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Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

LifeGetsWorser posted:

questions for Grogfish.

Hazel Hall Ok so you’ve got magic that you taught yourself How did you figure that out, what was the catalyst? And how’d you come to the attentions of the Sisters of Midnight? On that note, who is in charge of the local chapter, and what’s your relationship like with them? I mean, if it’s you, then I imagine your uh...confidant personality tends to rub some of your subordinates the wrong way (whether you’re in charge or not, actually!), so, do you have anybody you’d consider to be a rival or an enemy in the order? Oh hey, and on that note, what about your family - are they magical, too? Or are you special, comparatively?

Ah, that story isn't so exciting. Grandpa died when I was about fifteen or so, and while we were going through the stuff in his house, I found a set of magical books boxed up in the attic, either his, grandma's or their parents, but from the dust they hadn't been used in a few decades at least. Being fifteen, I was just the right age to jump on it, being a witch sounded like the perfect thing to do when I was stuck living in identical row houses Suburbia Hell, exactly the kind of rebellion that'd really stick it to the Blandy McBlanderson's living next door. And since someone in the family had been a witch of some sort, even if it wasn't Grandpa, I got a bit suspicious, and kept a real close eye on my parents, but... nope. I did figure that no one who lived in such a soulless neighborhood could secretly be dabbling in magic, and turns out... yup! My grandparents at least lived in Bumfuck-Nowhere, which is still a step up from here, and probably easier to hide ~dark riturals~ or whatever you'd like to call it.

As for the Sisterhood, well... remember how I started out my magical career fighting a dragon? I didn't win, but news like that gets around, and since I didn't have any wards up, some of the local witches were able to scry and contact me. Introduced me to the order. At the time, I was pretty drat happy to have people in a position to give me some guidance, I'd almost died, if you remember, at the two friends doing magic with me both quit after that. These days, I'm not so happy to follow what the regional chapter 'president' has to say, he's a know-it-all who doesn't do any field work, not worth bothering with. Most (that is, about half of the ones who care) of the regional Sisters are on my side, at least loosely, they know I'm smart, they know I'm more talented, and they know I'm more powerful, I could probably call a gather and get promoted to leader, but ehhhhh, it'd be a pain. It's not like I'd suddenly get to be leading a bunch of witches into combat, it'd mostly just mean having to deal with people more than I already do. He can keep the job.

No, my rival is Denise sigh 'Appleseed', which is the fakiest fake witch name I've ever heard, but whatever, she's a year older than I am, has been doing the witch game three years longer - which means she started younger than I did, as she constantly remarks - and is nearly as good as me, but she has a giant loving pile of cash, so she travels around in style in a loving nice mobile home doing stuff full time, so she gets more things done than I am. She's the most notable field witch active in the region, aside from me, obviously, so we're both competing for the same recognition. She's not bad person, really, but her ego is so large she's bound to overstep worse than I did with the dragon or try a ritual she can't handle and cause some real problems.


Oct 23, 2010

Me "IRL"

So, I actually hate this part because I know I'm not doing a nine person game but I have been having a tough time agonizing who I am not taking. When it came down to it I decided that going with six was the right play for me right now, just getting back into the swing of things, but that didn't make anything easier because all nine apps were just so good.

I did have to make a choice though, so I did. But for the three of you I didn't take, your apps were awesome and I wanted to take all y'all.

The six I did take though, are:

Hazel Hall, the Spell-Slinger as played by GodFish,
Jack Wolfe, the Chosen as played by Tricky,
Jen Knight, the Professional as played by thelazyblank,
Rowena Carter, the Monstrous as played by Frgrbrgr,
Jace “Deuces” Sweeny, the Crooked as played by Relentless, and
Perseus “Percy” Eurymedon, the Exile as played by Toph Bei Fong

Congratulations to the six of you! If you please, discuss amongst yourselves (and me if you feel so inclined) and come up with your Introductions and Histories for the rest of the group. Obviously we'll get started when that's done, but hopefully we can have it done by the 27th, yes?

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Alright, introductions time! I think just about everyone is, on the whole, way more in tune with the weird side of things than Jack. So people likely know from the last month or two that he's a big locus of mystical weirdness, there's probably prophecies, and he's just generally like a bug light for weirdoes and monsters.Things can't help but pop up when he's around.

