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Oct 18, 2003

buglord posted:

Linus is a necessary evil for me because of the massive amount of things he reviews. His channel tends to review things first, more or less competently. Clickbait galore but I get YouTube capitalism favors clickbait and who wants to leave money on the table. Surprised no one has said it yet, probably because you're much nicer people than me, but my ears bleed when listening to Linus speak. He did a video review once where he was sick, and it was actually kind of nice to watch/listen to because that cursed voice of his wasn't assaulting my ears. I don't really hate the guy personally because I know he's attracting a certain audience (and I'd be doing stupid videos too for money.) But I get the feeling he's probably a bit obnoxious in person.

I like a lot of Linus videos because he shows an awful lot of his fuckups and how he fixes them on camera, and I find that the best way to really learn about something. Similarly, I find industrial/enterprise stuff more interesting than consumer stuff, and he's the only guy I know of on YT who dips into enterprise stuff every now and then from the perspective of someone who doesn't deal with the stuff all day, and it makes those videos far more approachable and interesting to me, someone who doesn't touch computers for a living.

Wirth1000 posted:

If you ever wanted to see how a case manufactuer works then this video is fantastic:

If anyone finds this stuff interesting, Youtuber Strange Parts (the same guy who did that "build an iphone from parts bought in Shenzhen markets" video that made the rounds a while back) just did a video on how a multi-layer PCB is made, and his channel seems to be evolving into "how China makes stuff" videos away from "this is what you can buy in China".


Oct 18, 2003

22 Eargesplitten posted:

Basically his enterprise stuff is either intended to be comically incompetent or itís just plain incompetent.

What I meant by my above post is that there are plenty of YouTube watchers out there who have literally never heard of ZFS, never really understood the purpose of rackmounting hardware, didn't know bonding multiple ethernet ports was a thing, etc. and watching something like Linus work on his server room is a nice way for said Youtube watchers to at least become aware of the existence of enterprise stuff. I haven't come across any other mainstream tech channels that even look sideways at non-consumer stuff. It's interesting to watch, even if it's only useful as a first step into learning about some other part of the computer world.

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