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Jun 25, 2012

A Public Service Announcement is like an advertisement, but instead of selling a product, PSAs provide some sort of warning or useful information. There are print PSAs (which are welcome here as well), but television PSAs are more well known. They have a reputation for being basically short horror films mixed in with the detergent ads and sitcom bumpers. However, not all PSAs try to scare you straight, some are funny and entertaining. If you have a PSA that sticks out in your memory for one reason or another, post it here! However, since PSAs can be pretty spooky, I do ask that you put a content warning under any with particularly disturbing content. You know, just so nobody has to see a bunch of mangled hands if they don't want to. Here are a few that have stuck with me, ordered from least to most scary.* Oh, and you should probably go into your account settings and turn off youtube embeds for this thread.

*may not actually be scary

Truth - You Don't Always Die From Tobacco
Nowadays the Turth campaign's PSAs are basically just the words "smoking is bad!" laid over some flashing lights with house music in the background, but they used to be quite creative! This one is fun, and it's a nice touch how the last line is sung by a guy without a stoma to put the previous lines into perspective. Yippie-ki-oh.

CDC - Tips From Former Smokers
Another anti-smoking one, this one is funny and unique because rather than telling you all the awful life-ruining effects of smoking, it shows you that even the little things become a pain in the rear end. Suction out your tube?

Workplace Safety Board of Ontario - Prevent-It Series
(CONTENT WARNING: Depictions of grievous bodily harm. Graphic, but goofy.)
No such thing as a workplace accident. These PSA are effective, I think. IMO the ones where the people talk about the accident before it happens are way scarier than the ones where they get back up like a zombie, and the less they show of the actual injury, the better. The one with the chef where you hear the screaming but only see the injury for a split second is the scariest, while the forklift and ladder ones are just plain goofy.

SIRE - Countdown
(CONTENT WARNING - A bunch of mangled hands. No blood, just stumps.)
What, did you think I was joking? Imagine watching TV and this comes on! Ugh. At least it's creative and memorable, but I could do without having remembered this one.

These three pages from are good sources. I know, that website sucks, but if you bypass all the irritating jargon and focus on the links it's a decent source for stuff like this.


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