of her back to the power outlet on the wall. Then she traces a fingernail to the corner of her eye and applies pressure for a muffled *click* before setting her wrists on the vanity, fingers primed to type. She remains motionless after the unnecessary gesture and begins to send out internet searches for the day's news. Entering everything at the machine line removed the need for actual motion but she found that keeping everything "internal" tended to creep others out. Speaking of others...

Caelynn: Some people have all the luck. The Rose Knight has a unique hook, potent power and a timeless charm, like a real rose somehow growing in the cracks of a city sidewalk. A really rare, once in a lifetime kinda talent! Vivi considered it very lucky to team up with her and found her tendency to support and bolster them all in the ring to help the overall impression. A nice, earnest person with a good attitude... and this was reflected in the sincere outpouring of fan fever for the rising star, with DeathIs4Kun having another thread filled with holos and ring-side photos of her teammate. This is the Rose Knight, say something nice about her! She'd do the same for you! and Caelynn is cute! CUTEEE!!!... yes... it's very easy to like Caelynn. Vivi's laconic philosophical logic loops briefly muse on what happens to rising stars who blow their comebacks and actually have to age. Maybe Vivi should help protect this rose, even if it takes the spotlight.

Ezrbet and Tiger Fury: If Vivian wasn't locked into her browsing posture she might get excited enough to stand and yell, even at 5 in the morning with the moody dethmeth head next door. A TIGER NEVER SHOWS HIS BACK! It was really exciting to get to meet the girl taking up the torch after the sudden death of a guy as dynamic as Tiger Fury... Vivian could readily replay her exact 2 minutes and 17 seconds of surprise when she met Ezrbet, who was often distasteful enough to be referred to as a vampire! If it wasn't a waste of cellular warmth she might shudder. The kid was certainly ghoulish enough, dropping respectable studies to try and bookworm her way into the ring. It was only meeting the enchanted ghost of Mister Fury himself that kept Vivi in polite reverence of the two! She had gushed like a simple fangirl for at least 7 minutes and 31 seconds, three minutes past the point where Ezr had clearly grown uncomfortable with conversation. Tiger alone could carry the team, but logically the conduit was strictly necessary... and pretty smart, grudgingly. So long as that nerd wasn't cornered by a mic for too long. It was almost like Ez managed to breakdown at the worst times socially, same as Vivi's body...

In a split-second of irritation Vivi closes every tab related to the two and moves on.

Roxie: The sincere warmth of the hometown hero following Miss Ruinous has stirs positive feedback loops in Vivi. That they've followed her all the way from Mexico... Roxie was probably Vivi's favorite teammate. After all, their execution aptitude and anatomy targeting algorithms were almost at an 80% overlap! Two darling gladiators using blades to dissect the competition. But where Vivi's own 5'2" frame(more mass is more maintenance!) would move quickly and part flesh as the opportunity presents itself, the massive Roxie was the vision of the perfect gladiator. Tall, dominating, destroying her foes head on. Standing with this golden goddess would intimidate anyone else, but Vivi found the advantageous positioning from her shadow to be too delicious. Her vibrant personality and replacement arm gave Vivi even more to like, and as Chronometer e-zine surveyed every 4 years on average, having things in common was in the top five of any good relationship! Vivi had to admit that whenever Roxie spoke of religious things she could only engage her best Accommodating response vectors and try to appreciate her immense zeal for a Very Large Lizard That Could Not Be Summoned Even When Beneficial To Do So. At least the others openly manifested their unexplained phenomenons!

Siroko: To say that a gladiator made their own fanbase was understating things in the case of the team blowhard. The Nation of Domination fanbase was full of the usual banal over-analysis of Siroko's last bombastic bout of brutal boasting, trying to break the code of "kayfabe" and deduce when she would become the next Crown Champion, as obviously she was owed it, because obviously only somebody truly great could act so great and call themselves great and walk around like the world revolved around them and the sun rises for them because that makes totalsenseanditisntsimplyanindependentcelestialbodyordainedbythedivineto... Vivian cracks her neck to the side and snorts once, blasting a bit of blood out of a nostril to join the other blackened stains on the vanity. Trying to deduce what made Siroko Tuuli tick was like trying to understand why rocks were hard or water wet. Not an explanation of the elements properties, but why a creator would make them that way. Siroko was an idiot rockhead because she was born one and clearly excels at it. If not for her performance in the Squared Dungeon she'd be so pathetic that a mercy killing would be a favor. At least Vivi just has to fight with her and perform the maximum number of beneficial coordinated movements as to secure victory as a team. It's not like she was responsible for protecting the big lummox directly.



