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Aug 31, 2006

Auraboks posted:

Did you grow up in the system, or did the government straight up leave you on the streets? If the latter, how did you manage to slip through the cracks so badly? If the former, do you have any fond memories from the orphanage, or was it all crap? Your sister seems like a support-type fighter — who does she usually team up with, and why doesn't she understand what a shitheel they are?

"I grew up in the system, yea. Me and sis were put into an orphanage together after our parents passed away. Do I have any pleasent memories of that place? Hell no! The orphanage was a real shithole, with caretakers who could barely gave a drat about us, and filled with even shittier kids. Remember when I said I hated bullies? It all started there."

"We never actually got bullied while we were staying at the orphanage. Karen might be a lot of things, but she's not a pushover. She made it clear, from day one, that she wouldn't tolerate anyone picking on us. The other kids? They weren't so lucky. The weaker kids got pushed around by the bigger ones, and the adults didn't do anything to stop them, and it was starting to really piss me off. How the hell can they can all just watch and let these little fuckbags get away with all this!?"

"That's when I decided that, if nobody's gonna do anything about it, then I will, so I stomped over to one of the bullies, and socked him right in his big, fat, stupid face! I got into a big fight that day, which eventually got broken up by the adults, and guess who was the one who got in trouble that day. Wasn't the bullies, nope. It was me. Yep, I was the one who got punished, cuz I broke some stupid "rule" about starting fights. I told those jerkwads what I thought of their lovely "rules" with two special fingers."

"...Y'wanna know the funny thing, though? Karen never supported what I did, but she didn't stop me, either, and when I got in trouble, she stepped in to defend me. If it wasn't for her, then the punishment I would've gotten that day would've been even more severe. She didn't have to do any of that, but she did. That's just the kind of annoying pain the rear end she is."

"...It's too bad she got saddled with a real asswipe. Her partner's name is Aurora, and she's a real piece of loving work. Aurora's got an ego the size of Jupiter, thinking she's the hottest poo poo around, and all she cares about is looking good in front of the camera, and my sister's the one who does all the work while Aurora hogs all the limelight. She doesn't give a lick of poo poo about anybody else but herself, and I've got no loving idea why my sister's stuck around with her for so long. I guess they make a good "team" or whatever, but I swear to loving god, I couldn't stand being around her for five minutes without wanting to stab my own ears out with a fork."


Jul 15, 2017

Auraboks posted:

I did mean our society! Have you been here long enough for society's problems to affect you? Who were the first humans you met, and how did they react? Earth is obviously very different from the Colony, but do you see any similarities? Good or bad?

"My mission is peaceful. Learning more about humans I... I wish to help which is not even exactly my mission, but... you react violently kind of a lot. Have you noticed that? Even now the heads who talk on the TV think you should meet me or anything odd with violence. Why? And some think just because I'm not from here they go in entirely the opposite direction I am automatically the answer to all problems. I can promise you, the Colony has nothing to do with your pyramids or the circles in your crops and there is no, uh, how did the one person put it... 'harem of sexy bug ladies' waiting for you. I mean, maybe there is the universe is very big, but I'm not the forerunner for it, sorry. It is very depressing. Some days I am made to feel like I am supposed to be the cause of or the answer to all of some humans' problems. I admit my first impression on humans was not the best, even as my age-based peer group on this planet would say, 'awkward af' (note: Mantid does not appear to realize that is an acronym), as they encountered my cocoon where I was mutating to better adapt to your environment and you just HAVE to use your mandibles to tear your way out but some of them were deeply mistrustful even after I was able to explain myself. The local authorities, they understood after I was able to communicate, but the ones from your higher government... some of them did not. Some representatives of the military were highly distrustful. It was very depressing. They keep watch on me with their... ah, spy devices that they think I do not know about. I don't understand why they do not trust me."

"Thinking about it a little, I wonder if isn't thanks to your anarchic and Caste-less nature! The Colony are born to our roles, though we have freedom within them, but you humans are simply born. We are very similar in a lot of aspects, our familial units are very similar although a brood typically has more siblings than a human does - I have twenty-three! - and please be aware that I did not travel to your planet to seek knowledge of the emotion called 'love.' We have that in the Colony. Er, that is not to say that I do not find many examples of humanity pleasing on a seaaaah I will refrain from speaking on this now. It's as though humanity took our society and then decided to speed it up while at the same time adding no breaks. Does that work for you? I am not sure myself yet."

