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Oct 8, 2009

berth ell pup posted:

All of this only matters if the wiring goes to something important and is still actually on the car. Judging by the crummy condition of the insulation, though, Iím thinking more PO-installed fog lights or something. Volvo had problems in the 80s with wiring insulation crumbling when exposed to heat (which doesnít seem to be a problem here) but by 1988 it was good again. I canít imagine MB would have used wiring with anything but the finest of insulation by 1993.

Not sure if , but MB had big problems with this in the era in which this car was built.

e: from the article:


The question is not one of IF they will fail but of WHEN Ė All vehicles manufactured in those years (at least í91-í96) have the defective insulation and will fail sooner or later, thus you can understand Mercedesí reluctance to own up to the problem:


Oct 8, 2009

Pursesnatcher posted:

Alright, so there's good news, and there's bad news.

The good news is the engine runs. There aren't any obvious leaks, and it seems to be circulating fluid well enough. I guess. The engine takes roughly forever (about half an hour) to get up to operating temperature at 175 degrees F, and at least the radiator hoses and radiator heats up nicely, so I suppose the new thermostat is doing its thing too.

The bad news is that I've got the strangest, scariest, weirdest rattle-and-ding noise coming from (as far as I can tell) somewhere in the forward half of the engine compartment. I've got all sorts of terrible scenarios going through my head, from a hose clamp rattling around inside the water pump to my valvetrain having decided we're through. Though I guess it could be something as innocuous as something poking out and getting pulled on by a belt or whatever.

If anyone can make sense of this, I'd be terribly comforted:

It's hard to tell on the video because I recorded it years ago with a crap potato phone, but the AC compressor clutch on my old Mustang made a similar noise when it went bad. Fortunately I was able to replace just the clutch on that compressor for

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