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Edward Mass
Sep 14, 2011

Hair Elf

Back in February, goon Julio Cruz made a thread for us to predict the baseball season. Let's take a look!

IcePhoenix posted:

If Byron Buxton plays at least 140 games he will have a higher WAR than Mike Trout

e: bWAR
He played in 28 games.

Intruder posted:

If Carlos Correa misses fewer than 20 games due to injury he will win AL MVP

The Astros bullpen will continue to be awful
Correa missed more than 20 games, so that's null. The Astros bullpen allowed 3.3 runs per game, the best in the AL.

Edward Mass posted:

Division champs are Astros, Indians, Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, and in the UPSET SPECIAL, Braves. Wild Cards are Angels, Red Sox, Cubs, and Giants.
4/6 for division champs, but I deserve extra credit for predicting the Braves would win the NL East when nobody else believed in them. Got one WC team right, and switched Yanks/Bo-Sox.

Intruder posted:

Crosspost prediction: Kyle Tucker will be the every day Astros left fielder from the very first game the team can push his service time clock back a year

The Berzerker posted:

I predict that Troy Tulowitzki will play fewer than 15 games before the All Star Break. There's no toxx attached, I just think he won't and want to smugly quote this during the ASB and go "see, look how good I am at guessing a thing."
While this is correct, it wasn't as bold as...

The Walrus posted:

[Troy Tulowitzki will play in] 0 games. i bet 100 bucks donated to sick kids hospital in toronto
Winner, winner!

Waffles Inc. posted:

Syndergaard will have a sub 3 ERA all the way into June, when he'll get hurt and be out for the rest of the season and we'll go on to lose in the wildcard 3-1
-Snydergaard's ERA before June was 3.06. Close, but no cigar.
-Snydergaard DID get hurt in June, but it was only a minor injury.
-The Mets did not make the playoffs.

The Pussy Boss posted:

Massive effort post
AL East: Like me, predicted the Yankees and Red Sox to both make the post season, but in the wrong order. Misjudged Rays.
AL Central: Other than the Tigers being in last, close to reality.
AL West: Also akin to me, incorrectly picked the Angles for the Wild Card. SERIOUSLY misjudged Athletics.
NL East: SERIOUSLY misjudged Braves. Apart from that, in order.
NL Central: Misjudged Brewers, but considering how close that division was I'm giving a pass
NL West: SO CLOSE! Couldn't judge the Rockies, and in the end the Rockies passed the Diamondbacks by a nose.

ALFbrot posted:

prediction: Kyle Schwarber will spend some time in AAA this season

Composer Guy posted:

American League:

East: Yankees
Central: Indians
West: Astros

WC: Red Sox, Twins

National League:

East: Nationals
Central: Cubs
West: Dodgers

WC: Diamondbacks, Brewers
3/6 on division winners, but predicted the Brewers to make the playoffs.

Popete posted:

Prediction: Jason Heyward finishes the season with an OPS over .800

Right: 2
Wrong: 4
Voided: 2
Partial credit: 4


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