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Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Hot +2 | Cold -1 | Volatile -1 | Dark +1
XP: 1/5 | Harm: 0/4 | Conditions: Prey, Creep

"B-But..." I'm pulled to my feet. I'm feeling light headed. I know what will happen if I find Gary like this... I've got to clear my head first. Otherwise all the rumours that Chastity had been spreading would be suddenly horribly true! ....truer then they are right now.

"I-I will." I promise. Shivering at the sensation of her skin against mine. Hooded eyes staring at her lips. My hips sifting forward unconsciously. "But how d-do I c-convince him...?"


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Hot -1 | Cold +1 | Volatile -1 | Dark +2
XP: 3/5 | Harm: 0/4 | Conditions: Warned

Darkest Self!

I put my finger on her lips and say, "River. Come on. I think you know exactly how to convince him." Which is to say, of course, that she should just tell him to do it. He seems out of it enough to do it without a single question. Who knows how she'll take that, though? "I can see you must have such an itch, you poor thing, and I'd just love to help you scratch it. But you're going to need to do your part first, right? A promise is a promise, after all."

I take her hand, then, and begin pulling her towards gym class and Gary. I say, "Come on, let's do it. I can hardly wait to give you that... reward."

Jun 2, 2007

You'll see...

Hot -1 | Cold +1 | Volatile +2 | Dark -1
XP: 1/5 | Harm: 1/4 | Conditions: Psychopath

Nothing. I don't feel any different. Everything looks the same, everything feels the same, everything smells the same. This school is as drab and bleak as it was yesterday. No more, and no less. It's a little disappointing, but I guess not really surprising. At least I'll get some money out of it.

I head to the locker room and get changed, exchanging one set of drab, gray clothes for another. And while I'm changing, I overhear a loud, jocky voice.

"Yo dudes, check out what I got."

At first I don't pay attention. I don't have any reason to. Jocks are the easiest people to over here, but also the most boring. But then I hear a distinct, and oddly familiar rattling noise from that same direction. It's like the non-verbal equivalent of hearing your own name. I snap my head over, and I see one of Ryan's meathead friends holding something in his hand. A bottle of pills.

The same kind of bottle that I have.

"Nice!" Another jock high-fives him. The sound echoes slightly off the walls and floors. "You get that girl at the pharmacy to start selling to you again?"

"Nah man," the first jock shakes his head. "I just swiped this poo poo right out of Chris's locker."

"Fuckin' what? You sure this just isn't fuckin' aspirin or asthma pills or some poo poo?"

"gently caress off, dude. One, that kid is loving high as a kite all the loving time. And two, does it really matter? They're pills, man. They can't be bad for you."

"...Yeah, whatever. Good enough for me." Both of the jocks then turn to Ryan, almost in unison. "Hey Ry-man, you want in on this?"

At this point, I'm still staring at them from across the room. Still watching. I watch them dump the bottle onto a bench, and then I keep watching as one of them grabs a screwdriver from their bag and starts crushing those pills with the butt of its handle. I don't even blink. I feel myself get a little transfixed on the scene. Everything else seems to blur a little as I watch them start to just snort these weird pills right off the locker room bench.

I have to see what happens next. I have to see if anything happens.

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