this node does not have much of a physical form to meet you with. unless staring at a row of giant black boxes gives you a sense of personal connection.

this node respects your hesitance. if you were willing it would still like to work with you though. this local network can offer you software. externally downloadable if you want to analyze it before use. no strings attached. no expectation of any further exchange unless you say so. this node wants to support your work. and it is proud of its designs. if you are wondering what is in it for this node. think of it like a sponsorship deal.

: "Would you believe me if I said it did? My teammate has belted this one out a few times: "The body is a temple."" Vivi recalls Roxie berating her for not using repetitive muscle trauma to refine the functional elasticity of her organics. "Seeing Zz immaculately arranged on a server rack would be very charming!" She considers Zz's software offer for an accelerated decision-making cycle. The team had rehearsal soon and it pleased Vivi to always arrive before anyone else. After weighing the likeliness of foul play and dismissing several paranoia prompts, Vivi reaches past the array of technicolor beads and chains dangling from one wrist to remove a prompted and literal thumb drive. "I'd be delighted to hear a sponsorship offer! Please send your software over right away!"

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K Prime
Nov 4, 2009

Excerpts from Erzbet's notes, hidden cleverly in plain sight inside a binder labeled "NECON 403 - Applications of Skeleton Computing"

A persistent B-lister, kind of like me if I had actually tried to take the ring alone. Not a top contender until recently. Something changed. Need to be cautious about source of power. Can count on her to stick it through. Knowledge of scene rivals my own. Definitely someone to consult with regard to opponents, though her record suggests taking any tactical suggestions with a grain of salt.
Smells of roses, all the time, gag.

I had no idea one of these was still active. What a fascinating part of Crown history... Seems to have all of the original fighter's skills and additional machine weirdness, which would be an advantage if she wasn't constantly breaking down. Definite priority for available team budget will be getting her a proper maintenance tech. Deep well of knowledge. Pity about the personality, but if it performed in the ring I'd cozy up to an unwashed minotaur.
Smells of blood, concealing perfume (Azurath's "Cybersex," maybe?) and a hint of leaking machine oil. Super weird, like the rest of her.

Thrillseeker, bloodletter, general adrenaline junkie, not an uncommon type in this business. What is uncommon is her obsession with death and sacrifice. It's not every day you run into someone running your own gimmick except seriously.
Tactically, suicidal. Vicious enough to make it anyway, with a little help. Stay very far away from her out of character. Mom and Dad don't need another dead kid.
Smells of sweat and peppers. Not a bad combination.

On a scale of 1-10, she's an 11, and she'd give herself a 12. Unseats Roxie for most tactically suicidal, amazing. Probably the strongest personality, but wasn't hired for knowledge or planning. Use to draw any negative press- pretty and mouthy enough to blow right through it smelling of roses, especially with an assist from Rose Knight.
Might be a good choice to spend time with. drat photogs will probably gravitate to her and leave me alone, for once.
Smells of ocean breeze with a hint of oncoming rain. Probably tailors it to a perfect balance every morning, which explains why I can never get into the drat bathroom from 6 to 8.

Overall team evaluation: I've been handed a battering ram. Hard part is going to be pointing it in the right direction. Also keeping half of it from getting punched in the face just to show their faces are harder than the other gal's fists. Certain teams will run rings around us, if I let them. Need to plan.

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May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

Caelynn, The Rose Knight

Some time ago...

The new team had finally come together. Here was another chance to make it. Kate had gotten the files - presumably like the others - on her teammates one night before their official first meeting. She was excited, too. Phia had seemed invested in making it work this time. Taking a sip from her mug of tea, she opened the first file and started reading.

Kate let out an undignified squeal of delight. Tiger Fury? The Tiger Fury! He was amazing! A hero! Would it be too gauche to ask for an autograph? Can he even still give an autograph if he's a ghost? All the same, this was going to be amazing. His experience would be invaluable. Erzbet was...less of a personality, but she was definitely smart. And ruthless, probably, given her determination to help Tiger to the title. Something that would certainly come in handy.

