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Apr 2, 2018

Among the nearly uncountable glittering stars of the Jade Constellation, there stands a world.

By most standards it is entirely ordinary, for who can say how many billions of planets exist within that heavenly body? If one were to count only from among the planets blessed with life? The Sovereign of Paths granted his gift to tens of millions still. In terms of civilization? It is neither the most prestigious nor meanest of the vassals of one of the myriad states that strive under all creation. Truly it is a place that never once affected the destiny of the cosmos since it was established and only the most lunatic of diviners would tell you that it could ever produce lofty figures capable of standing among the powers of the heavens. Of course, it is often very difficult for outside observers to distinguish a madman from a prophet.

This then is the Emerald Star. Home to the similarly and appropriately named Sect of Verdant Truth, founded millions of years ago by the esteemed elder patriarch Barkheart. A quiet place where cultivators can develop their skills in harmony with nature and in accordance with the spirits...

Well, in theory anyway. When you're a martial arts sect in charge of an entire planet things tend to get messy once you go below the top few links in the chain of command. Wouldn't be surprised if you could learn ANYTHING here as long as you found the right mentor, or treasure, or y'know put some thought into things. Where were we again...?

Oh right.

Today marks the once per 99 years introduction of a number of new generation of martial brothers and sisters to the Sect of Verdant Truth. Individuals of the highest caliber taken from across the numerous cultures of the planet to become Wuxia, or "martial heroes." Even normally this is one of the most exciting events for the sect as it marks the transmission of its teachings to future generations. How much more so today, when it happens to be the case that several of the individuals in this class will truly be worthy of the name hero?

Okay that was a lot of high-falutin' nonsense, what's ACTUALLY going on here?

This is a combination Sci-Fi, High Fantasy, Wuxia RPG where 3-5 players are going to be taking the role of students in this year's incoming class of apprentices. Hopefully you'll work your way through sect politics, learn some martial/scholarly arts, and become influential figures both in the school and beyond in the greater galaxy known as the Jade Constellation. Or just mess around - I have some plot ideas in mind that'll keep people together and give some goals, but if everyone wants to follow a particular angle of their own devising I can adapt.

I realize that there's a lot of stuff to cover here that will probably require additional setting description. The simplest way to think about things for now is if you took Kill Six Billion Demons and made it a little bit less chaotic and dingy in nature, then countered that by adding laser guns.


Well, it's going to be a little bit of an experiment. A number of RPGs are good at making characters as fully fledged martial artists, but less so at developing the pathway there. So what i'm planning on doing is having everyone roll up characters from Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate (Link here, at a "pay what you want" price - absent the actual kung fu powers. You effectively have the points you'll need to make starting characters for free, but in the interests of emergent storytelling you'll have to convince the members of the sect to teach you any of the cool stuff beyond uniform basics represented by stuff like Combat Techniques and Skills.

What I want from people is a sheet with the following:


Name: While the Sect of Verdant Truth is going to have more of a traditional Chinese theme, the various cultures of the Emerald Star are wide and varied from small tribes living in the forests to dwellers in huge futuristic megalopolises. So feel free to pick as makes sense.
Sect Name: A more formal thing for people to call you in the sect, this is more of your opportunity to break out interesting titles about your strengths and exploits. Note - some people drop their regular names entirely in favor of being called by their sect name and some people choose to just be referred to by their regular name within the sect so don't feel pressured to need to take both.
Backstory: History! Who you are and where you came from. You don't need to write a novel, but it should be enough to incorporate the details mentioned in your character sheet. As mentioned above the Emerald Star can get pretty diverse in its environments, so many different types of backstories can work - as long as you're limited to a particular locale on planet or have a particularly good reason for why you're here from off-planet when this is one of the galaxy's backwaters.

Humans are the dominant species on the emerald star, but if you want to be some other species there's nothing wrong with that. But you probably belong to one of the more cosmopolitan areas (ie the ones which actually have had people come in from off planet at some point in the recent-ish past).

Not necessary but something to think about : A good common theme is "plucked from whatever you were doing, appropriately or not, by one of the disciples." Were you picked at random? Was there a lengthy selection process? Were you aware of the Sect's existence or did this all come out of nowhere? Do you even WANT to join or were you recruited against your will?

Skill Groups: Remember, you all had lives before you came to the Verdant Sect. Primary skills are those that define what you did beforehand and what you are good at even now! Follow the creation rules in the handbook as normal: choose 2 of the 6 skill groups and allocate 12 points among these, while applying 6 points to the other 4 (or Secondary) skills.
Expertise: Some skills are specialized! You can spend a skill point from the relevant skill group to give a higher level bonus in a narrower circumstance than an ordinary skill would cover.
Reputation: Two words, each summing up how a particular group of people feel about you. The first is for your friends/positive relations and the second for your enemies/negative relations.
Flaws: Nobody's perfect. Flaws give you an extra skill point in exchange for penalties. You may only have 2 flaws at maximum unless otherwise stated in the rules.
Martial Discipline Ranks: Even though you're not using Kung Fu yet, you have natural proficiency with certain types of Kung Fu. Spend 4 ranks (0-3 on each Discipline) on Waijia (typical martial disciplines including weaponry), Qinggong (lightness and dexterity techniques), Neigong (chi techniques), and Dianxue (pressure point and status techniques). Having imbalanced skill ratings allows you to specialize, but can be risky as the overflow of chi can lead to you being possessed by a Qi Spirit. Having 0 skill in a Discipline means you cannot learn skills of that Discipline.
Combat Technique: Well you don't have any teachers or kung fu yet, but the sect is going to guarantee that you have a good foundation to learn those things. Alternatively, you picked it up when gaining experience in the world. Perhaps this might even be why the sect noticed you in the first place!

Goal: Twofold - one should be a goal your character wants to accomplish and one should be a goal that you want to accomplish with the RP.

Final Comments

I am new to running games on SA and this is somewhat messy. Therefore, do not hesitate to approach me with comments or questions. I can be contacted either in the thread or at discord here:

Deadlines are a week from now (the 23rd) and I hope to get started on the following Sunday.

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Tricky Dick Nixon
Jul 26, 2010

The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny. And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust from whence it came. Therefore must the soul deceive, despise and murder men.

Withdrawn, leaving this here for maybe later, but don't think I can commit at this time.

