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Mar 25, 2011

So, you died. It might have been by being hit by a truck, it may have been by a falling statue, it may have been because of disease. But death is not necessarily the end of everything... For some reason in fact, you have been reborn in a new fantasy world, with new powers and abilities that will be used in order to defeat the Demon King and get your chance to return to your previous life... Or perhaps to live as a king on this new plane!

Character Stuff

Character generation as per the corebook rules, however you have an extra skill known that's supposed to be related to whatever you were on your previous life, be it your lifestyle or your profession!

Game will be run on discord (Link). Please hop in so we can do some worldbuilding of the new place you are adventuring in.


Mar 25, 2011

: My goodness, you are awake! Thank the Goddess!
: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Gomod, High Priest of the Goddess of Light. And of course, you must be the legendary hero that is sure to save us all!
: Yes, yes you are a hero indeed. No, you aren't dead. Well, you may be. The ritual that I asked the Goddess for has brought you to the Kingdom of Azland from whatever magical realm you were before... Things are getting quite troublesome here ever since the Demon King Hellman started to wreak havoc with his drat monsters... And well, since most adventurer guilds can only beat the weakest of monsters and not the big, real scary ones that have taken the other kingdoms around, we had this idea of bringing people from outside to solve our problems for us. Quite smart, eh?
: What do you mean you won't risk your life? You are pretty strong, aren't you? If I cast [Libra], for example... *bwoop* OH GODDESS, LEVEL ONE. W-well, maybe Heroes usually become stronger in time. Maybe if we put you to just start whupping some slimes... Yes, you will fight some slimes now. No, you have no choice on that matter. You want to go back home, don't you? And if you don't, well, DEMONS HAVE A LOT OF MONEY. It might not be very High Priestly of me to say this, but if you become a world saving hero you can pretty much get whatever you want. Be money, or women (or men, the Goddess is pretty open) or power....
: So in any case, go on to save the world!!! Well, maybe I can tell you a bit more about this world later.

Azland Map

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Togashi Naru, the Kensai (Magician Defender)

There are many qualities that make one eminently qualified to be some bizarre fantasy realm's savior: a talent for tedious drudgework, the ability to focus so hard on a task as to lose one's sense of self, the patience to deal with meandering sidequests and frustrating quest-givers, and a secret chuuni streak a mile long. These same qualities, save the last, also made Naru quite a well-positioned salaryman at his previous gig at Tetsutetsu Heavy Industries. Twelve hour days, not counting the excessive commute either way, and that wasn't counting all of the "optional" staff bonding opportunities outside of work.

The only escape he found was in playing Sword Hunter on the train every day. It scratched that shameful itch, that middle school need, to be dark and mysterious and unique and provided a sense of power that the working world never would. To be perfectly honest, should you ask Naru, nothing about the freak accident that sent a truck sailing through the 30th floor of a skyscraper and directly through his cubicle was regrettable in the slightest... that is, except for not quite finishing that collection of swords.

When she awoke in the new world, however, that one regret soon vanished. Not only was there a demon king or evil god or something — there always was — to slay, there was an entire world of unspeakably powerful weapons to make her own! There's no thought of going back, no, only a burning desire to collect every single sword in this new world... by force, if necessary. Her unique, heroic talent — WEAPON DOMINION — should see that task eminently doable. Not only does her inventory allow an unlimited number of weapons to be stored, she can utilize them all. Simultaneously.

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Jade Mage
Jan 4, 2013

This is Canada. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three.

Dominic the Smith

Dominic can be found manning his station in town, hammering out horseshoes or sharpening magical axes, smiling all the while. He likes the new world just fine and enjoys the manual labour. He finds it much more relaxing than the job that got him killed the first time, high rise construction that is. He always prided himself on his balance and most of his crew preferred not to wear their harnesses (which was normal, because it gets in the way of them moving around quickly and finishing the job on time), but all it takes is one good sway and suddenly everyone wants you to kill the Devil Lord or something.

