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Blazing Ownager
Jun 2, 2007

by FactsAreUseless

So this is an unusual thread, and I hope it's not breaking any rules.

So, there was this absolutely awesome action/RTS called Space Federation or Star Reach depending on if you were in the USA or Europe that slipped through the cracks. What deserved to be a classic franchise isn't even cult status and forgotten to history, more or less, with it's absolutely original blend of gameplay that I think my friends and I are the only ones who ever played.

It also had one of the best loving soundtracks of the 90s. I am not exaggerating when I say this.

There is one problem I'm having, though: Every rip of this soundtrack I can find, anywhere, cuts off very early into the song (like 1:34) because in the MOD file there is a loop there; it goes through about 5 moods (from losing the war to in combat) if the loop is not triggered, transitioning seemlessly rather than abruptly.

Like 14 year old me loved the soundtrack so much I actually cracked open the mod file way back then and took the loops out, and were left with the full 7-8 minute long songs which got progressively better as they went along. And I have no loving idea how to do that now.

I'm hoping someone here either has the knowledge and interest to do this to preserve what really deserves to be preserved, or helping point me at the tools I'd need to edit a mod file for a 24 year old or so DOS game.

Each track really has a very, very different tone and mood but here you go for the truncated versions I've found on youtube:

A bunch of them back to back (before the loop breakers):

Track 1:

Track 3:

Again these songs really are like 6-10 minutes long with the loop breakers cut out and nobody seems to have those versions.

So sorry if I'm breaking any rules (or everyone thinks the songs deserve to burn in the dumpster fire of early mod music history), definitely just taking a shot in the dark to find them again and thought they might be up some people here's alley given this sort of music really has come back in style.

ED: Hell I'd love to just get info on a mod editor to put in some cleaner samples and make an HD version of some of these. I should note I was able to easily obtain the MOD files, so I have those, ripping them is not the problem, just taking out the breaks and converting them to MP3.

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Sir Lemming
Jan 27, 2009

It's a piece of JUNK!


Sorry for finding this thread 2-3 months late, but I totally remember this game and its soundtrack. I think in elementary school one of my friends lent it to me for whatever reason. I played it a lot for a month or so, I think. But I kept the music files around because I loved them.

Anyway, I used to use a program called MODPlug to play these, and later a WinAmp plugin by the same people. I've been similarly frustrated by the inability of newer players to play the whole songs. Looks like the latest thing made by that team is OpenMPT.

This is not only a player, but a tracker/editor. So it looks to me like if you open the files in here and go to the "Patterns" tab and follow the song as it plays, you can find the parts where it loops back to a previous Pattern, look for the "Position Jumps" (denoted by a code of Bxx), double-click them and set them to "None". This edits the MOD file, so you'd want to make copies. But if you do this, I think you can get it to play straight through. and there's even a built-in lossless export option.

Hope this helps!

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