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Oct 23, 2003

Alt Girl For Norge

Working and living in Norway’s capital Oslo for close to 10 years, my husband and I were suddenly inspired to get away from landlords in need of psychiatric treatment. One small problem: The Norwegian urban housing market is insane.

We spent some time debating whether to aim for a 30m2 (322 sqft) apartment in the city or a house way outside the city (about one round of beers).

A few months ago, we were eyeing a house that we couldn’t afford at the list price.
Being the only interested party at the time we purchased the house at very good price indeed on the condition that it wouldn’t be professionally washed and the owner would leave some old furniture behind (YES).

The incline to this 1600m2 property is INSANE. We haven’t done any measurements yet, but getting up the hill to the “garage area” (the garage was never built) absolutely requires a 4WD. Thankfully we are already soberly aware of the winter conditions having moved in during winter.

By “moving in” we of course mean getting the van stuck in ice sideways, and having to unload our life to have any possibility of getting it unstuck. 7 hours of uphill manual winter labour later we officially moved in.

Background done away with, let’s get to some sweet 70’s house action!

Pros: We are completely isolated from neighbours and intruders.

Cons: You better be prepared to park halfway up the hill.

We of course did the only logical thing and swapped cars.

From this:

To this:

(which explains why I’m the one doing the indoors renovations and is documented in a much more sexy thread)

The house was built in 1979, and the decor has barely been touched since then.
The 80's were a good time for yellow.

Further evidenced by the snazzy bathroom. Note the totally not wetroom-appropriate wallpaper border (multicolored fruits in a basket).

So, we feel that some slight changes may be in order. Some of the more ancient details will of course be conserved.

Like this amazing power usage meter (located over the kitchen sink). Red is the average usage and black is the current usage. In the 70's, electricity was rationed (?) and if your household used too much, you had to pay extra!

This thread will document our renovations and upgrades.
There will be dangers.

Thankfully we do of course have a professional assistant .

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Oct 23, 2003

Alt Girl For Norge

We started with the guest room.

This room was beige, with a hint of yellow. Tones of yellow were now starting to make me slightly unstable.

The original wallpaper reveals itself. It seems the original wallpaper was hard to remove the first time around. Someone compensated by using minimal amounts of glue on the top layer, which made my job easy and necessary.

Eventually I noticed that this room had been used to house a dog (or a monster). Notice the claw marks on the door frame in the photos. Some chunks of drywall were also missing, presumably eaten. I fixed these up and went to work on the walls.

Getting there...

One IKEA "build your own couch" kit and some swearing later (protip: don't assemble the couch the wrong way around in a room too small to flip it)...

We have a cat room.

Meow Meow Meow
Nov 13, 2010

Nice, I love house threads.

Oct 23, 2003

Alt Girl For Norge

Small update. For the last couple of months I've been working on the guestroom (done), my room (ongoing), washing room (ongoing) and the guest bathroom.

I finally finished the guest bathroom. Original state of the bathroom below - I've already mentioned how I feel about yellow.

Removing the wallpaper from this room was pure hell. Apparently the PO's figured out that they had been using too little glue in all the other rooms and used all the glue in this tiny room.
I didn't feel like removing the toilet, so I had to work in a lot of interesting positions.
Majority of the days spent on this was wallpaper removal and the project was at a standstill for a little while.

Here is the final result:

The floor was faded pink carpeting. Carpeted floors are real exotic in Norway these days, but I didn't feel very good about having carpets by the toilet.
So I removed them, and man did it smell. Age old drops (I hope) of urine had accumulated underneath.
There was a vinyl floor underneath, the colour was yellow.

So I lost my mind and painted it black.

(I'm a little fascinated by the electrical sockets directly adjacent to the toilet... notice the cable coming out from it? Some sort of improvisation to power the aircon!)

Meanwhile, some furniture left in the house got a stamp of cat approval.

If any mod is reading this, I would really appreciate a tag (Project?), I was being stupid and forgot to select it.

Jan 9, 2004

Hey you! It's the sound, in your head goes round and round

lizard_phunk posted:

(I'm a little fascinated by the electrical sockets directly adjacent to the toilet... notice the cable coming out from it? Some sort of improvisation to power the aircon!)

Use it to install a Japanese-style butt washer toilet!

Great catte btw

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