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Jan 11, 2013

Things could be going better

So what is this, other than being not made by Telltale?

Overkill's The Walking Dead (by Overkill) is a new game being released on November 6th for PC, Xbone, and PS4. Take the fight to the zombies as one of four different characters with unique abilities, a variety of guns, melee weapons, and all that fun nonsense.

Okay, but what is it really?

Cross Payday, OK's only other game, and Left 4 Dead and you end up with this. There are no real connections to the Walking Dead (tm) plotline other than vague plot beats,. so consider it the same as any other zombie shooter. Four people come together in a match to fight through a map with limited supplies and try to get to the end without dying.

When can I play it?

There are several closed betas for people who pre-purchase, otherwise it's November 6th for sensible people.

What missions are there?

Thankfully Overkill is pretty good at modifying a simple format to do tons of different missions. The two we have so far in the beta are a point defense map where you have to collect boards to bar gates as they are taken down by zombies before you are swarmed and a more standard L4D-style "move to the objective, grab the bag, leave the level" type. However, it's expected that there will be more variety than that in the future.


- Weapon Collecting and upgrading
- Sound-based horde mechanics, where the size of the horde is dependent on how loud you have been on the map. Empty your gun into every zed you see and you will soon be swarmed. Counteracted by limited durability silencers/crossbows and melee attacks.
- Sharply limited ammo, requiring you to scavenge for slowly refreshing drops or heavily relying on your melee weapons.
- Craftable access tools (lockpicks, wire cutters, etc) unique to each character and created with materials picked up within the level
- Four unique characters with different skills
- Character progression giving you more "energy" to bring better weapons, each with a cost.
- Some Last Of Us Multiplayer home camp level bullshit that requires regular material supplies before morale drops/people starve.
- Some sort of story

It's Overkill, so there will be loads of DLC, right?

Almost guaranteed, although we would hope that they learned their lesson with Payday 2. Right now preorders and deluxe edition purchases only get skins for standard weapons, and better guns require more "energy" to take along, so there will probably be some balance. Skin packs are probably going to happen, since mods and quest rewards are randomly found a la Payday's endscreen drops.

Is it good?

It's poorly explained, but it's fun. If you liked Payday then you will like this. If you liked Left 4 Dead, it doesn't have the same arcadey feel where you go around magdumping into special zeds. But thematically it is very similar. And since this is just the first beta, I would imagine it will get better with time.


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