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Aug 7, 2010

TWEEN GIRL: I thought that was so bad! I did not get the story!

If you are watching this film and expecting more than a traditional love story set to music and the music world, you're outta luck! Apparently this is the X number remake of the film, and I haven't seen any of the other versions. However, I went to this movie expecting a lot having seen the myriad of positive critics' reviews. It's also Bradley Cooper's directorial debut and Lady Gaga's movie acting debut.

The film: The whole film feels like an indie film. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I think it's the way the film was cut and shot. Throughout the film, Ally and/or Jackson are always on screen, and you always felt the sadness, love, or whatever emotion of the characters. Without spoiling too much, the first half of the film establishes the romance of Jackson and Ally, as well as developing the characters. The second half of the film turns more towards the costs of stardom. There's definitely more laughter moments in the first half than in the second.

The acting: It's very hard to disassociate Lady Gaga from Ally, but Lady Gaga does a good job pretending to be someone she's not (Ally). There are moments where I would have liked to see a stronger reaction, but nevertheless, it was good. Bradley Cooper should deserve an Oscar nomination for lowering his speaking voice an octave for his role as Jackson. His acting is superb. I'm not sure why the lady next to be cried 15 minutes into the movie, but she didn't stop for the next hour.

The music: The music is fantastic, and not in just the radio friendly kind of way. Most of the songs are lyrically phenomenal. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga could release every one of their songs on the radio today and it would probably all chart on the Top 100. For some reason, "Shallow" is better in the movie than what's out on Spotify or YouTube.

If you love Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, good country/rock/pop music, love stories, are on a date, planning date night, or just want to do something -- see this movie (4/5).


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