Name: Chinua Diep Na
Sect Name: Little Wolf
Backstory: Chinua lived out on the complete edges of the world, away from civilization, which itself was on the edge of the Constellation entirely. An idyllic life running through the still untouched rural countryside, staining her fingernails and face with the dirt and calling out nonsense names in the wind was the life she knew most. When her parents disappeared, along with their modest dwelling, with the great flooding of a river, she became known as the "thunder child" raised by no one in the village, but known and beloved to all of them. There was pity, but never was there a moment that she seemed to feel grief, or truly have the need for such a thing.

In truth, the phoenix soul within her had been extinguished through the great tragedy. She had been left without the heart for sorrow, living in a bliss that was unearned, unable to truly learn from hardship. That is the state that Devil-Faced Toad found her. Despite the sinister name his deeds had earned him, Toad was a disciple of great virtue, and recognized in this child something that few others recognized due to her cheerful demeanor: The capable of innocent evil, like a wolf simply doing what it is in its nature, and believed that the Verdant Sect would do much to teach her about her place in the Constellation.

Despite her wild upbringing, she adjusted well to her surroundings, and though she was a poor study, she was an enthusiastic student. No set-back or rival could deter her, as she became enamored of the kung fu the disciple Devil-Faced Toad showed her. Her desire to master it is much more worldly, a desire to be strong enough that she can do whatever she might want. Perhaps secretly her heart would long to be strong enough to never be hurt, but it is hard to say. She sees strength as equal to virtue, and the attempted example of the stories of great wuxia fighting for their ideals only seem to confirm to her that it is only the strong that can believe in anything...

And maybe, if she gets strong, she will find something to believe in!

Skill Groups: Defenses, Physical
Hardiness 3
Parry 3
Evade 2
Athletics 2
Speed 2
Muscle 2
Endurance 2
Leg Strike 1
Throw 1
Medium Melee 2
Heavy Melee 1
Divination 1
Meditation 1
Survival 2 (Forage/Shelter)
Detect 3 (Smell)
Institution: Verdant Sect 1
Creatures 1
Technique: Waijia 2
Technique: Neigong 1
Language: Pathish 3
Read Script: Verdant Sect 1

Reputation: To my friends, I am irrepressible. To my enemies, I am callous.

Flaws: Missing Phoenix Soul (Sorrow)

Martial Disciplines: Waijia 2, Qinggong 1, Neigong 1

Combat Technique: Press (Medium Melee)

  • Little Wolf wants to become the strongest master of kung fu in the Jade Constellation, a definition she would say means being able to beat anyone that crosses her path, and maybe in finding that ultimate strength, a reason to be strong.
  • Myself would like to play an arc where she learns how to understand that, even if she cannot hurt, at least that other people does, and that strength is only virtuous when used to uplift the weak and lay low the cruel.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Super interested!

Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


Backstory -- Part 1 -- A Planetary Warzone -- "Aftermath"
Before I can share my story with you, I need you to be able to relate to it. You will be tempted to focus on the things that make us different, and discount my experiences as unlike your own. First, you must understand that all worlds share in certain universal truths. One of those truths is their duty to the state. On a poor world, or a distant one, that duty is often paid in young men who will become soldiers. In essence, the tax paid by a poor world is counted in the lives of its own people. You would be forgiven for thinking that this is not a universal truth, and that worlds of economic or strategic importance do not share equally in this burden. However, let me ask you this: when an invading army constructs its strategy, do they plan to attack poor, distant worlds? No. They strike at those of economic or strategic importance. It is perhaps true that the tax is paid at different times, but all worlds pay their toll eventually. I have seen this firsthand: I was a physician's assistant in a prominent hospital when the first ships arrived in orbit. Though I did not learn of this until much later, I am told that our leader was presented with a choice: forsake Our Holy Emperor, and join the cause of the invaders ...or defy them, and die. He chose the latter.

Warfare staged from orbit is a strange thing. The concept of a battlefront does not exist in the same way that it does with conventional warfare. The enemy can arrive anywhere, at any time. Within mere hours, every spare bed in the hospital was occupied by scores of soldiers and twice as many civilians caught in the crossfire. Within days, it was all we could do to keep up with the casualties. At the end of the first week, our morgue was full. Three weeks after that, the hospital had been reduced to rubble. It got worse from there. In the early days, we had assumed ...perhaps naively... that help would come. We did not know the full extent of the battle that was raging across the stars. We could not know that, in the grand scheme of things, we were one of many worlds, and that they could not all be saved. It was nearly six years before the fighting stopped.

I don't know what you might call the role I played during those six years. I was not a physician's assistant, because - before too long, anyway - all of the physicians I had known were dead. I was not a combat medic, because I was not formally a member of the military on either side. I simply ...tried to alleviate suffering wherever I found it. More often than not, this meant finding my way to civilians that needed my help, and doing what I could for them. Occasionally, it meant helping the remaining defense forces and resistance members that were trying to reclaim my world. Once in a while, it meant rendering medical assistance to an enemy combatant. When I tell people that, they often give me a strange look. I can understand why. All I can tell you is that, in the moment, it felt as if it was the right thing to do.

It was during this time that I met him. He called himself Pious Serpent. The war had been raging for nearly four years, and the city I had once called home was now little more than piles of rubble and smoldering ash. Life was hard, but it persevered, mostly in shattered tunnels and ruined basements. When I found him, he was unconscious, but alive. He had been left for dead in the subbasement of what used to be a government building, pinned between the cement floor and half a dozen concrete slabs of what seemed to be the three or four floors above him. It was almost as if someone had thrown him through those floors, given how the rubble was piled around him. Have you ever played Jenga with a human life as the stakes? I spent the next ten hours doing exactly that. Each move was carefully calculated, removing a piece of rubble only when I was certain it would not bring the rest of the building down upon us. In time, I was able to work my way to him ...only to find that he was pinned below the hip by debris I could not hope to move. One of his legs was mangled beyond recognition, and the other seemed to be well and truly crushed. He was not dead, but this place was sure to be his grave.

I'll admit, he startled me when he awoke. No man should have been able to maintain consciousness in those conditions, as the pain should have been unbearable. And yet, he was conscious. In a raspy, ragged voice clearly starved for water, he asked me whether I was friend or foe. I told him that I did not know, but that I meant him no harm, and I gave him water to drink. His thirst quenched, he asked me what I meant. I told him that I had tried to free him, but that he was pinned between slabs of rock I could not hope to lift. I told him I wished to save his life, but that it seemed there was no way to do so. He asked me why I would do this, without knowing whether we were allies or enemies, which in turn meant my efforts could be rewarded with my own death. I explained to him that, as I saw it, he needed help and I was able to offer it. In the moment, the choices available to me were to try to help a man that I might be able to save, or to ignore his suffering. I told him that I did not have a choice.

