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google THIS

How To Make a Post In This Thread:

1. Meditate on the Task Before You and Make some Bookmarks

First you'll want to grab, which pulls up a random page on WikiHow.

Next you'll want to create a new blank bookmark and paste the below code in. It'll select a random image off the current page and pull it up with links to help you rehost it.

javascript:!function(){var t=document.querySelectorAll(".steps img.content-fill"),e=t[Math.floor(Math.random()*t.length)],o=e.getAttribute("data-src");,function t(){var e=document.querySelector("#im-info");if(e){e.innerHTML='<div class="im-info-item">Congratulations, this is your image! Its URL is:<br /><span id="byob-url" style="color: #383 !important;">'+o+'</span><br />Copy the URL or save the image and head over to <a href="" target="_blank" style="margin-right: 0;">Imgur</a> to rehost it!</div>';var r=e.querySelector("#byob-url");r.addEventListener("click",function(){var t=document.createRange();t.selectNodeContents(r);var e=window.getSelection();e.removeAllRanges(),e.addRange(t)})}else setTimeout(t,100)}()}();
Good job, you have taken your first step on the path to enlightenment! Bemusedly accept a high-five from the Buddha and move on to your next step.

2. Get You Some Images

Statistically this is the stage most likely to cause you serious groin strain requiring medical attention, so make sure you warm up first. Not every article is a treatise on basic human interaction aided by animal noises so it might take a few tries to get something satisfyingly amusing or fitting. Also, the code won't grab videos, which would be difficult to rehost anyway.

Start with an idea of what you want your guide to be about or let the non-sequitur traced stock photos be your inspiration. Grab as many as you want and slap them into an album on Imgur, and you'll be ready for the next step. Also, get some ice on that before it swells.

3. Write your Very Important How-to Guide

Let your muse scream into your ear like a blaring fire alarm to get those creative juices flowing and compose an epic instructional thing about something that is surely relevant to everyone's lives, using your images as visual aids.

4. Post That Bad Boy

Ok, maybe your muse screamed a little too loud and ruptured an eardrum or three, but you got the job done! Slap that sucker onto BYOB and

5. Sit Back and Wait for the Emptyquotes to Roll In

Oh yeah, chill with a glass of room-temperature tap water and congratulate yourself on a job well done!


mister magpie

How to avoid thoughts about your own imminent demise

1. Avoid old people

Old people are practically dead and will therefore soon join the ranks of the undead.

2. Mindmeld with a sleeping jesus

Jesuses have anti death powers due to their psychic/fairy typing having 2x attack against Dark and Ghost types

3. Write a book or something

Nevermind, you wrote a bunch of short stories and poems about death, you idiot.

free Trapt CD

How to expose yourself on the Internet

1. Prepare a distraction

With a guitar in one hand and an iPhone piano in the other, unsuspecting viewers will think you are about to play double music.

2. Rehearse your lines

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow! But don't forget to wear your fedora & special velcro trenchcoat.

3. Stream it

With Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube, there are more places than ever to expose yourself. Just hit the button and let the comments roll in as people discuss how many microscopes it would take to locate your penis.

4. Home Improvement

While you catch your breath, now is a perfect time for some arts and crafts! Why not try knitting, or assembling a table from bottle caps?

5. Await Your Court Date

Your dick so gnarly, reading the transcription makes the court stenographer laugh.

Koishi Komeiji

How to post in BYOB

1. Choose a "posting mask"

Choose a posting mask to wear over your normal personality. Your choices are: weed guy, funny guy, weird guy, girl, little cute thing, and dude with no sense of humor that exclusively posts on a comedy forum for some reason. Choose wisely because changing your mask might require changing your av and that cost five real dollars.

2. Know your audience

Now that you have your posting mask on it's important to consider you audience. I think somebody in a video game probably Kratos from God of War said "Know thy enemy, know thyself". The people of byob are mostly aloof and so stoned they can barley sit down on a couch and are hallucinating things like dancing cats and stuff. keep this in mind at all times when posting.

3. Try to think of a thread topic

Can't think of a thread topic? Think about something ironic like Will Smith doing something weird or think about something that makes you happy.

4.Try to think of a thread topic again

OK. You still can't think of something to post a thread about? That's fine. Just think about weed for a few minutes. Like: what if weed was spelled backwards it would be deew. That's a thread right there. Or what if being high on weed was normal and being sober was the weird thing to be. I've got some other ones but they are potential goldmine material and if you think I'm posting them on here you got another thing coming, bub


Whatever you do do not post about Power Rangers, especially Power Rangers Ninja Force I know it's tempting but you will be permabanned.

6. ok dude

Ok. You know what? Just post a picture of your cat. Or just look up a picture of a cat and post that. I don't know dude.

7. You did it!

Congratulations! You've just posted on byob and possibly made some really old dude somewhere laugh a little bit in his mouth.That's all there is too it!




google THIS



Koishi Komeiji posted:

and dude with no sense of humor that exclusively posts on a comedy forum for some reason.

spectres of autism

voted 5 tbh



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