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Justice Grieves
Feb 26, 2007
If I must die, I shall welcome Death as an old friend, and wrap mine arms about it.

Blaire Trask "The Witch of Iron Rods" (Archer Blaster)
"Save the world? Listen, I need to get back in time to meet my deadline! If that means going through Demon General Hellman, then fine."

Blaire moved to Japan six years ago to chase her dream to be a “real” mangaka. A gaijin and a woman besides, she spent years working as an assistant and contributing to doujin circles to try and get her name out there. In the last year, her attention to detail and fondness for military hardware lead to her first independent work, illustrating light novels, and generating some buzz online. Then, just last month, she got her next big break, getting hired on to a small gaming studio to provide art assets for their first visual novel. As a small studio, the pay wasn’t high, but it was her chance to define the visual identity of a franchise. She threw her all into the project.

After going three days without sleep, Blaire was realizing how long it had been since she’d last eaten . . . perhaps more importantly, she was out of cigarettes. So, she headed down to the corner store in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for her, she ended up the victim of a mugging and was stabbed to death on the street outside of her apartment.

Blaire is rather nonplussed about “catching Isekaitus”, and stubbornly clings on to whatever elements of the old world she can keep. Unfortunately, the weirdness of this world refuses to leave her alone. As a creative soul, capable of holding complex designs clearly in her mind, the new world interpreted her as having a high Magic potential … fighting in the conventional manner would just be letting her talents go to waste. Still, once Blaire took the base Arcanist class, she collaborated with a few instructors and a blacksmith to create what she calls her “Witchlock Pistols”. While basically just heavy iron wands with the magicite crystals embedded close to the grip, their heavily engraved designs harken to a more modern sensibility.

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