Jul 15, 2017

Webway posted:

"Excited disbelief - HOW DID YOU DO THE TIME TRAVEL? We can't do the time travel and we've been walking upright so much longer than humans! That has amazing balls! Wait, is that how you did it? With amazing balls? Truly they would be amazing for you to become unhinged in your currently casaulity location. Humanity's future is... bad, she says. That's... um... bad. Perhaps I can assist."

Exo posted:

"Oh, look at the inorganic armor she wears! It is very cute. Sincere admiration. That she has in service to a corporation and not her race is... well, confusion reigns. She seems terribly uncertain. Maybe the real power is inside her all along? By which I mean some sort of microfusion reactor housed in her chest that enables the suit to move."

Clatterclaw posted:

"Um. Clarification required. She is... deceased? As in... vital functions non-operational? And her carcass was not devoured by tiny broodlings so that the next generation will be sustained? Ha, joke, we don't do that. Any longer. No, also joke! Humor laugh! No? Oh, well. I admire Clatterclaw! She has many thoughts in her head, and speaks them all bluntly without preamble! The... group that gave her the current status of non-living? That... grim resolve... should not be allowed to continue.

Almeisan posted:

"Hesistant observation - they are... hmmm... our phrase translated would be 'using his antenna to taste the wind currents for fear of lightning storms.' He seems... uncertain of his path. Hastily added bolstering opinion - I've been through space and never seen it compacted into a humanoid before. That's fascinating!"

Chameleon posted:

"Aaaaaah, Chameleon! They are so nice! I like them! They are very human in the best of ways! I spend many, many, many hours probing her for - what? Oh. My phrasing. Dissecting her brain for what life is like for the average human! And they are secretive from their family! That sort of thing would border on the insane for a member of the Colony! The very idea is galling! I love it!"

Pandora posted:

"With the ability to channel the heart of a G-Type main-sequence star comes a lot of pressure I am sure. The Colony act responsibly with our arsenal (er, mostly) but I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a LIVING arsenal. Phenomenal cosmic power is an Earth heavy religious icon to put upon ones shoulders. Pandora seems like they would bear it better than most, if for no other reason she seems to contemplate how to do so.

iyEMPiy posted:

"They are... erm... I... perhaps it is not healthy for humans to indulge so heavily in their hobbies? Or is it? I don't know enough about your psychological makeup yet. They also seem angry. Their games are fun, though! Bolstering encouragement - they are fun to talk to and I enjoy playing games with them. See?"

Errant posted:

"Ah, yes! Errant! Delighted commentary - they have the shiny piece of metal! We are very similar, I think. We have both been born to our roles and while we may pick how we do them, we still have to do them. She is a strong, brave, well-formed example of humanity and I think she will no doubt bear her legacy well! She might even be worthy of the, how did the exclamation go to praise another on the Instant Grams, 'yaaasgokweeen!' Er, what did I mean by 'well-formed?' HAHAHAHA SUDDEN EMBARRASSMENT MOVING ON.

Reverie posted:

"Reverie is very famous! Even if I was not told this I am aware of it because her face is on many, many things. I purchased a t-shirt bearing her likeness that I wear! Hopeful supposition - however she seems to like me because you have to explain what being culturally popular is in this culture in the first place to me and I am still uncertainly precisely how it matters in any way and I like her because I like liking things on Earth!"

Silverbird posted:

"Thoughtful contemplation - I wonder if she is not sad. I cannot imagine she does not miss her sibling. I miss mine. And I get the impression while mine are farther away by actual light years her is closer and yet even more distant? I am unsure about Silverbird's stance toward legalities on Earth, as I am unsure of the legalities on Earth, but she seems trustworthy enough so I will trust her. I... think."

Kid Bastet posted:

"SOUND LEVEL WARNING EXCITED DECLARATION! AN ACTUAL EARTH DIETY! THIS IS CALLS FOR THREE CRAYS TWO WILL NOT SUFFICE! CRAY CRAY CRAY! Never did our scolar caste consider that we would meet a literal interpretation of human theology! Our own deity, the Queen-Who-Is-All, visits the religious caste through visions and the very presence of our hive cities is a sign of her guiding forelimbs, but she has not incarnated in millenia! She would only incarnate, say the texts, if something were very, very wrong... oh. Hm. I hope things are not very wrong for Kid Bastet. Hopefully I can assist! Also... her tail is adorable."

