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Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered

RockMan.exe Operate Shooting Star(MegaMan Battle Network: Operate Star Force) was a Japanese-only Nintendo DS game released in 2009, with a translation patch coming out 9 years later. It's essentially a port of the first MegaMan Battle Network game with extra features and content. Download the patch here. Here's a second patch to remove voice acting if you so prefer.

We never got this game ported over to the states due to low sales. These were going into the bargain bin two weeks after release. I heard a quoted figure of a mere 15,000 sales a while back. The reason for this can mainly be attributed to bad marketing. You see, the marketing conveyed that it would be a new experience, or at least a heavily revamped Battle Network 1. Because of super small budget and team size, we got neither. If you approach this game without too many expectations, it's fairly enjoyable if flawed.


Me, Giver, being my usual self with GeneralYeti in bold.

Spoiler policy?

Since this is an enhanced port, I'll expect you to be familiar with Battle Network 1, as I'll be constantly referring to each change, big or small. Give EPM's old Battle Network 1 LP a read.

While not per se required, it's highly recommended you get familiar with the cast of MegaMan Star Force. Give BlitzBlast's LP a read. Yeti and I will do our best to get you up to speed.


The translators are people who I regularly talk with. As such, I will say "the translators" when referring to them and "the developers" when referring to the Japanese team. The translator did make some QoL alignments in an effort to make it consistent across the series.


Hybrid. Screenshots for the game, videos for the bosses. That said, sometimes certain programs can be annoying for uploading videos.

Table of Contents


The meat and potatoes of this game, containing a comprehensive overview of the game's content. Story, as well as general game completion are updated here.

Update #1: The Boys Are Back

Update #2: The Same But Different

Update #3: Our Puns Are Just Straight Fire

Update #4: 01101000 01110101 01101000

Update #5: Giver Is A Hammer Bro

Update #6: Giver's Playground

Update #6-1: Prof Explains The Mystery Data Bug...In Great Detail

Update #7: Mean Green

Update #8: World 3 Water U Doing

Update #9: Giver is a Meanie Poopiehead

Update #10: Art Lessons

Update #11: Handyman

Update #12: MissEchelon's Opinion of This Update Shall Be Binary; Love It Or Hate It

Update #13: Fire the Interns

Update #14: The GeoXLuna Fans Are On Suicide Watch

Update #15: Ya wanna backtrack some more huh?

Update #16: Just :effort:

Update #17: Yeti's throwing S-hade ranks.

Update #18: Deja vu

Update #19: Chump'd

Update #20: Drawing This Out. You Shall Hate Me.

Update #21: Bass Fishing

Update #22: It's The End...But I Feel new Life

S-ranking Navi Section

-The section of the LP that details overall strategies in defeating bosses in 30 seconds or less for some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Given, however, that this is Battle Network 1....well.

Update #1: Intro and Overview

Update #2: WWW Story Bosses

Update #3: Friendly Bosses

Update #4: They Called Me a Robot in the Thread; They Asked For This

Update #5: ClockMan and the PostGame Navis

Update #6: Basstard


-Ancillary content such as the Humor Program text and the Star Coliseum minigame. Check here for the Chip Encyclopedia as well.

Update #1: yopyop Is God Tier

Update #2: (Don't!) gently caress This St-

Update #3: Press LClick The Screen To Die

Update #4: Volume 1: Standard Chip ID: #001 - #091

Update #5: Volume 2: Standard Chip ID: #092 - #181

Update #6: Volume #3: Program Advance ID: #001 -- #038

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Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered
Update #1: The Boys Are Back

Welcome, everyone. I promised the translation team I would Let's Play this when they finished their work, so off we go. I got GeneralYeti back with me again, coming off our victory against BassBS. Wake up Yeti.

Hello, I'm here. And probably awake.

I linked the translation patch for this in the OP, so go grab it if you want to play along.

OperateShooting Star (OSS) saves data outside the normal game, hence this message. We're actually about to see that further in.

The boys are back, and given that this is a port-with-extra-features type of game, the developers will at least try to convey the new material as best they can.

And nothing says 'Enhanced Remake' like a fancy new animated intro. Granted, it's better than nothing, which is what BN1 had before.

Eyyy, this looks cool. Now, this Let's Play will assume you've played through Battle Network 1. I linked EPM's earlier Let's Play in the description post, so go check that out. I'll also assume you know a bit about Geo Stelar and his transformation (MegaMan), but for that, I'll make sure to try and explain anything that's too confusing.

The joke answer is, StarForce is what happened when the BN writers realized that WiFi existed.

After that intro, we're taken to the title screen. Instead of jumping right in, let's check out this "Star Colo" (Star Coliseum).

Ah, and this minigame of sorts supports DS Download Play. I honestly loved that feature.

It was a nice way to get other people involved, even if they didn't have the game. I remember hosting a bunch of Mario Kart DS races, where half of the racers were Shy Guys.

The Star Colo DS Download Play hasn't been translated. That's because it's signed, meaning your DS won't run it if was modified.

Spoilers. :v: But that's fine, this LP is for those who mainly want to check the differences between the original Battle Network 1 and this. So, completion of this minigame earns us points.

So, Bass is the only enemy we fight in the Star Coliseum. He'll chase us down constantly. If he catches us twice, we lose. To damage him, we need to pick up bombs and place them in Bass' path to deal damage. The closer Bass is to the bomb radius, the more damage he takes.

We'll also gain points based on our deletion time, and get 1 point if we lose the minigame. These points can be redeemed in the campaign for strong BattleChips.

See, I like this! It's an interesting little game, and if you play enough you get a bonus that's not necessary to win but definitely makes things easier. It's an incentive to play with friends (even if you also get points for playing solo but shh, we don't talk about that).

Note: You can unlock Bass as a playable character, but we have to play 50 matches. We aren't going to go too deep into this minigame right now, so I'll just cover the basics.

The maze is a cool map. In fact, the music is actually StarForce 2's final boss track. I AM NOW YOPYOP


Bass is a cheater and can fly over the area. One bomb can deal 100-300 damage depending on radius. It's possible to combo two bombs together to deal even more damage at a time. This is semi-difficult, as you can only hold one item at a time. And yes, the bombs can damage us and take out our HP. Remember, you only have 2 HP in this.

Fantastic ability. Once you're like this, Bass loses sight of you, and you can sneak up and hit him with bombs. Note: you can still take damage from your own bombs.

There could be a yopyop behind you right now and you might not know :tinfoil:

This is a speed up, letting us move twice as fast. Self-explanatory.

