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Jun 3, 2007

Somehow, even more irritating than I look.

Surprised this is still the active thread.

Anyhow, RE: Alexa Bliss/Rousey/Nia

In a vacuum, the Bliss cash-in right here makes a ton of sense, but you have to deliberately avoid how they kind of booked themselves into a corner with it. You pretty much have to have a cash-in or a gently caress finish, because they're trying to push two women at the same time in the same way, as these unstoppable beasts. If you immediately put one over the other, it makes the other look really, really bad, and kind of kills all the build up to them. Of the Raw women, Nattie is involved directly right now w/Rousey, and if Ember was tossed into this spot, she'd be seen as a pillow and lose any of her push. (Granted, she might lose it in the sadder way of "Falling to the wayside" during all of this, which is its own can of worms...) that leaves you with Sasha and Bliss, and I'd rather see the one who can talk (and also can also do that thing where she dislocates her elbow, which has Rousey written all over it.)

But yeah, they put themselves into a corner. They knew Rousey was coming in, so why did they choose that moment to make Nia into a supposed legitimate threat and not any time before or after? Why did they put Rousey/Nia on the brand with the other? While their response to the booking corner was likely the best one, they could have avoided this mess in the first place, which, I feel is probably the main knock against WWE in general. Maybe buy a big ol' plaque to put on the writers' table during meetings.

Blaise330 posted:

More belts. How long until the page 1 Champions.jpg looks like a marvel vs capcom 2 character select screen?

I've been trying to Unlock Lana in this game for months and can't figure out how to do it.


May 20, 2004

Would you be my new best friends?

CarlCX posted:

don't do this dumb poo poo

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