Namorine posted:

"Uncomfortable rumination - she seems very... forthright. There is undoubtedly reasons why she is so, but... I can't help thinking that maybe sometimes she would get more by asking nicely? As we say in the Colony, you get more vlar-grubs with pohl-mucus than with keek-slime. See, the grubs are attracted to the mucus and not the slime - oh, you have a similar phrase."

Aug 31, 2006

Kat had a surprise visit from her sister today, and, much to her shock, her older sibling didn't come to lecture her about her behavior for once. Instead, Karen handed Kat a folder, and said to her, "These are the people you might be working with," and then she wished Kat good luck, and left, not saying anything more to her rebellious sister.

The silver-haired girl, who's now wearing a pink shirt with the words "Badman" written on the back, relaxes back on her sofa, beer in hand, and begins looking through the documents her sister gave her.

"Alright," she says to herself, "Let's see what we got."



Kat squints her eyes at the picture of Webway. "Yeesh. Does everybody in the future dress as loud as she does? Have a little more style, girl!"

"Fashion sense aside, she looks like she really knows how to party. Maybe a little too much? Hell, even I when to slow it down sometimes, but whatever. Live life how ya wanna live, I say, and if ya wanna live life by getting drunk off your rear end 24/7, then, hell, go for it."

"...We've got to do something about that outfit, though. All that purple is practically blinding my senses, ugh."



"Now here's a real cute one. Shame she's associated with one of this lovely corps, and her dad's a huge control freak, but man, look at her! She's like a shy, adorable, lost puppy! I didn't even think it was possible for one girl to be this cute!"

"All she needs is someone to break her out of that shell she's got around her, and that "someone" is me. A night out with me should be enough to give girl the confidence boost she needs~"



"...Friggin hell, she got turned into a goddamn zombie? That's hosed up. If I were in her situation, I'd hunt down every single one of those Lazarus bastards, and give 'em some good-old fashioned payback. Sometimes, ya just gotta take justice into your own hands."

"Gotta say, I dig those claws she's got on her. She might be dead, but at least she's got some style to her, and hell, I wouldn't mind partying down with a badass zombie girl."



"Okay, I get that it probably sucks to be stuck like that, but he looks loving rad as hell. He's made of goddamn stars! That's cool as poo poo!"

"Helps that Starman over here isn't angsting over his change. Now that would be a major turn-off. Wonder how he looked like before? Bet he must've been real cute, in that nerdy sorta way."



"...Kingston Heights. I've been there a few times, and, yea, it ain't pretty. It just... pisses me off. How the hell did they let it get so bad over there? You'd think, with all the heroes flying around talking about "justice" and crap, at least one of 'em would help out the people in the Heights, but nah. Why bother solving a problem when it's easier to just ignore it."

"I got mad respect for her. It probably ain't easy cleaning up streets by yourself, but someone's gotta do it. Maybe I should go give her a helping hand, I bet we'd make a great team, and she ain't all that bad looking either."



"Hello~ Who's this cutie?"

"...Yea, she's got it rough. Can't even imagine what it's like, having powers you can barely control, and not being able to live a normal life anymore. gently caress, did they seriously ban her from doing anything fun? That is some grade-A bullshit right there. gently caress those assholes. Who the hell do they think they are, controlling her life like that? 'Dangerous' my rear end. I should teach her the good ol' Silverbird method of "gently caress the rules, do what makes you feel good," and if those government assholes don't like it, then they can suck a big fat one for all I care."



"...Even if I was sober right now, I'd still have no clue how to pronounce that name."

"Looks like I'm not the only one around here who can switch off powers. I want to feel sorry for them, but the whole "anti-social brooding loner" thing they've got going on is a real big turn off. Life's too short to be dealing with someone who's too busy feeling sorry for themselves."



"Hah! Hey, Errant! Did ya get lost on your way to the Ren Faire!?" Kat, with a goofy smile on her face, waits for a reaction, completely forgetting that she's the only one in the room currently, "Probably should've saved that when there're people around..."

"Great. More time bullshit. Blah blah blah knights, blah blah blah don't care. Knights are more my sister's thing, and she'd be losing her poo poo if she met Knight Girl over here. As for me, yea, don't really care, and she's a little too serious for my tastes. Plus, my sword is way cooler than hers."