He'd be glad to help, honestly, if he thought he had any talent for it. He's strong and pretty nimble, but Dom knows he's kinda a doofus. He grew up around all his little siblings and has a huge soft spot for kids, and he's missed meals since being here quite a few times because he gave his last money to a kid who seemed to need it for something. Oh, and that time he blunted (and ruined) a short sword he was making to teach a kid how to defend himself... Or the time he fixed that desperate father's horseshoes and wagon wheel so he could get back for his daughter's birthday... Dom is not great with money to say the least.

Dominic's the kind of guy who is hard to ruffle, walking freely down beams dozens of stories up in the air breeds some nerves of steel. He's good natured and a bit easy to trick if he thinks anyone's in a bind, his younger brothers and sisters were always getting him to buy things for them their parents didn't want to buy them. He was popular before he took a dive from the 14th story of a new skyscraper, always a guy people like to have at a party, but never the centre of attention. A little chill oasis for people who wanted to relax no matter how stressful the situation.

But he wants to help! If the Demon King thinks he's gonna get his hands on the kids in this town or any other, he's gonna hammer more than a few impurities today.

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Green Bean
May 3, 2009

Dylan Grimm, Necromancer Controller
"You know, when I was born, the doctors said I probably wouldn't make it to 25. And you know what? They were bang on."

Dylan Grimm's death was not a surprise. Indeed, it's been hanging over him since he was two years old, when he was diagnosed with a rare respiratory disorder. Shuttled from specialist to specialist, most of his life was spent either in treatment or recovering from treatment. He seldom got to go outside (and even then, never unsupervised by nurses), or interact with anyone other than family, medical personnel and long-term hospital residents. Mostly confined to a bed or a wheelchair, he got really into video games, especially grind-heavy old school RPGs, because how else are you going to fill 18 waking hours a day?

His already fragile health took a turn for the worse shortly after his 24th birthday. Experimental treatments, heroic struggles, and encouragement from his family ultimately could not turn aside inevitability, and Dylan passed away. And then, much to his surprise, he woke up again, a little pale, but with otherwise functioning lungs!

Dylan's not entirely convinced this isn't some sort of amazing afterlife, set up for someone like him who's slain hundreds of different demon-lords across a dozen consoles. But even if it isn't, it's close enough for him to enjoy adventuring, his quest, and also his ability to walk several metres without going into respiratory failure. If there's one thing he knows how to do by now, it's live every day as if it were his last!

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Justice Grieves
Feb 26, 2007
If I must die, I shall welcome Death as an old friend, and wrap mine arms about it.

Blaire Trask "The Witch of Iron Rods" (Archer Blaster)
"Save the world? Listen, I need to get back in time to meet my deadline! If that means going through Demon General Hellman, then fine."

Blaire moved to Japan six years ago to chase her dream to be a “real” mangaka. A gaijin and a woman besides, she spent years working as an assistant and contributing to doujin circles to try and get her name out there. In the last year, her attention to detail and fondness for military hardware lead to her first independent work, illustrating light novels, and generating some buzz online. Then, just last month, she got her next big break, getting hired on to a small gaming studio to provide art assets for their first visual novel. As a small studio, the pay wasn’t high, but it was her chance to define the visual identity of a franchise. She threw her all into the project.

After going three days without sleep, Blaire was realizing how long it had been since she’d last eaten . . . perhaps more importantly, she was out of cigarettes. So, she headed down to the corner store in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for her, she ended up the victim of a mugging and was stabbed to death on the street outside of her apartment.

Blaire is rather nonplussed about “catching Isekaitus”, and stubbornly clings on to whatever elements of the old world she can keep. Unfortunately, the weirdness of this world refuses to leave her alone. As a creative soul, capable of holding complex designs clearly in her mind, the new world interpreted her as having a high Magic potential … fighting in the conventional manner would just be letting her talents go to waste. Still, once Blaire took the base Arcanist class, she collaborated with a few instructors and a blacksmith to create what she calls her “Witchlock Pistols”. While basically just heavy iron wands with the magicite crystals embedded close to the grip, their heavily engraved designs harken to a more modern sensibility.

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Apr 22, 2015

Maria Centrella, Buddies/Leader.

Maria was a troublemaker. Born to a rich family, she was a constant source of shame due to her inability to say or do the right thing at the right time. She was shut away, tended to by private tutors and found herself friendless and lonely. She made up for this by becoming intimately familiar with trashy fantasy novels and video games, dreaming of being a hero, admired by all.