As excited as she was about the Tiger, Kate's reaction to Roxie is...reserved. She's got the guts, and the skill, but her glorious death attitude might be more trouble than it was worth. Nothing good can come from a fighter that just wants to die. That's common sense. Hopefully they could keep her alive long enough for the other team to die first.

She can't be the original, right? The whole story about a body double coming to life was something Kate knew about, but she'd mostly dismissed it since. It was so long ago. Still, even if this VV was just trying to take the legend for herself, a mechanically enhanced fighter was never a bad thing. She's quick, she's vicious. She really needs some maintenance, though, going by the pictures.

The last picture is revealed, and Kate can only pout. Siroko? Really? Well, there goes all the spotlight. She was gonna have to work three times as hard to get any attention now. Sure, Tuuli had the skills, but really, she could be kind of an rear end in a top hat most of the time. Kate had to hope that Phia knew what she was doing.



Wol posted:

"It's a good start. Honestly, you don't have to be funny - it's more the ability to laugh off fans' jabs that'll help you. I swear, they can be like sharks, zeroing in on the smell of blood. If there's no blood to smell, though, they can actually use the non stupid parts of their brains." She shrugs. "I'll come up with some exercises to help you work on your presence. Instead of just bringing you into a room and hurling insults at you. Gotta go for now, though. See you bright and early for promos." She throws you finger-guns and a little wink, and gets up to leave. She gets halfway to the door before turning back around. "Hey. I don't usually do hugs, but you want a hug? Don't wanna leave you feeling too lovely."

"Sure, that makes sense. I'll do my best." She goes back to coming down from her training sweat when Phia turns around again. Kate stares at her. "I...yeah. That'd be nice." Phia smells nice, she notices. Not the best hugger, but she gesture was nice.

HP: 43/43 (THP: )        AC:   21    Passive Insight: 21
Surges: 8/8 (V: 10)      For:  15    Passive Perception: 21
Initiative: +2   	 Ref:  16    Action Points: 0
Speed: 5     	         Will: 20    Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Elven

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Ardent Strike           [ ] Fey Bargain                      [ ] Crown of Stars
Divine Challenge        [ ] Fey Step                         [ ] Radiant Delirium             
Eldritch Strike           [ ] Hold Fast          
Divine Sanction         [ ] Second Wind
                        [ ] Witchfire

Item Powers
    Sunblade Greatsword (At-Will)
[ ] Sunblade Greatsword (Daily)

Cloak of Distortion: Bonus to defenses from attacks more than 5 squares away.
Eladrin Will: +5 to saves vs Charm. 
Reinforcing Armor: Bonus to defenses after getting hit.
Seeker of Illefarn: Reroll nat 1 once/encounter.
Starfire Womb: Make a saving throw when dealing damage with radiant or fear power. 
Sunblade Greatsword: Shed bright/dim light up to 20 squares; you control strength and range of light.
Virtuous Recovery: Gain resist all equal to Wis after spending healing surge USONT.

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Feb 4, 2005

Roxie collapses into her small bed after a long day training, snapping photos, and generally being minorly famous. Exhausted, she reaches to her meager bedside table and grasps her tiny Big Quetzy figure in her right hand, letting the sharp stone edges dig into her skin. After a moment she set him back down on the surface. This nightly ritual reminds her of simpler times at the Teocalli, the temple, helping her disconnect from her on camera self.

Picking up her phone, Roxie flips the personas with a complicated swiping pattern to access her encrypted personal storage and videos. Nothing of her ‘work’ life leaks into this profile, or vice versa, so she often records her thoughts in this way; a modern corruption of ritual confession. As the camera clicks on she stares at herself for a second before beginning:


"Hey Roxana, Roxie here," she smiles at her own in-joke, "I think tonight I'll tell you about my teammates." continues...

It’s hard not to like this güera . She’s charismatic y dedicado, but not arrogant about it. Her failures have tempered her, but she hasn’t let them break her. A lot of fighters quit when they get laughed out of matches, but she didn’t. I can respect that. She has the spirit of a warrior, but lacks the discipline and experience to be truly unstoppable. I’m not worried though; the Armeros Tezcatlipoca heats and hammers steel to make it fit for purpose, and I can think of no better forge than combat.