This color represents a temporary bridge. It will constantly disappear after flickering for a bit, and then reform. If you're caught on the bridge when it falls, then you lose 1 HP.

So when you get caught, you stay on the floor for a few seconds...

And spawn somewhere else. For some reason, whenever I had one HP left, Bass sped up considerably. This rear end in a top hat can literally fly halfway across the map in under 5 seconds and hit me again, forcing a loss. Only way to stop this, is to have a speed up, but those are temporary! So, if that happens, and you can't damage him before you're out of speed, then you're dead. Start over.

Luck-based trash.

Eat poo poo, Bass. Strongest Navi, my rear end.

Strong words coming from someone who just whined about how hard the game could be the screenshot before this.

And he goes down. :woop:

You can press directions on the D-pad to use different cheer effects. Useless, but it's funny.

"Also, because you beat Bass in 3 minute(s), I present to you 10 point(s) as a bonus!"

Boy, we're just rich.

We'll see the prize costs later.

Going over the other maps, we have Standard, which is exactly how it sounds. There aren't as many powerups like on Maze, but it's balanced.

This map is both a boon for its simplicity and a curse. There are removable bridges leading to the corners on the map, but that's a trap.

I actually like this map, mainly because Bass' speedups don't matter. By jumping on the wave arrows, we can get to the other sections really quickly. It evens the playing field, especially since Bass can travel over the abyss.

This map is based off of the StarForce side of this crossover. The warps on the bottom left seem more useful than the others, since it lets you choose which direction to flee.

The Triple island map is actually not bad. It's condensed enough in some parts to keep things tense, and the items on some parts aren't too spread out.

Getting stuck in the top-right might be dangerous if you're not careful, since there's no quick escapes like in the bottom-right island.

ACDC is the final map, and the simplest. Honestly, just run around on the outskirts and drop bombs.

Just a note, you can press A to do a normal attack. It won't do any damage, but it'll cause Bass to go through his hurt frames, giving you a chance to get away.

Alright, let's check out the Prologue.

Yeah, let's! I always love the condensed insanity of these stories, even as dumb as they can get :allears:

Also, fair warning, there might be minor spoilers for StarForce, mostly SF1 and only about the characters.

OK, so for this LP, I'll be mostly cutting out the bottom screen. As you just saw, a lot of times the bottom screen consists of the same imagery, or even a black screen. I'll put it up if there's something visually interesting, like maybe a map, but most other times, it's not necessary. It's a bit of extra work, but oh well. :effortless:

For those of you not familiar with the SF side, Blue Boy in the top right is our resident MegaMan, Geo Stelar. The trio on the bottom right are, from left to right, Zack, Luna, and Bud. They act like Yai, Mayl, and Dex from the BN series, though it's not a one-to-one match.

Zack, you useless poo poo. You're back.

You know, the whole Saturday Morning Cartoon/Anime trope of one-note characters has really irked me these recent years.

Bud is a useless idiot but he is also Geo's best bud (no pun intended) and I will hear no wrong against him. :colbert:

I know SSNeoMan hates Luna. Quick, someone get him in this thread!

Luna is like a normal-sized Yai. Though I think they overcompensated when they went with the princess ringlets, wow.

"computers around the world were linked as one, thanks to technology created by Dr.Hikari..."

Are they talking about Tadashi or Yuichiro? Probably Tadashi.

Lan's Dad is (was?) an internet wizard, but Tadashi was the one that started it all.

So, this is obviously post-Starforce 3. They're actually playing the WAXA theme in this scene. Do note the lack of A.C. Eos I betcha he's dead. DEAD.

"If Geo and OMega-Xis EM Wave Change... and become MegaMan, they can freely enter the Internet."

Which, y'know, doesn't really make a lot of sense. But that's not this game's fault. See, Starforce had issues with its own identity as it couldn't decide whether to go in a completely new direction, or stick with the old fans. Hence the fact that Cyber Cores are still using similar tech to 200 years past. But, it's science fantasy, so whatever.

I mean technically EM Wave Changing turns the human's body into radio waves so being able to enter the internet implies that the 'Internet' as we know it in BN is really just a cluster of radio waves.

So if the servers got out of control, the wavelengths could get likewise out of control and do weird things to the human body. They could possibly interfere with electrical signals being sent from the brain, not unlike radiation.

Basically I'm saying that BN2 isn't so far-fetched anymore.

Easy. Destroy everything, of course.

Omega-Xis is roughly the NetNavi analogue.

You know, I get the feeling they were setting up for an OSS2, of sorts. But that didn't happen.

"She"? Well, there are only 2 people who that could be, and one of them is always home doing nothing.

Oh no, is Sonia okay? :ohdear:

Spoilers. :v:

"In order for you to return, you'll have no choice but to find those two in the world of 200 years ago."

"Those two"? Why would she mean Lan and MegaMan? :psyduck:

It's actually Yuichiro and Dr. Wily, plot twist.

Stakes are high at the start of a MegaMan RPG. Refreshing, for once.

Hey now, there was one game that started with a meteor coming to smash into the planet, that's kinda high-stakes.

gently caress y'all. I want my Starforce 4. I'd play it despite your gripes with the Battle System. Fight me.

The Battle System is serviceable if not what I was expecting from the Battle Network series. Also it's stupidly easy to break over your knee, but that could be said about the BN Chip Folder too.

But yes, seconding the call for StarForce 4.

"However, there's something I want you to be aware of. Don't interact too much with people of that era."

Let's pull a Futurama and sleep with our own grandmother. Cause all the paradoxes! DO IT

Better idea, after saving this mysterious 'her' go and kill Dr. Regal. Save us all from the stupidity of Battle Network 4.

Soooo, don't mention we're looking for the girl? That's gonna make intel-gathering...hard.

Probably more like 'Don't tell people you're from the future and also a human fused with an alien'.

Some of you in this thread would be happy about that.

Geo turns to leave in the clock portal thing.

"MegaMan... No, Geo! Make aaaaaabsolutely sure you come back!!"

Yeah, I'll guarantee that. Jokes aside, this isn't a terrible scene. There's effort in this, for sure.

Bud can actually Wave Change, but I guess the portal can only accommodate one being.

They did say it could only be used once. I wouldn't trust Bud in the past, he'd be like a bull in a china shop. :v:

And there he goes.

Blinky's back. Striking in at the worst (best?) possible times. Some things never change, Yeti.

Hey, our buddy! The unofficial third commentator in the series. Welcome back!

Seeing this poo poo really makes me want to play another game now, gently caress.

This is back when we just found AOL Online. What a poo poo time that was.

It could have been worse, he could have been dropped off into someone's MySpace page.