"...Reverie? As in, THAT Reverie? The real life magical girl!? Are you telling me I could be in a team with HER!? Eeee, oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I can't believe it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going to meet her! I'm actually going to meet her! Should I ask her for an autograph? No, I gotta play it cool, like I always do. Can't go fangirling on her the moment I meet her. It's not like she's my idol or anything like that, and it's not like I have a bunch of posters of her hanging up in my room or anything."

"Eee! I'm so excited to finally see her in person!"




(Kid) Bastet



Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!


"Ah, if you're looking to hear what I think about other teenage superheroes..."

KID BASTET shrugs into her shoulders.

"... I've been real busy!"




Close of up of a slender, well-dressed but sharp-featured BUSINESSMAN. His glasses reflect the light so his eyes can't be seen as he sits at his desk. Reaching out to pop the briefcase open, he reaches in to pull out a dirty wad of money, smiling with avarice.

PAN UPWARD. A purple portal opens, and then the BUSINESSMAN looks incredulous.

Switch to cutaway shot of building that shows the room the man is in and the floor before it. WEBWAY focuses on keeping the portal in, as KID BASTET ushers a swarm of cats that rush into the portal.

The BUSINESSMAN panicks as a tide of cats fall on him as we can see just outside of his window, scattering dirty money everywhere, trying to hurdle over his desk. He faceplants, his face squished against the glass as he slides down, the cats flowing over him.

Use the cats to FADE TO BLACK.


ERICK CUBRICK (NIGHTSHIFT) and SAMMI CUBRICK (EXO) walk down the street in their secret identities, chatting amiably.

CUT TO: view at foot level, following a black cat as it dashes between legs, then stops very deliberately. ERICK'S foot catches on it, and the camera swings up as he starts to fall towards it.

CIRCLING 180 DEGREE SHOT: to view to ERICK'S back before he hits the ground, as it tracks KID BASTET as she passes by the falling man through the crowd. SAMMI CUBRICK spots her, then goes out of sight. KID BASTET holds up a wallet, and then nearly fumbles it with both hands as EXO leaps after with hammer and hand, fleeing before-



CLATTERCLAW can be seen from side silhouette, swiping out against a similarly dark COLLECTOR, which he deflects with a shield projected from a hand mirror.

CLOSE IN and illuminate her their forms slowly, and then she catches the shield in her claw, sparks flying. As she does so, a CAT (KID BASTET) pokes out of her sleeve, running up her claws to leap over the shield

Close-up view of his hand being bit, causing him to drop the shield as he flings the CAT to the ground, the camera pulling out to the ground as she does so. CLATTERCLAW sweeps out with her other hand, but COLLECTOR vanishes in green time special effects for a moment, phasing forward in time momentarily.

PAN OUT as the CAT morphs into KID BASTET, COLLECTOR looking nervous with the heroes flanking on either side. ROTATING SHOT, then PULL UP to see them from above.



Open on a view of a nighttime sky as seen through a telescope. Suddenly a CAT'S (KID BASTET) head looms mammoth before the night sky. (Note to ed: yes, telescopes don't work this way. Just roll with it.)

Pull back to show TARIQ NASRAN (ALEMISAN) stumbling back away from a tripod telescope atop a hill as the CAT perches on it, leaping and morphing into KID BASTET in midair to grab his hand and pull him away from it, pointing off to a distant light. Swing the camera around to show a fire in the distance.

The telescope starts to topple over as he catches it, and zoom out to see TARIQ catch it as KID BASTET runs down the hill. Shouldering the telescope, he runs after, gesturing as if for her to slow down.

PULL BACK AND PAN to the starry sky.


View from above, then CLOSE IN. KID BASTET faces down a group of well-armed GANGSTERS, dodging gunfire as she pinballs off them, keeping them from getting a bead on her as she knocks them around. However, one of the GANGSTERS catches her tail, causing her to pratfall off into the water.

CLOSE SHOT as she comes to the surface, sputtering and flailing, and turn about to show a GANGSTER leveling a sub-machinegun at KID BASTET. From out of frame, a gloved hand reaches out to block the muzzle. Show bright muzzle flare as the gun fires into the hand.

PULL BACK and we can see CHAMELEON, now made of metal as she punches the gangster out of frame, offering a hand to KID BASTET to pull her up. Pull out to show the other GANGSTERS closing in as CHAMELEON walks forward confidently, as KID BASTET sputters and shimmies before turning to towards the GANGSTERS.

FADE TO WHITE on muzzle flare.