He was quiet for a long time. When the silence became awkward, he told me a story from his youth. I remember his words clearly: "When I was a boy, I fell into a hole in the ground. I was broken, and could not climb out. I might have died there, but a stranger came along and saved me. He said it was his obligation. That for help he had once received, he must in return help twelve others, each of whom would then help twelve others, so that good deeds would spread out like the ripples from a pebble thrown into a pond." He told me that he was one of this man's twelve.

We both knew that there was nothing I could do to free him. It was plain to both of us that even if he could be freed, his injuries were too severe. He didn't ask it of me, but I stayed there with him for three days, until he died. During this time, we talked about the things I had seen during the war. We spoke of the people I had been able to help, and those that I had not. We talked of how beautiful the city had been, before all of this had happened. And we talked about how it might become beautiful again one day, when all of this was behind us. I did most of the talking, though this didn't seem particularly strange to me at the time, given his situation.

When his death began to draw near, it seemed as if he could sense it. He told me that I owed him nothing, and had already done more than enough, but that he would be forever grateful if I could honor his last request. I told him that I would do what I could, if it were within my power. I don't know what I was expecting, but what he asked of me caught me by surprise in its simplicity. He asked me to return to his homeland, and find the man who had saved him when he was a boy. He asked me to deliver a medallion to this man, some sort of talisman he carried with him around his neck. He asked me to tell this man how he had lived, and how he had died. And he asked me to tell this man the things I had already told him, of the people I had saved, and the people I had not been able to save.

Backstory -- Part 2 -- Imperial Transport -- "The Right Thing"
It seemed an odd request, but I had no reason not to honor it. The hardest part, of course, was surviving the war. When the dust settled, quite literally, my homeland was essentially uninhabitable. It would take decades of rebuilding before a population could be sustained, and centuries before anything resembling the world I remembered could be rebuilt. If I am being honest, I was grateful for an excuse to leave, if even just for a little while. Having helped hundreds of people during the war, I had a good reputation as a medical practitioner. When the blockade was finally lifted, it was not difficult to trade my services as ship's doctor in exchange for passage offworld. A direct course wasn't available, but after bouncing around for a little over a year, I was finally able to secure passage to The Emerald Star. I would honor my promise to the Pious Serpent, and deliver news of his death to those he left behind, a group of people calling themselves the 'Verdant Truth'.

Name:		???				Reputation (ally):	Unorthodox
Sect Name:	Iron Cobra			Reputation (enemy):	Calm
Race:		Artificial Intelligence		
Qi:		  1				Wounds:			0 / 3

Goal (PC):	A wise man accomplishes his goals without love of glory, without love of violence.

Goal (player):	I'm actually really interested in a game that combines martial arts and space opera elements.
		I have no idea how to combine these two things in a way that it all fits, but I hope you pull it off.
Martial Discipline Ranks (4 points)
    Waijia -- weaponry		1 / 3
    Qinggong -- dexterity	1 / 3
    Neigong -- chi		1 / 3
    Dianxue -- pressure point	1 / 3
    Imbalance			1

Combat Technique:		Deflect (light melee)
				You know how to parry effectively against incoming blows.
				You gain a +1 bonus to your Parry when you do not move.

Skill Disciplines:
  Defense			12 points	[Primary]
  Combat			 6 points	[Secondary]
  Physical			12 points	[Primary]
  Specialist			 6 points	[Secondary]
  Mental			 6 points	[Secondary]
  Knowledge			 6 points	[Secondary]

Flaw (1): 	Secretly Evil			+ 3 points
		• You have a secret agenda of your own that is directly in conflict with the rest of the party.
		  This need not be truly evil but it must potentially put you at odds with the goal of the party.
		  Because the goals of the party may not be known initially, this flaw can be detailed and played
		  out in the first few sessions of the campaign.

Flaw (2):	Talk of the Town		+ 1 points
		• As an artificial life form, you are particularly uncommon in nearly all parts of the universe.
		  You are the frequent target of odd stares, curiosity, and fixation.
		  As a result of this, it is virtually impossible for you to keep a low profile for extended periods.

Flaw (Fated):	Yes				+ 2 points
		• Fate has singled you out for some purpose or reason.
		  The player should not know what his fate is. This is determined by the GM.
DEFENSE	(primary -- 12 points + 6 flaws)
  Hardiness			= 5		[3 points -- Rank 2]		[2 rank + 3 base value]
  Parry				= 5		[3 points -- Rank 2]		[2 rank + 3 base value]
  Evade				= 5		[3 points -- Rank 2]		[2 rank + 3 base value]
  Stealth			= 9		[3 points -- Rank 2]		[2 rank + 6 base value + 1 qi]
  Wits				= 9		[3 points -- Rank 2]		[2 rank + 6 base value + 1 racial]
  Resolve			= 8		[3 points -- Rank 2]		[2 rank + 6 base value]

COMBAT (secondary -- 6 points)
  Light melee			+ 3		[6 points -- Rank 3]

PHYSICAL (primary -- 12 points)
  Athletics			+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]
  Speed				+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]
  Muscle			+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]
  Endurance			+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]

SPECIALIST (secondary -- 6 points)
  Medicine			+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]
  Meditation			+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]

MENTAL (secondary -- 6 points)
  Empathy			+ 2		[1 point  -- Rank 1 + 1 racial]
  Reasoning			+ 2		[1 point  -- Rank 1 + 1 racial]
  Detect			+ 2		[3 points -- Rank 2]
   Expertise: Hearing				[1 point]

KNOWLEDGE (secondary -- 6 points)
  History			+ 1		[0.5 points -- Rank 1]
    (humanity)			+ 3		[3.0 points -- Rank 1]
      Expertise: ???				[0.5 points]
    (Imperial bureaucracy)	+ 1		[0.5 points -- Rank 1]
  Language (Pathish)		+ 3		[Racial     -- Rank 3]
  Read script (Pathish)		+ 1		[0.5 points -- Rank 1]
  Read script (sect)		+ 1		[Sect       -- Rank 1]
  Religion/Gods			+ 1		[0.5 points -- Rank 1]
  Classics			+ 1		[0.5 points -- Rank 1]
Racial Advantage -- +1 Empathy / Reason / Wits
Racial Penalties -- -1d10 to Command / Deception / Persuade against other races

Racial Gift -- Flexible Mind
   • Because your mind is made up of multiple egos, each capable of thinking independently, you can perform up to
     six mental tasks at a time.
   • At character creation and for advancement during play, Knowledge Skills cost half the normal amount.
   • This also affects any Skill roll that involves thinking alone. This pertains mostly to Mental Skills and Knowledge
     Skills, allowing you to make a Reason Skill roll and an Empathy Skill roll as a single action.