Available Histories posted:

• You are close blood relations. Ask them exactly how close.
• They are destined to be your mentor. Tell them how this was revealed. Percy. He knew because of a prophecy, Jack found out in one of his many nightmarish visions.
• Your best friend in the world, who you trust totally. Hazel. Jack is pretty well impressed by how much she knows and they formed a solid friendship after their first meeting.
• A rival at first, but you came to a working arrangement. Jen. She's got her eyes on Jack, but his earnest attempts at do-goodery have eased tensions.
• Romantic entanglement, or fated to be romantically entangled. Rowena. Jack doesn't really understand it, necessarily, or even know, but there's some cosmic force pulling the two together.
• Just friends, from school or work or something. Ask them what. Deuces. He's kind of the general campus miscreant, dealing and stealing, but even Jack can go for a little herb from time to time.
• They could have been the Chosen One instead of you, but they failed some trial. Tell them how they failed.
• You saved their life, back when they didn’t know monsters were real. Tell them what you saved them from.

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Jan 20, 2009

There's really two Rowenas. The first is the clumsy bubbly teenager that she wants to be. As a townie and high-school dropout, it's easy to play off her mistakes - but really, she's scared that she's in over her head, shoved into a world where she doesn't belong. Covers it up with a gritty smile and tears when she gets home.

But of course, then there's the other Rowena. Cold, dark hunger. Maybe you've only seen it in flashes - or maybe you've been unfortunate to have seen it full bear. It's like that moment where your popsicle falls off its stick and you know there's never going back - only, after the hunger has been sated, she snaps back and looks lost and confused. Was that really her? Or is that who she really is under the facade. You'll never really know - all you're certain of is that she claims to be on your side.

You know... for now.



Jen tried to slay you, but you proved you’re on the side of good. Ask them what convinced them.
• You are romantically obsessed with Jack. Ask them if they know, and if they reciprocate.
Percy is tied to your curse or origin. He crossed some of the Old Line back in ancient times.
• You fought together with Hazel against the odds, and prevailed. Adventures in Babysitting, Monster Hunter Edition.
Deuces saved you from another hunter who was prepared to kill you. Ask them what happened.

Deuces posted:

This hunter saved your life when a monster had the drop on you. Now you owe them one.

There's a certain smell to fresh blood that you can't forget. And when there's a lot of it - it's hard to describe but it's almost like you can taste it in the air, cut it with your teeth. And so one night a few months back when that suddenly came upon me - well it's hard to forget. I'd been trying to law low, still figuring out how to do anything without my mom. And then it hits me, the scent, the power. And something rotten carrying along with it. I immediately knew, recognized the smell from my mother's blades, a fight or three. A feral - one of my lesser brethren that've gone years without blood, a mind lost completely to finding the only thing that can satisfy the need to feed. And it had apparently found some. And wanted more.

It was like a second sense kicked in - the feral was hunting something. No - someone. A man, scared, running for his life. A coldness ran down my spine, and I suddenly knew just what to do. As if on instinct, I ducked out into the night. I moved like wind. I hunted like never before. The prey was easy enough to find - covered in dripping blood, still warm. It was easy enough to close in undetected. Easier still to slash its throat open with my fangs, taking care not to ingest any of its own bitter liquids. It fell immediately, and I watched as it bled out into the pavement.

It was only later that I realized I was being watched. The running man - still scared, but transfixed on me. I turned and gave him a cold nod, then scampered off back home, the job done. Slept it off, woke up feeling much more myself.

It was a few days later when a solid knock on my door introduced me to the man I had saved. A man known as Deuces...

Percy posted:

They showed understanding when you were confused and overwhelmed.

He needed a new wardrobe so I took him to the mall and a few other places. Definitely better than the rags he was walking around in before. He doesn't look too bad freshened up - kinda attractive if I'm being honest.

Jen posted:

You got sent to “deal with them” as a hazard to the Agency’s policies one time. Tell them how you resolved this.

Deuces wasn't my first choice, but I knew his apartment was close and he definitely owed me a favor. So I ran there and begged him to help.


Hazel: The big sis that I never had! And so drat cool - slinging spells and breaking hearts left and right. Hazel is basically my new mentor in the ways of the monster hunt.

Jack: *swoon* *hides*

Deuces: Kinda like the deadbeat uncle that looks out for me. Even though sometimes I have to look out for him. And clean up his apartment oh my god.

Jen: She's so cold. And tried to kill me that one time. One time I did a Starbucks run for the group and even though she asked for a pumpkin spice latte, I brought her back a dark roast.

Percy: I mean the guy is hopeless. Thinks he's from ancient Greece! Even if it isn't true... I mean... It can't be true, right? Anyways... it was kinda fun introducing him to the mall.

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Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

Hazel Hall

Most people in on the secret know Hazel to be a witch, and either as someone who appears to be aggressively overconfident and full of herself or someone who rumors say use dark magics. Those who know her a bit better know that she both uses rather unpleasant spells and that she holds herself to the standard her ego and confidence suggest. Either way, she doesn't always seem like the best choice to take into an investigation, unless you think you're going to need help already.

