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Feb 11, 2010

Ye gods!

College Slice


The year is 200X. The elite special forces unit I.C.H.O.R., birthed from a clandestine military-industrial partnership, has gone AWOL and taken over an abandoned nuclear missile silo bunker on Veritas Island in the South Pacific under the command of their leader, Quantum Snake. They’ve contacted the US government to demand reparations for what they claim are misdeeds against them, and they’re using the threat of nuclear attack as leverage. In response, the government has secretly forced its greatest soldier unwillingly out of retirement.

Yes, Solid Snake is en-route to Veritas Island. His orders? Conduct a sneaking mission, eliminate the terrorist threat, and recover or destroy the nuclear weapons.


–Maxwell closes his eyes and raises his hands out in front of him, various images of the island appearing in the air behind him–


–Ibrahim directs a unit of balaclava-clad mercenaries as they silently fan out into the jungle. Flash to olive-green claymores lying in wait, boots in the mud, goggles watching from the undergrowth, a black-clad hand slowly raises a knife–


–John and Jacob are setting up some kind of strange looking machine, pulling wires and flipping switches, in a white cafeteria-looking room. They move in perfect unison. Kilo Solar is leaning against a wall, his gun propped up next to him, and he is eating a mango. The twins are sharing a set of headphones. Softly, you can hear the chorus of Big Sean's "Blessings" coming through them. They sing, slightly off-key, "I'm here for a good time not a long time...”–


–Pale with blood-loss, crouched behind a lab bench, Tasha grits her teeth and draws the plunger on her syringe once again, filling it with bright red blood–


–Jack, furious, ready to fight. "You want a piece of me?" He smashes a bottle against a concrete pillar and brandishes the broken part at an unseen enemy. "Cuz I want a piece of you."–


–the Baronet leaps through the air at Solid Snake, grenades in her outstretched hands, pins in her bared teeth–


–In a pitch black room, a lone light is shooting straight down over a mysterious figure. Solid Snake raises his eyes to the camera. His gun is in his lap. A flicker and the Graham twins are suddenly next to him. Another flicker and Jacob is rubbing Snake's shoulders while John is pushing a gun right over Snake's ear. Another flicker and the twins are gone and Snake is holding his gun to his own temple. A voiceover: You don't understand, Snake. These guys can get in your head.


–Quantum Snake looks over a bank of monitors, showing the increasingly empty island facility. Behind him, the door opens, and he turns to see Tasha enter the room, relaxing for just a moment before she levels her gun at him. “Оцелот говорит, ‘Привет’.”–


–From behind, we watch a man stumble through a beach and fall to his knees. Blood drips down his hands and mixes with the ocean. The camera pans around to his face. It's Johnny Sasaki!



This is the game thread for Militaires Sans Frontieres, a game of Pocket Geiger Counter for the following players:
  1. UnCO3
  2. Tyrannosaurus
  3. potatocubed
  4. RandallODim
  5. Retro Futurist
This is also our director order.

Our OOC thread is here.


Feb 11, 2010

Ye gods!

College Slice

Note: Deceptions may or may not be true until triggered in-game.

Quantum Snake, played by no-one: mysterious clone

Echo Masseter a.k.a Jacob and John Graham, played by Tyrannosaurus: mind-melded interrogators
Deception: is infected by the Menace and will soon become something like it or something far worse

Delta Eye a.k.a. Maxwell Black, played by Retro Futurist: god's-eye-view surveillance expert
Deception: has nihilistic or religious sympathies for the Menace and its apparent goals, desires to see them to fruition

Whiskey Artery a.k.a. Tasha, played by RandallODim: blood bullet gunwoman
Deception: is a robot, spy, or plant and will now attempt to destroy all evidence of the Menace and everyone else

Bravo Heart a.k.a. Jack MacAdam, played by potatocubed: toxic street fighter
Deception: works for the corporations and must bring back samples of the Menace for study and weaponisation

Kilo Solar, shared character: bio-engineered heavy weapons officer, loves his job


The Baronet, played by UnCO3: psycho grenadier
Deception: totally loses it, freaks out, and does the worst possible things, putting everyone at greater risk

Ibrahim Nour, shared character: mercenary commander, loves his soldiers, in deeper than he expected with no way out

Johnny Sasaki, shared character: incontinent grunt

Feb 11, 2010

Ye gods!

College Slice

Scene 1 – Helipad (the Threshold)
Characters: Everyone but Quantum Snake, Ibrahim, and the bulk of the mercenary army
Focus: No one

The copter touches down with a slight bump – an understated conquest of Veritas Island.

Quantum Snake strides off down the jungle trail leading to the covert silo-bunker that is the crux of the rebellion, with Ibrahim and a few mercenary guards following close behind. Everyone else is left alone, but not for long, as they hear the distant thrum of more helicopters carrying a small mercenary army and all the heavy equipment they need to make this island theirs – and keep it that way.

This is it, this is the big one. Back in the States the higher-ups are probably saying their prayers or covering their asses, since they already know that I.C.H.O.R.’s gone AWOL. Soon enough they’ll find out why.

The camera pulls up to reveal the bulk of the island – concrete outposts jutting out from the jungle, and a tree-covered mountain at the centre. There’s a whole, abandoned island to explore, fortify, and make like home…


This is a general introductory scene with no one focus. Introduce yourselves! Also, the Threshold location is a helipad. I’ll leave the location question (“Why can’t we just leave from there?”) until later.

Survival Dice: 0
Menace Dice: 0

Echo Masseter: None
Delta Eye: None
Whiskey Artery: None
Bravo Heart: None
Kilo Solar: None
The Baronet: None
Ibrahim Nour: None
Johnny Sasaki: None

Jul 26, 2012

"Tiger tiger doing what?"

Bravo Heart
Jack starts sweating and muttering about the heat almost the moment his boots touch soil. He smears his hand across his forehead and flicks the accumulated moisture into the undergrowth; spots of darkness spread on the leaves where his sweat spatters them.

"Home sweet home," he says. "Anyone got a flag? I hear you're supposed to do poo poo like this with a flag."

Retro Futurist
Aug 8, 2007

Yesterday's Tomorrow,

Delta Eye

Max remains seated, flipping between cameras in the area to get the lay of the land. Satisfied, he adjusts the small one clipped to his chest and focuses through it, rising from the chopper and moving to join the rest of ICHOR.

Apr 12, 2006

I failed to submit because I was so excited about New Zealander Tim Price winning the Burghley Horse Trials on the quirky but freakishly talented Ringwood Sky Boy

Echo Masseter
They stepped off the helicopter in unison and stroll out until they can see the ocean again. Somewhere out there, far off in the distance, is America and everything that is wrong with the world.

"We should move quickly," one says.

"Yes," the other replies. "Possibly hours. Not days."



Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

Whiskey Artery

"When have we ever had much time, друзья?" Stumbling last off the helicopter, gun dangling from one hand, syringe from the other, Tasha throws an arm around each of the twins. "We'll get the job done, just like they made us to." Her happy speech is in conflict with the grim expression on her face.

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