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Oct 11, 2004

You might surprise yourself.
From high school until about 2010 I had a lot of fun making music, mostly cheesy electronic and rock/metal. About ten years ago I had thought I lost all of it up until that point in a box between moves until a friend hit me up last year when he discovered it sitting in his mother's basement somehow. A few things I've done since then I've shared with the forums occasionally since I was pretty obsessed with making an industrial album years ago, but I kinda lost interest in music from then up until I got this box of all my old stuff back. Growing up in Alaska mostly offline during making all this I never really got the chance to share it with many people outside of my friends or a scene, so I figured now would be a good as time as any to share. I guess some of this stuff can officially be labeled retro since it's so old at this point. I ended up moving to Florida earlier this year, and being where bands actually play and musicians get together, I've kinda got my musical spirit back I even got to see Ministry for the first time, so bit by bit I've been getting everything off these decade old CD-Rs and and up on youtube and bandcamp finally. If you're a fan of cheesy electronic and electronic rock/metal there may be a song here or there you might find interesting. Really though I got a lot of musical advice from these forums over the years that gave me some interesting adventures so I wanted to make sure I shared these for all the hear. I hope you find them as worthy of mockery as you find them catchy.

2001 - High School Techno Album
2003 - High School Industrial Album
2006 - Alaskan Industrial Metal
2005 - Beauty EP

This one I did post here in bits and pieces, I was working on an album called "Hyperviolent Porno Cartoon" that people seemed to like, but I never really got to finish for one reason or another. Since I'm getting my music mojo back I started an Indiegogo campaign I see if I could drum up a little support to try again since I've found a few friends that want to help. And I'm not doing this in Alaska. That part's important :dance:

2008/2010 - Hyperviolent Porno Cartoon (demo)

I hope there's something here for people who still want music for playing Doom to!


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