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Mar 29, 2010

I just moved in with a new roommate and he has one hedgehog, and two cats.
There are no cat toys, as they "just sleep and never play," the hedgehog cage is just full of bedding, with a single dome for the hedgehog to sleep in. He insists the hedgehog doesn't need things like toys, and rarely cleans the cage. The hedgehog was in a dark corner of the room, enclosed by two couches.
I was helping him rearrange things, and noticed that the food and water for the hedgehog were empty. He didn't recall feeding or watering him in the recent past.
He also tends to pick up the cats and hold them head down, swing them, and prioritizes his interest in the cats over their comfort.
The newest cat has made friends with me, and will lick and nibble with affection, and he doesn't understand or care for how the cat approaches affection.

Am I totally off kilter thinking he doesn't care about these pets? It feels like he should be giving them more enrichment, concern or just... effort.
Or am I being totally off meds on this?


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Mar 29, 2010

shits.ridic posted:

Hedgehogs IRL live underground. They are nocturnal and have poor vision so I think the location of the cage sounds fine. But ideally he should have a solid exercise wheel (not a wire one) and some toys. They like little balls and small cat toy things. Get some toys for the cats + a few extra to toss in for the hedgehog.

Thanks. The hedgehog has no wheel or toys.
Will get some next time I can go out.

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Mar 29, 2010

Small update: Got some cat toys, both cats are aggressively playful, but I only got a few toys.

Roommate plays with cat like he only has a vague idea what a cat is, because he thinks the best way to play with them is to press the toy into their face and shake it rapidly, no matter what the toy is. He also spiked their food with catnip because he wants stoner cats.

Both cats love me and will play with me without issue though!
Hedgehog has been watered, cleaned and bathed at my prompting, yay.

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Mar 29, 2010

nunsexmonkrock posted:

Well I guess it's still progress. I can make a recommendation on cheap toys if you want more: I can't find the exact ones I buy (it's on my spouses accound so I forget the exact one) - They are mice toys that are covered in rabbit fur - for the fur. My cats absolutely love them - all the cats. I once accidentally bout the ones with the synthetic fur and they gave no fucks about them.

Also if he happens to have a cat tree (which I seriously doubt from how he is portrayed) but my cats love things that attach to it while the thing attached spins feathers around.

Also these - my cats love these

I already nabbed a cat tree from a friend, and I'm still gathering more toys. I'll keep an eye out for the ones you recommended though.

He's already stopped playing with the cats, so that's on me now, woo.

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Mar 29, 2010

Pollyanna posted:

gently caress does this guy even have pets for?

He likes cats that he can "pick up and snuggle" and that "look pretty" and he doesn't like leaving the toys out or brushing them or playing with them and I seriously don't think he should have cats. Biggest fact: He thinks playing with a cat is just laying down catnip on the floor and letting them roll in it.

The cat tree I nabbed has a hanging feather, and the cats seem to enjoy it. They both come alive when I play with them. The hedgehog has some minor toys, but I'm not on the little dude's sleep cycle.

So, things are a bit better.

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