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Open Source Idiom
Jan 4, 2013
From Marti Noxon (Buffy, Mad Men, the first season of UnREAL) comes my newest obsession, and a show I hope will turn out to be the sleeper hit of the year. Other than Killing Eve, Or Barry.


A blackly comical satire of those "little girl in the big city" films, Dietland is the story Plum Kettle, a self-help writer living in New York City. Plum is an essentially lovely person: she's generous, kind, a great singer, a talented writer, and she's completely and utterly consumed by her feelings of inadequacy. By day she writes for Daisy Chain, a glamour magazine for young girls. By night Plum obsesses over her weight, and the hope that she can one day afford the cosmetic surgery she believes will help her find the acceptance she craves. Something's gotta give.

Enter Jennifer.

Not a single woman, but an entire organisation, Jennifer is a group of radical feminists who powered by the same sort of pressures that brought about the #metoo movement. Jennifer's MO is to kidnap and murder the kind of slimy shits who the law can't touch, usually in highly public ways. Plum and Jennifer cross paths early in the season, and... well, I've no idea, I've only watched two episodes. I'm sure it'll be amazing.

In case you haven't realised yet, Dietland is a kind of feminist version of Fight Club. It's cool and funny, has funky animated sequences and has the potential to get really loving crazy (and crazy violent). I'm there for that, and I hope you guys are too.

Cast: Joy Nash as Plum Kettle.

"It can be hard saying goodbye to bad behaviors, such as eating."
Yes, she knows her name sounds like an Enid Blyton heroine.

Julianna Margolies as Kitty Montgomery.

“Being a member of the idle rich is a fate worse than poverty."
Plum's boss. Narcissitic. Terrifying. Not very observant -- so she's two thirds of the way to being a lizard person.

Tamara Tunie as Julia Smith.

"I know I taught you to question authority, but not mine."
Basement dwelling makeup witch who's intrigued by Plum Kettle. Armed with some very strong opinions and no regard for personal space, she's decided that Plum could be a great fit for her new brand of radical feminism. Also armed with machine guns.

Robin Weigert as Serena Baptist.

"Some subversive ideas in there. ...We noticed."
A very normal person, Serena is a therapist who runs the peaceful collective organisation Calliope House where she is not affected by her traumatic past in any way, shape or form. Definitely won't turn out to be crazy.

NOTE: Be kind to us, readers. Stick book spoilers under black bars.

Airs Monday nights on AMC, 9/8 Central, followed by Unapologetic, an aftershow hosted by Aisha Tyler. First two episodes are already out.


Open Source Idiom
Jan 4, 2013

Tiggum posted:

I take back what I said last week, the plot's not moving at all.

Really? I thought this episode was amazing. The "magic trick" scene was incredibly moving, and the way the show is slowly reorienting the head of this conspiracy from Tamara Tunie to Robin Weigert (who is doing some really, really great work) was really good, clever writing. Plus the magical realism thing is really working for me, particularly those lovely trick shots that make Plum look like Godzilla at the end -- neat touch having the ceiling lights quake and wobble when she stamps.

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