White fades into clouds, rising through mist into a bright sunset as PANDORA bursts through the clouds seen from behind, a CAT (KID BASTET) hanging onto her shoulder for dear life. They slow, as if admiring the sunset.

ROTATING SHOT: A SAVIOR JET can be seen coming through the clouds, launching missiles at the pair. The CAT'S eye flares with the sigil of the Wadjet Eye, and the missiles veer slightly, missing them by inches. PANDORA lights up with power, launching herself at the jet, and cut to a CLOSE SHOT of the ROBOPILOT panicking, throwing up its arms as if thatt might protect it-

Cue explosion. Hang explosion on frame, then digitizes slightly before scene change..


PAN OUT from the explosion to show that it's actually a big LED screen, showing IYEMPIY and KID BASTET as they manipulate videogame controllers energetically, a space shooter filling the screen. KID BASTET yanks on the controller, and the console and cords can be seen to exaggeratedly separate. IYEMPIY turns to shout at KID BASTET, who looks panick-stricken as she leans away, ears flattened.

PAN OUT to show REVERIE sipping from a cup of tea, then just shaking her head slightly before she takes her top hat off, placing it upon the camera to darken the shot.


PAN OUT from the darkness of a gun barrel interior. TENEBRAE, holding the gun, fires off a round, and we catch the round giving a flesh wound through the shoulder and armor of ERRANT. Slamming her shield out, multiple rounds deflect off of it as we see her from the side, KID BASTET comes up behind, her Wadjet Eye symbol flaring as she puts her hands on the wound to heal it slightly with a shine of blue light.

ERRANT charges forward to an over-shoulder view as she slams into TENEBRAE, sending him over the edge of the rooftop and crashes after him, as the camera turns about to show KID BASTET leaping after and at the camera.

FADE TO BLACK on KID BASTET'S "impact" with the camera.


The meeting room of the Saviors is covered in grafitti, moustaches on portraits, painted pawprints in walls as KID BASTET leaps up onto a chair, giving SILVERBIRD a high-five before hopping off of it again. KID BASTET kicks it up in the air, as SILVERBIRD slams her staff into it, shattering it.

CLOSE ON the door opens to show MISTER REE, looking livid as he starts to incant a spell. CLOSE UP of his cool spell and a flare of magical energy.

Switch to exterior- the windows shatter, and the two teens go flying out. Catching ahold of SILVERBIRD'S staff, KID BASTET hangs on before performing a perfect catfoot landing, catching SILVERBIRD back-to-back before SILVERBIRD bounces to her feet. MISTER REE can be seen in the window above as they take off past a fountain, running away into the night.

TRANSITION on passing fountain, switch to an underwater view.


KID BASTET sinks down underwater, panicking, before NAMORINE catches her, swirling the bubbles cascading after KID BASTET into one singular sphere of air, catching the god in the bubble, and then flings her up through the water.

PAN UP with the bubble KID BASTET is in, we can see two boats, one boat clearly full of POLICE and another a rickety tub filled with REFUGEES. KID BASTET pops out of the bubble, diving down on the police boat, slamming down with an obvious impact.

Show the hull slightly from the underside to obscure the deck, but one can see POLICE getting knocked off the boat, tumbling into the water where a wave catches them. The wave rises as NAMORINE breaks the water's surface, and panicked POLICE are washed towards the shore as NAMORINE folds her arms, looking imperious before we CLOSE ON the sun in the distance.


Show RA from slightly below, standing atop the temple rooftop.

In the foreground in front of the temple's edifice, we pull back to see KID BASTET looking singed as she sits in a crouch, looking winded and beat-down. CLOSE ON her glare as RA is reflected in her eye. PAN OUT. Behind her, we can see ALEMISAN, CHAMELEON, CLATTERCLAW, ERRANT, EXO, IYEMPIY, PANDORA, NAMORINE, REVERIE, SILVERBIRD, and WEBWAY assembled behind her. Phantom figures of THOTH and ISIS can be seen momentarily.


RA glows bright, the sun darkening as if he were drawing on it, ROTATE to show the light in KID BASTET'S eye, before the Wadjet Eye symbol flares.


KID BASTET can be seen looking worn out as she sits on a bed, surrounded by spectral cats, finally, she rubs her eyes, and tilts over and flops onto the bed, one arm hanging off as some of the cats hop onto the bed.




