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Jul 17, 2006

This is Fatherman! He fights crime to earn Sonboy's respect! Is it working?

WattsvilleBlues posted:

What's the general consensus on BlOps 4, expectation Vs reality?

Blackout and Blackout LTMs are great and fun and good. Multiplayer and Zombies are also included.


Mister Facetious
Apr 21, 2007

I think I died and woke up in L.A.,
I don't know how I wound up in this place...


WattsvilleBlues posted:

What's the general consensus on BlOps 4, expectation Vs reality?

Pre/early-launch there were many positive comparisons made to Black Ops 2, and we actually believed their bullshit about new characters for MP (claim was a max of twenty iirc by the time the next one arrived).

Then it turned out the maps were poo poo, blackout was awesome, and zombies was bad all along.

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Jul 24, 2002

The terrible secret of space... :stonk: the Mods, they knew!
Where do we go from from here?

Jun 18, 2004

Only emojis can express my pure, simple stupidity.

I had fun for a minute there. They definitely drastically changed some COD standards for the better, like grenade spam comes to mind. It was the best BR game too for a bit. I put at least 150–200 hours into MP/blackout. Per usual any COD is a blast with consistent late night lush goon groups. But of course, in true COD fashion, the glory days of that last about a month or two until everyone is fed up and onto the next hotness.

That said the dollar won in the end per usual while they shoved more paid poo poo in our face and ignored all the glaring issues while snubbing their noses

Also felt, IMO, it had the best netcode I’ve seen in a COD game. Which isn’t saying much, it was still bad, but yeah. I do remember it having the worst amount of whole game crashes though, usually at the end of a game when we were stomping

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Feb 2, 2019

Breaking My Kill Record. Never been more happy and sad at the same time...

Happy Noodle Boy
Jul 3, 2002

Hello this dead game is no longer making money so have some cent revamp of the Black Market store:

In this upcoming update, all players will get more access to more rewards. These changes will include:

A new, regularly scheduled “Pick-a-Weapon Bribe” bundle available for 50 Reserve Cases that allows players to select the weapon of their choice (see details below).
A new rotating “Reserves Stack” that always displays an item from Reserves that you don’t currently own, which you can unlock by trading in 2 Reserve Cases.
Two new rotating “My Deals” slots that can be unlocked with Reserve Cases and will always showcase items you don’t currently own.
“Reserves Stack” and “My Deals” will refresh on a regular basis to reveal a new item, and will refresh instantly after the current item on display has been acquired.
These changes will give players the freedom to earn items available in Blackjack’s Shop with Reserve Cases, and for the first time, players will be able to see Reserve items before acquiring them through the new Reserves Stack. The above items will also be available for optional purchase.

With this update, players can continue to earn Reserve Cases in four ways:

Completing Contracts in any mode.
Earning Cases through the standard Reserve earn rate in Multiplayer and Blackout.
Unlocking Contraband Tiers after Tier 50.
Completing up to 2 Daily Tier Skips (includes the bonus Daily Tier Skip in Zombies) for additional Reserve Cases each day after Tier 50 has been reached.

Apr 5, 2006

There's somethin' fishy goin' on here...

I'd be game for some Blackout this weekend.


Aug 5, 2008

I'll still do blackout if anyones playing while I'm on toss me an invite

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