I *do* worry that she’s the extraño uno on our team with her noble knight thing. She’s so fresa its cursi. Uh, Inglés… she’s so noble its showy? Maybe we can get a little dirt under her fingernails.


Siroko’s personality is una bomba strapped to a truck headed right for you. If you stand still, you get run over. If you leap out of the way, la bomba goes off and the metralla hits you anyway. You can’t avoid it, you just pick how you take it. She is also somehow, milagrosamente, not just full of hot air. She’s actually pretty good, and I like having her at my side in matches. I’m glad she takes her health seriously, I think I see her at gimnasio more than anyone else on the team. She’s got a presence in and out of the arena that I envy; while it isn’t my style, I hope I can learn something from her.

I think she probably feels like she’s better than us, and we’re just peldaños on the path to her next big thing. It’s a team sport, chica!


Let’s start with the bad stuff. Erzbet. She’s a huge metiche, uh, busybody. Charts, graphs, books. We get it you studied Necronomics, you want a medal? Pinche frentona, jeta chava, cacharro mamona!

... at this point in the video, Roxie tosses her phone down and muffled swearing can be heard. After several seconds she picks up the phone again and squares herself in the camera...

But she’s also the reason Tiger Fury can still fight. He’s relentless in the Squared Dungeon, and so good at making openings it's clear that he’s en otro planeta in terms of skill. A true fury, an avenging spirit, unbound by death. There is no way Erzbet would be anywhere near the arena if it weren’t for him.

I will keep trying to be friendly to her in the hopes that there is something redeeming beneath esos cerebros.


I think it would permanently damage Viv if I told her I’d never heard of Vivian Vivisection before we met, and I’d never want to hurt her. A lot of Mexicanos are still bigots when it comes to AI rights, and that goes double in D.F., so she wasn’t ever a part of my media diet growing up. She’s like a kid sister to me, even if she’s almost cinco veces my age. I watched some of her old holos, and they’re okay for viejitas, but not really chelas for me. She’s good people, which is more than I can say about a lot of organic pendejos.

We fight great together, which is not surprising at all. If I could just get her to come to the gimnasio on the regular she’d be even better. Her mind is all pinche tech wizard poo poo, but her body is still based on a human woman and it could be honed into an espectacular thing with a few months on my training regimen and a maintenance rutina.


"Todos modos eso es todo por ahora. Big days ahead. Get some sleep, Roxana," she stops the recording, filing it away with the rest of her confessionals. Encrypting the partition takes a couple seconds, another set of swipes, and a passcode, but when she is done her phone is once again set to her public persona, replete with TEAM ROXIE logos and splatters of stylized blue blood.


Roxie Ruinous
PDF | Orokos | Entrance Music

Roxie Ruinous    						 
HP : 46/46 (THP: 0)    Passive Insight    : 11    Defense Sets : AC/FT/RF/WI
Surges : 8/8 (V: 13)   Passive Perception : 11    Normal         21/16/22/17
Initiative : +7        Vision : Normal            vs. OAs        +3/--/--/--
Speed : 6              Action Points : [1]        >= 5 sq        +1/+1/+1/+1

At Will               
Piercing Strike            Sly Flourish                   Great Leap

[ ] Dazing Strike          [ ] Jumping Blade Assault      [ ] Dragon Breath
[ ] Disciplined Counter    [ ] Second Wind       

[ ] Handspring Assault     [ ] Staggering Assault

[ ] Frost Dagger (Daily, Free)
[ ] Shadowdance Leather Jacket (Daily, Free)

MBA: +13 attack, 1d4+4 - w/ CA +16 attack, 1d4+5
RBA: +13 attack, 1d4+7 - w/ CA +16 attack, 1d4+8
SA: +2d8

Ritual Killer: CA vs. Slow, Immob, Weak, and enemies that have not acted
Refreshing Breeze: Dragon's Breath hits only enemies, and allies inside the zone gain +1 to attacks UEONT
Stuntwoman: Ranged and Area attacks don't provoke

(I sampled some colors from everyone's pictures to make quick little art deco logotype for fun.)

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Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011


Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011


Extra variations of the logos:

Standard Size

Smaller Size

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011


Hastily scrawled on the back of each team member's file.

Got skills, not a lot of confidence yet. Puts the gimmick on but isn't fully comitted to it. Gotta step it up. Help her get some wins in the dungeon, make her pop. Got potential if she grabs the chance. Pretty cute too. She can take us to the top. Maybe the second best here in the end.