Racial Curse -- Multi-Ego
   • Each Ego has its own distinct personality and motivation.
     Generally the egos function collectively and agree upon courses of action.
     Sometimes one ego manages to dominate the others and runs amuck.

     Whenever you experience great physical or emotional stress check to see if the egos become unbalanced by rolling
     1d10 against the character’s Resolve (examples of such stress include taking 2 Wounds in a round, making an
     Endurance roll, and so on). If the result equals or beats the Resolve score, then roll randomly to determine which
     personality is dominant. The player should play that personality for the full day.

     This could result in extreme and unusual behavior for the character. The personality must be played to the hilt, as
     if freed from years of confinement. If the result of the Resolve roll is a 10, then the personality is desperate to
     enact some sort of scheme or plot against the other egos. This is not self-destructive. The ego does not try to harm
     the character but rather assert itself. The GM should determine what this is and explain it to the player. While in
     this state of inner conflict, take 3 extra Imbalance Points for Cathartic use of Kung Fu Techniques.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Yue Lixue, the White Fox

Lixue hails from the emerald farmlands that surround the bustling heart of the Emerald Star, a place of relative peace and plenty. There are the raids by the bandit clans, the occasional demon traipsing through the village, or the not-so-occasional freak weather systems, but life is largely good and fulfilling. Lixue's family is poor, even for a bunch of farmers, and despite her apparently slim frame she's put in just as much hard labor as her many — many — brothers. Part of it is a simple joy in a job well done, part is guilt over the trouble she's caused her family.

When Lixue was born, her family's fortunes began to fall. Friends and nearby farms cut off contact, thinking that Lixue's pure, white hair indicated something malign. A curse or, worse yet, that she wasn't mortal at all. Foolish superstition, naturally, though Lixue's natural talents for violence and physical feats were astounding and surely caused those that witnessed her deeds to wonder. She didn't seek out fights, far from it, but she won every contest she was forced into. When the Black River Society tried to demand tribute from the land upon which her family farmed, it was her that sent them packing. When brigands tried to waylay the Yue family hovertruck, she blocked them at every turn.

Yet, for all her latent talent, she never once thought that she'd be chosen as a disciple of the Sect of Verdant Truth. As it happens, she was simply making the last delivery of the season when some inscrutable portent drew the eye of Three-Lives Jade Phoenix. The disciple, rumored to have reincarnated twice before, was widely agreed to have an uncanny sense when it came to the workings of fate. Lixue didn't even have a chance to make an excuse about returning to help her family prepare for the winter ahead before she found herself within the sect's walls.


Name: Yue Lixue
Sect Name: White Fox

Skill Groups: Defenses, Physical

Hardiness | 6 (3)
Parry | 5 (2) + Qi = 6
Evade | 4 (1)
Stealth | 6
Wits | 7 (1)
Resolve | 7 (1)

Arm Strike | 3 (using Flaw points)
Grapple | 2

Meditation | 2 + Meditation-Insight
Survival | 1 + Survival-Harvest/Fish

Athletics | 2
Speed | 2 + Speed-Initiative
Muscle | 2
Endurance | 1
Ride (Hover Trucks) | 1

Language (Pathish) | 3
Read Script (Pathish) | 1
Read Script (Sect) | 1
Martial Disciplines (Qinggong) | 1
Martial Disciplines (Neigong) | 2
Martial Disciplines (Dianxue) | 1

Empathy | 2 + Empathy-Intention
Reasoning | 1
Detect | 1

Reputation: To my friends, I am righteous. To my enemies, I am too reckless.

Flaws: Fated (2), White Hair (1)

Martial Disciplines: Qinggong 1, Neigong 2, Dianxue 1

Combat Technique: Fists of Iron

  • White Fox is a little confused, out of place, and still not quite sure what her Sifu sees in her. Still, now that she's coming to a world beyond anything she knew on the farm, she wants to experience the righteous teachings of the Sect of Verdant Truth and better the world as she goes forth!
  • Myself would like to see her torn between increasingly potent, though bizarre and unorthodox, techniques and her own sense of righteousness.

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Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

Name: Guo Songyang
Sect Name: Laughing Magpie

Gate to Prosperity. One of the major spaceports on the planet. A large portion of the imports and exports, little as they are on a galactic scale, come through here. It is a hub of trade and commerce. A lot of people come there to try to find a future more than farmwork. Perhaps even dream of a ticket off world. Few ever make it, and so there are slums filled with the poor and desperate. The distracted attempts from the planetary government were woefully under equipped to do more than make sure trade wasn't threatened. It was here that Guo Songyang's father, Guo Fengxian had a dojo. He wasn't a famous master or anything, but skilled and dilligent, and tried to help people defend themselves. He was lawful, honest, filial and direct, and trained Guo Songyang to follow in his footsteps.

Then came the Titanium Fist. Following a philosophy that the best way to bring peace and harmony, is to make a maximum bloody example by those who disrupted it, and aided by a doctor who gave many in the gangs cyberware that put them a step above normal thugs, they were brutal.. Rival gangs had their leaders being made example off, and their martial talents compared with their ability in causing terror, brought gang after gang low. Soon, they held control over drug trade, slave trade and many more illegal activities. Guo Fengxian spoke out against them. A confrontation was inevitable. And sadly, Songyang's father's courage was at least as great as his enemies, but his kung-fu was not. he was beaten, and in front of his child, murdered in a brutal fashion by their leader, Metal Titan, who was more machine than men.

And Songyang learned, though not quite the lessons that were hoped. A man, Yuan Wei, who his father had once uncovered as a conman and a thief took pity on him, and raised him as his own, though that also meant having him as an accessory to all his scams. He learned to lie, to disguise, to hide, he learned the courage of the gambler and the thief, to risk the wrath of those mightier than you, and trust on wits and speed to be your shield. Yet Songyang saw how the Bloody Peacebringers held the people in an iron grip of fear, and he targeted them. When he was 18, Wei said that he needed to leave the city, because he was getting to known, and proposed Songyang to leave the place behind. Yet Songyang stayed.

