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Jul 10, 2008



Helical Nightmares
Apr 30, 2009

1. B

2. F

Regardless of who is responsible for what equipment this vignette has shown us everyone needs to be combat ready.

3. G

The French built a base in the middle of a valley in Vietnam. It was wiped out in the battle of Dien Bien Phu. Americans built their base on the top of a mountain.

Be like the Americans and take the high ground with good sight lines.

4. L

We are coming in late. We should spring for the defensive gear.

Jan 19, 2015


Let’s engage the squatters head on and see what happens. Maybe they’re having trouble with the deathworld wildlife and can be pushed for an alliance. Maybe Granny gets to christen her mortar. Either is preferable to trying to ignore another faction while they dig in and start locking down the best territory and loot.

We have enough ground to cover here that I think the advantages of mobility shouldn’t be underestimated. We want to be able to explore faster than the competition, raid them if they piss us off, and run away when we stumble into ambushes and neph nests.

Feb 26, 2013


Update will go up tomorrow, so still time to get your vote in.

Feb 26, 2013



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Feb 13, 2011

Rolling Thunder: War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt

Why? , that's why.

oh poo poo i forgot to vote


Actually if voting is closed ignore this

Feb 26, 2013


‘Little Kadash’, Bastion

The heart of the Kaltoran community in Bastion is an old residence tower that survived relatively unharmed. Patched up with sheet metal and salvaged stone, it is a chaotic mass of activity as the dozen or so families celebrate some holiday you were unfamiliar with. Scores of children run about, demanding sweets or ‘tinny-back rides’. Jadzi begins to laugh at you, but she is quickly swarmed by a child-horde of her own. And when they discover that you are far stronger than you look, a new game was born. When twelve of them have attached themselves to you despite your protests, familiar laughter echoes over the babble. You shoot Jenni a dire look.
“This is not funny!”
*laughter*”Yes it is! The fearsome Captain is being overcome by toddlers, the only way it could be funnier is if they were puppies or kittens!”
“Heyya! Get offya! I’ll twist your ears you little hooligans!”

The mob runs off, laughing and hurling nonsensical insults at you and Jadzi. She apologizes, but you wave it off.
“Do not worry, if the worst thing that happens to me is to be used as a jungle gym I’ll be lucky. Jadzi, I’d like you to me-”

But Jenni is gone again. Although as the two of you make your way through the celebration, you think you see her here and there. Laughing at a puppet show, oohing at a fire-breather. You won’t lie, even if she’s being coy, its good to have her here. Everything is so close here, and even the smallest greeting or social interaction involves hugs and touches. It makes sense for a people that spent decades in near total darkness, but its all a bit… intimate for you.

There aren’t really enough Palantor to be called a society. A few tens of thousands scattered across the sectors surrounding the breached Palantor Network node. And even in the handful of places they gather into a Cluster to pool resources and knowledge, there is always a distance. Just the act of being pulled from the Network is traumatic, say nothing of those that were ex-Mechanoid. Everyone is helpful to each other, but most are too caught up in their personal issues to pull together as a close community.

But finally you’ve made your way through the crush, up to a small gathering on the roof. They’re all older, the heads of the various families chatting about the issues they're facing over a shared bottle of fermented mushroom juice. Another round of introductions and hugs ensue, until you’re introduced to Elder Luck. She’s the oldest Kaltoran you’ve ever seen, impossible to tell where the smile ends and the wrinkles begin. You make a show of clearing your nonexistent throat, and nod to her.
“Elder Luck, my friend Jadzi tells me that you and your family are skilled mechanics. In my travels, I have come across plans for an old-tech recycler.”
You hold out a holocrys which promptly displays complicated schematics.
“Unfortunately I lack the ability and wherewithal to construct the device, but I thought that you and yours would be able to do so easily.”

Elder Luck peers at you for a long moment, her ears twitching quickly. You’re about to lower your hand and admit failure when she erupts into laughter.
“Ohoho, I only wish you had a proper face dearieya. So earnest for a lady-electronic, your Swagger-child coached you well. You came here when you didn’t haveta and tried to honor our ways, so I accept the gift in the spirit in which it was given.”

She takes the holocrys and pats the sitting cushion in front of her. As you sit, she takes your hands.
“Now, the chatter is that you want to put roots down on Mishpacha. I would know your heart before you do thisya. My childhood was spent on this world, I might be the last person to have lived on the old Mishpacha. According to many of our faiths, that makes me its guardian.”

She places one of your hands on her chest, and you can feel the quick beating of her non-human heart. She puts her other hand over where your heart might be, and leans in until her forehead is touching your faceplate.
“My heart wants there to finally be kal-children that no longer bear the horrors of their parents. Captain Electronica TenSixths, what does your heart want?”

Chapter 2: Home on the Range
The Jenni, over Waistra Plateau

You bring the Jenni down in a smooth arc, circling the region at medium altitude. No surprises so far, everything lines up with the survey data.
“Looking good so far. Kruze, what’s the air like?”
“Dropping probe…. ah. Looks like the air is more or less clear at the higher altitudes, with increasing concentrations of neuro-effective compounds as you descend. I’d recommend filtermasks on the mesas, full-containment at ground level.”
“Excellent. I’m bringing us in, touchdown in 4...3..2..1. There we go.”

It would be nice to say that it was a textbook landing, but this is the Jenni we’re talking about. But there’s a minimum of bouncing, and only two alarms go off. You power down and grunt in satisfaction.
“Welcome to Waistra Plateau ladies, let’s get moving. Hydra and Kruze, give me a patrol of the area. Jadzi and Cody, you’re on fence duty. I’ll handle the sentry guns.”
“As you wish.”
“...Yes Captain.”
“...Aye Cap.”