:smith: Well poo poo.

Omega-Xis may seem like a jerk, but that's honestly his way of getting Geo to act. It may not seem like it, but he feels exactly what Geo does, Omega-Xis' just more forward-thinking.

Omega is like a more brusque Megaman (the NetNavi) in that he seems to genuinely want Geo to be happy, it's just that nagging the kid is his way of doing it.

"...Yeah. I can't back down now. She must be somewhere in this time period. We have to find her so we can go home together."

Well, if EM Wave-Changers can be on the Internet, then there's only one person we're looking for.

Yep. We gotta save Sonia/Harp Note.

Oh no, my favorite recurring character! We gotta save her, Giver.

Let's do this!


...In the next update.

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Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered
Update #2: The Same But Different

Double Update Bonus!

Well, this is a familiar sight.

And here we come upon our first minor change: new mugshots for the cast. I personally do like the new mugshot for Lan.

Ooh, fancy. I appreciate the little bits of effort they put into making this game better.

Just to be clear, this will be a full-length LP, but the BN1 stuff will have free reign as far as discussion goes. Anything in the thread referring to the new content is off-limits, you hear?

This warning has now been in the OP and in the updates themselves. You have no excuses.

So, WWW has been around for an unspecified amount of time -- a stark contrast to other games where the evil organization first debuts to the world by the game's first chapter.

Now you may think that it's Sunday going by the text, but it's actually Monday. Poor old Dad doesn't get the weekends off.

Oh, I see they missed a period. Good to see that these games are still the same as ever.

"It was about some guy in the future coming back to the past or some bullshit like that."

One of the first big changes that I can see is that we press B to walk. Lemme repeat:

Running is the default. We press B to walk.

We press B to walk.

We press B to walk.

:supaburn: HOLY gently caress WE HAVE A CODE RUN. I REPEAT, WE HAVE A CODE RUN

The game devs have learned how to make quality of life improvements. I hope this keeps up. Yes I'm looking at you, power plant you rat gently caress.

It's funny how most chip descriptions in Battle Network go from a narrator-esque description to Lan's inner thoughts. They repeat this in every game.

Why hello, Bottom Screen. The game displaying the Location is something I'm quite happy about, since the Internet Areas in this game are just separated by numbers.

They did something similar in the BN 5 remake, and all the StarForce games. They CAN learn.

I...don't like MegaMan's mugshot in this game. I think it's the worst of all the redone ones.

He looks younger. Maybe it's the neck.

I'm only leaving this screenshot in for one reason: they introduced anime voice acting in the game for certain key lines and phrases. ...Only you can't turn it off. :suicide101:

I'm disappointed the translation team didn't redub it with comical voices Please don't, dear god.

They did something similar in the BN 5 remake, only this doesn't star the :swoon: amazing voice of Colonel :swoon:

Sweet, they redid the lovely old Menu. It has more pizzaze.

Redone Chip Library screen too. You can see they added 5 new chips, since we're at 179 max instead of 174.

While this was called Steal in the original game, the translators took it upon themselves to rename it to AreaGrab, just for series consistency. They also took it upon themselves to polish the chip descriptions so that they read more like Battle Network 6's.

Thank you, translators, for putting in that extra effort to make sure this game is better.

...There is a dump all chips to pack feature. HALLELUJAH. I won't be using it much right now, though.

This screen also got a tweak as well. We don't have armors in this game, people, so please bear that in mind.

Armors were weird, and only in BN1 the Original, so I'm glad they're gone.

Instead of the CrossGun K in the original, the game has Dad give us our very first asterisk chip, a new addition to this entry in the franchise. Going right in the folder.

Oh no Netcrime!

Haruka's mug didn't get tweaked, so it's a bit jarring with the rest of the cast, even if she isn't a major character, it's a bit inconsistent.

Mornin' and Morning? Prof 9, since you whine about these in Chrono X, I'm gonna whine about these to you, too. :v:

Alternatively it's a way to communicate the fact that Lan's a kid. He's just not as formal or precise as his mother.

You don't have to do this, but it's a hint to grab something:

It's a Recov10 A. SIGH.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Mayl's is the second worst of the new ones, for me. Though, I will compliment it by saying it conveys the young girl look they were going for.

Bwah! That's... That's a mugshot, yikes. She does look a lot younger, yes.

Lan's personality in this game was probably the strongest in the franchise. I think that explains Yeti's avatar.

Part of it, at least. The rest of the bullshit is courtesy of goons from the Yu-Gi-Oh LP.

Mayl was also a bit more pushy. Fun fact: She was supposed to be a tsundere-type character originally, but since their popularity was waning, the creators decided against it. They just gave it to Luna Platz instead.

Geez. This girl is already training him.

You will *not* see banter like that in the later games. Enjoy it while you can.

I don't know, I like these two idiots. Their conversation is charming, and I wish the writers kept it up.


Quick, throw Chips at your oven, I'm sure that will help.

It seems a bit weird, but let's keep in mind that Lan is still going through the Hero's Journey. In that, he hasn't had his "call to action" yet. And no, the FireMan scenario doesn't count as that was incidental.

I don't wanna go. You can't make me.

Good lord the loving forehead aaaaaaaaa. Well, there's your revamped Yai mugshot. :shucks:

WHOA. GOD. What did they DO.

: Shut yo stupid rear end. I's only failed dis class twice. A'ight?


This motherfucker got some chin.


: Bitch, step off. No-one asked you and yo tumor-rear end head.

: drat right.

: Or be a quadrilateral whose diagonals bisect each other at right-angles.

GangsterDex is surprisingly erudite.

I am going to wreck all of you bitches. Make the whole class versus me so it's fair.

Ah, there's that smug-rear end Giver we all know and... know.

I forgot that this actually sets up a funny joke, later.

: Come say that to my face. I fuckin' dare you.

Oh no, the tutorial. SKIPPING (most of it).


AAAAAAAA :aaaaa:

Eyy, the maps. They look good. They're very useful especially since I know you guys get lost all the time. I don't. Git gud.

Again, being able to navigate bullshit does not make it good. I'm glad they added maps, and especially maps you don't have to find.

They definitely revamped the Custom Menu. For one, we can now see the chip codes, which is my favorite improvement. We can no longer have half of our folder in one screen, and you can now press Select to see the field just like in Battle Network 3+. Notably, we can also run away for free without needing an Escape chip!

Selecting one chip greys out the others we can't select. Great.

OK, guys, so this isn't a straight port of Battle Network 1. They added in this line. Yay. :regd09:

Best addition to the game, hands down. Even better than auto-run.

