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Nov 3, 2006

Welcome friends to probably-rainy Columbus, Ohio, and the 2018 Origins tabletop gaming convention, running June 13-17. There's been scattered talk across a few threads, so what the hell here's a thread to discuss events, meetups, etc.

General suggestions/advice:

Barley's brewpub, across the street, is good but will be hellaciously busy all the time.
Go eat at North Market (across the street, behind Barley's), preferably for lunch (they close in the late afternoon and some stands might run out of stuff early. The Pho place is always packed, and we got Hot Chicken Takeover upstairs)
If you eat one large meal and coast on it all day, there's a Rodizio Grill (Brazilian Steakhouse) and a B.D.'s (Mongolian BBQ) a half-block away (Other side of the street and down Nationwide slightly, go out the Hyatt exits)
If you want something else to eat/drink that's slightly less tourist-trappy, wander north (right from the con-center) up through the Short North district for all manner of restaurants and bars. (Also Mikey's Late Night Slice, a pizza stand open till 3am).
The con guide book lists a few places you can get discounts at with your con badge. Personal recommendation is Union Cafe. Good food, strong drinks, as hell (They do a Sunday brunch buffet for like 14bux a head, which is pretty reasonable. Good mimosas)
Saturday is Columbus Pride, and the parade goes right past the convention center. Plenty of good viewing spaces if that's a thing you're interested in. (If you're staying somewhere that'll require you to drive to the convention center, be aware that parking and traffic will be really messy as a result)

For getting away from the convention center and enjoying the city a bit, there's the C-Bus Circulator (Free shuttle bus that covers a section of central columbus, stops at every bus stop, runs every 10-15minutes), as well as FreeRide (golf-cart-like vehicles that you can flag down for short-distance trips about the area, free but tips appreciated), and Hopper Carts which is a step between FreeRide and Uber/Lyft (call one via their app, free but tips appreciated)


Nov 3, 2006

They finished the parking garage attached to the north end of the convention center, so that's nice, especially arriving in the earlier thunderstorms. Gonna be wandering around all week/end.

Nov 27, 2006

Wandered around today, snagged a copy of Combat Commander Europe for MSRP and felt pretty good about it. Will be back on Saturday, could probably teach it.

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