Base Camp, Waistra

The rollout proceeds smoothly, you’ve chosen your crew well and they are all eager to get established. Kruze and Hydra’s patrol seems to be going well, only the occasional ‘Contact/Contact Neutralized’ over the comms marking encounters with wildlife. Jadzi and Cody have nearly finished rolling out the fence, the Synth Steel mesh extruding from post to post behind them. You roll the last of the sentry guns over to its spot nearby and hand them water canteens. Its a warm summer’s day, and there’s no shade on the bare rock of the plateau’s edge. Breathing through a filter mask also adds to the exertion, and you don’t want anyone getting dehydrated on day one. They thank you and drink.
“Yaknow Cap, this stuff doesn’t look bad but wouldn’t Legion gear have been a better choice?”

Cody shoots Jadzi a look, but shrugs instead of retorting.
“As much as I wouldn’t want to malign the good products of Body Count Conglomerate™, and in fact am legally forbidden from doing so, I have heard excellent reviews of Legion-sourced fortifications.”
“Yes, but they are also very expensive, and this isn’t a cash-positive operation yet. Plus, the fencing mesh is self-extending and self-repairing, as long as it has sufficient carbon feedstock. Which shouldn't be a problem, what with being in the middle of a jungle.”

Jadzi looks like she’s about to respond when she grabs her ears in pain. Cody looks confused, you feel a… tingle in your sensors. Suddenly a sound like Satan’s own whistle splits the air, and an plume of vapor shoots skyward from the mesa to your southeast. It lasts a few seconds and then the jungle is still again, except for the cries of agitated avians.
“.... what the gently caress?”

The five of you watch from around your campfire as Geyser Mesa sounds off again. Jadzi, ear protection firmly in place, runs a few calculations on her tablet.
“Every 4 hours, 32 minutes, plus or minus. The Jenni’s sensors are picking up a release of thermal and EM energy in addition to the vapor. My guess is some sort of power plant that’s very unhappy. The ancestors say that the Archons generally used fusion, fission, or geothermal reactors depending on the requirements.”
“A fusion reactor would have run dry after a few months, and I doubt an automated hydrogen collector would have survived the War and lack of maintenance.”
“Ya, and a fission plant that was left on would probably have melted down. I'm not picking up any radspikes, so hopefully just an old geoplant that’s still partially active.”
“Well it’s definitely on the ‘Closer Look’ list. Of course, that list has most of the area on it, but I’ll move it up a few spots. Cody, were you able to get anything from that comms buoy over the center of the Plateau?”
“Not really. Its still functional, but no traffic has been logged for nearly a week. Which would line up with the Kaltorans’ survey pics with the big dust cloud. Oh, and the carrier wave is encrypted with Eden Brood algorithms. So its not second-hand gear, someone official is down there.”
“Hmmm, something else goes up a few spots on the list. But matters for later, for now what are your assessments of this eastern section of the plateau?”

The crew finish up their rations and pull out tablets and other devices, the portavid lighting up with the data they’re streaming in.
“The area is reasonably defensible, there are only two old footpaths up the edge that could be easily secured. While there’s not alot of treecover, there are enough tunnels and under-structure to defend from an air attack. We’ve got clear sight-lines to the rest of the mesa, although they might not be too helpful if we’re outnumbered.”
“The area shows signs of massive overuse of chemical and radioactive herbacides, most likely an attempt to stop the spread of mutated plant life up from the jungle floor. While the current soil levels have decreased, we would have difficulty with large-scale crop production.”
“We’re pretty far out here so I wouldn’t expect too much in general trade, but that applies to the whole area until we get things built up. There’s enough space to set up some industry, and we might be able to repair some of the old Kaltoran buildings.”
“Ya, and while it looks like there’s not an abundance of mineral deposits, some of the tunnel labels point to Archon facilities. Which means good tech salvage.”
“Excellent, its good to know the area’s not a dud. Get some sleep ladies, we’ve got alot of work ahead of us.”

So -1 STP for getting Cody a combat drone, but +4 for a new chapter. Which puts us at 18 STP. This is good, as most outpost/colony stuff will require more STP. We’ve explored the Eastern Plateau Edge and made it our Base Camp, and its now a possible outpost site. I’ll be putting up an Outpost rules post shortly, but first some decisions. And a new map (the blue-outlined hex is the Base Camp).

Decision 1: What Did We Tell Elder Luck?
She asked us what we want, deep down in our heart. What did we tell her?
A: Forgiveness
We need to be absolved of our sins.
B: Family
We need a place where we belong
C: Power
We were horribly hurt, and need to be strong enough to keep it from happening again.
D: Nothing
Our heart is our own business.

Decision 2: Our Next Move
What are we going to do next?
E: Settle The Eastern Plateau Edge
An Outpost on EPE would be Industry/Security+ and Farms/Mines/Prosperity/Order-. (Note that an outpost’s stats can be changed in play, this is merely the starting value. We also only have enough Influence for one outpost right now.)
F: Explore Geyser Mesa
Something odd is happening there. Maybe the plant can be repaired, maybe we just need to keep it from going critical. But we need to check it out sooner than later.
G: Investigate the Central Waistra Plateau
Some sort of Eden Brood business is going down on the central plateau, you should figure out what it is.
H: Explore Somewhere Else
Check out another area of the region (let me know which).

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Sep 11, 2015

1. AB
2. EF

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

1 A
2 F
Gotta know if the whole thing is gonna blow before committing an outpost.

Feb 21, 2013

Ideally we could fix up that power plant for ourselves, putting our outpost close to it would be really good imo.


Feb 13, 2011

Rolling Thunder: War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt

Why? , that's why.


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