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Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

tsob posted:

Almost the entire cast are recognizable as well, so I also find it weird that people are saying it's only Archer that is. The only character that isn't close to their regular depiction is Ray. Mallory, Cheryl and Pam's personalities are basically identical, Cyril might as well just be talking with an accent and Lana is just a less trained version of herself who isn't used to all the weird poo poo that Archer is.

I'm highlighting this because I think the conceit of this season(and the previous one) explains why characters are acting the way they are. This is all a coma dream by Archer, and the characters are, for the most part, reflections of how Archer sees them. Mother is controlling and conniving, though sometimes "kind". Cheryl is a rich girl who's loving insane. Pam is a big ox of a woman(was she a man last season?) who still creates the strongest friendships with Archer. Cyril, especially, is a tool and a loser and an rear end in a top hat*. Also, probably a nice guy. KriegerNoir is a still a magical German nazi with super science powers. Krackers though, is a bit more difficult to pin down. Even Barry was still a murderous, sociopathic robo-monster, and Woodhouse was still an addict and one of the most important relationships in Archer's life.

The most interesting characterizations are Lana and Ray because they are a bit off. In both iterations, Archer has been immediately attracted to Lana. But in both situations, arguably, the romance is rather shallow. Especially this season considering that I don't think they've spoken since episode 1(2?). That said, she still retains her badassness, once as an IRS agent and now probably a princess with combat skills. Ray feels more like a "joke" character in that in Noir he was "the white guy" in the jazz band and here he's a cocky french policeman who always gets dunked on. I'm not really sure what it's trying to say.

All that said, it's ironic to me that everyone says "they're different characters" when the setting is different but the characterizations still (mostly) fall in line with how Archer saw them while he was alive.


Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

So was this the first episode with uncensored F bombs?

Next week is the season finale!? That's pretty darn...bad.

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Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

HopperUK posted:

He was *really* upset when he found out Krieger was probably a Nazi.

What's weird is I *hated* him the first time I watched through the show. He made me furious. Then I watched again and realised he's just got more normal human faults than the rest of that merry band of fuckups.
I liked Cyril from the beginning because it always seemed like he was a fairly normal guy(who needs a penis ensmallment) that kept getting abuse from his workplace and started to crack. I didn't like when he started getting all "Nice Guy", but I guess I understand being miffed when your psuedo-girlfriend tells you she's pregnant with someone else's baby.
One thing that's sort of clear is that it if this is really Archer's coma dream, then he really has some strong dislike of Cyril.

But, in bigger news...Archer: Aliens! Who's going to be chest-bursted and will we see the return of Mitsuko Miyazumi(who's name I had to google)?

Postal Parcel
Aug 2, 2013

tsob posted:

He was becoming a cheating dick well before Lana got pregnant, and blaming his cheating on basically everything bar himself. I like Cyril, but I like him as a "relatively normal guy constantly squashed under everyone else's heel and then going crazy at any sniff of power himself because he's so sick of being poo poo on". Him being a "nice guy" kind of makes sense in that he just doesn't want to face up to his own failings so he starts putting it on other people while building a facade of himself as an oppressed but actually nice person who's just caught in lovely circumstances all the time. He kind of reminds me of Rimmer from Red Dwarf in that regard.

That you mention that is kind of interesting because there was a scene where Archer and Lana were talking about cheating. I can't remember the exact context, but I think it was in regards of getting back together?
A: Cyril cheated on you
L: So did you
A: Yeah, but with super models and stuff. He slept with Carol
L: They're the same thing...actually it was much, much worse

I always wondered if Lana was (more)okay with Archer's cheating because he was aiming for "high feats", because he didn't ask for forgiveness(or at least charmed his way out of it), or because Cyril seemed genuinely nice versus Archer who you could tell was a bit of a douche.

Let's also not forget that Lana, while still together with Cyril, did have a 3-way with Archer and Yacht-dude without telling anyone else about it.

All that aside, that office was a cesspit of interoffice romance. Outside of Krieger, I think everyone had sex with at least one other person in the office.


"relatively normal guy constantly squashed under everyone else's heel and then going crazy at any sniff of power himself because he's so sick of being poo poo on"
I 100% agree with this though. It's pretty funny to see him finally get some authority(e.g. Figgis Detective Agency), feel as if he's in control, and then get squashed by the real big dog, Mallory.

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