He started to become a flea in the Bloody Peacebringers pelt. They made a business of brutally crushing all who took a stand against them, but Guo Songyang never took a stand. He wore a hundred disguises, told a thousand lies, and again and again, Bloody Peacebringers were publicly humiliated. Money he stole was given to the desperate and the poor. Noone dared to laugh in the open, yet behind the scenes, they were laughed at. Songyang relished it, the thrill of the gamble, whether in games or on a caper, was more tempting to him than wine or women.

And one day, there was an old woman dressed in rich clothing with a fat pouch walking through the slum. And Songyang felt that she could miss that pouch. Dressed as a wretched woman beggar, he got close, and when there were several actual beggars keeping her attention he managed to swipe her purse. Only to have the woman manage to immediately realize it. And keep up with his fast run, and recognized him even when he dumped his disguise and looked like a male peddler. And managed to spot him when he figured he'd gotten a real good hiding space. When he just about managed a desperate jump and she idly jumped after him, he realized he wasn't going to outrun her. He tossed her money off the roof, hoping she'd go after it, but she seemed indifferent There was a brief fight, where she mainly seemed to count coup, while he desperately tried to land a hit on her.

In the end, she tapped him three times on his body, and he fell paralyzed to the roof. As he slowly recovered, she calmly told him that she was Infuriating Old Hag, that all of this had been a test. Of his skills, his courage and his morals. And he had passed. She offered him training. And he took her up on it.


Skill Groups: Defenses, Mental
Hardiness 2
Wits 1
Evade 2
Stealth: 2
Parry 1
Resolve: 1

Athletics 2
Speed 2
Endurance 1

Arm Strike 3

Knowledge Institution (Underworld) 2
Expertise (Symbols)
Expertise (people)
Places Culture (Gate of Prosperity)1

Talent (Thievery) 2
Talent (Disguise) 2

Deception 2
(Expertise: Disguise)
Detect 2
Persuasion 1
Empathy: 2
Reasoning 1

Reputation: To my friends, I am brave. To my enemies, I am cunning.

Flaws: Hedonistm (Gambling)

Martial Disciplines: , Qinggong 2 Dianxue 2

Combat Technique: Inside Fighter (Arm Strike)

Goa: IC: Trick and ridicule all tyrants.
OOC: play a trickster, with a love for freedom, helping the downtrodden and tweaking the nose of self important tyrants, and always getting into trouble

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Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


For people making characters (or making sure you like your build) you may find it easier to use this as a template.
I'd suggest just deleting the lines you don't end up using as otherwise it ends up ten times longer than it needs to be.
I have tried to include notes on all the key things to consider though obviously you will have to read the book as well.

Name:		???		Reputation (ally):	???
Sect Name:	???		Reputation (enemy):	???
Race:		???		
Qi:		  1		Wounds:			0 / 3

Goal (PC):	???
Goal (player):	???
Martial Discipline Ranks (4 points)
    Waijia -- weaponry		? / 3
    Qinggong -- dexterity	? / 3
    Neigong -- chi		? / 3
    Dianxue -- pressure point	? / 3
    Imbalance			?		[Highest Rank]

Combat Technique:		???

Skill Disciplines:
  Defense			? points
  Combat			? points
  Physical			? points
  Specialist			? points
  Mental			? points
  Knowledge			? points

Note:	You may pick two primary disciplines (12 points) and 4 secondary disciplines (6 points).
	You may also pick the scholar discipline (24 points in knowledge) and all other disciplines become secondary.
	You may also 'gut' disciplines (0 points) to gain additional points in other disciplines (PHB page 30 for detail).
	You may also take flaws (below) to gain additional points for skills.

Flaw (1):			???		+ ? points
Flaw (2):			???		+ ? points
Flaw (Fated):			Yes / No	+ ? points
						[1 point -- Rank 1]
						[3 points - Rank 2]
						[6 points - Rank 3]

  Hardiness			  ?		[? points]		[? rank + 3 base value + ? qi]
  Parry				  ?		[? points]		[? rank + 3 base value + ? qi]
  Evade				  ?		[? points]		[? rank + 3 base value + ? qi]
  Stealth			  ?		[? points]		[? rank + 6 base value + ? qi]
  Wits				  ?		[? points]		[? rank + 6 base value + ? qi]
  Resolve			  ?		[? points]		[? rank + 6 base value + ? qi]

  Arm strike			+ ?		[? points]
  Leg strike			+ ?		[? points]
  Grapple			+ ?		[? points]
  Throw				+ ?		[? points]
  Light melee			+ ?		[? points]
  Medium melee			+ ?		[? points]
  Heavy melee			+ ?		[? points]
  Small ranged			+ ?		[? points]
  Large ranged			+ ?		[? points]

  Athletics			+ ?		[? points]
  Swim				+ ?		[? points]
  Speed				+ ?		[? points]
  Muscle			+ ?		[? points]
  Endurance			+ ?		[? points]
  Ride/Drive (???)		+ ?		[? points]
  Sail/Pilot (???)		+ ?		[? points]

  Medicine			+ ?		[? points]
  Divination			+ ?		[? points]
  Meditation			+ ?		[? points]
  Talent (???)			+ ?		[? points]
  Trade (???)			+ ?		[? points]
  Survival (???)		+ ?		[? points]
  Ritual (???)			---		[? points]

  Command			+ ?		[? points]
  Persuade			+ ?		[? points]
  Deception			+ ?		[? points]
  Empathy			+ ?		[? points]
  Reasoning			+ ?		[? points]
  Detect			+ ?		[? points]

  History, the Era of the...
    (Thundering March)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Great Emperor)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Compassionate Daughter)	+ ?		[? points]
    (Demon Emperor)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Five Kingdoms)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Two Kingdoms)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Eastward Bound Invaders)	+ ?		[? points]
    (Northern Horse Riders)	+ ?		[? points]
    (Dutiful State)		+ ?		[? points]
    (100 Pieces)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Righteous Emperor)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Glorious Emperor)		+ ?		[? points]

    (animals)			+ ?		[? points]
    (demons)			+ ?		[? points]
    (humanity)			+ ?		[? points]
    (insects)			+ ?		[? points]
    (monsters)			+ ?		[? points]
    (ghosts and undead)		+ ?		[? points]

  Martial disciplines
    (Waijia)			+ ?		[? points]
    (Qinggong)			+ ?		[? points]
    (Neigong)			+ ?		[? points]
    (Dianxue)			+ ?		[? points]

    (criminal underworld)	+ ?		[? points]
    (Imperial bureaucracy)	+ ?		[? points]
    (military organizations)	+ ?		[? points]
    (religious organizations)	+ ?		[? points]
    (sects)			+ ?		[? points]
    (societies)			+ ?		[? points]