No. We fight.

Only 200 HP. Easy pattern, again, you've seen this before in the original BN1.

GutsMan is pretty much never hard unless you're deliberately handicapping yourself.

I swear to God that screenshot was on accident. I swear.


tag urself i'm those guy's legs in the back

This is a Giver LP. Which means...grinding and enemy analysis time. There's also an audio clip that plays each and every time you jack in.

Kill me.

No. Suffer.

I'm poo poo at screenshotting at times, but this was a Shotgun K. The translators would like to know if there were any changes in the Blue Mystery Datas, so I'll try and document best I can.

These guys also made Progs speak in ALL-CAPS to be consistent with Battle Network 4-6.

Hey, the best boys are back!

On the note of chip changes, hoo boy, there are a lot of them to cover, so I'll do them when relevant. For instance, enemies that can drop chips will always do so at Level S. Which, thank Christ for that one. If you remember my BN3 LP, then... yeah.

The "best" drop that comes at a Rank of S can now be gotten starting at Level 8 than a Level 9, and the chances have overall been raised.

Busting Level 4 now consistently drops better rewards, such as slightly higher Zenny.

Hell, a lot of chips had their codes changed. Just based on what I've seen at the start of the game, we have:

Shotgun (BN1): K M N Q R
Shotgun (OSS): K M N R *
Crossgun (BN1): C E F J K
Crossgun (OSS): E F J K *
Recov10 (BN1): A C E G L
Recov10 (OSS) A C E L *

...and many more, once I get to them.

They made a lot of small, mostly pointless changes. Giver and I will be doing our best to keep an eye out on everything in order to keep track of what's changing.

So, Canodumb in this game is unique in that the cursor it shoots out will only hit that square. Meaning, you can stand in the same row and not get hit. Observe:

Also, the buster's frames reset per movement input, so feel free to Left,Right,B spam all day long like the above.

I think everyone that played these games figured that out, even if they didn't understand exactly why. I know that I learned that while playing these games as a wee child.

This game features the same Ranking system as the others, which I'll re-summarize for those who forgot.

Battle Rewards System:

0.00 ~ 5.00: +7 points
5.01 ~ 12.00: +6 points
12.01 ~ 36.00: +5 points
36.01 and up: +4 points

0 ~ 2 steps: +1 point
3 or more: +0 points

Times You Took Damage
0: +1 point
1: 0 points
2: -1 points
3: -2 points
4 or more: -3 points

Multiple Deletion:
Double Delete: +2 points
Triple Delete: +4 points

Getting a Rank of S requires 11 points. Therefore, in a match with two viruses, we need to get a Double Delete(+2) without getting hit(+1) in 5 seconds or less (+7) whilst moving no more than twice (+1). This is the hardest and most frequent scenario of S-ranking.

However, even in OSS, they still don't tell you when you got a double or triple delete. Makes me sad.

Learning all about the numbers makes it seem intimidating, but it's really neat. Honestly, just try to kill things fast and that's most of your points right there.

So let's see it. We have 2 viruses, with two chips above our head. Depending on what they are, we can maybe earn a double kill.

The second chip was CrossGun, so I had to line up the virus formation to allow me a simultaneous kill. Pretty much what you always wanna do is look at chips that can hit multiple enemies as that lets you S-rank and get better chips. CrossGun/Shotgun are good for this. Cannon is not.

In general, a lot of the early-game chips are hard to S-rank with, but that's part of the fun of the Chip folder - you start out with weak stuff, but by the end of the game you're hopping all over the field and killing things instantly. Makes it tedious to begin, but, well, that's why we learn how to blitz through the early-game.

Ahhh, no more Zenny for S-ranks. NICE.

Battle Network 1, 2 and now this game were really guilty about putting a single virus on the field. There is no point to this. You can't get a shot at an S-rank, even. I suppose it's mitigated by the chip drop changes, but still. On a more positive note, I do like the aesthetic of the in-screen chip description.

The real reason I jacked into here, this fucker. We can meet a Mettaur2 really early. He deals 40 damage, but he's a Mettaur, so come on now.

gently caress you.

I JUST praised you for increasing the drop rate and you pull this poo poo!? :argh:

Good job, game.

At lower levels, you'll get Guard, which you can hold down the A button to summon a shield for 3 seconds. Won't work on enemies that specifically ram into you, though. And yes, the translation team changed it from MetGuard to just Guard for later game consistency.

Good job translators.

Got it. Finally. This thing does a solid 80 damage so it can one shot most viruses we encounter in this scenario. And I'm done here.

Oi, gently caress that rear end in a top hat.

"NetSafety"? I've never heard of this organization.

Well, theoretically they're a group of world-wide workers devoted to ensuring the Net is Safe, hence the name.

LEAVE! Begone! No-one likes you!

I like to imagine Haruka is talking to this workman and then he just says "Hello." blankly.

I suppose it's fair that the control panel would alter every appliance in the house. Fine.

Gotta centralize to make things easier. Though, uh, I fail to see why a control panel on the wall over there is useful for an oven all the way in the kitchen.


What are you talking about, we're having this safety guy check things out, there's no way we could have an oven fire.

>Looks evil

"He's so helpful!"

I take no responsibility for what happens.

He's just really into his job!

We can finally cash in our points since the last update.

I'll transcribe since this shop is massive:

Guard A 3p
Escape F 5p
LongSword N 8p
Recov50 * 15p
PanelOut1 * 20p
Repair * 30p
CrosBomb J 40p
RockCube * 50p
Recov120 * 60p
SloGauge * 70p
Invis1 * 80p
PanelOut3 * 100p
AreaGrab S 150p
FastGauge 500p
GutsMan G 30p
WoodMan W 80p
SkullMan D 100p
SharkMan S 120p
ProtoMan B 150p
GutsMan2 G 180p
WoodMan2 W 300p
SkullMan2 D 500p
SharkMan2 S 700p
ProtoMan2 B 1000p
HeroSword B 3000p

Well, I can tell you that the NaviChips are a poo poo choice to buy. You can get those easily enough in this game since the boss' HP is still low. There's probably a lot better ways to farm points, and no doubt playing with another live player yields more points, but it still isn't worth. I'll probably farm up the asterisk-coded stuff. The quantities are infinite, so farm away, friends.

If you like doing tedious minigames, that is.

See you guys in three weeks when Giver has a full set of HeroSwords.

Welcome to the worst Internet layouts in the series. The maps are super helpful at least.

They tried. The first attempt is allowed to be a stumbling block, as long as they don't repeat their mistakes. And they did, BN2 had a much better Internet layout.