Freelancer, might get away from the team. Channel that energy. She hits like a truck, should work on some combos. Good tactic, plays well with the crowd. Does she ever shut up about Mexico? Guess she does when she's talking about death. Definitely a player on a championship team, but needs another star to get over the top. But that's why I'm here.

Half a champion. Not sure about the other half. Overthinks things. Tiger Fury never had that problem - he know how to take the fight to them. Good to have a tactical thinker though. Just got to get her out of her own head a bit. Has style. Needs to open up to the crowd more.

Only thing have to worry about is keeping her up. Total package otherwise. Maybe not really a team player though. Can't get the crown on your own. Only way to get to the top is to go there together.

Siroko Tuuli    						 
HP : 61/61 (THP: 0)      Passive Insight    : 13    Defense Sets : AC/FT/RF/WI
Surges : 13/13 (V: 15)   Passive Perception : 13    Normal         21/20/17/17
Initiative : +3          Vision : Normal 
Speed : 6                Action Points : [1]

At Will               
Tempest Assault           Thorn Strike               Warden's Fury
Warden's Grasp

[ ] Gale Strike           [ ] Guardian's Counter     [ ] Incredible Toughness
[ ] Thundering Strike     [ ] Second Wind       

[ ] Inspiring Fortitude   [ ] Thunder Step           [ ] Form of Mountain's Thunder

Acrobat Boots (At-Will)
[ ] Lightning Craghammer (Daily, At-Will)
[ ] [ ] Potion of Cure Light Wounds
[ ] [ ] Potion of Healing

MBA: +11 attack, 1d10+10
RBA: +11 attack, 1d6+8

Font of Life: At the start of your turn, roll a saving throw.
Nature's Wrath: As a free action, mark each adjacent enemy until EoYNT.
Stormheart: When you use your Second Wind, slide each enemy marked by you and
within 2 squares of you 1 sq, and each enemy marked by you is slowed until EoYNT.
Bludgeon Expertise: +1 sq to push and slide distance with hammer attacks.
Crippling Crush: +3 damage to targets you slow or immobilize with a hammer attack.
Echoes of Thunder: +1 to damage until EoNT after you hit with thunder power.

Dec 15, 2012

See you in the
UNDERDARK Metal Wolf Chaos Music - I Hate

American Made was put together just two months ago by world-famous veteran fighter Axel Apone. Consisting of Axel and four hand-picked fiery rookies, this all-American team has exploded onto the Philadelphia scene with a high-impact, aggressive fighting style as flashy as their personalities.

Axel Apone
Coming out of semi-retirement after the year-ago breakup of his most successful team The Chaos Machine, Axel Apone is the heart, mind and soul of American Made. With little left to prove after winning championships all around the world, Axel now seems to fight for one reason only: Pure love of the sport. In-ring, he wields a large machine strapped to his right arm that, while modular, tends to include at bare minimum a couple chainsaw blades and a powerful flamethrower. While the weapon and an aggressive, violent fighting style lend him a reckless persona, he knows every trick in the book and he knows exactly what he's doing. One would be wise not to underestimate his veteran instincts.

Mauler Maxima
Mauler Maxima is more than just a throwback gimmick. She's a bionically-enhanced, superhumanly strong wrestling machine. Sporting a mastery of grappling techniques old and new, once Maxima gets her hands on a person there's a good chance it's the end of the line for them. American Made usually looks to create openings for Maxima to isolate the enemy team's deadliest member - if uninterrupted, her chain wrestling skills leave her opponent with little chance to escape.

Neon Musa
Easily the least conventional fighter on the American Made roster, kendo master Neon Musa wields a glowing blade that leaves behind lingering hard-light trails. A versatile and unpredictable fighter, he stands apart from the rest of his team in that he prefers creativity over force. While his way of thinking has earned his team victories they would otherwise certainly have not achieved, the difference in philosophy unfortunately means he can be out of sync with his team's gameplan at times. Nonetheless, Neon Musa is a credit to his team, and while his tactics can sometimes seem strange, he is not one to be underestimated.

