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Wark Say
Feb 22, 2013


Here are them rules for Anime Dabblers? Tantalizing Recommendations Within!, a.k.a. ADTRW, a.k.a. The Anime Place, a.k.a. the sub-forum/board/whatchamacallit inside of the Something Awful Forums if you dabble in Anime, Manga, Light/Web Novels, Tokusatsu, J-Dramas and the Games inspired by them, though we do have a dedicated Games sub-forum/board for that.

Like previous goons who had the responsibility of modding this here sub-forum previously established, if Japanese Animation/Comic-Book Entertainment is your bag, this is the place for you. I guess this can also function as a FAQ of sorts. We have a Wiki if you're just getting started. The current Anime/Manga Recommendation thread is right here.

If you'd like to get in touch with me regarding any issues, questions, or suggestions you may have, feel free to message me with the PM function. We also have a thread which works as a "Ask Me Anything / AMA" of sorts if you want to ask me anything for all to see or have no platinum.


01. The same forum rules applied everywhere else are also the main ones here.
If you're wondering how to stay out of trouble, they're a pretty good starting point.

02. Please actually like anime and manga
We're an Anime/Manga sub-forum. If you donít like anime and manga, or only like them ďIronically,Ē feel free to do so elsewhere. Yes, anime/manga works are not without their issues so they're not protected against valid criticism, but if you're just gonna take a dump at the medium as a whole, there's probably better places to do that.

03. Support the official release
Fan translations exist, and plenty of people use them. There are even a few licensors who lurk around places that host said fan-translations to gauge interest. Itís okay to link and discuss fan translations; all we ask is that, if an anime/manga/novel becomes legally available, please support the series you like should they ever become available to you. Consider this a gentlemenís agreement between those of us who wish to keep the industry alive.

04. No porn
Please donít post porn images of any sort. This ain't a difficult rule. If you're caught posting porn, there are no "Three Strikes, you're out": You're getting banned, no questions asked.

05. Donít be a creep
Fanservice-heavy / raunchy anime and manga have, in the past, been heavily stigmatized in general, causing many anime/manga fan to keep their fandom to themselves. Nowadays, it's perfectly fine if you enjoy raunchy comedy and enjoy talking about them, but don't act like a goddamn horndog. We're all ostensibly at least 18-years of age here.

06. Donít be a brat
Donít have a meltdown because things didnít go your way, donít snap at somebody just because they expressed a dissenting or unpopular opinion, and donít come into threads you donít post in just to snipe at them or some poster.

07. Donít be weird about Japan
Japan is a country with its own history and values and ways of doing things. As pretty much every other country, they've hosed up, so, if a work of entertainment gives foot to write a valid criticisms, that's fine. Whining about how their values donít always match up 1:1 with your own, however, or how they like the stuff you hate and hate the stuff you like because they suck because is dumb and a waste of everyone's time.

08. Donít take it personally, donít make it personal
Sometimes people on the Internet make jokes at each otherís expense. Thatís cool, be cool. Sometimes people on the Internet dredge up personal baggage and harass each other, or sling poisonous accusations. Thatís not cool. Donít do it. If you see it happen to you or someone else in here, report that immediately.

09. If you post lolicon or shotacon I will permaban you
See rule 4.

10. On Toxx'ing
Sometimes, a goon makes a bet or a dumb claim, and promises to follow through with the consequences of said bet/claim. And while I'm personally not a fan of the "gambling" aspect of this, toxxes will be enforced as long as they're reported and made explicit from here on. smilie usage is not necessary, but recommended to identify the toxx quicker. It can either be an old-school clause (meaning ban) or a specific probation/punishment if specified by the goon.



On Posting
Post from the heart about anime and manga you like/dislike... filter yourself, however, if you think you're heading towards a probation/ban by posting from the heart.

On Making Threads
All threads should have a purpose, and ideally at least a little bit of effort put into the OP. You can try a low-effort thread, but if it doesn't go anywhere, it's getting cut. ďStillbornĒ threads (threads which arenít inherently bad but arenít attracting posters) will no longer be gassed for inactivity, but you will be probated for bumping them if itís clear nobody else other than you has a vested interest in keeping them alive.

Also, while backseat modding is generally frowned upon, if you're the Thread's OP and see that things are going south for whatever reason, you can choose to engage whichever goon(s) is/are making a ruckus and choose to temporarily close the thread if you don't see a way out of it. Please contact me if you're thinking about doing the latter just so that I'm on the ball or if a punishment might be necessary.

On Sharing Images
Three images per post is a good ratio. If youíre posting five or more images in a row, or even just enormous images, please [timg] tag them out of respect for our posters with feebler Internet connections and scrolling fingers. Obviously donít worry about this if youíre posting smaller pictures. Use common sense.

Potentially NSFW Images
If you want to post an image but you think someone/you might get in trouble at work for seeing/posting it because it's a bit heavy on the cheesecake/fanservice (without being pornographic, which is still a big no-no; see rule 4), you have to:
  • Remote Link it
  • we have this smilie to warn people. -> Use it wisely.
On Spoilers
We live in an era where new chapters and/or episodes are announced and released with a certain set-your-watch-by-it regularity, with simulcasts and fan translations soon to follow. Once a new release has been announced and linked in its corresponding thread, discussion of its contents is free game and should not require spoiler tags. Please donít whine to me or anyone else because you wandered into a thread on a day you knew thereíd be something to talk about. If you are willing to use spoiler tags, a warning never hurts.

If a manga has an anime adaptation (which is the most common scenario) and the anime has its own thread, abstain from posting spoilers from the original manga on the anime thread.

On Reporting
Report people for breaking the rules. I am but a person and couldnít keep up with all these threads even if I wanted to. Your confidentiality is always assured, and you may feel free to PM me for a follow-up on any report youíve filed that you think or feel I havenít dealt with properly.

That said, donít report typos, grammatical errors, obvious (even if unfunny) jokes, or people you just donít like but havenít done anything wrong.

On Moderation
I am your mod, and I think of myself as a patient person willing to listen to feedback. These rules are the ones I thought will work for the best. Everything runs much more smoothly when we all get along and/or cooperate. Seems simple enough, right?

Good day to you.

The old rules are here, if you're interested.

e: Update to include a rule regarding toxx'ing.
e: Update because of a couple of spelling errors.

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Wark Say
Feb 22, 2013


Welcome to the Mod Team, Julias!

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