Gotta find Yai's lost program. Don't mind if I abridge stuff. Again, you should know most of this by now.

Hey, we got Yai's twitter address. Too bad all she posts is mirror selfies with the flash on, the glare from her forehead is insane.

Alright, so, Green and Blue Mystery Data on the regular Internet areas and dungeons (read: not small comps) are exactly the same in Battle Network 1. They can also be savescummed to change the reward drop, so this means I'll be farming these heavily. The development team changed the datas to reflect the new chip codes, so it's worth covering.

Each area has 4 chip drops, and 4 Zenny drops. I'll only show the 4 chips and the highest Zenny value for the area. There's a 50% chance you'll get a virus in later areas, since there's no Untrap. Time to savescum and show each reward. Just imagine the scene from Dr. Strange, but with mystery data.

A green octahedron instead of a shapeless Chaos God. That'd sure change the outcome. Wait, what if Dr. Strange was a Mr.Prog?


And there you have it.

Nothing fantastic, but this is the first area, temper your expectations.

You see what I mean? Absolutely no difference. The Blues even respawn, too. Terrible.

Of course, the blue mystery data behind this door actually matters. It's a little confusing, I know.

If I show pictures of Progs, maybe MissEchelon will draw us pics. :v:

It's as good a plan as any, I think.

Even MegaMan hates Mr.Progs.

"Ugh gently caress we had to find this stupid program like last week, Yai."

Spreader I is OK, if you decide to buy multiple of them from the shop. But before that...


Oh man, the shop changed the price of the Hammer chip. Why you may ask?

Bam. This chip got a sizable buff. Going from a meager 100 to a respectable 220. This is great, but it's a 10,000 a pop. For a total of 3 Hammers to buy, you're looking at 30,000 Zenny. SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

[Pictured: Giver hard at work.]


Alternatively: Let's do the time warp again!.

We can actually meet Fishys in here that will drop what I like to call BestFriendAttack.

It only does 50 damage in here, but the cooldown is far lower than in BN2 and 3. Still, the HP of the viruses is pretty low, so 50 is just fine.

Get over here and give me a hug, says Megaman.EXE as he rams his face straight into a virus.

Why yes, I sat here to get 30,000, savescumming the GMDs for 1000 apiece to get all 3 Hammers. :v:

Was there ever any doubt?

And I bought one of these, because why not. Just one.

Bahahahahahahaha. ALL MINE. Just look at this folder, it's all "AAAAAAAAA"

Alright, so after the little fetch quest, if you press L, Lan says this line. This isn't a translation choice; it's part of the actual Battle Network 1 translation we got many years ago.

Is it really?

Huh. So it is.

So, who wants to see something cool?

Go to the Start Menu, and press Up, X, Left, Y, Right, A, Down, B. If you did it right, you'll hear a "ding". We then load up our game and see...


Do you really need this. You already have 3 Hammers, do you need to break this game over your knee even more.


giver336 fucked around with this message at 17:36 on Jun 22, 2018

Jul 22, 2012

Look at this smug broken asshole.
Look at these stupid idiots, doing another LP. Man, they really suck.

(I am so excited for this game, you have no idea. It's foreign to not be incoherently angry at the game at all times.)

Jan 11, 2013
Ground floooooor!!

I'm excited. Are you excited? I'm excited!!

Oct 10, 2012

Why does everyone think I'm going to get in trouble?

It's gonna be fun seeing this series again.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Giver? You're alive? And playing another MegaMan.EXE game?! This is like the stuff of legends.

Too bad it's the most Capcom of BN games, but hey, I'll never say no to a Giver MegaMan.EXE LP.

Oct 28, 2010
Ah, I'm getting nostalgic already. I didn't see much value in OSS back in the day, but BN1 is still BN1, so this should be fun.

Mar 5, 2013

I'm making it rain-Bo!
I've got very little familiarity with OSS so I'm interested to see what differences there are with this version of BN1.

Also echoing the want for more Starforce games.

Jan 11, 2013
Ok, now that I've read the update...

I agree about Star Force 4! The series had some flaws (the battle system, the idiot trio) but I liked Geo and his relationships with Mega,. Sonia and others.
I also liked the overdrive system Star Force 3, that was a ton of fun and very broken.

I'm least familiar with MMBN1 out of all the games in the series, so it'll be fun to revisit it and see how they bring in the SF stuff.

Feb 21, 2014

It's great to see this again. It's a shame this remake didn't go over well back then...

Oct 21, 2012

Yo, any Battle Network LP is welcome! And since it's OSS I'm super pumped to learn about MMBN1, since it's the one that I tried playing and can't get used to for the life of me. I'll be treating this as a learning experience.

with that said you're crazy for grinding up 30k zenny in what should be the first hour of gameplay

Jul 12, 2013

If someone says it one more time I'm having Florina show up as a corpse. I'm not even kidding, I was pissed off with people doing that shit back in 2010, and I'm not dealing with it now in 2016.
There's a terrible habit of some remakes of games to just not do enough to update them. And I feel OSS is one of those. Not enough is done to make it stand out properly.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Onmi posted:

There's a terrible habit of some remakes of games to just not do enough to update them. And I feel OSS is one of those. Not enough is done to make it stand out properly.

For anyone with no knowledge of OSS, just keep this post in mind. It's just a port of BN1 (already a bad game, though the beginnings of a great franchise) with very minor additions. Not upgrades, nothing was improved despite how much needed to be improved, but additions, like the * code that probably took all of five minutes to implement.

Adding a map on the bottom screen instead of fixing the awful internet should already tell you the level of effort here. This is Capcomest MegaMan BN.

Prof. 9
Jan 3, 2015
Looking forward to this LP. OSS is a vastly underrated game and brings a lot of tiny, subtle tweaks that make the game just that bit better. Always a shame to see fans of the series recommend newcomers to skip BN1, because it's one of the most streamlined BN games IMO, and one of my favorite to play through.

By the way, Haruka's--and a number of other people's--mugshots did get adjusted in OSS; they changed the colors a bit to make them less dull, which helps them fit in better with the new mugshots.

I ended up contributing a little bit to this translation with some final testing and editing. It also uses the tooling that I originally developed for EXE4.5 to handle the text in the game.

giver336 posted:

Mornin' and Morning? Prof 9, since you whine about these in Chrono X, I'm gonna whine about these to you, too. :v:
Giver pls. Add GutsMan G

Oct 5, 2010

Blaze Dragon posted:

For anyone with no knowledge of OSS, just keep this post in mind. It's just a port of BN1 (already a bad game, though the beginnings of a great franchise) with very minor additions. Not upgrades, nothing was improved despite how much needed to be improved, but additions, like the * code that probably took all of five minutes to implement.