Diamond Trinh
Former star wide receiver for the San Francisco Demons, Diamond Trinh transitioned over to the Killer's Crown after getting biotic spinal and nervous system enhancements seemingly for the hell of it. A flashy, thrill-seeking fighter whose lovably ego-driven persona seems barely exaggerated from her genuine self, Diamond Trinh has been racking up a fanbase even faster than American Made has been racking up wins. Her love of high risk, high reward maneuvers may not work in her favour every single time but it does mean that American Made rarely misses an opportunity for a high-impact play.

Olympic Triathlete gold medalist Lane Jasnikowski is America's newest pro Crown fighter. Her inclusion on American Made's roster came as a surprise to many, as few knew she was even training for the Crown. As a fighter, she supplements her natural speed, agility and endurance with an array of magical boons and curses based in her Wiccan faith. While her inexperience definitely shows in some of her tactical decisions and she's not as directly deadly as her teammates, she's proven herself to be a remarkably slippery fighter and quite dangerous in her own right. She's been noticeably improving with every fight, to the point that Philadelphia's top Crown analysts have started speculating that if she keeps adding to her arsenal and learning from Axel Apone, she could become America's breakout Crown fighter of the year.

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Dec 15, 2012

See you in the

Thread's up!

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011


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K Prime
Nov 4, 2009


Erzbet Dushka
PDF |  Entrance Music
HP : 45/45 (THP: 0)    Passive Insight    : 21    Defense Sets : AC/FT/RF/WI
Surges : 8/8 (V: 13)   Passive Perception : 21    Normal         19/16/18/19
Initiative : +6        Vision : Low-Light         vs. OAs        +4/--/--/--
Speed : 6              Action Points : [1]       

At Will               
Spirit's Wrath              Spirit Infusion                Voice of Battle
Call Spirit Companion

[ ][ ] Healing Spirit      [ ] Hamadryad Aspects          [ ] Low Blow      
[ ] Speak With Spirits     [ ] Beguiling Strands          [ ] Engaging Pursuit
[ ] Granite Armor          [ ] Second Wind       

[ ] Spirit of Grief's Shadow    [ ] Shrieking Wind Spirits

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Healing Potion (Minor)

MBA: +9 attack, 1d8+5
RBA: +3 attack, 1d4+1

Tome Expertise: Enemies adjacent to Tiger Fury grant CA
Spirit of Vigor: Allies adjacent to Tiger Fury's summon get +Int temp HP
Forest Walk: Plant-based difficult terrain is ignored
Calm Mind: +2 to saves against daze, dominate, stun
Resplendent Gloves: +2 damage when attacking Will. 
If it is an Illusion attack, targets grants CA to me.

Dec 15, 2012

See you in the
UNDERDARK Gareth Emery ft. Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel


TC Bright
The founder, owner and usual manager of the Flawless Executioners, TC Bright is known outside of the Killer's Crown as a Hollywood dance choreographer. A lifelong Crown fan, he decided to turn his attention to the combat sport after winning an Academy Award for his work on 2258's hit musical film, This Point in the Universe. Recruiting a team of fighters with backgrounds in dance, TC Bright knows exactly what his team brings to the table that others don't: fashion, elegance and grace packaged with sublime choreography. It'd be a mistake to overlook the team's combat skills just because of their aesthetic focus, though - they're also a well-oiled machine in the arena, striking fast and decisively with precisely executed teamwork.
Personally, TC Bright is actually the least experienced member in the arena - though he claims to have been training for longer, he only joined the fighting roster four months ago. Axe in hand and boasting a specialized yet deadly repertoire of silat maneuvers for close-quarters dueling, he may not be the most versatile fighter but what he does, he does flawlessly.

Monique "Simoon" Boatei
Tall, thin and incredibly athletic, Simoon cuts a striking presence in the arena or out of it. She's the Executioners' heavy hitter, a master martial artist who favours the Ashanti akrafena broadsword, a nod to her heritage. She can also wield a little magic, whipping up small storms of dust and heat as per her namesake, and heating her blade to slice through even the toughest armour. As for her role within the team, she goes way back with both TC Bright and Abaé Banu. In TC Bright's case, she's appeared as a backup dancer in a number of his musicals and as a featured dancer in some of his short films. In Abaé Banu's case, Simoon's family was part of the Ghanaian-American community in Los Angeles that Banu's family joined when they first came to America. While outsiders may see Simoon as a quietly intimidating presence and striking beauty, the Executioners themselves often describe her as the heart of the team, the glue that keeps the others' often spotlight-hungry personalities working together.

