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Jan 6, 2001

Hello thread.

I'm in need of a printer for a small doctor's office.
I need to print daily about 10-20 pages of glasses and drug prescriptions in monochrome, and occasionally (1-2 times a day, sometimes less) I need to print in colour in good quality.
I'd prefer two different sources of paper as glasses prescriptions are printed in A5 while drug prescriptions in A4 size.
I also need decent scanning/copying capabilities and ideally fax (yes I know, this isn't 1995 but my local hospital only accepts drug orders by fax. No email.)

I know that this thread usually recommends laser printers but after doing some research the models that tick all the boxes cost way too much, the toner seems really expensive and it seems they're designed for much bigger workloads. I've found some Epson Workforce models that satisfy my needs (this and this) but I've never had any Epson inkjets.
Anyone have any experience with them? Should I just go for a laser model?


Jan 6, 2001

CaptainSarcastic posted:

DrThief, when you say "I need to print in colour in good quality" what exactly do you mean? Clear color text, graphics, or photos? You can get laser all-in-ones that do color, but what counts as good quality is really going to depend on what kind of output you need. Lasers are not going to be great for photos, but for color text and basic graphics there are going to be many that are just fine.

Fundus photos, slit lamp photos, OCTs. People want them printed even when I tell them that they're better served if I email it to them, and there's no point in printing a fundus photo if it's going to look like a pixelated pizza.
When I was a resident we had some HP lasers we used to print this stuff and they went through an ungodly amount of toner. I remember needing to change a toner every couple of weeks or so. Granted we printed about 40-50 pages a day in full colour. They were reliable though, I don't actually remember them ever breaking down.

Anyway, I think I'll spend a bit more and get a multifunction laser. Any recommendations on that?

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