Adding a map on the bottom screen instead of fixing the awful internet should already tell you the level of effort here. This is Capcomest MegaMan BN.

It also adds a few features from the games from BN2 onward (such as being able to run from battle manually by pressing the L button and having chips you can't use get grayed out after selecting one) but otherwise yes, this is literally just BN1 with a few tweaks and a brand new scenario later on. Still though, those tweaks alone are enough to make this probably the best version of the original Battle Network so it's still kind of a shame it never got released here.

Larryb fucked around with this message at 11:37 on Jun 21, 2018

Dec 16, 2006

I'm a great fan! When I watch TV I'm always saying "That's political correctness gone mad!"
Why thankyew!

OH poo poo WHAT UP

Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered

Miss posted:

OH poo poo WHAT UP

Give Progs.

BlackPersona posted:

Yo, any Battle Network LP is welcome! And since it's OSS I'm super pumped to learn about MMBN1, since it's the one that I tried playing and can't get used to for the life of me. I'll be treating this as a learning experience.

with that said you're crazy for grinding up 30k zenny in what should be the first hour of gameplay

Well, the breakdown probably won't be as detailed as 3's, because of the lack of mechanics, plus there's no need since this isn't a "first-time" LP. That said, maybe I should bring back the postgame S-rank breakdowns.


Dec 1, 2013

Because change
Jesus Giver. You are not human. Seriously, 30k with 1k drops? :psyduck:

Oct 10, 2012

Why does everyone think I'm going to get in trouble?

Can I make a request to add a table of contents to the OP?

Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered
I was going to do that, was simply pre-occupied for a bit. I need to add titles as well.

Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered
Added titles and a ToC. Update should come this weekend or Monday, about to send the next update over.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Hello my name is SSNeoman and I played and enjoyed this terrible game because I consume Battle Network media with the same speed and fervor that a college student consumes cheeseburgers.


But yes, seconding the call for StarForce 4.

:sigh: ...thirding.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Honestly, if the series had only been Star Force 1 and 2, I'd say to end it there, but Star Force 3 was a genuinely very good game. Too bad it came too late to matter.

I'd kill for either BN or SF to get continued though, with games on the level of the endings of both franchises. They went out with a bang.

Captain Fargle
Feb 16, 2011

Blaze Dragon posted:

Honestly, if the series had only been Star Force 1 and 2, I'd say to end it there, but Star Force 3 was a genuinely very good game. Too bad it came too late to matter.

I'd kill for either BN or SF to get continued though, with games on the level of the endings of both franchises. They went out with a bang.

So let me tell you about this project that the OP is the lead on... ;)

Dec 16, 2006

I'm a great fan! When I watch TV I'm always saying "That's political correctness gone mad!"
Why thankyew!

giver336 posted:

Give Progs.

Oct 5, 2010

Blaze Dragon posted:

Honestly, if the series had only been Star Force 1 and 2, I'd say to end it there, but Star Force 3 was a genuinely very good game. Too bad it came too late to matter.

I'd kill for either BN or SF to get continued though, with games on the level of the endings of both franchises. They went out with a bang.

I'm actually kind of surprised that Star Force 3 got made at all to be honest considering how terrible the second game did (hell, it was apparently bad enough for Capcom to pull the plug on the anime prematurely and SF 3 as I understand barely got any kind of promotion at all). Which is a shame because 3 is probably the best game in the entire series.

Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered
Update #3: Our Puns Are Just Straight Fire

Did you find a mouse?

Ratty viruses already?!

This was changed from hot cake in the original translation for OSS.

Um... OK.

...Sure? I don't really know why they had to change it to apple pie. Is this one of the translator localizations?

Nope, they changed this from the original JP script too. I'm confused, too.

Seriously? You cook and you don't have any way to stop cooking fires? The gently caress? Where is your baking soda!? Your fire extinguisher!? Why are you so useless!? :argh:

Yes. Your kitchen should always include a fire extinguisher, or at the very least some way to stop a fire.


No way! He seemed so trustworthy!

And the mother raises no objections about us getting closer to the fire of course.

First dungeon in the series. But, in terms of a Hero's Journey, this one is more incidental, so it isn't playing the title theme. That brings up another point of contention: the music. Instead of re-composing, they just sampled the original tracks. This is the original boss theme, and here is OSS's. I will say that it seems like the second video seems to exaggerate the echo effect, but it really does sound different.

Man. I really hate what they did to the music, huh. Especially those rising and falling keyboard slides in the remake. What the hell is that. Ugh. Bleugh. Thanks, I hate it. While the game has several Quality of Life improvements, this is inexcusable.


OK, that's funny.

See, if the Progs were the ones telling the jokes from the Humor program, I'd laugh :colbert:

And he tells us to get the IceBlock. Same as usual. Thawing network in an oven, yadda yadd- wait what.

Yet another one of these. I won't object since it's the first dungeon and players may not have picked up Shotgun * from the non-fixed datas. Also, every mystery data in a dungeon is fixed.

Keep in mind that the asterisk code didn't show up in original game. This is much less useful in the original game.

You actually don't run into viruses before this little moment. On that note, the development team made encounters a little less frequent in this re-release. Most of you will love that addition for sure.

Er, it's a little weird that the WWW leaves behind a data signature that could be identified. But I suppose Wily's egomania is showing through.

Gotta sign your code, man. Otherwise how else will people learn to fear the name of WWW?


It's just a single Mettaur. Yep. Tough WWW virus.


oh gently caress whaddup, it's the most dangerous encounter in the game.

So, I get into another fight with GutsMan *, but there's a small change I want to show.

GutsMan's attack stops at the last virus it kills, and damage is now dealt immediately when you use it, and not after the chip finishes like in the original.

Oh nice! It's... a weird thing to change, but it speeds things up a little bit.

Poor Progs. :(

While I agree, you have the weirdest fondness for that emote.

Quick, someone console MissEchelon!



A purple data...with no Unlockers required, and 400 Zenny


Nope, there are no SubChips in this game.

For a second, I forgot what game this was, and was incredibly confused when you got 400 Zenny from locked data.


Dead Prog: 1

Eyyy. That signifies another round of chips that had their codes changed.

MiniBomb(BN1): C E J L P
MiniBomb(OSS): C E J L *
PanelOut1(BN1): B D G L S
PanelOut1(OSS): B G L S *
Recov30(BN1): A C E G L
Recov30(OSS): B C D L *
AreaGrab(BN1): A E L P S
AreaGrab(OSS): A E L S *
Invis(BN1): I J L O Q
Invis(OSS): I J L Q *

Notably, AreaGrab now expires after 3 turns.