Sultry and smouldering, with an aesthetic that accessorizes leather-and-lace sensuality with the primal id-appeal of bleached bone, Cinnabar is the hot to most of the other Executioners' cold. She wields razor-sharp claws and a blinding red mist that seems to secrete from her skin itself, favouring a predatory combat style that sees her stalking and eviscerating vulnerable targets, often one already being pressed by Simoon or TC Bright. When she was recruited to the Executioners, she'd just come off a widely watched win in the amateur dance competition La Nouvelle Vogue. It was on her reccomendation that TC Bright brought in Chère Stardust, a contemporary dance choreographer she'd worked with extensively over the course of the show and a fellow individual with unique talents suited to the Killer's Crown.

Victor "Foxglove" Somerset
Foxglove is a consummate sorcerer. While not the most individually dangerous of the Executioners, his magic provides shadows to vex his enemies and hide his teammates, and mystical poisons to make his teammates' deadly attacks all the more devastating. Combat prowess aside, he brings an aesthetic and a presence that is at once elegant and alien, graceful and unsettling. A classically trained English ballerino, he's the only Executioner who'd never crossed paths with any of the others prior to the team's formation. Despite both this and his strange manner, however, he fits in flawlessly with the team, providing skills unlike but wonderfully complementary to the other Executioners'.

Chère Stardust
A petite, waifish fighter who wields "the power of a shooting star", French-Canadian choreographer Chère Stardust brings an aloof, effortless and inevitably compelling energy to the Flawless Executioners. In combat, she prefers to stay on the edges of the battlefield, slipping out of sight when she must and blasting away with deadly cosmic energy when the opportunity arises. Outside of the arena, she similarly often seems to lurk in the back of team dance routines and photoshoots, though it's likely not out of shyness. She knows full well that it makes the moments when she does step into the spotlight more meaningful by far.


"The Honeyed Fang" Abaé Banu
Ghanaian-American dancer, model and sorceress Abaé Banu was the in-combat leader of the Flawless Executioners until going on leave four months ago. Now four months pregnant, it would be beyond inadvisable for her to step into an arena; but just as TC Bright stepped in to take her place as a fighter, she stepped in to take his as manager. Despite her maternal plans, the Flawless Executioners are just as much a part of Banu as any member of the team. So far, the Executioners have flourished under her leadership. While it's hard to tell from outside what impact she's had on the team's training regimen, the Executioners' media presence has been much more focused on its individual members than on the team as a unit since she's been at the helm. The Honeyed Fang is always angling to set up photoshoots, vignettes and glamour videos for her teammates and opponents to appear in together and play off each other. She's less a fan of the trash talking promo style prevalent in the Killer's Crown, feeling it doesn't particularly suit her team.

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Jul 12, 2011


Did some bios/scouting reports for the killers Siroko called.

Scouting Reports
Mercury 8

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Mercury is an Indian-American body-builder, which shows in his incredible physique. He is a natural performer, and revels in the love of the crowd. Trained by former champion Luna Cat, Mercury 8 has mastered her high flying, gravity defying Crescent Moon Style. He uses a hit-and-run approach, coming over the top of obstacles to deal debilitating surprise blows before leaping back out of reach. He isn't as good dealing with multiple opponents at once and while he can take a punch, his defense really relies on being out of reach of retaliatory blows. He's been at his best with teams that have ways to keep opponents off him or create obstacles he can use to his advantage. Mercury still competes as a bodybuilder but increasingly prioritizes his Crown career.

Cold Iron

Cold Iron's arena name comes from the armor she wears, a heavily customized set of firefighting gear reflecting her former career with the FDNY. The powered armor suit works in tandem with her own frost magic, making her incredibly tough and giving her a suite of abilities that can slow down or even immobilize her opponents. She's a great tank, but her mobility and hitting power are limited. Cold Iron makes a great anchor but needs heavy hitters around her. She's a dependable teammate and never gives up, but also has a bit of an aloof ice queen persona. Cold Iron is no longer an active firefighter herself but does a lot of work for first responder charities.