    (cult of Hen-Shi)		+ ?		[? points]
    (Dehua)			+ ?		[? points]
    (Gushan)			+ ?		[? points]
    (Qi Zhao)			+ ?		[? points]
    (the Majestic Lion Cult)	+ ?		[? points]
    (Yen-Li)			+ ?		[? points]

    (the 26 stratagems)		+ ?		[? points]
    (book of fortunes)		+ ?		[? points]
    (book of laws)		+ ?		[? points]
    (glorious histories)	+ ?		[? points]
    (rites of Wan Mei)		+ ?		[? points]
    (sayings of Kong Zhi)	+ ?		[? points]
    (scripture of Sun Mai)	+ ?		[? points]

  Places/Cultures (???)		+ ?		[? points]
  Language (racial)		+ 3		[Racial     -- Rank 3]
  Languages (???)		+ ?		[? points]
  Read script (???)		+ ?		[? points]

Dec 17, 2013

Wait a minute...

Aiman Batyr, the Clear Skies Thunderbolt

"Once my friends, not long ago, we rode the steppes between stars. Fed our herds on bounty grown in the light of white dwarves, gathered the detritus of supernovae to cast our arrowheads. No, not in those great floating tents of yours- these "ships". At the moments The Way was opened, our steeds simply trotted where they needed to."

"Speaking of, there's a huge sale on EVA suits at Spacy's right now. Wanna come with? We could get milk tea after!"

Aiman hails from the great herding clans that have roamed the galaxy's grasslands for millennia. An odd choice of student for a school of cultivators, but she's here now and there's not much the Verdant Path has been able to do about it. It is, after all, hard to argue with an application shot directly into the fingers of Founder Barkheart's statue from at least a mile off. Even when the only parts of said application that weren't barely legible were clearly dictated to a panicked local scribe.

Batyr was a chosen child, first found as a toddler running with a pack of fearsome hybrid wolf-deer. At just five years old she'd felled a marauding cactus boar in its fetid bio-lab lair. At ten she'd saved a giant landship-dwelling hermit crab from the AI that tried to possess it. it is said in her humble home-horde of Arakhan. They are proud to a fault of their prodigious daughter; Aiman's penchant for acts of strength and her endlessly positive attitude have made her quite the local heroine. Each of their tales has a grain of truth to it, but they are nothing that would reach the ears of your average arcology sorghum farmer. Not yet.

Riding everywhere atop her stout space-capable steed Börte, she strikes a bizarre image to your average Emerald Star city slicker. Her conduct, too, seems just a little too guileless. Aiman's often found asking cyber-eyed gangsters for directions to the kinema, or blundering into the affairs of assassins and hit-droids with apologetic regularity. Surely, folks ask, a Verdant Truth candidate would only do that as act?

It is not an act. Aiman is just optimistic to a fault, bold enough to roam into the dangers of the galaxy and strong enough to avoid being marked by them. The mind-bendingly complex world of the Asteroids and Nebulae is to her a chance for thrilling adventure and travel. Some have managed to perceive this truth; the Sunlight Sage Qing, for instance, believes Aiman to be an easily manipulated path to the secret arts of the nomadic clans. Those plotting against Qing and her co-conspirators in the Verdant Path are also keeping a close watch on things.

But will any plans hatched around Aiman really go as advertised?

Skill Groups: Defenses, Physical
  Hardiness			= 7		[Rank 3 + 1 Qi]			[4 rank + 3 base value]
  Parry				= 5		[Rank 2]		          [2 rank + 3 base value]
  Evade				= 4		[Rank 1]			[1 rank + 3 base value]
  Stealth			= 6		[Rank 0]		[0 rank + 6 base value]
  Wits				= 7		[Rank 1]		[1 rank + 6 base value]
  Resolve			= 7		[Rank 1]		[1 rank + 6 base value]

Combat (2 flaw pt):
Heavy Melee (Expertise: Great Mace) 2
Small Ranged (Expertise: Composite Bow) 2

Physical (1 flaw point):
Athletics 1
Speed 1
Endurance 2
Muscle (Expertise: Lifting) 3 
Riding (Mechquine) 1

Survival (Expertise: Forage/Shelter) 1
Medicine 1
Meditation 2

Detect 2
Empathy 2

Creatures 2
Culture (Grasslanders) 2

Waijia 2
Neigong 2

Pathish 3

Flaws: Fated (2), Unintelligent (1)

Combat Technique: Bow Rider (Small Ranged)

Gear: Börte (Ox mount), Composite Bow(3d10 damage | +1d10 accuracy), Great Mace (Muscle + 4d10 damage | -1d10 accuracy)

Known Techniques:
-Rain of Arrows
-Intercepting Arrow
-Storm of Arrows
-Tai Lan's Staff Strike
-Iron Spirit Reversal
-Master Teaches Student

Reputation: To my allies, I am cheery. To my enemies, I am worryingly cheery.

	Aiman's goal is to go on a merry romp across the galaxy itself, meeting with strange creatures, 
        testing her might, and noshing upon delicious cuisine. 

	My goal is to have lots of fun misunderstandings driven by Aiman's bull-headedness, especially ones involving villains. 
        For better or worse, she should immerse herself in the galaxy around her and let it affect her with an open mind.
        I'd prefer if her Fate, whatever it might be, were rather convoluted and hard to figure out instead of a clear prophecy.

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Apr 2, 2018

Thanks to Waador for the sheet writeup. As discussed in the Discord, the various branches of Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Classics), and Knowledge (Religion) are going to be collapsed into singular skills because given the scope of the game trying to memorize a particular set would be impractical.

Jo Joestar
Oct 24, 2013

Sheh Li was born in the hinterlands of the Gulong Hills, far from any of the civilised regions of the Emerald Star. The land is dominated by competing clans, eking out a meagre subsistence from farming, herding and banditry, sheltering in their distinctive tulou forts from reprisals and raids from their neighbours.

Li had little interest in managing his portion of the Sheh clan's lands, but he was a fierce fighter, whether in defense of his home, or when raiding someone else's. Despite the neglect he showed his lands, and his comparative youth, his achievements on the battlefield made him wealthy, and respected in his clan.

