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favorite math?
I use the term "maths" like some imbecile
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Feb 17, 2011

I'm absolute poo poo at doing math in my head. I whip out a calculator at the slightest provocation. All of these methods though are really just algorithms for doing the same thing that you can memorize if you need the ability to do math fast in your head for whatever reason.


Feb 17, 2011

Return Of JimmyJars posted:

You can get 1000 #2 pencils for $80 on Amazon and 160 spiral notebooks for about the same price. The IRS provides a $250/year tax credit to teachers who buy their own supplies.

This does not justify you making the same salary as a GP, engineer, or whatever. Also keep in mind you get half the loving year off to go do whatever you want.
Yeah, some random job that's just one of the most vital roles in society and fairly demanding at least if you want to be remotely good at it? gently caress that, shouldn't make as much as an engineer.

Feb 17, 2011

Return Of JimmyJars posted:

Lol yes a full back breaking day of standing in front of 20-30 kids slowly reading a PowerPoint is soooo hard and demanding. gently caress you roughnecks, longshoreman, and heavy machinery mechanics the toughest job is being a teacher!!

90% of teachers could be replaced with a YouTube video.
I think you're trolling or have never thought about what teachers actually do. Or maybe you've only ever had bad teachers who did the absolute minimum. A teacher's gotta plan classes, respond to questions and teach which requires an individual approach (and figuring out how to explain something to someone who doesn't get it is not at all easy), grade various works and exams, and so on. Lecturing off a PowerPoint is a small part of it.

Maybe one of the reasons there are so many bad teachers are attitudes like yours.

VelociBacon posted:

At this level of math yes but when you start looking at calculus, proofs and the like it needs to be standard or is really hard for peer review or discourse to occur, so I think they try to go for homogeneity early on to set a trend.
I don't think that makes sense. Proofs and the like are the desired end result, methods for multiplication in your head is just how you get to an end result. Nobody is policing your thought process on how you arrived to a proof. Not letting kids mentally experiment and arrive at the solutions in ways they find best isn't conducive to learning.

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