Initial ideas


• They act as your conscience when the power goes to your head. Ask them about the last time this happened. Definitely need someone for this: Jack?
• Blood relation, though you were out of contact for years. Ask them how they reconnected with you. The idea of Percy for this seems hilarious - could also see it for Deuces
• Mentor from another life. Ask them what they taught you.
• Your magic-fueled rescue of them introduced them to the supernatural. Tell them what creature was after them.
• An old rivalry has turned into a tight friendship. Tell them what you once fought over. I could see Jen for this
• You thought they were dead, and now they’re back. What “killed” them?
• They’re an on-again/off-again love interest. Ask them what keeps you apart. Tell them what keeps you together. Or Jen for this
• A comrade-in-arms. You’ve faced the biggest threats together. Like the idea of Rowena for this, could work for Percy too

Sep 22, 2007

It's a perfect day for some mayhem!



• This hunter knows about your criminal past. Tell them what crimes they saw you commit. Jack has seen me around campus buying electronics and selling fake IDs and pot.
• This hunter was there when you decided to give up the life and hunt monsters instead. Work out together what happened. Jen and I had an interesting conversation when she showed up trying to murder my little vampire friend. Changed my whole outlook.
• This hunter is a cousin or more distant relative. Hazel is a second cousin. Didn't even realize it at first.
• This hunter saved your life when a monster had the drop on you. Now you owe them one. Rowena saved my life when I pissed off a vampire. I don't really count saving her from Jen as clearing my debt, it got me some new friends.
• This hunter worked with you on a semi-legal or illegal job. Work out what it was.
• This hunter is your younger sibling or child (possibly adopted). You look out for them.
• This hunter is your moral compass. When you talk over things with them, their advice keeps you on the straight and narrow. Percy, I'll get advice from my great-great-great-great...-great uncle!
• You’re powerfully attracted to this hunter. Maybe someday you’ll deserve them.

Proposal: Rowena saved my rear end during the job where I got my book. We became loose acquaintances, and at a later date she came to me for help while being hunted by Jen, which was when I started taking this whole monster hunting thing a little more seriously.

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Jan 20, 2009

Relentless posted:


Proposal: Rowena saved my rear end during the job where I got my book. We became loose acquaintances, and at a later date she came to me for help while being hunted by Jen, which was when I started taking this whole monster hunting thing a little more seriously.

Like it!

Jan 21, 2014

I don't know what to put here. Guys? GUYS?!

Relentless posted:

Proposal: Rowena saved my rear end during the job where I got my book. We became loose acquaintances, and at a later date she came to me for help while being hunted by Jen, which was when I started taking this whole monster hunting thing a little more seriously.

I'm good with this, which means I'm good with the fiction that Deuces and Rowena talking it out convinced Jen that Rowena's probably not worth hunting down.


• Your relationship with them has romantic potential. So far it hasn’t gone further. Hazel
• They’re on the Agency’s watch list, and you’ve been keeping an eye on them. Jack.
• You are related. Tell them how close.
• You met on a mission and worked together unofficially. And successfully. Deuces.
• They’ve worked with the Agency before, and they’re well regarded.
• You were friends back in training, before the Agency recruited you. This could be military, law enforcement, or some weirder school: decide the details between you.
• They pulled you (and maybe your team) out of a terrible FUBARed mission. Percy here.
• You got sent to “deal with them” as a hazard to the Agency’s policies one time. Tell them how you resolved this. Rowena.

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Successful Businessmanga
Mar 28, 2010

Ah well! Have fun y'all. Thanks for the consideration LGW.

Toph Bei Fong
Feb 29, 2008

You can't see me at all...

Here's my rough ideas, let me know what folks think, and I've got ideas on how to put things together.


They are a distant descendant of your family line. Deuces?

They belong to an organisation that existed in your home time. Decide between you what your relationship was with that group, and how you'll be remembered by them.

They showed understanding when you were confused and overwhelmed. Rowena?

When you met, you immediately liked and respected each other. Jack

They possess a message or item left for you from your comrades in the past. Ask them to tell you what it is and how it came into their possession. Jen?

They had a vision, premonition, or prophecy that mentioned your exile. Tell them what the vision showed them about you. Hazel?

You both became hunters because of the same sort of monster attacked you or your kin. Decide between you what it was.

They were the first person to take you in, explain the modern world, and learn
about your origins. Work out how you managed to communicate (perhaps you speak a common language, or ancient and modern versions of the same one).

