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Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

HP: 11/11[5 THP] AC: 14 Villain Points: 5/5 HD: 1/1 d8| Bardic Inspiration: No | Bless: Yes

The battle goes on, leaving Worm to threat assess. Two more guards on this floor, both asleep. More reinforcements, who had just pierced Hriss’ scales with bolts. Painful, but he seemed stable enough. The goblin himself was unhurt, still high in spirit after Egina’s words, and found himself rushing forward. There was no cover, but he had no intent to hide or cower. This day, at least. For the third time now, he calls forth the swarm of fleas. The first guard was an easy target. The second proved strangely resilient. The third target, the green-eyed woman, seemed of sturdier body than her fellows. But those eyes, bright as they were? Not so much.

<”Rip, tear, gnaw! Let Worm of the Sharpfang be the last sight this one sees!”>

And as he commanded in his native tongue, the swarm dove. Ripping, tearing, gnawing. Yet even as they aimed for a vulnerable point, the woman was close to fighting off the swarm. Until a step took her too far.

Moved closer to the wall, Infestation’d Faryse dealing 5 poison damage, and luckily making her walk north off the wall. Buh-bye.

Save DC: 14
Cantrips: Primal Savagery, Infestation
Prepared Spells Entangle, Cure Wounds, Goodberry, Create or Destroy Water, Speak with Animals
Lvl. 1 [1/2]
Hriss: Respectfully Wary | Glenn: Indifferent | Gertude: Cautiously Intrigued
Niashe: Irritatingly Useful | Salvatrix: Resents | Excellence: Distrusts
Egina: Tenatively Respects | Pharom: Is an Elf (Knowledgeable)


Dec 15, 2012

See you in the

HP: 9/9 (5 THP) AC: 14 Villain Points: 3/5 HD: 1 (d6)

"If you think I'm taking a bolt for you, think twice." Niashé casts a suspicious eye at Salvatrix, the witch who now looks to cower behind her despite almost literally throwing her generosity back in her face earlier. Thus divested of the ingrate, she makes for a clearer angle on the approaching team of guards, leaving Sal behind. A thought comes back to her, though. Nine is an auspicious number. Nine shall greet my Lord. Before pressing her attack, Niashé stops in place a moment, briefly lost in thought. As the dying aasimar named her, she is the scion of the Nine. But of the Nine families of the cabal, surely. Not of this desparate Nine. No, to this group, she owes nothing. No leadership. No protection. They will remain her companions as long as they are useful, and no longer. And the girl, Salvatrix, makes a pitiable sight. If she falters here, such will be her fate.

No. Niashé fixes her critical gaze on Sal once again. There's more there than pitifulness. The girl floats on a magic carpet, something that took means to find and take, not to mention control. And the sleep spell cast in this very room, it wasn't one of Niashé's own - it could only have been Sal. A good bit of magic, and well-chosen. And there is something else, too. Something else compelling her to reach out to the girl. "Nine shall be the points of the Sign." She says aloud, not really expecting Sal to understand. Is that actually what's compelling me? Niashé will have to search for answers later. She's spent enough time pondering, and right now, time is of the essence. "Come." She beckons Sal. Her tone is hard, still, undercutting the apparent kindness of the gesture. "Stay behind me if you wish, but keep some distance. My sorcery protects only me." She turns her focus back to the advancing group of guards, not waiting up for Sal's response, and conjures up a spectral hand to strike one of them down.

Blessed! (Gertrude)
Walking forward to where it looks like I have a clear shot on the remaining crossbow guard in what was until recently Faryse's team. If not, I guess this targets one of the two club-wielding randos in said group.
Chill Touch (guard, as above): 11 vs. AC; 4 necrotic damage in case it somehow matters.

Cold iron dirk; Rose stiletto; Black rose (100gp petal remaining); Component pouch
Backpack; Nice hat; Prisoner's clothes; Ration days (2); Skarrian rye (3); Tabard
Blackbriar's Effects: Embezzlement evidence; Richter correspondence; War medals

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