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Nov 15, 2006

This is fine.

Hey all. First time ICSA entry! ICSA 68's theme is "lemon"

First, make a cocktail. Cooking is better when you're drinking.

Next, make the rest of the meal (with a second cocktail):

Eat some dessert because you earned it:

This is where I would have a video detailing my processes, but I've never done that before and I hosed it all up . I also had a really long day yesterday and went to bed instead of staying up to finish it, so consider this a for-fun entry only since it's past the deadline.
Thanks for the leniency, y'all. I was able to add more detail below, and I may still finish that video, probably post-voting.


The while-I'm-cooking-cocktail is a basic whiskey sour: 2 oz bourbon / 0.75 oz lemon / 0.75 oz simple syrup / 1 egg white reverse dry shake and topped with ango bitters

Fritto Misto is a delightful Italian appetizer, which is basically "tempura fry whatever you want with some salt". It's good, especially with interesting vegetables that don't need a dipping sauce or strong seasoning to shine. Lemon is perfect here -- it's bright, surprisingly sweet, and still juicy. Fennel and Seminole squash came along too.

That said, with how thin these are, you have to watch them. You're going for golden, not brown, and that difference is less than a minute. I went a little too long, since my oil was hotter than I intended so my usual timing was off. The flavor was still great, but the texture was a a bit too crisp, dehydrated.

Want to impress? Homemade pasta, homemade ricotta, home-assembled ravioli. All of those sound way more impressive than their difficulty -- all you need is time and a pasta machine, or a lot of time and a rolling pin.

Surprisingly light, and the lemon is a nice base flavor for the pink peppercorn and tarragon to dance upon. Only regret is that I didn't figure a way to lemonize shaved parmesan.

I wish I had made lemoncello like Scientastic, but since I didn't, Lemonnana scratches that itch nicely. Good strength, sourness, sweetness balance. We've ended up making this at least twice a week, and we're on our 3rd batch of the simple syrup, thanks to a very prolific lemon verbena plant in our garden!

First time making lemon posset! My wife has an incredible memory for recipes, remembered reading this 2 1/2 years ago, and here we are. Lemon posset is like if Anne Hathaway was lemon curd at the beginning of Princess Diaries. Once strong and assertive, now refined and elegant (though still fiesty).

Apparently the Brits have been keeping this dessert to themselves. It's unbelievable what is achieved using such a short ingredient list! The acid sets the milk proteins. Since there is more fat here than in the ricotta, instead of forming tight curds, the casein etc. cross-links into a loose network, very similar in texture to flan or crème brûlée, with just slightly less sweetness. Completely foolproof (tested by at least 1 fool), and the most lemony dessert I've had that balanced (i.e. still present, but toned down) acidity.

I topped with raspberries and some homemade blueberry ice cream. The flavors complemented very well, though even without these toppings I could eat a quart of this if someone was foolish enough to leave it nearby.

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Jan 2, 2012

This space for Rent.

Very professional recipes formatting! Is the turmeric in there for color? And how do the fried lemons taste?

Nov 15, 2006

This is fine.

TychoCelchuuu posted:

Very professional recipes formatting! Is the turmeric in there for color? And how do the fried lemons taste?

Yeah, turmeric is just for color. The fried lemons are godly, if you can manage not to overcook them like I did

I let the temp get too high, said gently caress it and threw them in at around 475 instead of 350. It fell down to 350 soon enough, but the damage was done

If it hadn't been such a long cook day I would have done another batch - it's super simple, and the brightness of the lemon makes it my favorite fried snack.

Ben Nevis
Jan 20, 2011

I'm frankly baffled and curious by the prospect of fried lemons. This all sounds pretty amazing though.

The Sean
Apr 16, 2005

Am I handsome now?

I want those ravioli. Thank you for helping me figure out what I'm doing this weekend.

Happiness Commando
Feb 1, 2002
$$ joy at gunpoint $$

I want to eat all of this


Elfriede Shrempf
Jan 13, 2008
Great Job!

I love the look of the froth on the cocktail. Great job all around.

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