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Apr 11, 2017

ITT I am pimping Parquet Courts, releasing their new album "Wide Awake!" soon at your designated selling place. They've been a consistently good to great indie rock band for me since 2010 or so, and have had some stellar albums in the past few years including Light Up Gold and Sunbathing Animal. I have seen them a couple of times now and they are kickass, I will probably see them every time they come into town (Vancouver, BC, repazzent, come visit us more often you fucks!)

I have to say, their new album is loving stellar, so far easily the best album for me of 2018. It's funky and insightful and rocks hard. They're kinda Pavement circa 2010, in that they particularly have amazing lyrics and guitar work, and interesting dual singer/dual guitar situations. (Seriously. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, my first love and the most similar other act I can think of, are going to have a hard time following up with Sparkle Hard next week, though I am sure that album will be loving amazing too!)

Check out two cuts from the new album, and two cuts from old albums, below:

Wide Awake (live on Ellen):

Mardi Gras Beads official video:

Sunbathing Animal official video:

Light Up Gold official video:

Check it out and report back pls k thx

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Apr 11, 2017

"Wide Awake!" is loving amazing. All of the tracks are really excellent and unique, and have really stellar lyrics. Seriously, look them up. It is currently a very very close second AOTY for me, after the new Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks album. Check it out!!!

May 31, 2007

Lucha LaBOOM

Only have went through one version of this and it was dope. Can totally tell that it's going to get into my constant rotation.

Apr 11, 2017

Allow me to share some choice lyrics from Wide Awake!.

"Only through those who stay awake can an institution be dismantled. It is dishonest, nay, a sin to stand for any anthem that attempts to drown out the roar of oppression."

"Riot is an unfinished grave that was dug to deposit undepleted anger
Like barrels of uranium leaking into something sacred
It is a word to use to delegitimize your unrest
And to make your resistance into an overreaction"

"Lately Iíve been curious, wondering
Do I pass the Turing test? Do I think?
Iím not sure I wanna know"

"What is an up-and-coming neighborhood, and where is it coming from?"

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Pablo Nergigante
Apr 16, 2002

Tbh Iíve actually never gotten around to listening to Parquet Courts until now but this album is killer

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