Then one night, she decided she'd have enough. She unlocked her window, climbed down the estate walls, hopped the fence, and set out to go have an adventure.

She didn't expect the truck. But she got her wish, being reborn into a new world with fantastic magical abilities. The fact that they're powered by her runaway emotions is no obstacle to her becoming a successful, loved hero, right?


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Oct 20, 2012


Ren Ishii
Ren was just on his way home after buying a pack of cigarettes when he was run over by a truck. He doesn’t wake up in a hospital but on the floor of a palace, faced by the King and Queen of Azland. He was given the grand task, like many before him, to slay the Demon King and return the world to peace.

He really just wants to go back home. He finally got a job at a law firm as a junior lawyer, and it looked like with a few years of hard work and brown-nosing, he could make it to partner. Maybe when he was in middle school this would’ve been a dream come true but now? Just as he got his career on track? Who’s gonna feed his cat? There’s no way he isn’t using his wish to return. He was hoping he would get powers that would let him speed through and end this early but instead he has…


Cupid’s Blessing
Wielder is beloved by all.
Disclaimer: Does not guarantee success in romantic pursuits nor allow non-consensual acts.

A Lover’s Memento
Wielder can summon a phantom of those who have proclaimed their love for them to defend them in battle.

While the ethical implications of this kind of power make Ren feel uneasy, he doesn’t get a grasp of the scope of it until soon after. Within a day of getting summoned the Princess of Azland, The Champion of the Azlandian Fighting Pits, a mysterious femme fatale sorceress and the Queen of the Wolflands all approached him either for his hand in marriage or to be their consort. Flattering, but Ren has no desire to stay in this world, and definitely no desire to learn the marriage annulment laws in Azland. He books it out of town best he can but he learns quickly that his power goes far beyond what he ever expected.

Everywhere he goes, village girls, questing heroines, cunning rogues and even seemingly chaste paladins go weak at the knees for this reedy, chain-smoking nerd. It’s gotten to the point where he wears a cloak and mask to cover his face in the vain hope that it’ll curtail this anime nonsense, but it just creates this aura of ~mystery~ that drives some people wild. He joined up with the rest of the group as it seems people from his world aren’t affected by the power and is hoping through their combined efforts they can kill this Hellman quickly and move on with their lives.

Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

Jean-Paul Marteau Martial Artist-Striker

Oh yeah, don't worry. I'll beat the evil tyrant alright, 'your grace'. I'll all about smashing tyrants. Nice jewels by the way.

Before his unfortunate death under a truck's wheels, Jean-Paul Marteau was a young political activist in heated France. He grew in Lyons, to a poor family, and worked a lot of little jobs to help the family make ends meet. He quickly found kindred spirits in unions and leftist student organizations. It turned out he had a talent for it. Organizing protests and counter-protests, he was idealistic and diligent, though his fiery demeanor got him in a fair amount of scrapes with fash and police both. One of those left him with one eye, courtesy of a knife.

His new lease on life has surprised him a bit. But while he's not opposed to going into a fight, he's not exactly all too fond of the local nobility. It's been noted that he's been singing a song 'ça ira' a lot, and has been very eager to help assisting the common people in self-organizing and self-defense.

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Mar 25, 2011

Apps are closed! Will post picks tonight!


Mar 25, 2011

: Dominic Smith, a hard worker! A man who sure knows the justice of the cause and will save the world!

Blaire Trask... Someone who has a massive amount of knowledge of how this world works somehow. Still, I'm sure that her heart will lead her to the right path.

: Those two are sure hero material! If only these following troublemakers were just as good...

: Dylan Grimm. A wielder of forbidden magic! Ohhh, why have such a dark person answer our summon, Goddess...!

: Ren Ishii... A real Philanderer, as it looks like! Not to mention a lawyer, probably the most sinful profession that isn't murderer for hire! Ohhh, why do we have to rely on such a rogue!

: Jean-Jacque Marteau... Hmm, can't say that someone who wants to tear down the Monarchy was a good idea to summon, specially since the King was the one who donated the remodeling of this Cathedral...

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