Mar 24, 2013


And that's our cutoff! Picks later today (for my local value of "today")!

Oct 22, 2004 does that work?

Ducissa Namorine, aboard her personal N.A.U.T.I.L.U.S (Naval Attack Undersea Thermo Igniter Launcher Ultra Submersible), recording her first impressions of her team-mates.

Webway the Harbinger

"A human that has broken through the space-time continuum? I would refuse to believe it, but Webway is not the type to let you ignore her. The very fact she exists means her own time period has now been erased, surely. Yet she is still here, and not very bothered by the prospect. Who knows what damage might have been done to the fabric of reality? A walking talking time paradox, a testament to the hubris of man."

Exo the Protégé

"I discovered my parents were not who I thought they were, and that was upsetting. Finding them alive and well and anything like NightShift would destroy me. Exo is a perfectly nice, utterly dedicated hero and seems to be plastered head to toe in BigTek advertising and machinations. So human. Hopefully there is time and space for her to be rescued from such a self-serving cause before she is doomed by it."

Clatterclaw the Bull

"A hero that refuses to allow either death or the puppeteering of others get in her way? I can appreciate the force of will and determination that takes. It is easy to allow negative events to overwhelm you, but to fight through the current and turn your personal peril into a force for good shows character most humans can only dream of having. Only a shame she needed to die first."

Almeisan the Transformed

"Perhaps I will come to learn this as I spend more time above water. But turning the unforeseen or outright tragedy into positives seems to be a common trait among those humans with greater aspirations than average. Almeisan does not even appear to be human at first glance, a walking nights sky stands out even more than I do. I doubt he would receive accolades or acclaim as he is now. And yet, caring not for what his fellow humans see, he focuses on achieving something meaningful."

Chameleon the Janus

"I do not wear a mask, but my entire appearance on the surface is an affectation. Sort of a mask. So I understand that the surface world has heroes, and heroes wear masks as a matter of course. It is a sort of uniform or badge. But needing to hide your identity or else risk the very community you are trying to protect turning on you and hurting your family? That is just heinous. What kind of desperate or criminal communities do humans have that this is a genuine concern? That Chameleon remains unwavering in the face of it is admirable, but I do wonder if such effort would not be better spent elsewhere."

Pandora the Nova

"She is a living weapon. Or power plant. I have no doubt that holding the power of a star in her fingers makes Pandora one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. If she wished it I have no doubt Pandora could tear down cities and change the course of nations. And yet, she seems most content when she is allowed to be 'normal'. If the surface world were fair she would be free to live her life the way she wants to, but as it stands she would be viewed as too powerful or dangerous to be left alone. We are her best chance for having something close to a regular life."

iyEMPiy the Delinquent

"I… Ewy… hmm. Perhaps my grasp of the human language is failing me, I am struggling with this name. Eye-why-emm pea-eye-why? No, that does not seem right at all. Note to record Sheridan pronouncing their code-name and insert it here."

"…hy do you need me to say iyEMPiy? I do-"

"The experiments carried out on," "iyEMPiy?" "Would get the perpetrators executed in Atlantis, without a doubt they deserve such punishments. Yet here, they suffer little if any consequences while, "iyEMPiy?" "Is out and free and suffering without the intensive help they really need."

Errant the Legacy

"A Pendragon! Wow. There are ancient human myths of 'mermaids' for a reason, Atlantis had far more cordial relations with certain human settlements in previous centuries. Back in the day, we were closely aligned with Camelot. And if our records from the time are accurate, the Lady of the Lake was an Atlantian! A somewhat eccentric Principissa who was repeatedly reprimanded for handing out non-eutactic nanomechanical swords to humans for weapons research. The equipment Errant holds does not come from Atlantis, but it is heartening to see that some upstanding human traditions last into the modern day."

Reverie the Star

"Apparently Reverie is a magician? Magic doesn't exists, of course. It is simply the physical manipulation of elements, energies, and the practical application of high-level theoretical quantum sciences. Far beyond my limited education in the subject, yes, but I can't blame humans for hanging on to such primitive concepts. Far easier for them to understand that way. Which does not mean Reverie is useless or anything! She is very useful and a valuable member of the team. Just all her talk about magic dragons and all of it, it is very silly."

