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Professor Shark
May 22, 2012


Picnic at Hanging Rock is a new miniseries based on the 60's novel/ 70's movie of the same name.

To quote IMDB, "Three schoolgirls and their governesses mysteriously disappear on Valentines Day in 1900."

I first heard of the novel/movie while The Leftovers was on the air, with several reviewers citing it as inspiration. Though I haven't gotten around to reading the original novel or watching the movie, I have unfortunately spoiled myself in the past re: the endings. Based on my recollection it sounds very similar to The Leftovers , with a mysterious and unexplained event causing drama and fallout from the people surrounding the lost girls.

Episode 1 Episodes 1 to 5 can be found on, and the finale is on tonight. I'm going to watch it today and report back!

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Oct 23, 2007

Does the TV show keep the thing from the book where morality correlates perfectly with beauty? Because that's the main thing I remember about it, that anyone ugly must be a terrible and obnoxious person and anyone attractive is generous to a fault and a delight to be around.

Also that the supposed mystery is impossible as presented and therefore can only be the result of supernatural forces, which makes it pretty boring in my opinion.

Professor Shark
May 22, 2012


I finished the series this morning.

Irma is “the pretty one” of the trio and is also the most petty and dramatic, while Sara is “tomboyish” to quite the headmistress, yet a good person.

On the other hand, the foolish teacher who the girls all hate is not the most attractive.

They leave some doubt as to what may have happened, with the gardner telling the girls how the old highwaymen used to pass through the mountain, the same route they take, and set up a situation where Miranda, Miranda, and the teacher might take the opportunity to secretly escape to better lives/ kill themselves, but they also include lots of supernatural time disturbance stuff, like Irma seeing their future selves higher on the mountain and looking down to see the search parties that were sent out despite it only feeling like they’d been gone an hour or so to the girls.

I really enjoyed it. I bumped the novel to the top of my reading list and have an e copy!

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