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Oct 23, 2008

PaybackJack posted:

I don't really know how many legs the show has if June escapes to Canada or gets reassigned. I'm already feeling like it's going to be a giant cop-out to have June survive and continue on given the way in which they're sort of wrapping up her various arcs while building up Emily.

I worry we're going to get even further into Game of Thrones territory with the antagonists becoming more of more comically evil to the point that nobody believes their character or cares about them.

I agree, I'm hoping we get 4 seasons total, though I think they could easily wrap things up in the next season. Anything longer than that and they're either going to lose their way by having too many new characters or we'll get to the point that the main cast has just gone through so much it all loses it's punch.

There's only so many times I'm willing to watch June get tortured, try to escape, fail and be tortured some more. At some point the good guys have to start winning.


Dec 19, 2004
anyone who reads Cinema Discusso for anything more than slackjawed trolling will see the shittiness in my posts

Tiggum posted:

If June is still with the Waterfords by the end of this season I'm not going to watch the next one, because it's already dragging and they need to shake up the status quo, not find every possible excuse to return to it.

This is my feeling exactly. I waited to start with this season until it was halfway through and even then almost didn't keep watching. The premise is getting stale, and I might be willing to watch another show with great acting if the plot meanders but this show is too draining to watch while waiting for things to pick up. The plot needs to move forward in unpredictable and captivating ways, and with three more episodes left in the season I hope they really start to shake things up.

Matt Zerella
Oct 7, 2002


This is one of the few shows I'd love a prequel season or two out of.

Sep 3, 2011

VY till I die

Grimey Drawer

Matt Zerella posted:

This is one of the few shows I'd love a prequel season or two out of.

Ooo yeah Fred and Serena prequel season like Spartacus did with the lotus owners when the star got cancer.

May 6, 2013

JazzFlight posted:

Part of me wants June to contact and be saved by the Mayday resistance people and become an underground freedom fighter, but that might veer too close to an action-packed "Man in the High Castle" style that doesn't match up with the first two seasons of this show. Like, it would definitely become a less powerful show, but I'd love every minute if she's blowing up/sniping commanders and freeing handmaids.

I'd imagine they'd get plenty of mileage out of killing Waterford, and having Serena holding Hannah hostage in exchange for the baby. Maybe the season could focus on the other stolen children as well.

Presumably at some point they would cover Emily and Nick in Gilead (attempting to free the remaining children, handmaidens, and marthas during the run up to war with Canada?) There seems to be plenty more to do in Gilead without June becoming Carrie Matheson and tracking rogue Gilead commanders to Venezuela post-revolution.

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