Silverbird the Delinquent

"I feel deep compassion for Silverbird having lost her parents, it is a pain I too know well. Though I feel I must stress our situations are hardly identical. Despite what happened to me, I was still brought up with all the support of the most powerful institution in Atlantis. I had a home in which to grow up. Silverbird was left to fend for herself until she proved enough of an asset to be worth investing in again. I applaud her for spurning such obvious attempts to use her, while still striving to be a hero on her own. It is a testament to her character that she refuses to let anything so unjust stand in her way."

Mantid the Outsider

"I have made my feelings on surface creatures clear, humans and all types. But let me also state for the record that I will take any life on our planet over sentient alien beings. Human beings might be rude idiots, egocentric and war hungry, but at least they are a very well known influence. And they care about the planet, even if it is only to the extent that they all live here still. Aliens do not have any of this, they are totally foreign. One might pleasant, one might enjoy our planet for what it is, but others of their kind? Their superiors? Their rulers? Best to never risk it to begin with."

(Kid) Bastet the Doomed

"Reincarnation? Gods? Pair it with human ideas about magic for a fantastic example of fairy tales writ large. Though a few thousand years ago there is at least the excuse of next to zero scientific accomplishment to explain barbarians believing that mystical giant cats rule over the desert. But, delusions aside, Bastet does try to use her powers for good along with the rest of us. There is at least that."

Apr 2, 2018

An Examination of the Halcyon Zodiac

Or, when people spend all their time stargazing, eventually they start pattern sorting and ascribing mystical properties to the stars. The city's mages have long since confirmed that none of these constellations have mystical properties or any particular influence on the behavior of individuals. Still, they make for interesting things to search for in the night's sky, and Almeisan practically knows their seasonal locations by heart at this point.

The first of the signs of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Winding Path or River. Those associated with the sign have tend to have an ever shifting character or live lifestyles that are hard to set in stone.

The second of the signs of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Lute - those born under this sign serve as great supporting figures in the lives of others, but often find difficulty in expressing themselves and being recognized in this way.

Next are the Paired Serpents - these both reflect a tendency towards great energy and fervor. They are hard to tell apart, although one serpent is said to guide extroverts and the other introverts.

The fifth sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Mirror. Those born under this constellation tend to... well, serve as reflection of the world around them. In positive circumstances they think all is well and when negative, focus on the faults of the world.

The sixth sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Stallion. Wild and rebellious, these individuals are nevertheless filled with a great lust for life. Be wary though, as they tend to be rather draining on those around them.

The seventh sign of the Halcion Zodiac is the Tree, Branch, or Root. From ancient times the tree grows, and it nurtures all. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish someone born under the Tree from the Lute, but they have more of a widespread and stable foundation. Though the tree is bent and wizened and its time may soon be upon it.

The eighth sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Plumbob. As the plumbob ensures the levelness of buildings, so too those born under this sign are typically considered to have a good foundation. The wise among them make good on this foundation and are the best of organizers.

The ninth sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Unravelled Knot. Those born under the knot have a tendency of cutting through their problems, but can often find that the solution leaves them frayed and worn thin.

The tenth sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is The Dancer - No one knows from where they come or go. All admire the Dancer's vivacious spirit and enthusiasm and that passes to those born under this sign. They even say some day the Dancer might even twirl themselves out of the sky!

The eleventh sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Lightning Bolt. Those born under thunder and lightning have a long hidden genius or spark, made obvious by a single moment of clarity that is blindingly obvious to everyone in retrospect. Also tend to be a bit jumpy.

The twelfth sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Broken Sword. Those born under this sign have a sense that they do not fill their proper purpose, and it waits somewhere over the next horizon. In time, the successful either come to terms with this lack of belonging or find a way to forge themselves anew.

The thirteenth and final sign of the Halcyon Zodiac is the Snare. Those who think of these stars negatively state they represent how individuals born under them often feel trapped by others, victims of circumstance. The more positive outlook is that those governed by this constellation know best how to seize the day.

(In order: Webway, Reverie, Pandora, Almeisan, Chameleon, Silverbird, Kid Bastet, Errant, iyEMPiy, Mantid, Exo, Namorine, and Clatterclaw.)

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Without ado, our team of upset youths is:

Webway the Harbinger (Yami Fenrir)
Chameleon the Janus (Ferrosol)
Pandora the Nova (Tricky)
Mantid the Outsider (Dawgstar)
Silverbird the Delinquent (Tardzilla)

Thank you all for your interest! To those who did not get in, I hope you at least enjoyed making your characters — I certainly enjoyed reading them!

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