That * code really makes Invis incredible in every folder, doesn't it.

General rule of thumb is that they dropped the most useless code and replaced it with the asterisk instead.

Helpfully, the thawing network for the Iceblock has a green tint.

It's green for good! And green for Prog!

You know, that fire that blocked us earlier.

Different from later games:

MegaMan got:

Let's go!

Yeah! I can't wait to go put out some electrical fires in the network and then put out real fires in real life. Because that's just how things work here in Battle Network.


Fuckin' owned.


Motherfucker just taunts us. Mr. Match was a straight-up rear end in a top hat.

Stone-cold. Or maybe that's not particularly appropriate, given the circumstances? Regardless, without Megaman, all of Lan's chances just went up in smoke.

We almost let that slip by us if not for his evil grin.

No! It couldn't have been the slightly-ominous repair guy who was just here to fix the control panel! When could he have possibly slipped in a virus?

I think the implication is that he locked the doors, somehow.

Yeah, this. For some reason, the door is locked, and I initially called bullshit. But I suppose the lock program is implictly tied into whatever FireMan is doing.

I assume it's more along the lines of 'FireMan is controlling the panel and not letting anything in or out' which is what's keeping the oven on fire and the doors locked. It doesn't, however, explain why they can't just leave out the back.


But it's a toy water gun. :psyduck:

War isn't a game, Giver!

I missed a screenshot, but yeah, Lan shoots the flames with the watergun. We put out an electrical fire (it's connected to the Internet, so I assume electrical) with water.

This doesn't cause anymore issues and somehow helps out MegaMan. Yes.

For those of you at home, never use water to put out a fire on the stove. Use baking soda or a fire extinguisher. And I'm just refusing to consider the implications of what Lan just did. It's... just how this world works, I guess.

Puzzle time.

This is gonna be a hard one!

No changes here. Just budget your iceblock usage across 2 areas.


Money's money... But yeah, this is chump change. Which makes it perfect for you, Giver.

So just go all the way over to the left side.

DJ Khaled: And anotha one.

A green gives 500 Zenny, while a Blue gave 200. Why do you guys bother with mystery data colors in this game? Why didn't the developers change this to be more consistent with the rest of the series? Seriously.

It just feels weird to have Blues be equal to Green, since BN2 was my first Battle Network game.

So, this purple gives us a strong chip for this area. Which, is what I thought they were going with for the purple, blue and green. But the last purple data gave 400 Zennys in the last area, so :shrug:

It's not bad despite nothing matching its letter. Hits hard and can kill anything we run into.

It's our first vertical attack aside from WideSword, and this one can hit at range. And like Giver said, it's powerful for this early in the game, so why not put it in? Especially now that * chips exist.

Dead Prog: 2

Truly, the worst part of any combat is what happens to the innocents caught up in the fighting :(

After running around for a bit, I found this virus. It's pretty uncommon to find it in this area. EPM already talked about this one, I'm pretty sure, so just remember that it avoids your row until it attacks and then opens up a homing flame that turns once.

You don't have enough time to fire cannons and things like that, so a bit of a slow fight. Still, got the chip.

FireTower(BN1): E F L M T
FireTower(OSS): E F M T *

If I spent enough time, I could get an 8, and therefore have a shot at the * code. I won't do that yet, though.

I chuck this badboy in. Look at all those copies of stuff I have already.

That's what you get for grinding those GMDs for the Hammers. And yeah, FireTower is really, really good.

An rear end in a top hat.

And an rear end in a top hat.

It's been said that FireMan did this lots and lots of times, killing Navis left right and center who went to stop him. I wonder what his kill count is.

You think your lovely AI can beat me and UselessYeti over here?

Careful, Giver, if your ego gets any bigger someone might mistake it for a tumor.




You'll note the lack of 120 HP. This fight was recorded on a different save when I was testing something for the translators.

Also, you'll finally hear some of the voiceclips. inb4 Yeti snark.

Oh wow it's almost as irritating as reading your -

You utter prick.

Only 300 HP and 10/15 damage. Duh.

So, Match was just sent to random ovens to find a random program? Talk about a needle in a haystack situation.

Yeah, I still don't know why the FireProgram was in Lan's oven. :v:

Why was the FireProgram in any oven at all?! Why wasn't it guarded at all?!

Dumb poo poo.

Villainy 105: The Art of the Monologue.

Good. Kill this dumb world.

I agree, angry pantsless duck. Why couldn't FireMan have at least set up some sort of firebomb before he left?

Get Baking Soda.

This game does human moments better than story logic. It should stick with that.

On the other hand, MMBN Story Logic delivered in the next game with Whiskey Guy so I think we can forgive a few minor flaws.

Don't worry, Lan. Not a lot of people understand it either!

Seriously, we needed a flowchart to figure some of this plot stuff out.

I like how they're saying this in front of their mother who isn't objecting to the notion of her son playing hero.

Leaving this in just to trigger Yeti.

I'm not triggered, just very, very disappointed.

Order pizza. gently caress. Now I want pizza. Brb.

Yeah because it's BUSTED.


So, before you sleep, you can go outside and get some early items.

And most of them are pretty useful. Well, some of them.

gently caress that. I'M HUNGRY. Our oven is DEAD.

Feed me. This is hinting at something you should do later, which I think most of you remember. If not, you'll see it again.

(In an extremely nature documentary voice:) The wild Lan hunts for food, desperately intruding on anyone it can find in hopes that one of them will be generous enough to share. Unfortunately, it will be disappointed, and go to bed hungry tonight.

We must scourge for items, and find rare viruses!

So this comp actually leads to the Net. And we'll reopen that connection later. Fair tip: mystery datas also respawn in this game when you leave an HP like this, not only by jacking out.

Opening up connections is always useful, but not as much as in the other games. At least, for right now. We can do some ridiculous things with other peoples' comps later on.

Spookys in here. They drop Recov10 L instead of Recov10 G.


Spookys are pretty easy, especially if you put that LilBomb in your folder.

We'll need this for a main quest in a bit.

Optional, but still kinda useful...ish. Mayl's HP doesn't help you progress in the game like Dex's.

First time you can meet Powies.

This lets us replace Minibombs, since Quakes deal a whopping 90 damage. And no, Quakes don't break in this re-release.


Which is weird, since they're a huge weight plunging down onto the enemy. It makes more sense for them to break things. Just another mark on the 'Why didn't they change this?' board, I guess.

Jack in to the ol' MegaMan Legends bot.

