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Arglebargle III
Feb 21, 2006


Warframe is an utterly bonkers setting in large part because the writers have no idea what the back story is either. They just kinda make it up chapter by chapter.


Sep 17, 2006

Oh Mister Murphy!
Mary Jane!

Cyberpunk follows the rule of cool and you can get away with a lot so long as the rules vaguely support it. You can get speed mods, and stuff to make you move quietly, grappling hooks, even spikes in your feet that can anchor you to the floor. So playing a speedy stealthy assassin type character is just fine, but like most TTRPG's it's built around you playing with a group of people whose varying skills are all necessary to complete an objective and there's a chance of failure at any given attempt to be a sneaky badass as the whole thing revolves around rolling dice. The video game CP2077 is obviously going to take liberties with this being primarily a single player game so the PC in that will likely be significantly more capable than any TTRPG PC would be capable of being by default, they know there are players that wanna ghost/non-lethal run the game as a playstyle.

Edit - Okay so I decided to dig out chromebook 2 and this thing is probably about as close as you can get to the kind of warframe stuff you guys were talking about.
This is the Dragoon full body conversion which apparently can jump a whopping 19m in distance. Due to how far removed they are from being human, anyone trying to implant their brain into one goes cyberpsychotic immediately, they are highly advanced combat borgs used exclusively by the military. Interestingly they solved the problem of cyberpsychosis by implanting willing soldiers into biopods whereupon they would control a normal alpha class borg body in day to day life,which is much more humanoid and has more human senses and functions but still obviously cyborg, or possibly a gemini class body which is as close to a conventional human you can get, and almost indistinguishable from the outside despite having fully cybernetic internals. They would only occupy the dragoon during combat situations, whereupon the mind itself is subjected to numerous drugs that keep the mind from fully occupying the dragoons body. As such you're put into an almost dream like state where you basically just follow the orders from your commanding officer and aren't really capable of free or independent thought. So not as far off as I first thought!

AnarkiJ fucked around with this message at 22:16 on May 29, 2020

May 2, 2017

Cactus posted:

I only ask because in games where I can choose different builds I tend to go for high-mobility if it's a choice - the monk in Diablo or the Dash-master charm in Hollow Knight for example. I like running rings around opponents getting in and out fast and getting from a to b quickly.

I'm getting the impression that the Cyberpunk setting leans towards the more realistic end of the sci-fi scale and not the fantastical? Like, I think I read somewhere that a single gunshot can outright kill an opponent if it hits an artery or head just like irl, and I'm wondering if that will be ported over to the game also.

Cyberpunk as a setting definitely leans more toward the realistic end of the sci-fi scale, yes. That said, the tabletop game absolutely supports mobility-focused characters and I see no reason the videogame wouldn't!

Zeta Acosta
Dec 16, 2019

AnarkiJ posted:

I've started prepping to run a game of cyberpunk red and I've just noticed there isn't a thread in traditional games about it or any previous version of the game, anyone know whats up with that?

Can you explain what a warframe is? Generally CP2020 and Red don't really have anything akin to superpowers, there's limits to what cybernetics mixed with a normal flesh and blood human can achieve in terms of power and speed, if you've got cyberarms you can't all of a sudden lift cars above your head cause it'd tear your arm clean off your body if you tried.

You can do stuff that's superhuman relative to a normal person with no cybermods, but you can't break the laws of physics and run up walls, at least by my understanding of the fiction.

If you go full 'borg you can do some pretty nuts stuff because you're basically a tank on legs, but actually pulling that off in setting without becoming a bloodthirsty psychopath that sees all flesh as weak and not worthy of existing is the hard part with regards to the rules on cyberpsychosis.

if you run a game on the internet im there
discord or whatever

Turds in magma
Sep 17, 2007
can i get a transform out of here?

Subjunctive posted:

As of recently, the Quest does controller-less hand tracking.

When we were designing the Oculus Touch controllers, and building the early Rift demos and developer guidance, one big piece was that motion controls (which don’t need VR at all, really; Let’s Dance’s use of the Kinect is an example on a 2D display) are more direct feedback loops for the player. Similarly, it’s easier to teach someone (see every toddler) how to use a touch screen interface than a mouse. That directness of feedback loop comes with the cost of needing to deal with a wider possible input space.

(The idea that the only thing that matters is “input efficiency” is surprisingly naive given who posted it, since that would recommend changing every fighting game to have single button presses instead of combos, for example. There are also many interesting interactions for which the manner in which an interaction happened is as meaningful as the binary state indicating that it did.)

The sense of “kinetic mastery” and the gradations of depth and speed that you get with motion controls aren’t easily replicable with a keyboard, mouse, or controller. It’s like comparing singing to touch-typing, in a way. There isn’t an ordered comparison that’s meaningful. It’s a different issue from the diagetic debate, and it includes issues like multiple concurrent input modalities and borrowing coarse as well as fine motor fluency to aid the user in climbing the complexity ladder. “Gorilla arm” problems largely didn’t materialize as people (including myself) feared, and the greater physical demand of VR games is now almost universally seen as a benefit rather than a drawback.

Motion controls even for the non-VR Cyberpunk could be amazing. It’s a shame that LeapMotion didn’t really figure things out, but Intel has been trying to get depth cameras into web cams for ages, and we’re seeing them in phones now. Setting your phone facing up on the table and positioning your hands over it could be at least a mini-game controller in the next couple of years.

I don't have anything meaningful to add but I just wanted to say that in a thread of mostly awful posts, this was not one of them

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