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Angry Hippo
May 12, 2004

by Nyc_Tattoo

My dog killed another dog and I don't know how to feel about it. The circumstances are exceptionally unusual. You'd think, "oh man, buddies pit bull got out the yard and chewed up a miniature yorkie". Not the case.

I was visiting my friend's house one day. I brought my dog and my guitar and we were hanging out having some brews. After a couple hours of jamming one of us went, "where did the dog go?". We looked around the trailer for him and couldn't find the drat thing. This dog was about 21 years old, completely blind, nearly deaf, arthritic as heck, covered in tumors (one on his head was the size of a baseball) and we just knew he couldn't have gone far. We searched high and low around the whole trailer park for the better part of 2 hours when I happen to glance in a 13 gallon trashcan sitting next to Jim's porch steps. I see what looks like a rug in there - I take a closer look and god drat it! It is his dog! We pull him out but he is stiff as board. Give him a good shake and it's clear he had passed.

What a loving awful way to die, in the bottom of a trash can.

How did his dog get in that trash can? Well... my little terrier/poodle mix Cooper is about 20lbs and has a habit of running back and forth almost neurotically anywhere he has a chance. This lil guy is FAST. We think the poor dog "Master" (funny name for a dog, I thought the owner was the master, lol) was trying to climb up or down the stairs to the trailer (which would usually take him quite a few minutes to blindly navigate the 4 steps) and Cooper ran outside and knocked him off the steps and face first into the trashcan, breaking his neck or suffocating him.

Not sure how to address this, if at all. My dog killed my friend's dog in the most ignoble way imaginable, shoved into a trashcan - face first.


Fluffy Bunnies
Jan 9, 2009

I actually fully support ICE

owner's fault for letting a 5/6ths dead dog wander around without a single eye on him anywhere. Your dog's just a small tornado and not responsible.

Apr 4, 2004

The door blew shut but here's the deal
Dreams are lies, it's the dreaming that's real

Nap Ghost

You're probably in the clear, but going forward I would make sure your dog isn't sneaking up behind you as you go down any stairs next to a trash can.

Eifert Posting
Mar 31, 2007

Atkins Diet

Grimey Drawer

I mean my old boy is about at that point and he could have easily fallen off the steps without getting pushed.

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