Sep 22, 2007

It's a perfect day for some mayhem!

I am totally okay with being the disappointing descendant of Perseus.

Be prepared to recieve some mocking about the number of nude statues of you there are.

Frgrbrgr posted:

• Deuces saved you from another hunter who was prepared to kill you. Ask them what happened.

Once you knew you were being hunted, I was not your first call. But you knew I owed you a solid from saving my life previously.

We holed up in my apartment. Jen tracked you, but usually vampires set up some sort of protected den in a quiet area where screams won't be heard. You might even have a thrall, but it'd be unusual for your age.

An apartment building was odd, but she definitely wasn't expecting to find you hiding in the tub while I sat guard with my Honey Badger. Thralls tend to be twitchy and quiet. They're not usually watching Cops and drinking purple Four Loko. They don't compare their target to a Trinity knockoff from the Matrix and tell them to go back to 1999 Hot Topic. Thralls definitely don't offer assassins lukewarm pizza rolls while they talk over the situation at gunpoint.

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Jan 21, 2014

I don't know what to put here. Guys? GUYS?!


Jen comes off as a bit non-chalant about her job when outside of the hunt, maybe even a little jaded. Once the job starts, she's fully engaged with what's going on. She's trained but tends to roll with the punches as they come rather than try and plan everything out. She comes off as a bit overconcerned with any team she worked with now, and tries to lead whenever given the opportunity with very mixed results. It doesn't take long to figure out that she's not exactly a people person in the traditional sense.

Hazel: Look, she's good at what she does. Makes an impression to those around her. I mean, it's not always the most subtle thing, but I own a H&K MP7, so who am I to judge? I trust her well enough that she knows what she's doing.

Jack: Good kid. A little weird. Has a weight on his back from whatever the hell dragged him into this. Can't say I blame him for being a little depressed given the whole situation. College is rough for everyone, even without everything we're into.

Percy: I'd be more surprised if he wasn't the real deal, to be honest. I've met liars and cheats, it goes with the territory, but either this is the weirdest long con I've ever seen, or he's genuine. Either way, he's really good in a fight and he's.. trying, I guess?

Rowena: Christ, she's a mess. I mean, I don't blame her, being a monster who's gotta deal with all this, especially since she's got the emotional maturity of a college freshman on a good day. Happy I didn't kill her, though. Most of this isn't her fault.

Deuces: They don't make them like Deuces much anymore. He's like the world's most likeable used car salesman. Still, best one in the group to just sit down and have a beer with. Also the only one who can keep up when I talk about the differences between forms of hardware.

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Sep 22, 2007

It's a perfect day for some mayhem!


Deuces is a classic example of white trash. Bad hawaiian shirts over wifebeaters. He's nice and smiley, always looking to make new friends. And make a buck off em. He's new to the whole monster hunting game, but it works like any other job. Get your crew, do your homework, do the job and pray it goes well. Then celebrate with some 40s and hit the strip club. At then end of the day, he wants to hang his friends, get drunk and have some fun.

Jen: In my line of "work", you run across a lot of people who talk a lot of poo poo. But Jen is the real deal. Tough as nails, knows what she's doing, willing and able to use every gun she carries. Not too bad to look at, either. Not that I'd want her to catch me staring. She once threatened to call in a drone strike, and I don't think she was kidding.

Jack: Ah, simple Jack. Still thinks he can save everyone. Even worse, still thinks everyone is worth saving. One day, the real world is going to come crashing down on him like a ton of bricks and dead bodies. And on that day, I will spring for a bottle of good tequila for the poor SOB.

Rowena: Speaking of the real world... Rowena got thrown in the deep end. Poor kid. She was even younger than I was when she figgered out the world doesn't do us any favors. Maybe Jack will rub off on her, let her see the bright side again. Though, it looks like she wants to be rubbing on him. Heh. Ah, young, stupid love.

Percy: I'm still not convinced he's not just off his meds, but man, he sells it with those stories. He can drink and fight like hell, too. How cool would it be to ACTUALLY be descended from a hero? Like, a drinking songs and gold coins and rescuing virgins HERO?

Hazel: It's strange. She's my second cousin, but from the good side of the family. No divorces, nobody in rehab, they're all good little citizens that pay their taxes and drive Priuses. Somehow Hazel The Hellraiser came out of that. Honestly, she scares the poo poo out of me sometimes. I thought I was onto some wizard poo poo with this book, but she is something ELSE. Fearless. Except for the part where she won't watch Game Of Thrones 'cuz of all the dragons.

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Oct 23, 2010

Me "IRL"

Thread's up!

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