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Apr 6, 2006

When it comes to plastic thingamabobs, junkyards can be a huge asset.

Where are you? I have a feeling itís a bit of a moonshot here, but if you could suss out other benzí with the same engine and track them down on the row52 or something, you might find someone here to take a look at their local yard. Iím in central NY, and spend way more time than I should at junkyards if you can track anything down at the horse heads or auburn yards.

E: Ah, youíre in Yurp. The $ values and miles threw me off.

E2: while fully realizing this is from a post more than two weeks ago, I think the white[ish] plastic doodad circled is an adjuster for your throttle cable. Turn it whichever way makes it so you see less threads (the threads right at the tip of the arrow I drew) on the other side of the bracket and youíre on the right track. It looks WAY stretched to me, the lend and the washer should be against the spring. Itíll adjust like a barrel adjuster for a bicycle cable.

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Apr 6, 2006

bolind posted:

Hey man, where are you located?

Somewhere in scandahoovia last time I checked. Norway?

Apr 6, 2006

Pursesnatcher posted:

Edit: As a bonus, here's some horrific noise from my engine compartment (no fade-in, it cuts straight into being noisy; you've been warned)

First 10 seconds is the original sound from right before I started doing stuff to it; last 10 seconds is what it sounded like after replacing the first two injector valves. It idles better, if not yet good, but two weeks from now I'll hopefully have fixed those last six injectors. Also I'm just going to assume that awful hissing noise is a vacuum leak.

Is that a valve adjustment noise? I don't know enough about these engines- Chain? Belt? Anything variable (timing)? Somehow I doubt anything is variable, doesn't this v8 architecture date back to the 30s or something?

Does the noise get better once the engine warms up? Alternately, is the clacking worst on a cold start (first thing in the morning)?

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Apr 6, 2006

Pursesnatcher posted:

Well poo poo. I guess I better order up some new guides and stuff too. At least one camshaft has been replaced already (probably twice, I don't think they touched the right side one), they miiiight have changed the gear while they were at it. Oh well, the guy doing the job is apparently some kind of M117 magician who's done this procedure a bajillion times; hopefully he knows what to replace...

Before you go shotgunning parts at this, it looks like your valves, while hydraulically lifted, are also adjustable. Might be best to leave the m117 magician to it- donít ask any leading questions.

A valve adjustment, even one as fucky as this one looks to be, is going to be a shitload cheaper than changing a timing chain, guides and all of that.

E: 50k miles, even in metric countries with classic German hardware isnít THAT much. Donít throw good money at bad.
E2: your video before and after messing with 2/8 injectors also seemed to have quieted the... valve slapping noise I was hearing (like a diesel).
E3: slow down.
E4: you can use a long screwdriver like a stethoscope to isolate where the noise is coming from- hold one end to the valve cover, and the other to your temple or somewhere else bony on your head and probe around.

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Apr 6, 2006

Ferremit posted:

Some chains do legitimately stretch in length.

*sorry for the level of minutiae and overall length of this post*

gently caress yeah they do. I just went through this, my 2007 accord, inspire for the global types, was pulling a p0341 (cam and crank sensors out of phase) on first start in the morning. In its defense, it DOES have 285k on it. Yes, miles. As the day went on, it was fine, no codes. I had a good idea it was a stretched chain, and the spring in the [when running] hydraulic chain tensioner wasn't up to the task.

Like a dipshit, I lifted off the valve cover on a cold engine to check the timing, and when I cranked the engine over (plugs out, by hand), I heard the dreaded BZZZZZZZP of a chain skipping over cam teeth. I thought I was able to get it back in time, but, nope. When cranking the starter, I'm pretty sure I had some valves and pistols in the same place. Best I can figure, the tensioner wasn't up for it, and the valve springs calmed the, um, can over in a way that the constant torque of the starter or a running motor wouldn't.

A junkyard head and timing chain later- only thing I bought was coolant and the cheapest Amazon head gasket I could find. I did, however check the compression on junkyard motors, cranking by hand, and checked the head bolts, and head flatness (working in a machine shop has perks)- they were in spec. I'm about to close on a house with a garage and a nice, smooth slab, and a new engine is probably in the cards sooner than later, but I wasn't about to swap an engine on gravel, in 95f weather. Sorting [what seemed to be] bent valves for a day of wrenching and less than $100USD seemed like a pretty good move to me.

Check this out:

On the left is my chain, 285k of k24a8, the middle is an '03 accord with unknown mileage (digital dashes, and no jump packs allowed makes for some serious mystery). The right, and best came from an '04 acura tsx that must have had it's chain replaced- the crank bolt was the only one in the yard my weaker impact could budge, so I had a bunch it had been done, only once removed could I see the chain guides had a '13 date stamp. Felt pretty smart on that one.

Seriously, my chain was like a full link longer, check out how the pins fall court of phase as you work down from the bolt hanging the chains.

TL;DR: gently caress yeah timing chains stretch:

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