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Sep 17, 2009

What is Deep Rock Galactic?
From the official website:
  • Deep Rock Galactic is a 4-player sci-fi co-op shooter taking place in procedurally generated and 100% destructible caves on an extremely hostile alien planet.
  • You play as a team of dwarven space miners, out to complete missions for your corporate overlords and to collect as much gold, gems, and other precious minerals as you possibly can before you're overrun.
  • To complete your tasks, you're equipped with a wide variety of severely hard-hitting weapons as well as a slew of hand gadgets. Set up turrets, call down supplies, build staircases up walls, or simply just drill your way to your objective - the choice is yours!
It has a lot of elements from Left 4 Dead (getting mobbed by gribblies, desperate escapes), Minecraft (fully destructible environments, lots of shiny things to gather via pickaxe) and a little bit of Dwarf Fortress (casual disregard for dwarven safety), all of which mix together in a way thatís greater than the sum of the parts. Every level being completely randomly generated makes every mission unique with payouts being based on what/how much you mine, adding a distinct risk/reward factor driven by the players themselves.

Basically itís fun as hell and Iíve managed to sink 24 hours on it in two days, so I decided to make a thread about it.

Tell me more about DWARVES.
  • The Gunner is your typical heavy weapons guy who carries powerful ranged weapons and likes to shout while he kills things. He comes with a minigun, a revolver, satchel charges for when bullets donít get the point across, and a Zipline gun that can ferry dwarves around the level.
  • The Scout is an extremely nimble dwarf who excels at, well, scouting. He has an assault rifle, a double-barreled shotgun, a flare gun, and a Grappling Hook that makes him the most mobile character by a wide margin.
  • The Engineer is support-focused and brings along several handy gadgets. Heís equipped with an automatic shotgun, a grenade launcher, deployable turrets, and the Platform Gun that allows him to create terrain.
  • The Digger is last but not least, and is an interesting combination of heavy weapons and support. As his name implies, his primary weapon of choice is a pair of giant drills that can rip through terrain and enemies alike. He also brings along a flamethrower, a repeater, and satchel charges.

Are there any NOT-DWARVES?
  • BOSCO is an all-purpose drone friend that follows you around on solo runs. He can shoot things, revive you if you get downed, and will mine ore for you if you ask him nicely. Thankfully, BOSCO is invulnerable, so you never have to worry about him.
  • Molly the M.U.L.E. is a minecart with legs that will follow you around and carry your ore for you. Similarly to BOSCO, Molly is invulnerable and only here to help.

What about ANTI-DWARVES?
  • Gyphids are the primary enemy type of Deep Rock Galactic, and are your standard spider/ant alien things that are mostly teeth and hunger. Gyphids come in a handful of different flavors, such as the Exploding Gyphid or the Acid Spitter Gyphid, but are mostly melee monsters who want to bite your beard off.
  • Cave Leeches are complete fuckers who live on cave ceilings. They'll paralyze you and chew on your skull until you die if you walk into one of their dangling tentacles.
  • Loot Bugs are harmless grubs who have managed to gorge themselves on Gold. They're basically money piŮatas.

There are already several different mission types available:
  • Mining Expedition and Collection send your team through twisting caves to find veins of precious minerals or deeply buried alien Eggs, respectively.
  • Search and Extract places your team in a series of large caverns that must be strip-mined.
  • Point Extraction drops a mining platform into the middle of cavern full of rare, valuable, and difficult to obtain ore.
  • Elimination brings you into a Gyphid hive to kill several of the most powerful enemies the game has to offer - the Gyphid Dreadnoughts.
Every level's terrain and bounty are randomly generated from top to bottom, including the Escape Pod's landing zone, so no two runs will be the same.

I have heard enough. Teach me HOW TO BECOME A DWARF.
Deep Rock Galactic is currently on Steam for $25. While it's in Early Access, the basic premise has shown a lot of promise and there's a ton of room to expand.


Sep 17, 2009

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marshmallow creep
Dec 10, 2008

I've been sitting here for 5 mins trying to think of a joke to make but I just realised the animators of Mass Effect already did it for me

The Polygon stream team visited this game and were my introduction to it. It looks like fun!

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