RIP MegaMan Legends 3, you were too good for this world.

Ah, it looks like the translators changed the way it was written to reflect Battle Network 5 and beyond.

Got another one, but in I code. You'll need 3 of these to complete a trade. I actually didn't grind for that trade...yet.

"Piss off you little monster."

Imagine if toys could talk. That'd be weird... Eh, the idea probably wouldn't go anywhere.

Yeah, if someone tried to make something that idea, I bet it would suck.

We're gonna head to Dex's now and th- OOH CARS.

Time to raid Dex's fridge, see if he's got any food for us.

Oh hey, a Gamecube. That takes me back.

You'll want to keep this, I guess. It has a Program Advance later. Yes, I'll be making the Encyclopedia this time. Ugh.


No-one does this, go away Mister Prog.

Mister Prog is giving you good, helpful advice, you'd better listen to him.

There are Mettaur2's in here and if you get an average rank, you'll have a higher chance for scoring a Guard G, as opposed to Guard A from Mettaur 1. This is useful for a G-coded Program Advance, so maybe you'll want to acquire it.

Dex's house isn't really meant to be challenged until after the next scenario, if I'm being honest. That being said, this is a game for kids, so it's easy enough.

Yeesh. That Canodumb2 is uncommon in this area, not to mention the virus formation is something you'd have trouble with, unless you're packed full of Spreaders from the chip shop.

Nice. I'm not gonna put this in, actually. It's 80 damage, but I don't feel like getting multiple of these to make it worthwhile.

I will put in this, since it's A code and I'm already rocking Quakes anyway.

Spooky2 already!? Dang.

Another reason to believe that you shouldn't be here this early. Spooky2 has the most health out of any regular virus we've encountered. Hammer will still ruin its day, though.

Instead of Recov50 G, they drop Recov50 L and Recov80 L instead of Recov80 A.

But I want that A code. :(


Longer period of time where you can't get hit is always better.

I made sure to get multiple Sonicwaves. That's 5 chips that deal damage down an entire row and hits for 80. Ouch.

You'll note that they reuse this map for Battle Network 2.

I mean, not everyone reformats their hard drive every few days. Or, would this be more along the lines of redoing their homepage?

Get this, you'll need it later.

The first 3 codes (ABC) are some of the better codes in the game. This is most likely not a coincidence.

This is in contrast to later games, where they basically throw S code at you.


You'll need this for a trade later on, so keep it.


The HORROR. These pure Progs, subjected to whatever inanities Yai chatters about on the phone!

Yai, you're being cheap.

Also, reminder that dungeons and comps have fixed, one-time rewards.

She's still rewarded you more than the entire Oven, though.

Found you, Swordy. Now gimme your chip.

There's no LifeSword PA in this game, unfortunately. It's called B-Sword and S-Sword instead. They just use Sword, WideSword, and LongSword separately while MegaMan stays invincible.

On the plus side, LongSword got a buff. It now deals 100 damage, aligning itself with its BN6 counterpart.

LongSword being 100 damage is really useful in getting double-deletes.

Bought 1 HP Memory and 2 PowerUps. We're really decking ourselves out early on.

I dumped my PowerUps all into Attack. My upgrade path is Attack-->Charge-->Rapid.

Since you can rapid-fire as fast as you press the button when up close, you can fire as often as you move, and honestly you shouldn't really need the buster all things considered, Rapid is only useful for dumping extra PowerUps.

I think that's enough for this update. Don't worry, the massive grind will begin soon.

giver336 fucked around with this message at 23:20 on Jun 24, 2018

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Memory serves you can now charge the buster without having to invest any points into Charge, which is nice

Oct 21, 2012

The boss music from BN1 is really solid, actually, I'm impressed. Definitely sounds better than the OSS one.

That reminds me, though, in Double Team DS you could put in the GBA carts of any BN game to change the battle themes, is there something similar to OSS?

Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered

SSNeoman posted:

Memory serves you can now charge the buster without having to invest any points into Charge, which is nice

Debunked. Just tried to do it on a fresh save. Even waited until after the tutorial.

BlackPersona posted:

The boss music from BN1 is really solid, actually, I'm impressed. Definitely sounds better than the OSS one.

That reminds me, though, in Double Team DS you could put in the GBA carts of any BN game to change the battle themes, is there something similar to OSS?

Unfortunately no.

Idea: Slot-in BN1 cartridge to change chip values to their old ways. :v:

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

Oh they kept that 'feature' huh. That's rude.

Dec 28, 2012

Santa Cat Says: Good deeds are the things to always do, just make sure someone is watching you
Hey there's a fire virus in the oven!

Is that thing there in the original game? I never ran into any, and always thought how great it was that the fire area didn't have any fire viruses in it.

Jul 22, 2012

Look at this smug broken asshole.

TheFattestPat posted:

Hey there's a fire virus in the oven!

Is that thing there in the original game? I never ran into any, and always thought how great it was that the fire area didn't have any fire viruses in it.

I'm playing along on the original game for pretty much this exact reason (to check for changes that might have slipped by) and yeah, the same encounter is present.

Seraphic Neoman
Jul 19, 2011

TheFattestPat posted:

Hey there's a fire virus in the oven!

Is that thing there in the original game? I never ran into any, and always thought how great it was that the fire area didn't have any fire viruses in it.

It is indeed in the original game, it's just very uncommon.

Dec 28, 2013

It's time to d-d-d-d-
get murdered
As far as I can tell, they only added one encounter. ClockMan in Undernet 9 at the cost of removing one of the two only Spooky3 fights.

Blueberry Pancakes
Aug 18, 2012

Jack in!! MegaMan, Execute!
How many Star Force LPs are on the archive? I don't think SSNeoman's SF3 LP was finished with post game stuff.

Anyway, looking forward to the five or so changes they made from the source game.

Jan 11, 2013
Looks like only BlitzBlast's Star Force 2 LP is on the archive, which is a shame.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Solumin posted:

Looks like only BlitzBlast's Star Force 2 LP is on the archive, which is a shame.

It really is. The series deserves to be LPed in full, or at the very least have the actually good game in it LPed! It's impressive that the only LP that got 100% completed and archived is the one from the shittiest game in the franchise. I guess it's a good thing though, now people don't have to play it to understand how the plot goes...not like SF2 adds much to it.


Blueberry Pancakes
Aug 18, 2012

Jack in!! MegaMan, Execute!
SF2 was just the first game's plot attached to new characters, including a lovely Bass knockoff.

Also, I didn't realize that Match wasn't just setting the ovens on fire but burning people to death in their homes. :stare:

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