All this was cut short when, in the middle of a raid on a neighbouring clan, a moment of careless arrogance left Sheh Li's arm sliced to the bone. In the great cities of the Emerald Star, an injury like this could be healed in a matter of months, but in the Gulong Hills, it was potentially life-threatening. He survived, eventually, but at the cost of much of his arm. Once he had recovered, he found that he had lost much. His status and his wealth had both come from his sword arm; with that gone, the rest had followed. At this point, a more sensible person might have resolved to do the best they could with what they had, and settle down to life as a farmer; Sheh Li, on the other hand, continued training, trying to adjust his swordplay for use with one arm, and took to obsessively challenging the clan’s warriors to sparring matches - fights which he rarely won. Meanwhile, his lands and herds fell into even worse neglect, and he was reduced to living on the grudging charity of his clan.

His persistence, if not his success, drew the eye of Wind Rider, one of the disciples of the Sect of the Verdant Path, who saw that Sheh Li had few prospects left in the Gulong Valley. If he took to discipleship with the same dedication he gave to his swordplay, however, then he might just have a future within the Verdant Path.

Name:	        Sheh Li	        Reputation (ally): Too Reckless
Sect Name:	One-Fanged Cat  Reputation (enemy): Brave
Race:		Human		
Qi:		  1		Wounds:           	0 / 3

Goal (PC):	To regain the status and pride he once had as a warrior.
Goal (player):	Right now, he's mostly concerned with his status in other people's eyes. I'd like to play out an arc where he starts caring more about his own evaluation of himself.

Martial Discipline Ranks (4 points)
    Waijia -- weaponry		2 / 3
    Qinggong -- dexterity	1 / 3
    Neigong -- chi		1 / 3
    Dianxue -- pressure point	0 / 3
    Imbalance			2	

Combat Technique:		One-armed Swordsman

Skill Disciplines:
  Defense			12 points
  Combat			12 points
  Physical			6 points
  Specialist			6 points
  Mental			6 points
  Knowledge			6 points

Flaw: 	Missing Arm		+ 2 points

-2 to Parry (-1 with One-Armed Swordsman combat technique), -1d10 to Arm Strike, Grapple, Throw, Athletics and Swim. 
Cannot use 2-handed weapons, and may take additional penalties as appropriate.


DEFENSE                                         [13 points]
  Hardiness			  5		[3 points]		[2 rank + 3 base value]
  Parry				  6		[6 points]		[3 rank + 3 base value + 1 qi -1 flaw]
  Evade				  5		[3 points]		[2 rank + 3 base value ]
  Stealth			  6		[0 points]		[0 rank + 6 base value]
  Wits				  6		[0 points]		[0 rank + 6 base value]
  Resolve			  7		[1 points]		[1 rank + 6 base value]

COMBAT                                          [12 points]
  Grapple			+ 2		[3 points]
  Medium melee			+ 3		[6 points]
  Expertise: Jian                               [1 point]
  Heavy melee			+ 1		[1 points]
  Small ranged			+ 1		[1 points]

PHYSICAL                                        [7 points]
  Athletics			+ 1		[1 points]
  Speed				+ 1		[1 points]
  Muscle			+ 2		[3 points]
  Endurance			+ 1		[1 points]
  Ride/Drive (Horse)		+ 1		[1 points]

SPECIALIST                                      [6 points]
  Medicine			+ 1		[1 points]
  Meditation			+ 2		[3 points]
  Survival (Mountain/Hill)      + 1		[1 points]
  Expertise: Harvest                            [1 point]

MENTAL                                          [6 points]
  Command			+ 2		[3 points]
  Persuade			+ 1		[1 points]
  Empathy			+ 1		[1 points]
  Reasoning			+ 1		[1 points]

KNOWLEDGE                                       [6 points]
  History	                + 1   	        [1 points]
  Creatures (animals)           + 1		[1 points]
  Religion/Gods                 + 1		[1 points]
  Classics                      + 1		[1 points]
  Places/Cultures (Gulong Hills)+ 1		[1 points]
  Language (Pathish)		+ 3		[Racial]
  Read script (Pathish)		+ 1		[1 points]

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Oct 14, 2006

Zhen Zijing Still working on a decent sect name

The pouring rain mixed with her tears. The bones of her arm made an audible creak as they were twisted in the man’s iron grasp. She cried out in agony, forced to her knees, settling in the pool forming at the base of the alleyway. But she still refused to let go of the knife in her hand.

The man’s voice was deep, full of an irritatingly smug mirth and an accent she did not know. “You are a very angry little girl.”

“Let me go! I’ll kill you.” She spit and snarled, crying out in anguish when her efforts pulled at her strained arm. Eventually, her shoe found purchase on his ankle and she managed just enough give to wriggle away until the man’s fast hands grabbed her by the hair on her head, then her shoulder.

“But it is not me you want to kill. You want to kill him.” The man motions across the passage to the neon-lit street-side noodle bar, where a young scarred man and his tattooed friends in cheap suits swap drinks. “You might even do it, but what then? That man is worth nothing - certainly not the life of a little girl. Who is he?”

“You don’t know anything! Let me go!” He swats at her wrist, once, twice, then a third time until the knife slips from her grasp into the gutter. The flame of her fury starts to sputter and she just sobs, “New Shoes Lu. He takes everything! Every week! M--m-my mother… We can’t...” Her cheeks flush with anger again and she makes another bid for freedom.

The man’s brows lift, and for once, she actually looks at her captor - he hardly seemed real. A lean pillar of muscle, hewn from basalt, head shaved bald, with a clipped-short ashen beard. She couldn’t fathom any age at all, merely ‘not young.’ He hoisted her up by the collar of her shirt, raising her to eye level. “Lu? That red suit, those men serve Hexed-hand Lee. You know this, girl?”

She scowls, trying to avoid eye contact - something about this man’s black eyes felt like everything would be laid bare if she held his gaze too long. He goes on, “Hexed-hand Lee serves Broken Jaw Lin. These men are Tong Lung Gwan.”

She spit in the puddle beneath them even as he sets her down, “So.”

He laughed uproariously, the peel of laughter echoing off walls of the tight-packed domicile blocks around them. Across the street, New Shoes Lu casted a look toward the dark alley then returns to his noodles and cohorts. “Bold. Very bold. You broke my root, girl - my footing.” He lifted his foot for emphasis, “Be proud, few can claim that. How old are you?”

She wiped at her eyes, “Twelve.”

“And so tall already. What is your name?”

“Zhen. Zi, I mean...”

“Where do you live?” She points to the second story of one of the nearby habitation units, a tiny dilapidated coffin.

Placing a heavy hand on her shoulder, he led her around the corner back to her home, “I am called Shi Laoshi now, but I will tell you a secret - when I grew up here, in this place, I was called Cliff Face Fei. Little Zi, I would very much like to speak to your mother.”