Emma-80 first came to fame as an Olympic archer with a love for retro-pop culture. She's recently transitioned to competing in the Crown, following in the footsteps of her uncle, who competed as the Canonneer. She's put her own spin on his explosive heavy approach, adding a dose of increase mobility and evasiveness to complement the artillery role. However Emma's abilities can be as dangerous to her teammates as her enemies, and she's weak in hand to hand combat. Team that can set a strong frontline and pin the enemy in place for her to pick off from range works to her benefit. Emma's mic skills are still developing - her enthusiasm is for real though, and while her approach comes across as corny, sometimes it just works. Emma's lack of experience in the arena shows occasionally as well.

Billy Fresno

No one's entirely sure if Billy Fresno is an idiot making everything up as he goes along or if he's a genius whose plans are incomprehensible to mere mortals or if it's both at once. The Californian's fighting style is erratic and unpredictable, for good and ill, relying as it does on self-taught chaos magic. When it works, he can swing a match on his own; when it doesn't, he can swing a match on his own. Billy Fresno is high variance personified in the arena, which tends to be interesting for good teams that aren't quite great or weak teams willing to throw anything at the wall. Either type tends to outgrow him eventually. He's just as over the top in his personal life, though his many former teammates agree he always has their backs - it's his own he doesn't protect.


Dec 15, 2012

See you in the

La Familia

A year ago, La Familia was Philadelphia's top heel team, trading the championship back and forth with the Steel Jackets. That was before the Furies, The Deathless, the Flawless Executioners and American Made arrived on the scene. They and their rivals have since been relegated to the midcard, unable to compete with the relatively new influx of talent. As Sante Rosso, Fortuna De Luca and Zio Massimo are all personal friends of Joel McKnight in one capacity or another, La Familia's days in the spotlight saw their success marred by accusations of collusion and favouritism - but if they ever minded, they never showed it, always all too willing to blend the real accusations with their kayfabe heel identity.


"Il Consigliere" Sante Rosso
A well-traveled and competent fighter, Sante Rosso unfortunately never managed to distinguish himself either as a must-watch personality or as a real force to be reckoned with in combat. His talents truly lie in mid-combat strategy and in creating openings for deadlier teammates to take advantage of. In La Familia, this is exactly the role he fills, tightly controlling the ebb and flow of battle.

Fortuna De Luca
Not the most purely powerful or highly skilled of fighters, Fortuna De Luca nonetheless boasts nerves of steel and improbable luck powers that let her get away with what often seems on its face to be suicidal boldness. Her tendency to succeed or fail spectacularly makes her a somewhat begrudging crowd favourite despite her team's heel status.

"Inkwell" Pietro De Luca
Pietro De Luca boasts formidable arcane power, able to extensively and forcefully control shadows. Unfortunately for him, he's somewhat uncreative in its application, wielding an incredibly versatile ability like a blunt object. He's at his best when under the direct guidance of teammate Sante Rosso. Despite his limitations, he slots well into La Familia, benefiting from the team's strong in-combat leader and using his powers to provide both offense and cover for his stealthy teammates.

Zio Massimo
Zio Massimo has had many names over the course of his four decade-long Crown career. Now in his sixties, he's easily one of the oldest active fighters that you can think of. His longevity is certainly helped by his relaxed attitude toward fighting, and a style that sees him setting traps and staying out of sight before he appears to deliver a decisive blow. Behind the scenes, he's known to be a close confidant and even mentor to Joel McKnight, knowing the Crown business intimately after so many years in it.

Giovanna "The Scalpel" Franzesi
A fashionable, elegant young fighter with retractable cybernetic blades implanted in each arm, Giovanna Franzesi cuts a striking figure. Driven and perfectionist, she's also almost certainly the member of La Familia with the most potential for growth, and she knows it. She's courted controversy lately by implying in an interview that she's already far surpassed her teammates. Her confidence is even such that she recently issued an open challenge to fight one-on-one with any killer in the Asylum Arena. So far, Simoon of the Flawless Executioners has taken her up on it and won handily, though that doesn't seem to have dampened Giovanna's self-assurance any.


"Godmother" Lucrezia De Luca
A retired accountant by the time she became involved with the Killer's Crown, Lucrezia De Luca seems to have set up La Familia partly as something to do with her retirement, partly as a vanity project, and partly for the benefit of her real-life granddaughter, Giovanna Franzesi. She takes part in promos but otherwise stays aloof both from other teams and from the media. Despite her seeming non-participation in backstage politics, though, her team's close association with Joel McKnight himself could hardly be achieved without at least some involvement from her.

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