Zhen Zijing was born in the lower reaches of a tenement hive called Prosperous Garden, clustered around the planet’s largest spaceport, Gate of Prosperity, simply too deep in the snarl for magistrate’s attentions to reach, left to the mercy of criminal brotherhoods and thugs like, well, her father.

She was first-hand witness to their predations - her father killed in some pointless many-layered gangster plot, her mother tapped for rent on top of rent, protection fees and other abuses. Only a fated encounter on a desperate night with Shi Laoshi, the Stone-body Teacher, set her on a path any different from another lost soul in the Garden. He took on little Zi (though ‘little’ only relative to him) as a student and assistant, giving work to her idle hands, fruit for her yearning mind. He recognized in his pupil a good potential, and a poisonous anger; a great heart, and a terrible wrath. He would temper that with the steadiness, discipline and wisdom. She sought revenge against the men who tormented her and her mother - he counseled her to rise above the notion of revenge, and to master herself then seek remedies from a place of knowledge and wisdom. It is a difficult lesson, and one she still wrestles with.

Shi Laoshi would instruct her for two years - then leave for two years before returning to teach her again. In this, she had two instructors - her sifu and the Garden, and while she was proud to claim the former, the latter shaped her just as much. Seven years into her training, she crushed New Shoes Zi’s ankles and agitated a community revolt against the Tong Lung Gwan Red Pole Broken Jaw Lin. Eight years on, Broken Jaw Lin’s weakness was seized upon by Five Eyes Wu who took control of the Garden and immediately rained retribution on the unruly residents to bring them in line. Zi survived the reprisal. Her mother did not. In her ninth year, her sifu returned to a pupil humbled and ashamed by her failures, more ready than ever to heed his lessons, chastened by her loss and suffering - but also harboring that much more conflict inside her.

And at the end of the tenth year, Shi Laoshi, seeking to show his pupil that the Prosperous Garden is but a small dot on this planet, itself a small dot in the Jade Constellation, brought his student with him when he left to return to consult with the Sect of the Verdant Truth.

Name:		Zhen Zijing		Reputation (ally):	Righteous
Sect Name:	None For Now		Reputation (enemy):	Ferocious
Race:		Human		
Qi:		  1		Wounds:			0 / 3

Martial Discipline Ranks
    Waijia	1 / 3
    Qinggong	1 / 3
    Neigong	2 / 3
    Dianxue	0 / 3
    Imbalance	2		

Combat Technique:		Fists of Iron

Skill Disciplines:
  Defense			12 points
  Combat			8 points
  Physical			13 points
  Specialist			6 points
  Mental			6 points
  Knowledge			6 points

Flaw (1):			Foul-Temper	+ 1 points
Flaw (Fated):			Yes		+ 2 points

  Hardiness			  3		[6 points]		[3 rank + 3 base value + 0 qi]
  Parry				  2		[3 points]		[2 rank + 3 base value + 0 qi]
  Evade				  1		[1 points]		[1 rank + 3 base value + 0 qi]
  Stealth			  0		[0 points]		[1 rank + 6 base value + 0 qi]
  Wits				  1		[1 points]		[1 rank + 6 base value + 0 qi]
  Resolve			  1		[1 points]		[1 rank + 6 base value + 1 qi]

  Arm strike			+ 2		[3 points]
  Leg strike			+ 2		[3 points]
  Grapple			+ 1		[1 points]
  Heavy melee			+ 1		[1 points]

  Athletics			+ 1		[1 points]
  Swim				+ 1		[1 points]
  Speed				+ 1		[1 points]
  Muscle			+ 3		[6 points]
  Endurance			+ 2		[2 points]

  Medicine			+ 1		[1 points]
  Meditation			+ 2		[3 points]
  Talent (Dance)		+ 1		[1 points]
  Survival (Cities)		+ 1		[1 points]

  Command			+ 2		[3 points]
  Persuade			+ 1		[1 points]
  Reasoning			+ 1		[1 points]
  Detect			+ 1		[1 points]

    (Criminal Underworld)	+ 2		[3 points]
  History (Emerald Star Politics)			+ 1		[1 points]
  Places (Prosperity)		+ 1		[1 points]
  Language (racial)		+ 3		[Racial     -- Rank 3]
  Read Script (Pathish)		+ 1		[1 points]
I'm really bad at mechanics of many RPGs, so my character may be garbage!

Goal (PC): Zhen hopes to master herself & her temper - to grow beyond being an angry, hurt little girl to a wise master like her sifu, but one who actually effects change. She wants to be A Hero!

Goal (player): Zhen is on a journey from being a thuggish kid with a good heart, but kind of want to see if she turns out to be a level-headed protector, or a heavy-handed punisher. Might cool to grow beyond just hitting people into like, space politics or more abstract realms! It’d be neat to try to apply her Thoughts About Justice or Righteousness to larger scale things - she's very much opposed to the idea of seclusion and cloistering. Zhen the Conqueror!

Also, her experience is fairly limited to one hyper-specific corner of the universe (her hellish slum) so it will be fun to put her in weird or fancy or otherwise very distant situations from that.

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Apr 2, 2018

Applications are closed!

Since we ended up with 6 applicants, I have decided that for the scale intended, I might as well take everyone.

Just let me get a few days to organize my thoughts and then i'll make a starting post.

Sep 11, 2001

Smashin' down the light.


Here are some player icons to get us started.

-- Yue Lixue, the girl with the code name Fox the White Fox.
-- Guo Songyang, the Laughing Magpie.
-- Aiman Batyr, the Clear Skies Thunderbolt.
-- Sheh Li, the One-Fanged Cat.
-- Zhen Zijing, one still earning her code.
-- ???, the Iron Cobra.

The Party Journal is also available. Everything is coded in as it reads currently, a few things that need to be finalized (qi allocations, creature skill point allocation, martial discipline ranks) and inevitably a few tweaks before we start I imagine, but for the most part things look pretty solid.

Technically the character creation section says we start "with a set of clothes, one weapon and another item, plus 2,000 spade coins."
Should we worry about this (as I don't think most people have bothered with gear) or what circumstances are we going to kick things off in the first post?

Apr 2, 2018

Your gear (presumably at least some of which is metal) is standard. My original idea was to have you show up with nothing but the shirts on your back, but at least one character sort of needs the money for a mount so it seems unfair to have that be the case for one and not all.


Oct 14, 2006

What if we just have REALLY nice shirts on our backs

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